Can You Match The Angelina Jolie Picture To The Correct Movie?


When Angelina Jolie was first introduced to the world, she was solely seen as the beautiful daughter of the famed actor, Jon Voight. Yet, she quickly made a name for herself due to her signature looks and her conviction to fully throw herself into a role. She has had a hugely successful career in regards to awards and accolades and was once thought of as the most sought-after actress in Hollywood. Unlike other actresses that seem to be pigeonholed in the characters that they play, Angelina Jolie has been able to afford a variety of role opportunities over the years. She has played everything from a grief-stricken mother to an FBI profiler and she brought her signature style of acting to each and every role.

While other actresses known for their stellar good looks have been stuck into playing the same characters over and over, Angelina Jolie has never been faced with that type of dilemma. Her career has been extremely diverse and has encompassed some of the most memorable roles on the big screen. She has earned a multitude of awards and accolades but it seems like some of the issues in her personal life have overshadowed her acting talent. Nowadays, Jolie is known more for her strange behavior on the red carpet, her tumultuous marriage to Brad Pitt and her many children. Test your knowledge on the many different films Angelina Jolie has starred in over the years and see if you can still remember her roles after all of her personal drama.

Question 1

Serial killer

This 2004 film portrayed Angelina Jolie as Illeana Scott, an expert in her field that has been called to help out the Canadian law enforcement agency to solve a series of murders. Jolie has played a number of law enforcement and government agents over the years but this character was an FBI profiler that was ultimately duped into falling for the murderer. She starred alongside Ethan Hawke and had one particularly sexy love scene that really stood out. What is the name of this film?

Question 2

Sexy horns

In recent years, it has become hugely popular for filmmakers to remake classic stories to include non-animated characters. From Snow White and the Huntsman to Beauty and the Beast, it's become a proven record of success and the film's are drawing big name actors. Angelina Jolie starred in this remake type of film but gave an all-new perspective on the story. It wasn't exactly the typical look you'd expect for an Angelina Jolie character but it was still pretty good. What is the name of this film?

Question 3

Blonde dreads

This film was released in 2000 and featured Angelina Jolie with blonde straggly hair that looked similar to dreadlocks. Yet, it wasn't her hair that people were generally looking at while watching this film. She portrayed the character, Sara Wayland, that was into fast cars and troublesome men. Fans loved seeing her portray a woman that could ride just as hard as the boys and take the speed challenge with anyone else in the film. What is the name of this film?

Question 4


This film was released in 2010 and showed Angelina Jolie plays a role that would be typically given to a man in a Bond or Mission Impossible style film. Her character is accused of being a Russian spy and the film shows her trying to clear her name and get into some epic fights along the way. While it's sexy enough to see Jolie acting like a major action star, the main draw was seeing the variety of different looks she sported for the film. What is the name of this film?

Question 5


This film was released in 2008 and is based off of a comic book series. While there are definitely elements in the film that show the superhero and villain type roles, it strayed a bit in order to maintain the plot and look of an action film. Angelina Jolie played the role of Fox, a woman that brought the main character into the secret society, the Fraternity. There is a bit of a mystery in the storyline concerning Wesley's true identity but the main reason to watch was Jolie's appearance as a bona fide action star. What is this film?

Question 6


Hollywood seems to have a fascination with stories from ancient times, retelling tales of powerful leaders and societies. This film tells the story of a "Great" conqueror, with the story beginning around 283 BC. The Persian Empire is featured and Angelina Jolie plays the character, Olympias, the mother of the main character. She doesn't exactly look matronly in the film but people didn't seem to mind because of her toga-like ensembles. This is the performance that conjured up visions of Jolie dressed as Cleopatra in some future remake, even though it didn't get the best reviews. What is this film?

Question 7


This film was released in 2010 and seemed to have the best guideline for making a hit film. It starred Angelina Jolie as the beautiful and glamorous, Chiara, and Johnny Depp as Frank Tupelo. Depp is an actor known for taking over-the-top character roles, so it was great to see him as the true leading man that could play off the heartthrob role on the big screen. There was controversy over whether or not this was a mystery thriller or a romantic comedy but, in the end, it seemed like it was both. What is the name of this film?

Question 8

Video game hottie

With video games becoming increasingly popular over the years, it's not surprising that Hollywood has used some of the characters and storyline on the big screen. The films would garner a huge fan base because the characters were already known and actors would flock at the chance of attaining these roles. Angelina Jolie proved that she could be just as hot as the animated character and was spot-on with her portrayal. The storyline revolved around powerful ancient artifacts and Jolie traipsing around in a scantily clad ensemble. What is the name of this film?

Question 9


While this film wasn't technically categorized as an animated film like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, it was extremely stylized and used a synthetic processing that made the characters appear more like animation. The story was set in the year 507 and portrayed Angelina Jolie was a Water Demon, the last of her kind. When she took the form of a beautiful woman, it seemed like no one could deny her charms and ultimately sired a child with her. What is the name of this film?

Question 10

Black leather

This film was released in 2005 and became hugely controversial even before the movie ever hit theaters. The story revolved around a seemingly normal suburban couple that were carrying on secret lives that the other had no knowledge of until things finally came to a head. The characters were actually two assassins working against one another and were ultimately told to kill each other. The promotion for the film involved some photographs of these two actors in a home life in the suburbs and caused even more drama. What is the name of this film?

Question 11


This film featured one of the most successful roles that Angelina Jolie has taken throughout her career. The story told the tale of a young girl that spent time in a mental health facility during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Angelina Jolie was also a patient at the facility and her character becomes a huge influence on those around her. Jolie ultimately won the Academy Award for this role and proved that she definitely knew how to play a sociopath. What is the name of this film?

Question 12

Blonde beauty

This film was released in 2002 and showed Angelina Jolie as a completely different character than she typically has portrayed over the years. She played the character, Lanie Kerrigan, that was a television reporter. Jolie completely transformed to play this character. While the world had seen her with blonde hair before, this was the typical look of an anchor with a nod towards Marilyn Monroe. After being told she didn't have long to life, her character set out on a journey to find true meaning of her life. What was the name of this film?

Question 13

Tragic beauty

Even though Angelina Jolie had already appeared in a number of films prior to this 1998 release, this was truly her breakout role. She played the real-life model, Gia Carangi, and told the heartbreaking story of her tumultuous life as a fashion model and the tragedy of her death. The role became one of the biggest successes for Jolie and even earned her a Satellite, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award. What is the name of this Angelina Jolie film?

Question 14

Law breaker

While Angelina Jolie had starred in a few other films and TV appearances prior to this film, people still seem to think of it as her first movie. It was released in 1995 and showed Jolie in an ultra-short haircut that offered a completely different look than fans are used to in Jolie. Yet, she was still drop dead gorgeous in her role as a revolutionary in the world of computers. It tells the story of a group of young people that become wrapped in a world of corporate conspiracy. What is the name of this film?

Question 15


While this film is said to be loosely based on real events and real-life individuals, there have been a number of different depictions of the birth of the C.I.A. and they all tell a seemingly different story. Yet, this 2006 film has held its own over the years and stars some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie stars alongside Matt Damon and Robert De Niro among other names and is perfect in this spy mystery film. What is the name of this Angelina Jolie movie?

Question 16


Angelina Jolie had proven that she is able to play in a period drama since she's starred in a number of roles that require gussets and lace. Yet, this film is set in the late 1920s in Los Angeles and is a period drama in a different way. Jolie portrays the character, Christine Collins, that is in search of her missing son. It is coined as a mystery/crime film and makes the audience wonder about the mental state of the main character. What is the name of this film?

Question 17

Police officer

This 1999 film is based off of a best-selling novel and featured Angelina Jolie as a lowly patrol cop that is taken under the wing of a forensics expert. Since he is unable to go to crime scenes as a tetraplegic, he begins to trust in Jolie's character as his eyes on the scene. It is a race to catch a serial killer and stars a great cast of actors that truly bring the story to life on the big screen. What is the name of this film?

Question 18

Mary Bell

This film was released in 1999 and wasn't received well at the box office. The story revolved around a couple with a dysfunctional relationship, and Angelina Jolie's character sparked off the drama regarding an extra-marital affair. Her character, Mary Bell, wasn't the most relatable character due to her sexual nature and the relationship between her and her husband. Yet, there was definitely something appealing about seeing her in those steamy love scenes. What is the name of this Angelina Jolie film?

Question 19

Silver fox

This film was released in 2003 and tells the story of a lost treasure from a temple built by Alexander the Great. This is a little ironic since Angelina Jolie actually played the mother of Alexander the Great in another film, Alexander. The film was received negatively at the box office and by the critics but it did show Jolie in a number of ultra memorable ensembles. The most noteworthy of the film was a silver wetsuit ensemble that really stood out. What is the name of this film?

Question 20


This film was released in 2015 and was a huge accomplishment for Angelina Jolie. Not only did she write, star and direct the film, she was also one of the producers. She starred as a woman traveling to a hotel with her husband, while dealing with issues of not being able to have children. It causes her to have intimacy issues with her husband and it also sparks a confrontation with the young couple next door. What is the name of this film?

Question 21


While the film was released in 1993, the story takes place in the year 2074. The world is filled with robots that fill every different purpose there is. Angelina Jolie played the character, Casella "Cash" Reese. While the audience probably would have preferred her to portray one of the prostitute robots, her assassin role was a pretty great substitute. Rather than being a cold robot without any feelings, Jolie's character is actually specifically designed to imitate human nature. What is the name of this film?

Question 22

In the Bronx

With Angelina Jolie acting in so many action films, spy thrillers and emotionally draining roles, it's difficult to think of her as a romantic comedy actress. Yet, that's exactly what this film portrayed with its 1996 release. Jolie played the role of Gina Malacici, which was essentially the Juliet role in a Romeo and Juliet story. The film was set in a New York setting, most specifically the Bronx, and much of the film shows actual locations in New York. What is the name of this film?

Question 23

Period drama

While Angelina Jolie has proven herself to be a formidable actress when it comes to action films, that doesn't mean that she can't pull off a period drama as well. This film is actually a remake from a 1969 film and tells the story of deep and passionate love that is more like an erotica than a story of marital bliss. There is a mystery that revolves around murder and lust but seeing Jolie in the throws of passion with Antonio Banderas is enough to surpass the price of admission. What is the name of this film?

Question 24

Eleanor Rigby

This film was released in 1996 and is one of Angelina Jolie's earlier works. She portrayed the character, Ellie, in this road trip film involving her mother and her mother's violent boyfriend. There is a bit of a murder mystery in the storyline but it's generally a feel-good film that constantly keeps the audience guessing. The film didn't exactly win any awards for its performances but it did give Jolie a great start to a burgeoning acting career. What is the name of this film?

Question 25

Real-life murder

This film is based on the real-life murder of the Head of Corrections for the state of Oregon, Michael Francke. His murder brought out an investigation into what he was looking into in regards to corruption and drug dealing. Angelina Jolie portrayed the real-life character, Jodie Swearingen, that famously appeared in court to claim that she had witnessed Frank Gable carry out the murder. She later recanted her story and accused another man but it was difficult to know what to believe. What is the name of this film?

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