Can You Match 80% Of These Video Game Characters To Their Game?


In the span of about three decades, video games have gone from being an exclusive and esoteric form of entertainment understood only by shut-in 'nerds' to being widespread and found in almost every household. It's now commonplace to see people of all ages, sexes, colors and creeds playing video games, whether they're found on computers, cellphones or consoles.

Not only have video games evolved and improved over the years in terms of graphics and options, but the stories and characters that people play as have also improved. Some of the earliest video games like Tetris and Pacman were one-dimensional games that didn't really have anything in terms of 'characters' with personalities.

Nowadays, however, the actual characters a video game possesses is one of its biggest components. Players want the characters they select to have relatable emotions and situations that help the player feel like they have a connection to these characters. This is why, in today's video game world, a video game character is just as important to the player as the characters in a film are to cinema-goers.

Here, we'll look at 25 famous video game characters, and it'll be your job to connect them to the video game (or series) they're associated with. This'll be your chance to prove whether or not you really know your famous video game characters and the impact they've had.

Question 1

In which generation of Pokémon games was the leader of the evil organization a woman?

Ever since the first games came out, the Pokémon universe featured an evil organization that had wicked motives in relation to the beloved creatures. Team Rocket is the most recognizable, but many others have come and gone, with some of them actually having noble intentions (relatively-speaking). There have been many women to have important roles as generals or second-in-command of these various organizations, but thus far, only one generation of Pokémon games has introduced a female villain as a boss.

Question 2

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

For twenty-five years, whenever someone imagined what a Nazi hunter would look like, this would be the face that would pop up. In virtually every installment in the series from which he originates, this guy has foiled the Nazi regime in one way or another. He destroyed an army of Nazi zombies. He foiled them in an alternate historical timeline in which the Nazis won World war II. And in one game, he destroyed Mecha-Hitler, which is more than enough to make him a true hero.

Question 3

Which Video Game Is This Character From?

This character is one of the chief antagonists in the game in which he appears. He's a powerful demon that controls the undead, and is a being of pure Hatred. You find him about three quarters of the way through the game, and his job is to stop you from reaching his brother, whom you've been chasing thus far in the game. Though his appearance in-game is different, this image here is the official art for what he's supposed to look like.

Question 4

Which Video Game Is This Character From?

This character isn't a hero. Stripped of his emotions at an early age to fit the needs of his guild, he doesn't seem to be affected by any feelings that would affect ordinary people. But he is extraordinary in other ways as well. He was affected by mutagens at an early age, making it impossible to tell exactly how old he is. Aside from that, the only telltale sign he has that he isn't normal is his cat-like eyes.

Question 5

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

This is one of the few characters who is quite possibly more popular than the character the player controls. Her voice is distinctly feminine, as is her design, despite not resembling a person for the most part. But what makes her so memorable is that not only is she a well-crafted antagonist for the player, but her in-game lines are so ingenious and witty that one couldn't help but laugh at everything she said, even if it came at your expense. In fact, IGN once called her the greatest video game villain of all time.

Question 6

Which Video Game Is This Character From?

You're not likely to find that much character depth with this guy. In fact, you're not likely to find much character in him at all. Instead, what you get with this guy is pure, unadulterated toughness and a no-nonsense approach to fighting a major enemy. This character doesn't talk much and is more interested in shooting down his enemies than delivering passionate soliloquies. But that's what makes him popular: to many fans, he's the very definition of manliness, toughness and making you feel invincible.

Question 7

Which Video Game Is This Character From?

When it comes to disturbing video game characters, few can match up to Pyramid Head. A horrid monstrosity from the Silent Hill franchise, Pyramid Head is supposed to be a manifestation of your (the character's) own feelings of anger and penitence. As a character in the game, he's also very terrifying. He's almost always seen dragging his unnecessarily-long blade behind him in the hopes of cleaving you in half while he stalks you in the narrow passageways of the buildings of Silent Hill.

Question 8

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

The character seen here is but one side of a two-sided coin. This is the male version of a character that the player can choose to be either male or female, though both keep the same name regardless of this decision, and both ere given equal weight by the developers. This character is but one of many intimidating and dangerous badasses in video games. He was based on a real person, Alan Shepard, who was the second person and first American to go into space.

Question 9

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

This is one of the most iconic characters in all of video game history. With her distinct red helmet, orange armor and right-arm cannon, this character became not just an instantly-recognizable video game character from a highly-successful video game series, but she also became something of a feminist icon. She was one of the first female protagonists in any video game series, and her adventures through space have spawned several additional games and have also landed her in other crossover video game titles.

Question 10

Which Video Game Is This Character From?

This is one of the most recently-released characters on this list. She joins a cadre of about 24 other characters, each with their own distinct names, code names, personalities and backgrounds. This one has been considered arguably the most popular of the game thus far. This is not only due to her physical appearance, but also due to her backstory and personality. For a game that has little in terms of its own in-world plot, its developers have created several intriguing characters.

Question 11

Which Video Game Is This Character From?

There has been a surge in open-world video games over the past decade or so. Some of the most highly-praised games are those that give the player to explore a massive world on their own while keeping a main storyline going throughout. This character comes from one of these games. He is famous for uttering the line, ""What is better – to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" which has become one of that game's most memorable lines.

Question 12

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

This is one of the most tragic characters in modern gaming history. As per this image, the character was once a morally-upright champion of good in the universe in which he exists. Then, his attempts to save people led him down a dark path. That path ultimately led to him to become an agent of darkness, and also a major enemy for the player in several games in the series from which he comes.

Question 13

Which Video Game Is This Character From?

If you ever wondered where the stereotypical image of the 'angry, violence-obsessed gamer' came from, look no further. This character is quite possibly the angriest and most senselessly violent video character in the past fifteen years. Much of his storyline is centered on him getting revenge on those that have wronged him, and he does this by destroying everything in his path. But sometimes this involves going to the extreme, like in one game trailer, in which the player saw them getting their eyes gouged out from the point of view of one of this guy's victims.

Question 14

Which strategy game featured priests that could convert enemy units while chanting 'Wololo'?

Many Real Time Strategy (RTS) games have included special characters/units that don't do damage but instead have special abilities. One of the most memorable were the priests that one could summon that walked up to enemy units and tried to convert them to join the player's side. While attempting to do so, the priest characters would chant the gibberish phrase 'Wololo', which has no meaning of any kind whatsoever. But it's stuff like this that nostalgic gamers really enjoy.

Question 15

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

This character possesses the typical personality traits of an arch-villain: he's incredibly arrogant, selfish, has a God complex, and has a deceptive cunning that makes him a master manipulator. As a result of these traits, he has made for a fantastic villain and ideal final boss in the many games in which he has appeared. Over the years, various video game publishers, including Nintendo Power and GamesRadar, named him the greatest villain in video game history, which, given this list, says a lot.

Question 16

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

This character has managed to win numerous awards over the years and place very high on many publications' lists of greatest video game characters. In particular, this one was listed by IGN as #2 out of 100 of the best video game antagonists and GamePro listed him as #9 out of 47 such characters. Over the years, this character has gone from being something of a comedy villain to so much more, and has been praised for being portrayed as consistent, patient, and determined to act as the perfect nemesis.

Question 17

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

Sometimes a character doesn't even have to possess a face to become iconic. In this case, this character's iconic mirrored visor and green armor have made him into a very popular character for those players that prefer to assume the role of a faceless player and transport themselves into a video game world. Like others on this list, this one prefers to have his actions to the talking for him, making him more of a straightforward ass-kicker as opposed to a philosophical questioner.

Question 18

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

There are many traits that have made this character memorable and likable by the video gaming community over the years. His personality, story arc and appearance all scream 'manliness', which have made him into something of a hero to many players. His gruff exterior was complemented by what some have called 'deep human emotions' that couldn't be conveyed by most other characters. Then of course there's his mastery of stealth and danger with weapons, both of which have made him into a certified video game badass.

Question 19

In which Final Fantasy game was this iconic character first introduced?

It doesn't happen often, but there are rare occasions whereby a villain comes along that's so appealing, so aesthetically-pleasing, and so badass that you, the player, like that villain more than your own character. Such is the case with Sephiroth, one of the most iconic characters from the Final Fantasy video games series. Sephiroth has all the characteristics of an awesome and memorable foe: a fantastic look, dangerous abilities, and an ominous musical motif that signals that it's about to hit the fan.

Question 20

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

Some characters need immense detail and complex outfits to be memorable. This one doesn't; all he needs is a martial arts gi, gloves and a badass headband, and he's set. Of course, this master of martial arts has been gracing our screens for thirty years, having first appeared all the way back in 1987. Since then, he has fought countless enemies that have included monsters, ninjas and various supernatural forces. Though he might not be the easiest character form his series to play as, he's certainly its most iconic.

Question 21

Which Star Wars Video Game Is This Character From?

Once again, one of BioWare's creations makes the list of most memorable video game characters ever. Like another from this list, this masked character has the option of being either male or female, though he is male from a canonical perspective. He's also one of the Star Wars characters with the richest and most intriguing backstories, and plays a role in one of the most shocking twists in both Star wars history and in BioWare's video game history as well.

Question 22

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

After this character had debuted, fans of his and of the games in which he appeared have praised him in almost every way. One publication once ranked him the fourth best Xbox character of all time, while Guinness World Records listed him as the 24th most popular video game character of all time in a 2011 poll. Many people have praised him for his character progression throughout the games, while the only major criticism was towards the poor voice acting.

Question 23

Which Video Game Is This Character From?

This is quite possibly the most iconic video game character of all time. Though based to an extent on real-life persons, she has developed her own reputation and legacy among video game fanatics. Among her accolades include: a star on the Walk of Game, a Guinness World Record for Most Recognizable Female Video Game Character, and widespread admiration around the world by both male and female players. Many people even consider a sex symbol due to both her physical appearance and her power.

Question 24

Which Video Game Series Is This Character From?

Though not an actual playable character, this figure has become an iconic symbol of his franchise. His smile, clothes and overall appearance contrast strongly with the video game world in which h can be found. In that game, his smiling face and thumbs up gesture appear whenever you did something important or completed an achievement. Maybe it was because of this strong contrast, but this character has since become the mascot of his franchise, even though he doesn't do anything else in it.

Question 25

Which Video Game Is This Character From?

This character is as straightforward as it gets. He destroys whatever and whomever stands in his path, and does so with a smile on his face and a cigar in his mouth. He also whips out some funny catchphrases to make whatever situation he finds himself in that much funnier. In many ways, he's actually a parody of many well-known film characters with whom he shares many characteristics. It wouldn't be hard to see the parallels between this guy and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, or Rambo.

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