Can You Match The Adam Sandler Picture To The Movie?


As an actor, screenwriter, director and comedian, Adam Sandler has been involved with over 60 films and is worth an estimated $400 million.

Born in 1966 in Brooklyn, New York, he made his debut on The Cosby Show before starring in his first feature film in 1989. He also joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1990, before being fired in 1995. It didn’t do much to harm his future though with his movies having grossed an estimated $2 billion and he shows no sign of slowing down.

Known mainly for his gross-out comedies, Adam Sandler is the definition of a big kid with his films being generally loved by the public but often derided by critics. Most of his films also feature his good friends Kevin James, Chris Rock and Drew Barrymore. In 2014 he signed a four-movie exclusive deal with Netflix. According to Netflix, a third of all views on the streaming service are taken up by Sandler’s movies.

Below you’ll find 25 pictures from Sandler’s vast array of films that he has starred in. All you have to do is match the picture to the movie title. With such a huge library of movies, you’re going to have to be a huge Sandler buff to get all these right.

Question 1

Which Sandler movie features him on a boat?

It was Adam Sandler's first feature film way back in 1989 and features him as Schecky Moskowitz, a washed up comedian who takes a job on a cruise ship hoping for a break in the world of cruise ship comedy. Before his first show, Schecky is extremely nervous but King Neptune hops on board to reassure him about the power of laughter. Also starring Billy Bob Thornton and Billy Zane, it cost only $200,000 to make despite filming in exotic locations in Mexico.

Question 2

It's time for golf in which Sandler movie?

Starring as a failed hockey play, Sandler takes up golf in this 1996 movie. Known for his distinctive high-powered slap shot, he brings his disruptive style to the gentle world of country clubs to try and earn money to pay off his Grandma’s tax bill. On the pro tour, Sandler faces off against Shooter McGavin, an arrogant pro who looks down on other players and makes a bet with Sandler for the future of his Grandma’s house. Before the grand final, Sandler has many trials and tribulations before ultimately triumphing and securing his Grandma’s house.

Question 3

What movie features Sandler on repeat dates with Drew Barrymore?

Set in the idyllic location of Oahu, Hawaii, Sandler plays a local vet, Henry, who is known for sleeping around. After taking his boat out, he breaks down and meets Lucy, played by Drew Barrymore. They instantly hit it off and organize to meet the next day but once Henry returns, Lucy has no recollection of ever meeting him. It’s slowly revealed that Lucy has short term memory loss and will never remember meeting anybody new. Henry doesn’t let that deter him though and dedicates his time to reminding Lucy every day of their relationship.

Question 4

Press the play button for which Sandler movie?

In this feature Adam Sandler takes on the role of a hardworking architect, who discovers a magical remote control after falling into the ‘Beyond’ section of a ‘Bed, Bath & Beyond’ store. The remote allows him to control time and space and he uses this newfound power to fast forward through what he considers the boring parts of his day. However, he soon discovers that skipping ahead in life means he misses out on the best bits, including spending time with his kids and wife, played by Kate Beckinsale.

Question 5

Adam Sandler breaks out his vocal chords in which film?

In a departure from some of his earlier movies, Sandler showed his dramatic acting chops in this 1998 film. Sandler gave up on his dream of becoming a rock star and ends up singing at variety of different events to make ends meet, including weddings. At one event he meets a waitress named Julia, played by Drew Barrymore and after their separate relationships fail they start to develop feelings for each other. Despite a few hiccups along the way they eventually end up together.

Question 6

Adam Sandler had to learn to control his temper in what movie?

This 2003 films pairs Adam Sandler up with the legendary Jack Nicholson. After Sandler loses his temper on a flight with a fellow passenger, he is sentenced to anger management classes or else spend a year in jail. He chooses the former and then finds out that his new therapist is the passenger he abused, played by Nicholson, whose therapy technique is more in-your-face than sit-on-the-couch and listen. Also starring Marisa Tomei, Woody Harrelson, Luis Guzmȧn and a special guest appearance from former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

Question 7

The devil is in the detail in which Sandler film?

It’s hard work being one of Satan’s three sons and that’s what Sandler discovered in this movie from 2000. With all three sons battling it out to take over the kingdom of Hell from their father Satan, portrayed by Harvey Keitel. After Satan decides to stay on and rule Hell, the other two brothers leave and start a new Hell in New York City, and leaving their father to rot in the original. Satan asks Sandler to save him by travelling to New York and stopping his brothers by making them drink from a silver flask that will trap their soul.

Question 8

Adam Sandler joins a band in which movie?

In another musical movie for Adam Sandler, he joins up with Brendan Fraser and Steve Buscemi in a band of loser musicians. After several failed attempts to get radio airplay they hijack a local station and unwittingly hold the DJ and station manager hostage with water pistols. News of the takeover quickly travels and a SWAT team is called in. They are eventually arrested and end up in prison, but ultimately become popular and are shown performing from prison on MTV.

Question 9

Time to play football with Sandler in what movie?

Returning to sports for material in 1998, Adam Sandler starred as Bobby Boucher, a soft spoken 31-year-old who works as the drinks carrier for the fictional South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs football team. After being bullied by some of the team’s players, the coach urges him to stand up for himself resulting in Bobby tackling the quarterback and knocking him out. The coach quickly convinces Bobby to take up a playing career, against his mother’s wishes, and turns the Mud Dogs fortunes around.

Question 10

Get a haircut with Sandler in what film?

Adam Sandler plays Zohan, an Israeli counterterrorist officer who is fed up with the violence and leaves for New York City where he wants to pursue his dream of being a hairdresser. After faking his own death and smuggling himself to America, he tries to find work at several salons before landing a job at one owned by a Palestinian. After giving an old lady an amazing haircut, and some backroom sexual service, word of Zohan’s prowess quickly spreads and the salon becomes a success.

Question 11

Adam Sandler becomes an unwitting father in what film?

Starring as immature 32-year-old bachelor Sonny, who refuses to take on any adult responsibility following him receiving a huge settlement fee from an earlier accident. One day he wakes up to find Kevin, a five-year-old abandoned at his apartment with the supposed father being Sonny’s roommate who has just left for China. He is then forced to look after Kevin and shares with him some bad habits before eventually growing up and getting his life in order and becoming a suitable father.

Question 12

What's the name of this buddy cop movie?

Starring as Archie Moses, a small-time crook who lives in Los Angeles and smuggles drugs for local drug lord played by James Caan. However, his best friend Rock Keats, played by Damon Wayans, is an undercover cop who is trying to dig up evidence on the drug lord and only became friends with Moses to do so. After discovering his deceit, Moses accidentally shoots Keats in the head during a failed drug bust and flees the state. Forced to reunite after Moses is arrested, the two reconcile and work together to bring down the drug lord.

Question 13

Adam Sandler finds love in which quirky comedy?

In another dramatic turn from Sandler which saw him team up with acclaimed director Paul Thomas Anderson, for this 2002 romantic comedy. Adam Sandler plays Barry Egan, owner of a company that markets themed toilet plungers. With seven sisters who constantly mock him, Barry finds himself becoming increasingly lonely before meeting Lena, a friend of one of his sisters. After Lena leaves for a holiday to Hawaii, Barry follows her using some frequent flyer miles and declares his love for her. Following some complications, it eventually all works out and they start to travel the world together using Barry's frequent flyer miles.

Question 14

Which film features Sandler in prison playing football?

Adam Sandler returned to football for this remake of a 1974 film. He stars as Paul Crewe, a disgraced former quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers who finds himself in prison. Once inside he is forced to form a team with his fellow inmates, played by Chris Rock, Nelly, and Tracy Morgan, with the task of helping the prison guards train their own team. However, come game day the inmates overcome the abusive guards and repeated dirty tactics to savour success.

Question 15

Which movie finds Adam Sandler telling tale tales?

In a more family-friendly film, Adam Sandler takes on the role of Skeeter Bronson, who one night looks after his sister’s children and tells them a story to help them get to sleep. The stories start to become reality with the first one taking place in medieval times, followed by an Old West epic, and finally a giant space fight. All these lead to Skeeter getting a promotion at his hotel job and saving the school his niece and nephew attend from demolition.

Question 16

What film features Sandler alongside Pac-Man?

After seeing feeds of classic computer games, aliens believe them to be a declaration of war. Using this technology against humans they begin to invade using famous game characters including Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong. With the human race under threat, Sandler, a child prodigy at Donkey Kong, assembles a team of fellow arcade players to beat back the invasion using their computer game skills. Also starring Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage the film was a huge commercial success, making over $200 million.

Question 17

Adam Sandler gets married to Kevin James in what movie?

Starring opposite his longtime friend Kevin James, this film sees them pretend to love each other and then get married. This would allow James’ children to be named as the primary beneficiary on his life insurance policy. However, after several women come forward to reveal they have slept with Sandler’s character Chuck, they are forced to defend their relationship in front of a judge and rebut claims of fraud. Their main allies turn out to be the Fire Department of New York who come to their defence.

Question 18

Adam Sandler lives the high life in which 2002 film?

In another remake for Adam Sandler, he stars as the unknown heir to a billionaire's fortune. After being flown out to New York to take over the billionaire’s media business, he meets Babe Bennet, portrayed by Winona Ryder, and rescues her wallet from a would-be thief. However, this was a set up just to get close to him and his newfound wealth. Despondent, he returns home and agrees to sell his shares to a businessman before eventually finding the real heir to the fortune and handing the fortune and media company to him.

Question 19

Sandler plays a big kid in which back-to-school comedy?

As an heir to a Fortune 500 company, Sandler plays a 27-year-old who spends all day drinking and causing trouble for his father. After ruining a dinner between his father and other business associates, he is sent back to school where he must complete all 12 grades if he wants to have any hope of running the family business. After initially excelling and making friends with his classmates, his rival for the family business tries to sabotage his progress and gets Sandler expelled. After discovering the attempted sabotage he challenges his rival to an academic contest and triumphs, before handing off the business to another more accomplished co-worker of his father's.

Question 20

You can find Sandler as a comedian in which film?

In this 2009 film, Adam Sandler teams up with Judd Apatow, director of 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, to make this comedy-drama about a stand-up comedian who discovers he has a terminal disease. Following this revelation he tries to repair the broken relationships in his life. Sandler’s character in the film is often mocked for his low-brow style and poor films, which seems to mirror his real life. The movie also features other famous comedians Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Leslie Mann.

Question 21

You can find Sandler as Dracula in which animated movie?

In his first animated film, Adam Sandler stars as the voice of Count Dracula who owns a hotel where the world’s monsters can get away from the wider human population. While Count Dracula throws an 118th birthday party for his daughter Mavis, a 21-year-old traveller unwittingly stumbles upon the castle whom Mavis falls in love with. To try and protect the hotel’s reputation as a haven for monsters, he tries to break them up before eventually relinquishing control of his daughter and letting her make her own decisions.

Question 22

In what movie will you find Sandler star alongside his famous friends?

Following the death of his Junior High School basketball coach, Sandler reunites with his former teammates and friends for a Fourth of July weekend holiday. At the reunion in their hometown they are challenged to a rematch against the basketball team they beat in Junior High, with their rivals claiming the game-winning shot should not have counted. His friends are played by real-life friends and other famous stars Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider, who all started on Saturday Night Live together in 1990.

Question 23

Sandler puts in a dramatic performance in what post 9/11 movie?

Five years after the Twin Towers fell, Adam Sandler plays Charlie who lost everything on that day and has withdrawn into himself. After running into former college roommate Alan, played by Don Cheadle, who is shocked to see how far Charlie has fallen, Alan tries to help out Charlie but he tries to commit suicide before ultimately getting the necessary help. This was a hard-hitting look at the psychological impact of the September 11 attacks and those affected by the events.

Question 24

Which movie features Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore together for a third time?

Adam Sandler teamed up with Drew Barrymore again in this romantic comedy from 2014. Their two characters are both divorced with kids of their own who meet on a blind date that doesn’t go too well and the characters go their separate ways. Unknowingly to them they both book the same family vacation to Africa and their respective clans are forced together. Over the trip the two families start to get along and Sandler and Barrymore fall for each other.

Question 25

Adam Sandler teams up with recent SNL star Andy Samberg in what film?

In this 2012 movie, Adam Sandler stars as Donny, alongside Andy Samberg as his son whom he fathered with his school teacher. However, Donny owes $43,000 in back taxes to the IRS or face up to three years in prison and must pay it off by the coming weekend, which also happens to be his son’s wedding weekend. The movie features a guest appearance from Susan Sarandon as Donny’s former teacher who is now in prison and he often visits.

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