Can You Guess What This Celebrity Got Done?


It seems sometimes that Hollywood is a game of "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" called "Nose and Lips, Boobs, and Butt", where stars are swapping out parts for plastic ones like it is some form of recycling. What we often see are botched or overdone procedures, shown to us by stars like Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson, done by amateur surgeons. Still, some plastic surgery has helped stars come a long way in their fame or even self-esteem. For example: Scarlett Johansson's breasts or Kim Kardashian's butt. How good are you at spotting plastic on your favorite celebrities? Take this quiz to demonstrate your knowledge, and prepare to be surprised about who you may see.

It is often the most subtle surgery that is the most beautiful and most accepted, so when plastic surgery rumours are flung at stars, they usually deny them. Fans reactions might be different to their heartthrob actor or curvaceous model if they knew their appearance was less than genuine. Female celebrities, in particular, are shamed for their appearance or any alterations to it. So, we are giving you all the information we have in this quiz-- every rumour, scandal, and photo. Can you figure out what these celebrities have gotten done?


Question 1

Blake Lively doesn't confirm surgery rumours.

Although never confirmed, Lively, actor of “Gossip Girl”, likely underwent two small plastic surgery procedures to reshape her face. Visible changes started appearing around 2008: a reduction in nose tissue, a reshaping, and more prominent gap in the eyebrows. There is also some speculation of butt implants and breast augmentation, but those rumours are difficult to confirm. Those changes could have simply been the result of menstruation or weight gain quickly causing an increased cup size or more prominent curves.

Question 2

Her lips are sealed.

Again, Fox joins the club of stars who deny having plastic surgery, but the changes in nose cartilage and lip pout speak for themselves. She allegedly said she supports those who make the decision to get plastic surgery but that it was not for her. Of course no-one wants their greatest insecurities or personal moments aired to the world, so we get it, girl. But we still see it! Her list of procedures likely includes giving her a thinner nose-bridge and less-curved nostrils, plumping up her pout, and adding angles to her face.

Question 3

World, meet Caitlyn!

Caitlyn Jenner has likely undergone some of the most plastic surgery of the celebrities of today. Before her gender transition, she lived as Bruce Jenner, and to feel more comfortable in her skin she took the misguided advice of a doctor to undergo the two procedures that would shape the rest of her career and portrayal in the media. After that botched attempt, she underwent corrective surgery. Then, she underwent a laryngeal shave in 2013 to reduce the look of her adam’s apple— one of the first hints to her transition. From 2016-2017 when she began transitioning, she got breast implants and then sex reassignment surgery.

Question 4

A friendlier face for Aniston

This Friend’s actor is notorious for her multiple procedures throughout the years. Her ten-season-long character, Rachel Greene, was often bantered with about her surgery, showing her as a teen (pre surgery) and then showing her after with the results of it. Unlike her character, she underwent this surgery several times to correct the original unsatisfactory results. She did not confirm rumours of other minor procedures such as lip and cheek fillers which are evident looking at a timeline of her career.

Question 5

Robert's getting surgery would have been cheating!

As an older model, many would expect Roberts to turn to plastic surgery to keep a youthful look. She came out to the media instead, saying she would never have a facelift for the fact that it would in fact ruin her career by having "non-authentic" beauty. Her words were a slight white lie, as we can see from photos throughout the years, where slight touch-ups appear. Aging is just physics, and we think she rocks the world the same way she used to.

Question 6

No doubt about these double D's

Johansson's debut in the acting world as an adult was a moderately benign entrance, however, fans really took notice of her around 2006 when she suddenly looked like some magical sex goddess. Her number of male fans skyrocketed! She has had a long career, appearing as a pre-teen in Home Alone 3 (1997), but few noticed her minor procedures along the way until this most famous one. There was no rumour confirmation on her part, but we do see results of corrective surgery later on in her career, shown here.

Question 7

Are Fergie's "Humps" Real?

The child star and singer from group "The Black Eyed Peas" has many unconfirmed rumours of plastic surgery throughout her long career. Although allegedly supportive of other stars who go under the knife, she has not copped to the methods behind her change in appearance. As you can see from the photos-- the first taken during her stint on "Kids Incorporated"-- she has a larger pout and skinnier, tighter look around the nose, face, and eyes. There has been talk as well about the authenticity of her "hump" and "lady lumps," but her bouts of intense exercise and her pregnancy makes the information unreliable at best.

Question 8

She has tried Botox

Nicole Kidman, actor and wife of singer Keith Urban, has refuted any rumours of plastic surgery except some misguided dabbling in Botox. Some celebrity doctors have claimed to see work done on the lower part of her face to keep a tight, youthful look. Either way, natural or not, she looks good! Her appearance this year at the Golden Globes sparked controversy on how "wax-like" and "fake" her face appeared, but allegedly any work she would have done would be minimal.

Question 9

Plastic surgery is not "bad" or "scandalous"

Starting in modelling at the age of fifteen, we see young Angelina Jolie here with a cute, short nose and extremely large pout. She likely had some work done throughout the years to correct and equalize the proportions of her face. In 2013 though, Jolie went public with her decision to undergo a double mastectomy. Her mother had died from breast cancer, and she carried the breast cancer gene, giving her an eighty-five percent chance of developing this cancer. Afterwards she had plastic surgery to keep some normalcy with herself and her children.

Question 10

Her plastic surgery on the low:

As Twitter has become more popular over the past few years, so has the trend of Twitter feuds, and we've been watching and loving it all. In 2013, a Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi office tweeted about JLO's natural beauty being enhanced by surgery to which JLO and fans put him under fire. She tweeted, "Sorry Sir, but I have never had plastic surgery of any kind. #fact", and the doctor was forced to admit possible error due to "clever makeup" and apologize. In 2016, when she kickstarted her acting career once more, doctors started talking again. Can you guess what they believe?

Question 11

The King of Pop and Plastic

Appearing from an early age in the limelight as part of the group "Jackson Five", Michael Jackson had his first procedures when he debuted as a solo artist. He allegedly had acne and insecurities about resembling his father, so he continued having procedure after procedure to correct this. Along his career, he would claim that breathing difficulties and skin conditions were the cause of his many procedures, but there evidently were some issues he was not telling the world. Much of his life was enveloped in scandal, and he died a shocking and sudden death.

Question 12

Cruise's face under fire... Literally?

Tom Cruise's 2016 appearance at the BAFTA'S caused an instant rumble of displeasure from his fans and of course Twitter trolls. A costar, Cuba Gooding Jr., confirmed the world's suspicions saying that he had seen Cruise while he was recovering from his procedure. Fans said he looked red, tight, and stretched in the face. This is not the first occasion Tom has had a cosmetic procedure. Photographs show evidence of certain features being thinned and tightened along with a straightening of his smile.

Question 13

The stars that give plastic surgery a bad name

Courtney Cox, star of the Friend's situation comedy, admits she took plastic surgery too far. Beauty was, she said in an interview with NewBeauty, too important to her, and she did not notice that she had gradually taken her procedures too far. Fans really noticed a change when Cox appeared at the Friends reunion in 2016. They noticed her face looked much fuller, tense, and stretched. Seen in the photos here, is Courtney without wrinkles or lines and an inflated look.

Question 14

She did everything before it was "in".

Hailed for her natural beauty and curves nowadays, what many people don't know is that Marilyn Monroe's beauty was somewhat of an artifice. In 2013, fifty years after her death, her medical records could finally be released to the public. Her most well documented procedure allegedly came from a snide remark from a stranger about the shapelyness of her face. Later, allegations of abuse sent her back to her surgeon to correct an injury, and before her death later on she would suffer from an infection from her procedures.

Question 15

The media were nosy about this Transformer's stars' transformation

Speculation surrounds Shia Labeouf's transformed face from the time we knew him on "Even Stevens" television show to the "Transformers" movie star we know today. As a child star, on Disney channel and in other movies, his youth and his features are well documented. Some surgeons guess that his narrower and more defined features come from the help of a plastic surgeon. LaBoeuf has neither confirmed nor denied rumours, as is his usual response to the drama of the Hollywood world.

Question 16

His career wrecked his face

Mickey Rourke, boxer and actor, took turns between those two careers throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Many know him for his incredible role in the second Iron Man movie or from his six-match boxing career win. His boxing broke his nose several times and fractured his cheek, leaving his face disfigured. For his acting career and for his comfort he underwent plastic surgery to correct his injuries, however, the results were almost disfiguring. Later he corrected this, going to a better surgeon.

Question 17

Hearthrobs have got to stay pretty!

Matthew McConaughey, who acted in the Magic Mike films and stole the hearts of women around the globe, definitely has an image to keep up. He is blessed by his genetics and healthy lifestyle so he seems to never grow old or fade in his good looks. Nonetheless, fans did notice that he had a minor slip up in his image for a while until he went to a surgeon to fix it. Can you tell what he got done?

Question 18

Barbie Dolly?

Dolly Parton is a famous country singer that you may know from her link with Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Miley. In the world of plastic surgery, she is what we would call a "pioneer", having done almost every procedure one could think of throughout her career. She's open about her surgeries and promotes that anyone in the best place to have surgery should do it. As an entertainer, her philosophy is to look good for her fans, but most people agree she may have taken it a bit far.

Question 19

From oval to angular

When an actor neither confirms or denies their rumour(s) of plastic surgery, it leads us to believe our suspicions are correct. Many stars appreciate their privacy, and that's not exactly something they get by releasing a story about their scandalous private life. Kerry Washington has been in film for the longest time. She appeared in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and we know her best from her time on "Scandal". It would have to be amazing makeup work for the changes we have noticed on her to be natural. We see a slimming and refinement of some features as well as a more angular face.

Question 20

Beauty is not magic

Selena Gomez openly admits that she has a very hard time with juggling her fame and her self-esteem. She even revealed in 2017 that she had been in rehab after her cancelled tour in 2016 for lupus and her mental well-being. There are whisperings that for a while Gomez was partying and possibly using drugs, letting people tell her what to do and who to be. Her sudden changes in appearance, therefore, are likely results of plastic surgery-- her lucious smile, proportionate face, and killer body.

Question 21

Simple Kylie

If anyone's name was going to be attached with plastic surgery, it would be Kylie Jenner's. Coming from a family that has spent more on surgery and cosmetics than many people could ever imagine, her beauty and looks were always questioned. Unlike many stars, Kylie addressed all of these rumours. She denied any breast or buttocks augmentation, denied nose jobs, but confirmed one minor procedure. Although she has supposedly thought about doing some other procedures, such as her breasts, she just fixed what she was most self-conscious about.

Question 22

A denial we can not believe

After a live session with her sister, Kendall Jenner and rumours of her plastic surgeries were a hot topic. Apparently her fans had thought that her lips were looking a little more luscious than usual and controversy ensued. All that we can say about that is if a model and a beauty brand owner can't make a pair of lips look fake, who can? She of course denied any rumours, and photos confirm that her lips are still thin as hell. One procedure that we do believe the rumours about is quite subtle but something that could not be faked.

Question 23

Cameron's Confession

Cameron Diaz, actor and model, rocked our world when she came out about her plastic surgery and procedures. Although some had been for health reasons, some were simply cosmetic procedures and she argued not to be ashamed about making your outside look how you feel on the inside. She dropped some wisdom, and we loved it! Denying plastic surgery rumours allows youth and fans to believe in impossible beauty standards, but thankfully Cameron was having none of that. Her procedures include fixing an injury and maintaining a youthful look.

Question 24

Celebrity Politics

Allegations of Hillary Clinton's plastic surgery were so intense, an author, Ed Klein, wrote in his book about the procedure. Before her 2016 campaign for the White House, she supposedly underwent surgeries in her home with the help of a top surgeon to regain some youthfulness and definition to her looks. Hillary's team has denied all claims, even laughing off interview questions such as these. Saying the author was not credible, however, does not change the photo-proof. We would believe it even if Donald Trump wrote it!

Question 25

From dork to stud in 500k or less

Once he became more successful in his soccer career, Cristiano Ronaldo had some work to do to create his newfound image of soccer heartthrob and "modelizer". He allegedly admits before his work, he was small and and had crooked-looking teeth. As you can see in the photo, Ronaldo suffered from acne and had scarring along with those dental issues. Those issues would have required some minor surgery, as well as mainting a fuller, more youthful look, which it appears he invested in.

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