Can You Identify The Star Trek Species?


You'll be hard pressed to find a franchise with a broader base of characters than Star Trek with over fifty years of stories comprised of hundreds of hours of television, thirteen produced movies to date, dozens of video games, enough tie-in novels to fill libraries, and enough merchandise to fill the Staten Island dump twice. There's also that cartoon back in the 70s that nobody likes to talk about, but it did happen--we should talk about it and accept it. (And, as a matter of fact, a few species from the animated series will be featured in this quiz, so here's the perfect time to confront it.)

In the broad expanse of the lore, there have been hundreds of Star Trek species seen and hundreds more only mentioned. We've scoured all four quadrants spanning hundreds of thousands of lightyears, searched the Antares maelstrom, circumnavigated the moons of Nibia and went through Perdition's flames picking the best (and worst) species from all the available Star Trek mediums to quiz you on. Everything is on the table here, provided that the species in question has actually been seen--an episode, a book cover, something. We just can't have you guess at something no one's ever seen. That would be just nutty.

So, can you identify these Star Trek species?

Question 1

They have green blood and pointy ears. Who do you think it is?


These are the first alien species humanity ever made contact with. It had to be a bit of a let down, to be honest. They're vegetarians who don't drink and have no sense of humor. After all that build-up, an anal probe might've been more exciting. They are logical to the point of being cold, though they have a strong sense of morality and are incredible allies who helped found the United Federation of Planets. The reason they've purged themselves of emotions was because their species was too destructive (read: exciting) in the past. All they did was go to war and have sex more than once every seven years. Yeah, real improvement. Famous species members: Spock, Sarek

Question 2

They are Starfleet's most loyal ally and most dangerous enemy


Here's a fun game: watch an episode of Trek and take a drink every time a one of these guys say the word "honor." You know how science-fiction loves to use the "alien warrior race" trope? This is where it comes from. They drink prune juice, blood wine, and read Shakespeare. If that isn't a recipe for war, we don't know what is. Originally meant to be a comment on the Soviet Union, these aliens eventually developed into a three-dimensional species in their own right with well-established cultural and religious beliefs. Of course, they're also still constantly on the precipice of all-out war with everyone; they were the first to declare war on the Dominion shortly after extended wars against The Federation and the Cardassians. Famous species members: Worf, Martok, Gowron, Kor, Kang, Koloth, Gorkon

Question 3

"We are the ___. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."

These hive-minded terrors look to turn everyone into a member of the collective. If you resist, they'll brainwash you through assimilation methods or they'll just kill you (whatever's more convenient). They're technologically advanced and can adapt to any kind of energy weapon if exposed to it long enough. Good thing the Klingons still make knives. While once terrifying and mysterious, they unfortunately are the poster children of diminishing returns. 1990's "The Best of Both Worlds" was a masterpiece; 2000's "Unimatrix Zero" was an affront to the living. Famous species members: Seven of Nine, Locutus

Question 4

They're giant lizards from an infamous episode


Known for the infamous slow-motion fight scene with Captain Kirk in The Original Series episode "Arena," the they are giant lizards who just happen to look like a human being in an ill-fitting rubber suit. Over the years, they received an upgrade (your mileage may vary) to being made entirely of Adobe After Effects in Star Trek Enterprise. Despite their awful presentation, their appearances in games, comics and expanded universe novels have made the them into a viable physical and culture threat. Famous species members: Slar

Question 5

This reptilian species was central to Deep Space Nine's plot


The only species as operatic as the Klingons is this one. For 50 years, they forcefully occupied the Bajoran homeworld, using them for slave labor. Brilliant tacticians, the Klingons found it to be an honor to successfully kill a member of this race. At home, their government was overbearing and gigantic. Its fascistic tendencies made them a major power in the Alpha Quadrant and their alliance with the Dominion allowed them to nearly conquer it. However, their large, fascistic government eventually led to their people revolting against said government for the sake of freedom. There's probably a lesson in there somewhere. Probably. Famous species members: Elim Garak, Skrain Dukat, Corat Damar

Question 6

Sister species to the Vulcans and one of Starfleet's original enemies

Star Trek Romulan Vreenak

Smug, xenophobic and deeply paranoid, they are one of Trek's oldest antagonists. Originally Vulcans, the species split after Surak's introduction of logic kept the species from destroying itself. The Vulcans were ostensibly pacifists while they desired expansion. They're also fond of shoulder pads for reasons we can't fathom. Through their shifty machinations and incredible spy agency dubbed the Tal Shiar, their empire became the second largest power in the Alpha Quadrant despite being one of the youngest. Their sphere of influence is constantly on the rise but is hampered by the constant political undermining they do to one another. That and the damned shoulder pads. Famous species members: Sela, Charvanek, Tomalak, Donatra, Vreenak

Question 7

Watch your wallet around these guys

Armin Shimmerman Quark Star Trek

Cowardly, greedy and brilliant are all words to describe this species. Their culture is devoted to the acquisition of wealth. Hell, they even have a religious text called the Rules of Acquisition (you can even buy a real-life copy on Amazon right now). They have giant ears which makes them great for spying (and, more disturbingly, they're a well-established erogenous zone for them). While primarily obsessed with profit, there are others a scant few who have branched out into engineering, military and customer service. They also enjoy eating tube-grubs, which, if you don't know what that is, just continue enjoying life. Famous species members: Quark, Zek, Rom, Nog, Ishka

Question 8

The only species to ever truly threaten the Borg is

Species 8472 Star Trek

This race was created made to be a bigger threat than the Borg. Instead, they're just cheap CGI centaurs who walk like the aliens in Charlie Sheen's The Arrival. They have incredible psychic powers that lets them communicate through the main cast of characters, which is great because you can save money since you blew the entire budget on CGI that is bad even by Trek standards. While only making two appearances in Star Trek, they made an impression by being both overpowered and boring. Famous species members: N/A

Question 9

Genetically engineered super soldiers of the Dominion

Star Trek Jem'Hadar

The Founders genetically engineered them to be unfeeling shock troops sent to kill anyone who disobeyed the Dominion. They're strong, capable, intelligent and vicious. The only problem was that the Dominion's creation was too perfect. Their frenzy was too great—it could even potentially override their worship of the Founders, so they had to addict these soldiers to Ketracel White; a severe narcotic that could kill them if they didn’t get their next fix within a short period of time. That's right: the only thing keeping the galaxy from being destroyed is space heroin. Famous species members: Ixtana'Rax, Omet'iklan, Remata'Klan, Goran'Agar, Ikat'ika

Question 10

They're alien orange spiders

Since CGI is expensive, this species are reclusive xenophobes who make the Romulans look like extroverted party animals. They're quadrupedal non-humanoid arachnids who need to be in extremely high temperatures to function, or insulation suits when in cooler atmospheres. They're aggressive and difficult, but very punctual, which is nice. Going along with the spider motif, their primary export is silk which is rare and very expensive. Their ships can also weave an energy web which can enclose around a ship, vaporizing it. Due to their environmental needs and general anti-social behavior, only one of their number has ever applied to Starfleet. Famous species members: Alkene, Corskene, Dlyax, Eskrene, Loskene

Question 11

This mysterious species joined the Dominion toward the end of the war


Before meeting the this species, we were told some anecdotes about them: “No one has seen a [REDACTED] and lived,” “Never turn your back on a [REDACTED].” Solid, quiet people in refrigeration suits with an incomprehensible language, they’re scary despite the somewhat silly design. Little is ever revealed about them—we never even see what’s under the helmet—other than they have a modestly sized military and that they have a fixation on Earth and humanity. Namely, they want us either enslaved or destroyed. During the Dominion War, this species successfully attacked Earth, nearly destroying San Francisco (where Starfleet is based). The Klingons were impressed: even their people had never even dared to attack Earth, let alone do it successfully. Famous members: Gor, Pran

Question 12

This species is close to home

Deanna Troi Star Trek

They are a race of telepaths and empaths. Their abilities allow them to read the minds and emotions of others, going so far as being able to telepathically communicate with non-member species as well as affect the mental and emotion state of others. While not a founding member of the Federation, their proximity to Earth and positive diplomatic relations throughout the quadrant made them an early member. The only problem is that--if Lwaxana Troi is any indication--the entire species is deeply, deeply obnoxious. Mixed members like Deanna (who is half-human) can only scratch at the surface of emotion, making such wild guess as "I'm detecting great anger" when someone nearby is yelling. Wonderful. Famous species members: Deanna Troi, Lwaxana Troi, Lon Suder, Reittan Grax

Question 13

There's only one green-skinned species in Trek. Take a wild guess.


This species has a weird history in Trek. Their syndicate is a combination of the mafia and the black market. It's run by the males who have overthrown and enslaved the females in their society at large. They’re one of Trek’s last big mysteries despite being this galaxy-wide operation, and that’s what makes them so cool. The same goes for their people, too. None of the Star Trek series explored their culture except for one: the (brilliant) Star Trek Continues fan-series. Famous species members: Lolani, Gaila, Harrad-Sar

Question 14

This species have one of simplest yet strangest names in the franchise

q Star Trek

They are an omnipotent and possibly immortal aliens that can adopt any form they choose and can change all of reality with a snap of their fingers. Naturally, the best way to spend your time is to annoy mortals who can do nothing but sit there and wait for the tedious games and jokes to end. Though originally appearing as a villain to Captain Picard--whom he regarded as a beloved pet--he was humanity's secret benefactor, hoping for them to succeed, thrive and evolve. Famous species members: They all have the same name

Question 15

Also know as The Founders, what species does Odo belong to?

Odo Star Trek

Once hunted and shamed for their ability to shapeshift, this species eventually joined together to create for themselves an empire that spanned much of the Gamma Quadrant. While they see themselves as promoters of order and justice, their methods are fascistic in the least and genocidal at worst. Their expansionist policies are ostensibly for peace, but peace that favors their power system. They themselves can take the form of any object or creature they desire, but after several hours, must return to a gelatinous state so they can rest. Famous member species: Odo, Laas

Question 16

This species was designed on a budget


Not the fastest or strongest species in the Alpha Quadrant, this species has survived thanks to things like instinct and resilience to bounce back better than they were before. Like the Vulcans, they overcame a brutal and violent history to join together and create a peaceful society. They have become to the politics throughout the Alpha Quadrant, they have thrived despite not being a space-faring species as long as the other empires that surround them. Famous Member Species: Jean-Luc Picard, James T. Kirk, Benjamin Sisko, Uhura

Question 17

One of the most annoying Star Trek species are

Star Trek Bolian

Not to stereotype, but has there ever been a member of this species that didn't live to annoy? Mott was so obnoxious that Captain Picard--a trained diplomat--dreaded their appointments, Chell was lazy and did nothing but complain and Boq'ta was a mewling, whining coward. Not much is known about the species, yet somehow these aliens whom we only met once made us understand how intolerable the entire species is. They tend to be bald, though some wear toupees (hopefully they shopped at Morrie's--his wigs don't come off). Famous species members: Mott the Barber

Question 18

They come from a familiar world


Their empire is an advanced one which seeks to colonize rather than explore. They used a multi-purpose weapon on their belts that could bend physics on a whim; they literally turned people into dodecahedron-shaped crackers. Their world was dying, so they sent out generational ships to different parts of the galaxy. That means there are others out there, and not all of them can be as flexible as the ones Kirk dealt with (with reason, seduction, and alcohol, as one does in Star Trek). It’s a loose thread that the franchise has never pulled on. Famous species members: Rojan, Kelinda, Tomar, Hanar, Drea

Question 19

The obsequious diplomats of the Dominion

Weyoun Star Trek Vorta

Like many of the Dominion’s inner circle of species, they are genetically engineered and cloned to allow for continuity of species. specifically, is more of a diplomat. Given their rabid support of the Dominion and smugness, it’s no surprise that they're designed with significant resistance to poisons. During Deep Space Nine’s seven-year run, we learned the Founders altered them from simple, barely sentient beings, but took aware their ability to taste all but rippleberries, which was a favorite of their ancient species as a way keeping them tethered to their past. They also tend to have awful haircuts. Famous species members: Weyoun, Kilana, Eris, Keevan, Yelgrun

Question 20

They're a species blighted by an incurable disease


Their race is sick with something called the Phage, which eats away at them from the inside and is adaptive to every known treatment. Those who didn’t kill themselves from the pain became pirates—only they go about attacking ships to steal people’s skin, marrow, and organs to use for themselves. The Phage eventually will wear out those new pieces, so they constantly have to go back out to disfigure and kill more people just so they can stay alive a little while longer. Famous species members: Danara Pel, Dereth, Mala, Motura, Shmullus, Sulan

Question 21

The nerdy little brother of the Borg

Bynars Star Trek

These guys look cotton candy colored lawn gnome. They love technology so much that they replace the parietal lobes of their newborns with a synaptic processors. As a result, they're encyclopedias of information but have people skills of a wasp. They're all interconnected thanks to their brain-wi-fi, which isn't creepy at all and they talk as pairs like the little girls in the Shining, which, again, isn't creepy. Despite being so weak that Wesley Crusher could beat them up, they managed to steal the Enterprise. This was TNG season 1, so this sort of embarrassment was par for the course. Famous species members: Zero Zero. Zero One, One Zero, One One

Question 22

This multi-limbed species debuted in the Animated Series

Arex Star Trek

With the Animated Series, Trek was able to create stranger looking aliens like these guys. They a tripedal species who tend not to show up in live-action series and films due to the cost of creating such a character. They are not members of the Federation (which explains why we don't see them often). In the Animated Series where the species debuted, Arex had taken the place of Chekov in the series as navigator, much to actor Walter Koenig's dismay. When he was brought on to write an episode, he purposely left Arex out of the script. Yes, that means Koenig's feud with a fictional character is currently tied. Famous species members: Arex, Kershu

Question 23

The main villain from the classic Doomsday Machine episode was...


Seriously, it was a witch’s hat with a flashlight in it. The Original Series had a famously small budget so they did what they could. Regardless of its origin, this living weapon went around the universe consuming and destroying entire planets. No one knows how or by whom it was constructed, but the most likely answers are either the weapon’s creators abandoned it, or their perfect weapon killed them. Wiping out Federation outposts and ships, this weapon was going to continue to destroy everything in its path. The only reason it failed? James T. Kirk, of course. Famous species members: No others

Question 24

These aliens are a subspecies of a popular Star Trek race

aenar Star trek

These guys are albino Andorians. That's literally it, but for some reason they have their own species name. They're somehow even more cowardly than the Bolians. They have advanced telepathic abilities which help them understand their surroundings (which they never left anyway, these creepy hermits) in lieu of the fact that they're essentially blind. Darwinism still applies in space apparently, as they were down to a few thousand in the Enterprise era and was never seen in the TNG era two hundred years later. Either they all started tanning and got lasik or they all bored each other to death. Famous members: N/A

Question 25

The popular cat-like species from the Animated Series is

MRess Caitian Star Trek

They are a feline species created for the Animated Series and were believed to be descendants of the Kzinti who also debuted in TAS. However, continuity between episodes is too difficult apparently, so it was never expanded upon until the Star Trek Online MMORPG where their connection to the Kzinti is expanded upon, as well as their war with the Ferasans along with their cultural mores. They are not Federation members so they have their own armada, and while friendly, can be vicious adversaries, capable of incredible speed and high jumps. What a surprise. Famous species members: M'Ress, Hriss, Hsuuri, M'grash

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