Can You Identify The Disney Movie From One Screencap?


We have nearly all grown up watching Disney movies, some even half a dozen times. Many Disney movies have turned into beloved classics that we plan on watching with our own kids and maybe even grand-kids. These iconic childhood movies certainly aren’t what they used to be, but would you be able to correctly identify these scenes?

Don’t worry – this isn’t one of those ultra-easy quizzes where the answers are practically written out on the screencap. The included movie stills are slightly more obscure and only a true Disney fan would be able to get them right. Some are perhaps easier than others, but in nearly all of them, you’re going to need to flex your memory.

You will be tested on some of the most famous and loved Disney movies, such as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Snow White and many others. So try your hand and make sure to look for clues in the backgrounds of the images. In many of the stills, it’s enough to look at the vegetation or Disney extras that serve as comedic relief. In others, the way the screencaps have an older appearance is also helpful in determining the movie in question.

Question 1

Which movie is this house from?

Many Disney movie tell romantic tales of love-struck couples. This one, however, is a classic Disney movie that tells the tale of friendship and what happens when a group of friends work together. Upon its release, it was actually the highest-grossing film on its opening weekend. Over the years, it has also widely been praised for its technical production, the screenplay, as well as the performances by the main characters. Even more shocking is that major mistake nearly annihilated this popular movie’s sequel. Just one year before its set release day, 90% of the sequel was deleted, but luckily, the movie’s technical director had a backup copy.

Question 2

Which movie is this dress from?

Disney movies are filled tales of balls and gorgeous dresses. Focus your attention instead on the two little blue birds fluttering around the dress in this screencap. Can you remember which iconic Disney movie they’re from? This movie was inspired by a French fairy tale that has spurned a number of remakes over the years. Prior to its released, Walt Disney Productions had actually been on the verge of bankruptcy following several movie flops. Luckily, this movie was a hit and Disney kept producing hits thereafter.

Question 3

Where have you seen these three spooky kids?

Disney is known for occasionally producing movies that greatly diverge from their usual production ways and this movie is definitely as different as it gets from all the rest. A movie known for its darker undertones, it turns out that Walt Disney Studio actually fought for the main character to have eyes, arguing the necessity of having a “pair of friendly eyes” for the audience to connect with. The creators refused to oblige and that’s perhaps a good thing, given this film’s smashing success at the box office.

Question 4

Where have you seen this little girl?

Do you want to answer this question correctly? Just that might be enough to give away the answer to which movie this screencap is from! But in case you need some more hints, let’s just say this movie continues to be one of the most popular among kids to this day. And if you thought that this movie’s iconic songs will be dying down anytime soon, don’t bet on it as a sequel was recently announced! If you still have no clue which movie this is from, then just look at the symbol on the slippers.

Question 5

In which movie does a secret wedding get staged?

Who hasn’t seen this movie? Hopefully, this should be an easy screencap to recognize! In this one, a wedding is being planned unbeknownst to our heroine’s knowledge. Her suitor certainly does not give up easily, so it’s a good thing that she eventually finds love at the end of her movie. Which Disney movie is this? Originally adapted from the 18th century fairy tale, this Disney movie was originally released in 1991 and was recently re-made into a live action adaptation. It’s also the 10th highest grossing film of all time.

Question 6

Which movie are these bunnies bouncing around in?

This next screencap is particularly fascinating because it comes from a movie that utilized 2D animation. Even in this featured scene, you can see the two-dimensional forest in the background. As a result of the innovative animation, this movie actually also took a whopping seven years to produce. Until the making of The Black Cauldron, it held the record for the Disney movie that took the longest to make. As this Disney movie drew inspiration both from a fairy tale by Charles Perrault and one by Brothers Grimm, the heroine of the story is also referred by two different names.

Question 7

In which movie do we see this psychedelic sky?

Just five years following the death of the author of the book on which this movie was inspired, a 12-minute film was made. At the time, it was actually Britain’s longest film and several other film adaptations followed before Disney finally released its iconic version. This movie is another one of Disney’s creations that originally massively failed. Two decades after its release, it began to explode in popularity, in part due to the ‘70s drug culture. Nowadays, it’s considered by many as being one of Disney’s best movies.

Question 8

In the beginning of which movie do we see this huge flock of birds?

Given the immense popularity of this movie, we couldn’t pick an easy screencap! If you have seen this movie at least half a dozen times as you probably have, then you’re sure to get it right though. In case you need more clues, then keep in mind that this screen cap is from a movie that in 2016 was deemed to be “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the United States National Film Registry. A very important honor, but one that is certainly worth it!

Question 9

Which movie are these lost souls from?

In every Disney movie, there is the recognizable pattern of the hero or heroine of the story meeting with the villain in order to accomplish something that they might not be able to on their own. In this moment in the movie, the hero of the story goes down to the villain’s lair and nearly gets entangled with these creatures, which turn out to be lost souls that couldn’t pay the price of their agreed upon deals. Undeterred by the fate of so many before, our main character makes a desolate deal as well.

Question 10

Which movie does this fake beggar belong in?

Disney movies are full of rags to riches stories, and this screencap perfectly embodies that long-standing plotline. This one in particular is very noteworthy because it leads our main character to discover one of the most important and beloved secondary characters in the entire Disney universe. Can you guess which movie this is just from this screencap? Let’s just say that this beggar isn’t just an ordinary old man. Originally released in 1992, there have also been a couple of sequels since and even a TV show.

Question 11

Which Disney movie is this cute pup from?

Most screencaps from this movie easily give away the movie in question. So only a true Disney fan would recognize this movie based on this shot. This scene is from the very beginning of the movie, when we first meet our highly disorganized heroine. As she prepares for her very important day, she ties a bone on a stick in front of her dog, who then runs after it, spreading chicken feed all over the yard. Arguably, he creates more of a mess than anything, but the method does work, albeit much to our heroine’s father’s exasperation.

Question 12

What about this big pup?

To this day, this movie continues to garner stellar reviews. Several sequels have been made since, in particular featuring a very special little character. As with most Disney movies, this one too drew inspiration elsewhere. It was based on a play and even more interestingly is that Walt Disney, himself, had starred in a rendition of this play. Can you guess which Disney movie this is just based on the screencap? Two of the film’s animators even added themselves into the movie.

Question 13

Which movie are these elephants from?

Based on a story that was originally published in 1894, this movie was actually supposed to be much darker. Although it’s a classic now, it’s worth noting that even the characters’ names are mispronounced in the entire movie as they are also supposed to be pronounced differently as per the book. Unbeknownst to most, a sequel to this popular movie also came out in 2003, but according to critics, it’s not worth watching. A certain group of vultures in the film were even designed to resemble The Beatles, but unfortunately, they refused to lend their voices to the movie.

Question 14

Which movie does this little cutie belong in?

The movie from which he’s from aside for a moment, this little black-and-white ball of fur is also particular noteworthy. Although he isn’t one of the main characters of the movie, he was nonetheless Walt Disney’s favorite character. He loved the little kitty so much that he made him Minnie Mouse’s pet in a number of Disney short films. Do you remember which iconic Disney movie this trouble-making cutie is from? The movie in question has won two Academy Awards.

Question 15

Which movie is this map from?

Most Disney movies are very recognizable based on their environments and the details of the characters’ clothing. This screencap is a little different as it solely features a map. However, the location on this map is highly important to this Disney movie, as well as to a sequel that had been made following its tremendous success. This movie is actually based on a true story, but as Disney movies usually do, it presents a significantly happier ending than the events that transpired in history.

Question 16

In which movie does the villain find a spell ti disguise herself?

Although a movie was released by Universal Pictures in 2012 based upon a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, Disney for its part has yet to re-make its popular classic. According to rumors though, a re-make is in the works, so let’s hope it is just as amazing as the original ever was! With regards to the original movie from which this screencap is taken, you will be surprised to know that Walt Disney had actually forbidden the actress who portrayed the main character to ever be heard anywhere else!

Question 17

In which movie does this villain terrorize the good characters?

Based on an English novel by a slightly different name, this movie certainly wasn’t easy to produce. The details of each character were added by hand by a team dedicated to the task. In all, it took more than 1.2 million pencil and 800 gallons of paint to product the film! Luckily, it was a smashing success and continues to be one of the most popular Disney movies of all time. Can you guess which Disney movie this screencap is taken from?

Question 18

In which movie does this driver get frightened?

Originally, the movie from which this screencap is taken was intended to be a live-action movie. Walt Disney decided instead that it would be better suited as an animation and it’s a good thing he did as it turned out to be a one-of-a-kind movie. The only unfortunate part is that Walt Disney didn’t get to see the final production before his death. As such, this was also the last movie approved by him directly and also the first to be released following his death. Renowned cabaret singer Maurice Chevalier even came out of retirement to sing this movie’s theme song.

Question 19

Which movie are these mean-looking thugs from?

In trying to make this movie look as realistically detailed as possible, the Disney offices were actually filled with animals during its production. But when the movie began taking longer than anticipated to make, Walt Disney switched the crew over to producing Sleeping Beauty instead. Six months later, everyone was back on this movie with renewed energy. A memory from Walt’s own private life was also embedded in one of the scenes when a certain someone receives a very lively gift.

Question 20

In which movie does the prince get advice from a fortune teller?

Many Disney movies tell the tale of rebellious teenagers who disobey their children. In this movie though, the parents actually cut their offspring off, forcing one of our main characters to contemplate either getting a job or marrying someone rich. As a fortune teller accurately describes his situation: “your lifestyle’s high, but you funds are low. You need to marry a little honey, whose daddy got dough”. After an unfortunate transformation though, he ends up meeting the love of his life and they go on an unforgettable journey together.

Question 21

Which Disney movie is this owl from?

Oh no, can you guess which screencap this one is from? Like many Disney movies, this one was also based on a book, but one that was actually intended for adult. Even worse is that the author of the book hardly profited from the movie, selling the right to the film for a mere amount. This movie also received three Academy Award nominations and in 2008, it placed third in animation as part of the American Film Institute’s “10 Top 10”.

Question 22

Which movie is this tower from?

Upon first being produced, this movie was actually supposed to carry the same name as the Brothers Grimm folk tale upon which it was inspired. A logo was even designed for the movie but the title was changed at the very last minute. It’s a good thing too as its official name is much catchier! In case you were wondering, yes the two main characters do end up getting married. Their wedding can be seen on the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection on Netflix.

Question 23

In which movie does this part of town get destroyed?

This scene is actually very symbolic because after causing the destruction of the marketplace, our main character chooses to leave. More specifically, his parents tell him that they had, in fact, found him as a baby. As with most Disney movies, the main character then bursts into song about how he will “go the distance” to find out where he belongs. Do you remember which movie this screencap is from? The actor who portrayed the villain was in particular praised for his performance, but the movie as a whole also received positive reviews.

Question 24

In which movie does this stork's actions launch the story?

As surprising as this may be, this Disney movie actually had to cut massive corners. As a result of the war efforts at the time, the studio had to make this movie for as cheap as possible. This meant that characters were simplified and the backgrounds weren’t as detailed. If you’re able to instantly identify the movie in question, then we’re sure you will agree that this movie certainly didn’t look like it was made on the cheap as it’s a film that many remember fondly from watching it during their childhoods.

Question 25

Which movie is this ethereal-looking being from?

Perhaps not too surprisingly, this movie was actually a massive flop upon its release in the 1940’s. It has only recently become a more classic-kind of Disney movie but it was initially poorly received. The reason for this is that it greatly differed from the usual movies that folks had been used to as the film was comprised of eight animated segments accompanied by classical music. This movie’s fan base has certainly greatly changed as it’s now one of the top highest-grossing films of all times and numerous video games, convers and attractions have been inspired from it since.

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