Can You Guess Which Round These NFL Players Were Drafted In?


Over the years, the NFL Draft has become a focal point of the NFL offseason. Whether it's the Draft Combine, the way too early draft projections, talks of draft pick trades, or the actual draft itself, there's no more hyped up event for football's offseason.

A lot of this has to do with the unpredictability of the draft. You don't know who is going to go where, when they are going to be selected, or how they will end up performing at the pro level.

A first overall selection could see a Peyton Manning caliber player, or he could be an absolute flop like JaMarcus Russell. The best player in the draft may not be the first pick or even a first round selection, either.

We've all heard how the arguably best quarterback of all time slipped all the way down into the sixth round before being drafted, and some of the greats, like Kurt Warner don't even get drafted on draft day.

It's impossible to tell how well a draftee is going to perform at the pro level until they actually perform, which is why it may be shocking to find out which round some NFL superstars and busts ended up getting taken in the draft. So, will you be able to guess which round these NFL players were drafted in?

Question 1

Which round was Aaron Rodgers drafted in?

If Tom Brady is considered the greatest quarterback of all time, Aaron Rodgers could definitely give him a run for his money by the time his career is over. Aaron Rodgers is arguably the most skilled quarterback in the game right now with a cannon for an arm, quick feet, an accurate throw, and efficient game managing and leading skills. He has managed to win a Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, and 2 NFL MVPs while breaking 5 NFL records in 9 seasons as a starter. What round was the back up for Brett Favre drafted in 2005?

Question 2

Which round was Julian Edelman drafted in?

Julien Edelman, known for his grit on the field, suave bearded look, and almost magnetic hands, has become one of the best receivers in the league today. As Brady's favorite and most trusted target, Edelman always delivers in the clutch. One of the most recent and memorable examples of this was his nearly impossible grab against the falcons in Super Bowl 51. The college quarterback from Kent State turned two time Super Bowl winning wide receiver has made the most of his opportunities in his 8 year career thus far. So, what round did the Patriots draft Julian Edelman in the 2009 draft?

Question 3

Which round was Tim Tebow drafted in?

The man who is currently in the Mets' farm system, was once a professional football player. After an incredible run for the Florida Gators, Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos. Tebow finally earned the starting position at quarterback position when the team was 0-4. He then turned the team around and led them all the way to the playoffs where they beat the Steelers but were defeated by the Patriots. He was an overnight sensation that filled up most of ESPN's coverage. Then, he got bumped out by Peyton Manning, and his NFL career never recovered. So, in what round was the college stand out drafted in 2010?

Question 4

Which round was Richard Sherman drafted in?

It seems as if Richard Sherman is always the topic of conversation when it comes to the world of pro football. Whether it's because of his lockdown defense in the corner position, his loud mouth trash talking other competitors, his impressive scholarly accolades from Stanford, or trade and free agent signing rumors, Richard Sherman finds ways to get himself talked about. Often regarded as the top cornerback in the game right now, Sherman usually brings the goods to back up the hype once it's game time. This All-Pro and Super Bowl winning corner back was drafted in 2011, but in what round?

Question 5

Which round was Adrian Peterson drafted in?

Adrian Peterson, also known as AP or AD, is an incredibly accomplished running back in the NFL. He has been selected to the Pro Bowl seven times, has earned First-team All-Pro honors four times, has won the NFL MVP award, has led the league in rushing three times and in rushing touchdowns twice, was the Offensive Rookie of the Year, and holds the record for most rushing yards in a game with 296. Of course, the one blemish in his career would be the infamous child spanking incident that got him suspended for the majority of the 2014 season. So, what round did Adrian Peterson end up getting drafted in 2007?

Question 6

Which round was Larry Fitzgerald drafted in?

Larry Fitzgerald has had a storied career in the NFL, and the 33 year old shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The loyal wide receiver has spent all 13 years of his NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals. In that time, he has racked up ten Pro Bowl selections, a First Team All-Pro selection, two seasons as both the receptions leader and receiving touchdowns leader, and has spent a lot of his off time helping out communities and charities. What round was this stand up athlete and guy drafted in 2004?

Question 7

Which round was Darren Sproles drafted in?

The speedy Darren Sproles can be seen as a kick return specialist, but he has also had success as a running back. He has great hands and proves to be impossible to catch in the open field, which makes him the perfect third down back. He has been a valuable asset for the Chargers, Saints, and Eagles throughout his 12 year career and has seen 3 Pro Bowl selections and 2 First-team All-Pro selections. So, what round was the short but speedy Darren Sproles drafted in 2005?

Question 8

Which round was Blaine Gabbert drafted in?

Blaine Gabbert has had a less than noteworthy career in the NFL. The once starting quarterback for the Jaguars failed in Jacksonville and got moved to the 49ers. After beating out Kaepernick for a starting spot, he eventually got benched in favor of Kaepernick due to his poor performance and overall record as a starter. As a starting quarterback in the NFL, Gabbert has an ugly 9-31 record. Now, Gabbert finds himself as the backup quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. So, in what round was the poorly performing quarterback drafted in 2011?

Question 9

Which round was Drew Brees drafted in?

Drew Brees, despite only being 6 feet tall, has accomplished a lot in the quarterback position during his 15 seasons in the NFL so far. Initially drafted by the Chargers, Brees is better known for his work in New Orleans. Brees now has 3 NFL records, a Super Bowl victory and Super Bowl MVP award, led the league in passing yards 7 times, led the league in passing touchdowns 4 times, has been selected to the Pro Bowl 10 times, and has one First Team All-Pro selection under his belt, as well. So, in what round was Drew Brees drafted in 2001?

Question 10

Which round was Rob Gronkowski drafted in?

When Rob Gronkowski isn't partying or going on cruises or starring in music videos, he is an absolute monster on the field for the New England Patriots at tight end. At least, that is when he is not injured. Gronkowski is already a two time Super Bowl champion, has 4 first-team All Pro selections, 4 Pro Bowl selections, has led the league in receiving touchdowns one season, and was named NFL's Comeback Player of the Year in 2014. All of these accomplishments have come in just 6 seasons in the NFL. So, in what round was The Gronk drafted in 2010?

Question 11

Which round was Marshawn Lynch drafted in?

Marshawn Lynch, known for his powerful running and bold statements--or lack of statements, has had an incredible career. His "Beast Mode" against the Saints in the playoffs will go down as one of the best runs in playoff history. After a successful run with the Seahawks that included a Super Bowl victory, 5 Pro Bowl selections, and 2 seasons of leading the league in rushing touchdowns, Lynch decided to call it quits. That is until the Raiders brought him out of retirement for the 2017 season. So, in which round was the newly acquired Raider drafted in 2007?

Question 12

Which round was Andre Johnson drafted in?

Andre Johnson, who is now retired, was loyal to the team that drafted him for the majority of his career. He spent 11 seasons with the Houston Texans, and he spent his last two seasons in the NFL with the Colts and Titans. During his time in the NFL, Johnson led the league in receiving twice, was selected to seven Pro Bowls, and was selected to the first-team All-Pro team twice. The receiver holds virtually every Texans receiving record and is 10th all time in NFL receptions. So, in what round was Andre Johnson drafted in 2003?

Question 13

Which round was Jimmy Graham drafted in?

If it weren't for Gronk, Jimmy Graham would have been head and shoulders above every tight end in the NFL during his tenure with the Saints. He is still contributing as a top tight end in the NFL as a part of the Seahawks, but he is not nearly as dominant as he was with Drew Brees at quarterback. Graham has managed to lead the league in touchdown receptions for a season, get selected to 4 Pro Bowls, and has been selected to one All-Pro first-team all in just 6 seasons in the league. So, in what round was Jimmy Graham selected in 2010?

Question 14

Which round was Darrelle Revis drafted in?

If you are a receiver in the NFL, you never want to find yourself on Revis Island. Darrelle Revis has made a name for himself in the league has a lockdown corner that can isolate his opponents from the game. He has played for the Jets, Patriots, and Buccaneers, and he ended up winning a Super Bowl with the Patriots. He was named the AFC Defensive Player of the Year, and has been selected to 7 Pro Bowls and 4 All-Pro First-Teams. So, in what round was Darrelle Revis drafted in 2007?

Question 15

Which round was Jared Allen drafted in?

Jared Allen has had an incredible career for the Chiefs, Bears, Panthers, and primarily the Vikings as a defensive end. Allen led the NFL in sacks for two seasons, has been named NFL Defensive Player of the Year, has been selected to 5 Pro Bowls and 4 All-Pro First-Teams throughout his eleven year career. Although he is primarily known for his stint in Minnesota, Allen was actually initially drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2004. So, in what round was he selected in?

Question 16

Which round was Robert Mathis drafted in?

Robert Mathis surprisingly played the entirety of his 14 year career with the Indianapolis Colts. Mathis was a versatile player that could play defensive end or linebacker. During his career, he managed to win a Super Bowl, lead the league in sacks, get selected as a first-team All-Pro, and he get selected to 6 Pro Bowls. Mathis was even featured on an episode of Parks and Rec. So, in what round was the now retired Robert Mathis drafted in 2006?

Question 17

Which round was Vince Wilfork drafted in?

Big ole' Vince Wilfork has been doing some even bigger things in the NFL as a defensive tackle. He has spent ten years with the Patriots and one with the Texans. During his time in the NFL, Wilfork has won 2 Super Bowls, has been selected to 5 Pro Bowls, and has a first-team All-Pro selection under his belt, as well. I think his biggest accomplishment might be rocking those overalls to the facility without any clothes underneath. That being said, in what round was Wilfork drafted in 2004?

Question 18

Which round was Mark Sanchez drafted in?

Mark Sanchez, a quarterback best known for his infamous butt fumble, has actually had a respectable career thus far. During his tenure with the Jets, Sanchez actually led the Jets to an AFC Championship game. Sadly, that's as good as it gets. Since then, Sanchez has been bouncing around from the Jets to the Eagles and now to the Bears as a backup quarterback. It seems like that butt fumble might've done some damage to his career. Anyway, in what round was Mark Sanchez drafted in 2009

Question 19

Which round was Antonio Brown drafted in?

Antonio Brown is arguably the most explosive and overall best wide receiver in the NFL right now. In just 6 years, Brown has gained quite the accolades. Those include 5 Pro Bowl selections, 3 First-team All-Pro selections, AFC Offensive Player of the Year, 2 seasons of leading the league in receptions, and one season of leading in receiving yards. There's a reason why this guy keeps on getting drafted first in fantasy football leagues. That being said, in what round did he actually get drafted in 2010?

Question 20

Which round was Josh Norman drafted in?

Josh Norman has quite the mouth on him and seems to always be stirring up trouble with the league's top receivers. At least he is able to back up his trash talk once he gets on the field. He has played as a number one corner for both the Panthers and the Redskins, and in his four years in the league he has managed to gain Pro Bowl and First-team All-Pro selection. So, in what round was Josh Norman drafted in 2012?

Question 21

Which round was Russell Wilson drafted in?

Russell Wilson is under 6 feet and has still managed to obtain incredible accolades in his young career as a quarterback. In just four years in the league, Wilson has won a Super Bowl, been selected to 3 Pro Bowls, won Rookie of the Year, and led the league in passer rating one season. Even though Wilson has only won one Super Bowl, he has made it there twice, and his team is always in the hunt. So, in what round was Russell Wilson drafted in 2012?

Question 22

Which round was Jason Witten drafted in?

Jason Witten, the long time Cowboy, has spent all of his 13 year NFL career in Dallas. Witten trails only Tony Gonzalez in both career receptions and receiving yards for tight ends. He also has the record for the most receptions in both a game and season for a tight end. Another two records he holds are most consecutive games played and started by a tight end. He's also been selected to 10 Pro Bowls and 2 All-Pro First-teams. So, in what round was Jason Witten drafted in 2003?

Question 23

Which round was Trent Richardson drafted in?

Trent Richardson, after having a decent year with the Cleveland Browns, has not done much in the NFL. Trent Richardson has only been in the NFL for four years and it looks like his career may already be over. After getting traded to the Colts where he had a horrid season, Richardson has only managed to make it onto the practice squads of the Raiders and Ravens. Now, Richardson finds himself as a free agent with little hopes of signing with a team. So, in what round was Trent Richardson signed in 2012?

Question 24

Which round was Colin Kaepernick drafted in?

Colin Kaepernick is a name that always seems to be wrapped up in controversy. After Kaepernick made the bold decision of kneeling during the national anthem as a form of silent protest, he managed to become the talk of the league. Now, Kaepernick finds himself without a team, and many seem to believe that it has to do with the former NFC Champion's silent protesting. No matter the reason, Kaepernick has still seen some success in his career as a 49er. So, in what round was Kaepernick drafted in 2011?

Question 25

Which round was Michael Crabtree drafted in?

Michael Crabtree is now apart of the deadly Raiders offense alongside Derek Carr, Marshawn Lynch, and Amari Cooper that is heading to Las Vegas in the near future. Before he was a valuable asset for the Oakland offense, he spent 5 years with the San Fransisco 49ers, the team that drafted him back in 2009. Despite not having any notable pro accolades, Crabtree remains a reliable wide receiver that teams can rely on in clutch situations. So, in what round was Michael Crabtree drafted in 2009?

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