Can You Guess Which Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Cast Member Said/Did This?


The cast members of the Love & Hip Hop franchise are notorious for the things they say and do. While the show revolves around several main cast members and their significant others, it also connects the lives of all of the cast members. Friendships are made, new love interests come into play, and personalities clash. The results are dramatic, catastrophic, and interesting. This is why the Love & Hip Hop franchise has one of the highest ratings in reality TV. It's also why the former president compared the 2016 election race to the messiness of the show.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is the latest installment of the franchise. The show premiered in 2014, with a popular cast revealed a month beforehand. What ensued was one of the most well-known, wildest casts in the Love & Hip Hop franchise to date. The original main cast kicked things off with Kim Kardashian's ex, and co-conspirator of "the tape", Ray J. The rest of the all-star ensemble included Soulja Boy, Omarion, Lil' Fizz, Yung Berg, Teairra Mari, Hazel-E, and socialite Nikki Mudarris, along with their significant others. With this messy of a cast, you were already expecting a wild show and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood didn't disappoint.

Above all else the cast is known for their insane quotes and dirty deeds. If you love Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, then you'll remember which cast members said, or did what crazy/wild thing. With that being said... Can you guess which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member said/did this?

Question 1

Which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member had Ray J's name tattooed under her breast?

We found that Ray J's love-life was already a huge mess, at the start of the first season. He was dating Princess Love, who had just moved into his house. Meanwhile, his ex, Teairra Mari was still pining away for Ray J, following what she claimed was a 9-year, on-again, off-again relationship. The two women spend the season deadlocked in a vicious feud over Ray J. There were also other women that Ray J had relations with. Which of these women had Ray J's name tattooed under her breast?

Question 2

Which other Love & Hip Hop cast members did Ray J admit he had slept with at the first reunion?

Ray J believes himself to be the ultimate ladies man. He kicked of the first season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, being more known as the co-participant in Kim Kardashian's sex tape, than he was for his mini-sized rap career. His love interests were Teairra Mari, who he had been in an on-again, off-again relationship with him for nine years. Then there was his new boo, Princess Love, who he had just moved into his home. At the reunion, Ray J admitted that he had slept with at least two other women from the show. Who were they?

Question 3

Who kicked off the premiere with a temporary restraining order against Moniece?

If you're a fan of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, then you know just how crazy Moniece can seem. This is why so many other cast members avoid, dislike, or even despise her. She's the messiest of the messy. If a man dates her, and then dumps her, she's the type that's most likely to stalk them. In fact, she has stalked at least two cast members. One who almost has no choice in dealing with her, and one who she dated from Love & Hip Hop NY. Who kicked off the premiere with an (expired) restraining order against Moniece?

Question 4

Which cast member asked for a liposuction in return for her forgiveness?

Most mothers would be terribly upset if left out of our adult plans. Especially if those plans included wedding bells. They would want pictures, a new ceremony, a reception. However, we're not talking about average moms here. We're talking Love & Hip Hop Hollywood moms. While most mothers would definitely be upset, they wouldn't get upset, and ask for liposuction in return for their forgiveness. This is what one mom on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood asked for. Do you remember which one it was?

Question 5

How does Nikki Mudarris refer to herself on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

Nikki Mudarris is a Los Angeles socialite. Her father owns several strip clubs in both Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, making her one wealthy, spoiled girl. Nikki is full of self-confidence, despite her drastic changes from plastic surgeries. She is most known for her hot body, her socialite status, and her fame from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, of course. Nikki began her stint on the show with her long-term off again, on again relationship with Mally Mall. She has a way of referring to herself in an annoying, yet catchy manner. How does Nikki refer to herself?

Question 6

Which Love & Hip Hop cast member said "I'm beautiful, I'm gorgeous, and I'm funny as shit."?

There is one cast member on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, who always feels that she has the upper hand on everyone. She isn't liked much by other cast members, and this really doesn't bother her. This cast member is, in fact, all that she claimed to be and more. Even if some of her funniness comes from crazy. Which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member can be quoted as saying "I'm beautiful, I'm gorgeous, and I'm funny as shit."?

Question 7

Who on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood admitted to messing around with Masika, but claimed he had never slept with her?

There was one love triangle that started off a little slower when it came to bringing the drama. The guy was seeing Masika and things appeared to be getting serious. At least until his ex popped up. She claimed they were on a "break" and was upset about the photos on Instagram of Masika in his clothes, and on his bed. He claimed that they had messed around, but never slept together. Eventually, the ex came to her senses and they both kicked said guy to the curb. Who was the guy?

Question 8

Which cast member said he had a "different chick Monday through Friday, doubles up on Saturday, and rests on Sunday just like Jesus did"?

In season one of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, one of the cast members was super-into someone. That someone wasn't thinking of her as anything more than a friend with benefits. He was about as honest as any person could possibly get about the situation, but she wasn't trying to hear it. Throughout the course of season one, he had relations with Hazel-E, Masika, and even Teairra Mari. Which cast member said he had a "different chick Monday through Friday, doubles up on Saturday, and rests on Sunday just like Jesus did."?

Question 9

Who had Brandi Boyd "hop on one foot and bark like a dog" for a favor?

Ray J's friend Brandi Boyd, and her husband Max Lux Boyd came in the second season, and it wasn't long before we saw how quick of a temper she had. In season three, Moniece publicly embarrassed Brandi, which led Brandi to seek out revenge. Princess Love was able to find dirt on Moniece, but the person holding the dirt, was someone who Brandi had pissed off in the past. However, the person still agreed to give Brandi the dirt on Moniece, but only if she would hop on one foot and bark like a dog. Who was it?

Question 10

What Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member said "My monkey doesn't want his banana, it can stay with the bunch."?

It's surprising that with all of the crazy going around on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, no one deed could compare to this one quote. "My monkey doesn't want his banana, it can stay with the bunch." The quote was followed by an even wilder suggestion, as the same cast member further explained that what she did want was his sperm. To make matters worse, it was the ex-girlfriend telling the new potential girlfriend this news. Which lovely cast member didn't want the "banana" of her ex, but did want his sperm?

Question 11

Which cast member tried to throw Ray J into the pool?

It's no secret that Ray J has had some volatile relationships, with the exception of the famous one he had with Kim K. First there was Teairra Mari, who clocked him in the face. Then there was Princess Love, who was arrested for domestic violence against him in New Orleans. Then there were all the side chicks, which includes Moniece, who's a little off, too. Which cast member threw food and wine in Ray J's face, before falling into the pool in an attempt to push him in?

Question 12

Which couple eloped on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

Weddings are supposed to be special occasions for a couple who are as in love as this couple. However, planning a wedding can be stressful. Especially, when your parents don't get along. Even more so, when the parents are wild and crazy LHHH parents. This would have been the case for this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple, whose mothers do not get along at all. This couple took the easy route and avoided the wedding planning, by eloping behind their mothers' backs. Which couple was it?

Question 13

Which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member brought "who" from Love & Hip Hop New York as their new love interest?

Love & Hip Hop cast members have been known to cross over to another Love & Hip Hop city, a time or two. In fact, there have been times that cast members switched cities entirely. Usually this is a result of a move, or a new friendship, or relationship that has formed. However, this instance was a little more shocking. The Love & Hip Hop cast member is a little looney, and the New York member wasn't the type to settle down. Which cast member from LHHH brought who from LHHNY as their new love interest?

Question 14

What did it take for Nikki to believe Masika about Mally Mall?

Not too far into season one, Nikki had begun to feel as though Mally Mall wasn't keeping things 100% with her about not banging Masika. She planned on having him come to a dinner with both her, and her mother for questioning. However, Nikki had already gotten all of the proof she needed from another talk with Masika, who brought up a detail that brought the truth to light for Nikki. What did it take for Nikki to believe Masika about Mally Mall?

Question 15

Which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member did A1 buy a waist trainer for?

A1 and Lyrica went through some serious drama in season three. They got married, dealt with tons of momma drama, they were blackmailed, and almost split up. Yep, all in the same season. It's no wonder that A1 eventually lost his cool, and gifted someone a waist trainer. At least he took out his frustrations in a funny, nonviolent way, right? You would think so, but the person on the receiving end wasn't having it. This is also what almost caused the happy couple to split. Who was gifted the waist trainer?

Question 16

Where did Apryl Jones have her baby on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

Watching the birth of Love & Hip Hop cast members' babies has become a regular occurrence. We've seen Rasheeda and Joseline give birth from Atlanta, and Yandy from New York. However, none were near as traumatic as the birth of Apryl and Omarion's baby. The least traumatic part of the experience was where, because at least that part was planned. The drama was brought on by Omarion's mother, Leslie Burrell. Where did Apryl Jones have her baby on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

Question 17

Which cast member stole money from her son and said "Please believe, this boss is going to show you how this ends and it’s not going to be a disaster."?

The mother's on Love & Hip Hop tend to be a little on the selfish side. With that being said, none of them mean to be that way. It's usually all about protecting and doing what they think is best for their children. What this mother did was no different. She was given a very large sum of money, $27,000 to be exact, by the child's father to put in a trust for their son. Only she chose to use it to open her own boutique instead. Her plan was to quadruple the amount. Which mother was it?

Question 18

Which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood mother requested a prenup for her son?

There's nothing like some motherly love for an adult child on Love & Hip Hop. These moms are often our favorites. They meddle, they pry, and they sometimes fight, which makes them extremely interesting. It's the mothers on Love & Hip Hop that stop their children from marrying, whether it's necessary or not. One couple on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood found this out for themselves, yet were able to make their way down that aisle, despite the mother's pressure for a prenup. Which mother was it?

Question 19

What did Hazel-E's "best friend" do behind her back on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

Hazel-E and Teairra Mari were roommates, and best friends at the start of season one, but they ended the season as ex-roommates and ex-friends. Much of this was because Hazel-E felt like Teairra Marie was downplaying her relationship with Yung Berg. Meanwhile, Teairra Mari couldn't understand why Hazel-E kept trying to compare her one-sided relationship woes, to her serious problems with getting over Ray J. Things got even worse between the besties, when Teairra Mari began to work with Berg. What else did Teairra Mari do behind her best friend's back?

Question 20

Which of Ray J's ladies was embarrassed by the contents of her own bag?

The women of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood were quick to show just how messy they could get. In just the first episode, one of Ray J's ladies wanted her bag returned to her because he was moving on with someone new. Ray J invited her to his Ray J.Com Party to get it. Meanwhile, the new lady thought it would be funny to take a picture of the bag's contents, and show them off. The items included vagisil, Monastate 7, and some type of bacterial medication. The bag's owner was embarrassed, and violent. Who was embarrassed by the bag?

Question 21

What dirt did Jason Lee have on Moniece Slaughter?

It was mentioned before that Brandi Boyd was willing to hop on one foot, and bark like a dog, in order to get some dirt on Moniece Slaughter. The person with the dirt was Jason Lee. This entire storyline, and this particular cast member fell under heavy criticism for considering to help Brandi get her hands on the dirt. Moniece went so far as to get lawyers involved on a cease and desist order. What was the unreleased dirt that Jason Lee had on Moniece Slaughter?

Question 22

Which member of this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood family actually admitted to having had liposuction?

It should be awkward to ask your daughter for liposuction in return for your forgiveness for an elopement. It should be shameful to gift your mother-in-law a waist trainer after she asked you to pay for her liposuction. It's downright silly for two moms to fight so bad that their children feel that elopement is their only option to have a happy wedding, in effect leading up to the rest of these problems. Which member of this family admitted to actually getting liposuction?

Question 23

Which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member said "F**k outta here, your lyrics are whack and I’m tired of you pushing up on me like a muppet in the heat."?

When the show kicked off, this couple appeared to be packing on the PDA, but within minutes the script flipped. One party was so much more into this than the other, despite it being apparent that they had been spending intimate time together in the friend zone for some time. Their friends with benefits status caused fights with their other friendships. Things came to a close when one party wrote the other a song, or diss track, depending on how you look at it. The other used the quote above. Who said it to who?

Question 24

Who was Moniece speaking to, when she said "I've told you about talking to me like you've lost your rabbit ass mind."?

Moniece has had words with the majority of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast members. She started things off in a spot, where most women would've been in defensive mode. Her ex had custody of their son. She was being targeted for not spending time with their son, and not putting forth the effort to get him back. One thing Moniece has always been known for is her ability to speak crazy. This scene was no different, even when she wasn't the one with the upper hand. Who was Moniece speaking to?

Question 25

What funny item did Nikki bring Lil' Fizz, after Moniece let her know where he was staying?

Nikki Mudarris and Lil' Fizz have had their fair share of ups and downs. There was the whole thing with Fizz's breakup with Amanda and Nikki's breakup with Mally, which brought them together. Then things seemed to be heating up when their casual dating continued in the second season. However, Moniece hasn't been the easiest baby momma to deal with. Moniece revealed to Nikki that Fizz had been staying with her. She also let Nikki know that she wasn't interested in being with Fizz, although she did have intentions for his sperm.

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