Can You Match The Brand To The Baby Product?

While Smartphones, electronics, and vehicles have changed greatly over the years, the same isn't true for all products. This is especially true in the world of baby products since the same design can be seen in various brands, regardless of how much time has passed. The result has been a myriad of companies focused solely on baby products and has managed to make a name for themselves from one generation to the next. New parents are able to recognize brand names and instantly know what the high-quality brands will have to offer for their babies.

Yet, that doesn't mean that all of the baby products on the market are spoken for. Many new companies have popped up over the years in order to put their own twist on baby necessities that seemingly haven't been touched in decades. Other companies have taken an old design and reinvented it in order to suit modern times. For any new parent that has had to think about what they would like to include in their baby registry, they've inevitably gone through the gauntlet of researching what brands feature the utmost best products for the newest member of their family. Yet, sometimes the best gift at a baby shower is something that wasn't even on the list in the first place. Whether you are a new parent that has done an amazing amount of research on baby brands or just someone that is confident in knowing all of the top baby brands, test your knowledge on whether or not you can match these baby brands to the products they are best known for producing.

Question 1

The Honest Company

With added focus on the chemicals that are inside baby products, The Honest Company set out to create a product line that features the "safest products available." While people are most familiar with Jessica Alba being the face of the brand, the Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer is equally as important. Christopher Gavigan was passionate about baby products containing elements that have been linked to chronic diseases and even cancer, so this became a hugely important endeavor for him as a father. He is highly acclaimed for working with the nonprofit organization, Healthy Child Healthy World, and he is also a best-selling author. He may not be as flashy as the actress, Jessica Alba, but he adds legitimacy for the brand. While the brand has branched out to feature more than just a few different products, what is it best known for?

Question 2

Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug is a company that is actually based off of a real couple. The couple has been married for over 30 years and have six children together. They teamed up to create a product line that has a focus on getting back to the simplicity of childhood. The quality of the products is a major plus for parents and it offers a safer alternative to some of the other similar products in the market. While the company first started out with a limited amount of products, it eventually grew to include a plethora of different items. The company boasts that it all of their products were vigorously tested for safety by their own children and continue to pump out new products with intuitive design. What is Melissa & Doug best known for?

Question 3


There are some baby products that are thought of as just accessory items that may or may not add to the convenience of their lives with a new baby. Yet, there are others that are deemed absolutely necessary. While there are ways to go the old fashioned route and seek out a simplistic design, not everyone wants to choose that route. In the meantime, this brand has become the go-to brand for millions of people all over the world. The commercials for the signature products made by Pampers are often quite touching, focusing on the smallest babies and their first moments in the world. It's no secret that many hospitals carry this hugely popular brand. What is the product that Pampers is best known for producing?

Question 4


The story of the WubbaNub brand is actually quite inspiring since it came from a small idea a mother came up with in order to help her baby with comfort. Combining her sewing skills with some necessary baby items and she inadvertently created something amazing. After realizing that there was a definite market for this baby product, she soon made it into a business. While it was started off with a few different designs, it has expanded and includes a wide variety with growing popularity. It constantly makes it onto baby shower registries and there are millions of mothers that swear by it. While it's a simplistic design, the WubbaNub brand is instantly recognizable. What is the product that WubbaNub features as its signature product?

Question 5


Munchkin is one of those brands that seems to make just about everything for babies. From warming up bottles to warming up baby wipes, it seems like Munchkin is the one-stop-spot for everything a parent would need for their child. To make things even more convenient, Munchkin products can be found at most local grocery stores and pharmacies. While other brands are still fighting to gain a market, Munchkin has been a leader in the market since it first pumped out its first baby-themed product. The company makes a number of highly innovative products, whether its the bottle cleaning sponges with a more sanitary design to travel packs for on-the-go to make things super easy for parents. Yet, most know it for one particular product. What is the product that Munchkin is best known for?

Question 6


While other companies have tried to redesign certain necessary baby items, there is something to be said about purchasing from a trusted brand and a leader in the baby market. Philips Avent features a number of different products but the main focus seems to be on an ultra necessary item that comes in a number of different designs. Everyone seems to have their own unique ideas on what is best for a baby, as well as what is most comfortable for them. While there are some parents that will opt for trying out the latest and hottest new baby products on the market, some people like to stick with the old favorites that really seem to work best. What is the product that Avent is best known for?

Question 7

BOB Gear

BOB Gear is a company that doesn't just focus on the baby with their products. In fact, there is much thought about who will be interacting with the baby in this ingenius product line. While it would seem like absolutely everything has already been invented in regards to baby products, it seems like people still have ideas on how to improve the necessary items in parenting. BOB Gear has become a trusted brand because of the high quality of their products and the way they promote health and safety. While there are some other brands that have featured similar products as the signature line from BOB Gear, none have had the same success. What is the name of the signature product that BOB Gear is best known for?

Question 8


When it comes to baby products, it can seem difficult to find a place for a new company when there are already such heavy hitting giants in every category. Yet, Huggies went out and proved that they have their own niche in the baby market. They have often collaborated with different designs to feature some of the favorite cartoon characters that would be recognized by children. This has undoubtedly been a huge help in boosting sales. They also have a great rewards program that offers free prizes to those that purchase certain products. Parents love using the rewards program every time they purchase a coordinating product from the brand and it has helped them to be just as competitive in their market as some of the other brands. What is the product that Huggies is best known for?

Question 9

Baby Bjorn

BabyBjörn was actually started in 1961 as a family-owned business but has evolved in recent years to portray the modern parent. While there are numerous companies that create a similar signature product, BabyBjörn is thought of as a leader in this market and there are none that quite compare to their signature design. While other brands were making headlines for some controversial products in their line, BabyBjörn has consistently been one of the highest-selling products in this category. People love the innovative design and the safety features that ensure a comfort level for the baby and the parent. As always, the company has expanded to include different patterns, designs and colors. Yet, many people still insist on the basic tones. What is the name of the product BabyBjörn is known for?

Question 10


There are some baby brands that have been put into hot water because they failed to create safe products. With some product recalls spawned from infant injuries or even deaths, it's crucial for companies focusing on baby products to ensure they provide safe items for every stage of childhood. Bumbo was thrust into the headlines in 2012 due to a safety concern over its signature product but there were many that didn't send in their products for a voluntary recall. Instead, they chose to keep their product just as it was when they originally purchased it. The company still offers the voluntary recall procedure so that customers can have some added features put onto the product but many love the design as is. What is the product that Bumbo is known for?

Question 11


HALO is a company that truly devotes itself to the safety concerns in babies. The founder of the company, Bill Schmid and his wife Cathy, went through the trauma of losing a child and they chose to dedicate their lives in helping others keep their own babies safe. While most baby companies boast that their products are safe, there are always some worrisome features that have parents concerned. From the mold that can grow inside bath toys to a crib mobile posing as a choking hazard, HALO offers products that intentionally put safety first. After starting out with just a handful of designs, the popularity of the brand helped it to launch other products. Yet, people will always known HALO for their signature product. What is HALO known for making best?

Question 12


Britax started out over 70 years ago as a British company with a trusted name and high quality products. Once the brand was launched in the United States in 1996, it was quickly recognized as one of the most innovative and well-designed baby products on the market. While there are other baby brands that feature a wide plethora of products from baby bottles to cribs, Britax solely focuses on one product line and ensures an expert design. Another great feature is the fact that customers are able to completely customize their product to suit the personality of the baby and preferences for the parents. It's known for its high quality and trusted name and it doesn't look like the company will be folding anytime soon. What is the baby item that Britax is best known for?

Question 13


Storkcraft is a company that has had a huge amount of success over the years and has even acquired the other brands in a collaboration that has only made it stronger. In 2014, Storkcraft acquired Graco and further expanded its market. Yet, the Storkcraft brand has been popular, in an of itself, due to its signature products. There is one, in particular, that has seemed to be the breakout product for the brand and is often a must for new mothers. While there are some baby items that don't often make it onto the baby registry list, this one is usually already at the house waiting for the baby to be brought home. What is the signature product that Storkcraft is best known for producing?

Question 14


Comotomo is another company that set out to change a standard baby product and see if they would reinvent the design. While it seemed like everything else was evolving at warp speed, many of the necessary baby items used all over the world hadn't been touched in years. With all of these baby items simply just being accepted as the norm, Comotomo wanted to see if they could do "better than good." Rather than sticking with whatever model that was put in front of them, they chose to really look at the flaws that could be solved with their reinvented brand. In the end, parents have gravitated towards it for being a great transition product for their babies. What is the signature product that Comotomo is known for?

Question 15


While there are a number of different baby companies that offer the same type of products as DaVinci, there is something unique about this particular brand. The quality of its products is unparalleled and the brand is carried in almost every single store offering baby items. DaVinci is known for making high quality products that aren't just focused on functionality and safety for a new baby. There is an immense focus on design and how it can be a huge factor in choosing the right baby products for a new baby. There was a safety recall in 2012 where DaVinci was forced to take some products off of the shelves but the company was able to get through it without much damage to the brand. What is DaVinci best known for producing?

Question 16

Delta Children

While other baby brands like Britax and Storkcraft have made a name for themselves in the baby industry, that doesn't mean that they are the only two options. Delta Children offers a great line that has become a favorite with new parents. While other brands seem to adhere to the same old design, Delta Children has often been heralded for its varying styles. These contemporary options have been perfect for parents that want a little extra style and sophistication for their baby. Yet, Delta Children hasn't been without its controversy. They had to undergo a huge recall for some of their baby products that could have reportedly caused injury. However, they handled it nicely and the brand has still managed to stay on top. What is the signature product that Delta Children is known for?

Question 17


When the signature Boppy product was first introduced to mothers, it became an instant hit with anyone that tried it. The product was focused on creating a comfortable environment for both the mother and child. While other baby products have a goal of trying to think of ways to keep babies stimulated on their own, this is a brand that focuses on cultivating a strong relationship between the mother and child. Although it started off including only a handful of designs and styles, the brand has since branched out to feature different variations of its signature product as well as some others. People love that it can be customized to suit individual tastes and is often a go-to item on baby registry lists. What is Boppy's signature product?

Question 18

Onya Baby

While there are a number of baby products on the market that try and redesign existing necessities in childcare, Onya Baby is a company that thinks about more than just putting their own spin on an existing product. Since it has to compete with other brands that try and create a convenient product for parents always on-the-go, it was important for Onya Baby to have features that would stand out against the pack. From the revolutionary design to the materials used specifically for comfort and convenience, the product has quickly become known to anyone in the market for the latest trends in baby care. The best part of their signature product is the way in transforms to create a dual functionality. What is the product that Onya Baby is known for?

Question 19


While there is always a focus on the importance of breastfeeding for newborn babies, there is still a lot about this natural process that is left unsaid. Many women have extreme difficulties in breastfeeding and that's why so many hospitals offer lactation consultations for new mothers. Babies can sometimes have difficulty latching on, women can have low milk production and the constant feedings can be grueling. Some mothers are tempted to have their babies go straight to the bottle because of how hard it can be in the beginning and other mothers can quit early because the formula can be a better way to allow their baby to have a longer sleep time. Lansinoh is a trusted brand and features a variety of different products. Yet, what is the product it is best known for?

Question 20

Nomi By Evomove

When it comes to eating and drinking for a baby, there are a number of huge milestones that occur from infancy to the toddler stage. Whether it's transitioning from breast to bottle or a squeeze pouch to a spoon, there is a huge market for companies to tap into. Nomi by Evomove is a great example of how new companies can arise and fill a space that is lacking in the baby market. One of the biggest factors that help new baby products to take off is if they are able to transition as their child grows. This helps in tampering down costs and it's a great way to avoid having multiple baby items around the house. What is the main product that Nomi by Evomove is known for?

Question 21


There aren't many baby companies that can boast having the amount of success that Medela has had over the years. They seem to have practically cornered their own particular area of the baby market and is thought of as a leader in their specific product. Yet, they have been able to branch out to feature all-encompassing products within that same realm. With the Medela trusted name, it has allowed success for the coordinating accessories and similar products that have come out on the market. While new mothers are always thinking of ways to make things easier on them for when the baby comes, this is an item that is almost never forgotten. What is the product that Medela is known for making in regards to necessary baby items?

Question 22


When it comes to the infant stage, there are a number of experts that have weighed in on what is best for babies as they age. Yet, when it comes to baby products, it is often left to the preferences of the parents. While some lean towards jogging strollers, others may want something more traditional. The same can be said for Babycotpod since it caters towards those with contemporary and modern tastes. The innovative design is meant to focus on the comfort of babies and many parents have sworn by them in creating the most idyllic state for their child. While their signature product hasn't exactly made it into every single home in the world, it has garnered enough notice to become a recognizable brand. What is the product that Babycotpod is best known for?

Question 23

Safety 1st

Safety 1st is a company that can truly boast that it has branched out to feature all sorts of different baby products. While other companies have all churned out baby products that ensure the safety of those that buy and use it, the Safety 1st name pretty much says it all. Parents feel that they are purchasing from a company that really does put the emphasis on safety with their products and they feel good about getting items that will ensure that no harm comes to their child. With the world all hearing news stories about horrific accident with babies and both baby and non-baby related products, this company has thrived in recent years. What is Safety 1st best known for in regards to its signature products?

Question 24


There are some baby companies that have put a lot of thought and effort into the bells and whistles when it comes to their designs. Yet, recent years have shown that some of the items that were once thought of as completely necessary are now seen to be posing a danger to babies. A great example is how the crib bumper liner used to be a great way to decorate a nursery but studies showing the suffocation hazard they pose can make parents leave it out of their baby registry list. Not all of the frills that were once thought of as necessary are deemed the best way to create a baby product. Moba has taken that notion to heart and has become hugely popular. What is the product that Moba is best known for?

Question 25

Tommee Tippee

When it comes to baby products for the infant stage, not everyone has the same tastes. Everyone seems to have their own ideas on what really works in creating the most comfortable and relaxing environment for their child. While some parents swear by swaddling blankets, others lean more towards harnesses that allow their child to be held close to them while they're on-the-go. It seems like everyone has their own preferences in what works for their own children and that is what Tommee Tippee has relied on when it created its signature product. While some parents feel that the traditional design is good enough for their child, other parents feel that their children need a little bit extra. What is the product that Tommee Tippee is best known for producing?

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