Can You Guess Which Show Killed Off These Celebs?

It is the moment you dread but you also secretly love: your favourite television show character dies. You feel all the feels and have a hard time letting go, yet that chance to have a good-huddled-at-home-in-a-blanket cry kind of makes it worth it. This quiz will let you relive all the ups and downs of your favourite TV shows-- some 2000s hits, some Netflix specials, and some classics. You may have blocked out some of this TV tragedy but we are not going to let that happen so easily! The number of law firm dramas, murder mysteries, and hospital hits throughout the years certainly have you mixed up by now. Show your morbid prowess in this quiz by naming exactly which of your favourite shows helped a character meet their tragic end.

If you are a fan of Titanic, you will appreciate this emotional roller-coaster quiz in the end AND all those resentful, beautiful feelings that come with a tragic death (once you come to terms).  Chances are you too just KNEW that there was enough room on the driftwood for Leo  and you will be curious to know exactly what motivated your favourite characters to be killed off. Because, you know, movies and TV shows  often have creative reasons for off-ing their cast (or if you are Shonda Rhimes maybe a grudge or two).

Question 1

A real tragedy

A real world tragedy, actor Cory Monteith tragically died in July of 2013 of a drug overdose after spending a few months away from the show at rehabilitation. His death hit the press and his fans hard, having story after story written. However, his resulting death on the show was kept more mysterious. This makes some sense as the cast and crew were in shock and mourning at the time of filming, especially his co-star and real life girlfriend, Lea Michele. The audience had to watch his funeral and then move on—- impossible!

Question 2

We miss these three together!

There is no doubt that you watched this popular television show, whether it was growing up or over the shoulder of your children growing up. This was a show for every family, starring famous Three’s Company actor, John Ritter. After John’s sudden and tragic death in 2003, the show was never the same and was cancelled in 2005. For many of us it was our first death to mourn, and the writers did not take it easy on us! Ritter’s character was said to have died by simply collapsing in the grocery store one day.

Question 3

Another one bites the dust...

A beloved character of this new-age cult classic TV show, Steven Yeun kicked off a new season with costar Michael Cudlitz as being the show’s shocking deaths and drama. His death was so unjust and graphic fans have just to moan Yeun’s character's character name at each other to become automatic friends and express their commiseration. Since the series biggest plot line if death unfortunately there was no rhyme or reason for this death besides the show creator’s artistic genius.

Question 4

Did you know Katie Findlay?

Full of suspense and mysterious deaths, this recent melodramatic hit followed a group of law students and their unfortunate companions. One of those companions happens to be actor, Katie Findlay, who is murdered in the season 1 finale. The amount of betrayal, crime, and double-agents in this show drive us all crazy yet keep us all watching. If Findlay's character had to be sacrificed for the plot line to deepen we kind of understand. Pour one out for her though.

Question 5

She's baaack!

From a vengeful mastermind to a somewhat loyal ally Janel Parrish’s character has our emotions all over the place. Yeah, she might have been a bit emotionally unstable and manipulative, but the girls in the mystery/drama TV series seem to forgive her and so can we! It is never revealed exactly how she died, however we see her home being invaded and blood spattered walls. Later it is revealed that the entire time everyone thought she was dead and stopped looking for her, she had been kidnapped. Tragic!

Question 6

Mixed reactions on this death.

Known to us all for being the wife of hilarious and kind talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, we were shocked when watching the show that we began to hate Portia de Rossi’s character. She was levels of evil and manipulative that were hard to empathize with-- until we saw her brutal death. No one deserves to be bludgeonned to death. That's too cold... But we understand that she wanted to continue being successful and focusing on her art-curating career so: bravo!

Question 7

Some character deaths are just going to make you cry no matter how many times you've watched the show.

Beloved character of a twelve season show that has blessed our screens, Mandy Patinkin was one of the few of the detective team to meet be killed off the show. None of us expected him to be the one to go, as he actually retired from the show after only two seasons in 2007. In season ten, he made a surprise appearance, only to be seen dying. Apparently, when he originally retired from the show/ his fictional position, it was for emotional reasons. Patinkin even went so far as to say the show was destructive to him.

Question 8

A sacrifice

As counter-productive as it might seem, this show actually ended up killing their main character near its series finale. A chemist turned drug-boss, Bryan Cranston's character runs into plenty of trouble throughout the series-- eventually even killing a few people. Karma kicks him in the butt however, seeing as he dies in a hail of gunfire. Nonetheless, mega-fans do not fret! There are whisperings of a spin-off series as well as theories that his death was fiction or some sort of hoax. Fingers crossed (four years later...).

Question 9

We still see him in our dreams

One of the most traumatic onscreen deaths ever left fans reeling for months. Patrick Dempsey played a heartthrob actor on a popular medical drama TV show until the creator, Shonda Rhimes, made the creative decision to kill him off the show. She has a reputation for vindicating herself against rude actors by writing them off her shows— even admitting to that in an interview. She claims that the two main love interests of the show, including Dempsey at the time, could never end up together and have there also be a satisfying ending to the show.

Question 10

The most random of kill of this show's history

One of the only puzzles this medical mystery drama show could not solve was the sudden suicide of Kal Penn’s character on the show. Most fans of the show really did not know how to feel about the incident. He was a kind and funny character, but we were so shocked at the sudden death there was barely time to process. The show had no choice but to get rid of him though, since Penn found himself a job at the White House and was leaving for that.

Question 11

We hated to see this sweetie go.

Speaking of actors leaving their fans and their show behind, let us talk about John Francis Daley. As such a sweet and lovable character, we were sad to see him go, but we were also horrified at how the writers decided to have him go. In his final courageous moment, the actor’s character is left bloodied and bruised for his friends to find. We are literally just tearing up thinking about it! Still, we are happy for the success the actor has found in directing films, which was the reason for his departure.

Question 12

Falling house

When we sometimes morbidly imagine our own tragic deaths, a bus or a train usually comes into play. So does a train for this TV drama actor Kate Mara when she gets herself too deep into the conspiracies and crimes of politics. Eventually this leads to her co-star, the criminal she is not-so secretly investigating. The actor knew what she was getting in to however; the director was straight with her about the role she would play for the plot upon her entry on the show.

Question 13

This plot twist was out of order

Stephanie March’s character had one of the most interesting exits from this popular eighteen season detective show. Usually actors are afraid to be caught up in a long season show and have it swallow up their career, so they move on to more notably acting roles. She moved on to a cooking show “America Eats”. To remove her from the show, the writers killed her in a drive-by shooting while she was prosecuting a particularly dangerous case. It is later revealed that she in fact did not die and was entering witness protection.

Question 14

Telenovela's got tragedy

This show is the Queen of false hope. Brett Dier was shot in this Americanized telenovela and recovers from his wound only to die once again. All of the fans were heartbroken but more so surprised that the show did not spend more time mourning the character. The last released season focuses on the rest of the characters rebuilding their lives years after his death. Brett admitted he was as heartbroken and in denial as us about the death of his character.

Question 15

Who died?

This onscreen death has us really wondering what writer Jenna Coleman offended. As a show more geared towards families with kids, they tend to shy away from gruesome deaths, but her character was shown literally having the life sucked out of her. Kind of horrific, no? Also, the actor admitted that she was totally shocked and saddened that she was going to be written out of the series as well. Why was she killed? We do not yet know, but she must have offended somebody.

Question 16


Nobody has ever broken our hearts as badly as this five season prison drama has. The riotous events of episode “The Animals” were meant to parallel the Black Lives Matter movement, and actor Samira Wiley knew about this shift in plot for over a year and supported it. The writers and creators wanted viewers to see and feel the loss of a character they knew and loved in hopes that they might recognize the wrongs of the deaths of people like Eric Garner.

Question 17

Just for kicks?

For any fans of this weird and incest-y drama of throne-vying, the death of Kit Harington’s character was a shocking cliff-hanger and betrayal. Harington carries the torch of the hero in the TV show, and for some feels like the only hope. The death was a plot mechanism for the show— an ultimate betrayal. He dies by the hands of his camarades, taking turns stabbing him. Luckily, the next season he is magically resurrected— literally, with magic. Why kill him in the first place?

Question 18

We honestly felt like our own grandfather died

To help with inter-character relations and character development for this feel-good comedy, Edward Herrmann’s character dies. It is implied that he died of a heart attack before making it to the much anticipated revival of the show (where they reveal he is dead). In actuality, Edward died in 2014 after battling with brain cancer. Either way, his death is a point of tension between the other alive characters, and greatly saddening for fans as his role of grandfather was touching.

Question 19

A haunting portrayal of drug use and the prison system

Another equally horrifying death from a hit prison drama is played by Madeline Brewer. She dies from drug overdose after a long and difficult detox in the prison. It was not so much that viewers were particularly in love with her character, but experiencing the downfall of emotions from her prison family made her death very regretful. Her character was actually only supposed to appear for a few episodes, but the writers kept her on as a refreshing and gracious character. Brewer came on to the show knowing she would go, and so she went.

Question 20

Wishing our dads were like him...

This television said a tragic goodbye to Daniel Bucatinsky’s character in a haunting shooting that was committed by a friend of his. The actor admits he went through the stages of grief to let go of his character after mastermind Shonda Rhimes decided it was time for his character to die. On a rainy night, Daniel’s character witnesses something he should not and is tragically shot. His last words to his friend are to take care of his daughter, “Ella”. The tears!

Question 21

And grandma...

Rebecca Schulz, a secondary character in a popular law firm drama series, operates as a character tether for her fictional grandson to come back down to "earth" after his adventures. She dies in season two after her “grandson” has finally reconnected with her and was going to gift her a dreamy apartment. Her grandson would do anything for her— even sell drugs at one point— so the show likely liberated the two to see more independent character development from him.

Question 22

When he was shot we felt the bullet right through our hearts!

Another gut-wrenching TV drama death was performed by actor Joshua Charles after he decided to move on from his several season journey with the show to other creative endeavours. This change gave the creators a lot to work with to mold the main character, played by Julianna Margulies, but left the audience with a bad taste in their mouth. Joshua is seen suddenly being shot by a client at the courthouse and then never again (except for in memory and flashbacks). We were traumatized.

Question 23

And he's down.

Simply a matter of contracts and career ventures, actor Dan Stevens left this classic "soap opera" series after three years on set. He had the option to leave, and so he left to persue literature. Viewers however were not so nonchalant about his departure, as he was a kind and special character. His death being reduced to a simple and random car accident was almost too much to handle. Still, a staple of this series is all of its twists and surprises, and we could not live without that.

Question 24

His biggest break was cut short

A new face to hit television of this decade, Barclay Hope plays a character we all mistrusted and even hated in Netflix’s new adaptation series about a group of teenagers investigating the death of one of their peers. Nonetheless, Hope's death was somewhat surprising and largely dissatisfying to viewers as he the show at a seeming dead-end for answers. Having no one to possibly get answers from anyone, even mega-fans would admit this is shoddy writing--the show simply substituted one death mystery for another.

Question 25

What show is Gilles Marine from?

You may recognize Gilles Marine from his role as a father of two from this hit show he was later killed off of. The actor was supportive of sacrificing his minutes of fame to help advance the plot of the TV show in the name of true art. After having a stroke while driving, Gille’s character wakes up from a coma to his family in the hospital. Then, the writers decided to completely rip the guts from their audience by having him still tragically die from complications of the accident.

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