Can You Guess This Wrestler's Popular Catchphrase?


The art of the catchphrase is a very underrated and important aspect of becoming a top star in WWE. Not all wrestlers necessarily need a catchphrase, but the majority of top names have had a great one liner associated with them. The fans start to think of the phrase with the specific performer and often will chant it along with the wrestler saying it during a live promo. Many of the better catchphrases in wrestling history have led to t-shirts being made and bringing in more money for the performer outside of the ring.

We will take a look at some of the best wrestlers of the past and the present to have a memorable catchphrase. It will be your job to try to remember the correct wording of the phrase the wrestlers would frequently recite. The names on here range from all-time greats to incredible in-ring talents to current names making waves. All of them had a great catchphrase that added to their character. Test your knowledge by looking at each wrestler with a few options of potential phrases. Select the correct quote used by the performer and see how your memory ranks at the end of the quiz.

Question 1

Triple H

Triple H is known as one of the best all-around performers in WWE history. The library of amazing matches show just how great of a worker he is, but the verbal skills of his were even better. Triple H was great at coming up with brilliant promos and memorable one liners. The top catchphrase of Triple H as a singles performer would become a pun based off his nickname of “The Game.” What line would become associated with Triple H’s promo?

Question 2

Steve Austin

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin led WWE to the biggest box office success in company. Austin was always a great wrestler but adapting this persona completely changed his career. The tremendous mic work of Austin gave us some of the greatest promos to ever take place in wrestling. Austin had numerous catch phrases but one specifically stood out that fans would sing along with every single week. Which is the quote that would follow Austin for the rest of his career?

Question 3

Ric Flair

No wrestler is more respected than Ric Flair when looking at the historical impact and legacy he left behind. Flair was always hilariously charismatic dropping some of the best one-liners you could ever imagine in a wrestling ring. The Nature Boy had one catchphrase that added to his credibility as one of the best in the world. Many other wrestlers and even athletes in other sports have adopted variations of this quote in their own context. What was the top catchphrase of Flair?

Question 4

Dudley Boyz

The success of the Dudley Boyz has allowed them to get in the conversation when debating who the all-time greatest tag team truly is. Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley worked perfectly together coming from ECW to dominate WWE. They implemented a hardcore style and made the tables their weapon of choice. Both Dudleyz would work to get the fans begging for the table to get involved in the match. The crowd would chant “we want tables” before singing along to the following quote. What is the catchphrase the Dudley Boyz used?

Question 5


WCW created many great characters but one stood out among the rest. Sting is the one name most associated with the legacy of WCW as he never once left them. The body of work put out by Sting shows just how special WCW was when you look at their best content. Sting was beloved by their fans and that lived on forever as seen when he finally debuted with WWE in 2014. One quote of Sting stuck out as his absolute best line. What was this catchphrase?

Question 6

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe developed a reputation for being one of the most credible performers in the industry long before he even signed with WWE. Diehard fans felt joy when Joe finally got on the biggest stage by getting a WWE contract. Joe absolutely destroyed wrestlers whenever he was able to show his star power. The main roster call up to the Raw brand has Joe currently slated as a top star. His catchphrase has followed him throughout his career. What is this quote that fans love chanting?

Question 7

Ted DiBiase

The heel work of Ted DiBiase still influences wrestlers entering the business today. DiBiase worked as the perfect foe to the likes of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. You need a strong villain to help make the face look great. DiBiase played an arrogant wealthy character using his money to manipulate the system and have an easier road to success. WWE gave him a tremendous catchphrase that both showed his arrogance and referred to his wealth. What was the catchphrase of DiBiase?

Question 8

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero thrived at just about every aspect of professional wrestling. Aside from his smaller size and stature, there was nothing anyone could hold against him. Sadly, it was indeed held against him for many years until his popularity became too much to deny. WWE gave Eddie the freedom to showcase his character skills along with his great wrestling. Guerrero started delivering some of the best promos in the wrestling world, including coming up with one catchphrase that helped get him over as a lovable heel turned face. What was this phrase?

Question 9

Diamond Dallas Page

The beloved Diamond Dallas Page truly was a man of the people. No one expected him to ever be more than a solid mid-carder considering he joined the wrestling business way later than most. Page however had the magic that led to fans wanting to see him succeed. A cool finishing movie known as the Diamond Cutter and organic momentum allowed him to move up the card. DDP actually would win the WCW Championship and get to star in the film Ready to Rumble. What catchphrase helped DDP get to the top?

Question 10

Kurt Angle

The success of Kurt Angle was unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed before in WWE. Angle looked bland in his first month on television. Aside from being an Olympic gold medalist, there was nothing about him that stood out. By his second month, Angle had changed it around becoming a credible performer on the show. WWE made him world champion in his first year en route to having a Hall of Fame career. What was the catchphrase of Angle that became very memorable and helped him become a superstar?

Question 11

Kevin Owens

The current WWE roster does not feature many wrestlers with the gift of the gab that can match the legends. One standout talent that does dominate on the microphone is Kevin Owens. WWE has pushed him to the moon in his short time on the main roster. Owens often drops witty one-liners and thinks of great comments that has made him a top tier personality. There’s one line that Owens often refers to no matter what show he is on. Which is Kevin’s catchphrase?

Question 12

Bret Hart

Bret Hart never possessed the larger than life personality WWE wrestlers usually had to showcase in the main event picture back in the 90s. The hard work, in-ring talent and genuine likeable nature of Hart made him a valuable asset. Bret eventually received enough support to become the face of WWE in 1994. Despite never having the comedic timing or many great one liners, Hart did invent one iconic catchphrase regarding his talent. What was the quote of Bret that still lives on today?

Question 13

Mick Foley

The brilliance of Mick Foley as a storyteller made him one of the top WWE personalities of all time. Foley played three completely different characters of Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack each to perfection. Towards the end of his career, WWE just allowed him to use his real name since fans loved him for who he was rather than a specific gimmick. Foley used one catchphrase throughout his different personalities that the crowd always adored. It was truly something only Mick could get over. What was it?

Question 14

Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons is much underrated in the overall landscape of wrestling when you think about all he accomplished. Simmons was the first ever black WCW Champion breaking down racial barriers in the wrestling industry. WWE signed him away for the latter half of his career. Simmons led the memorable Nation of Domination faction and was half of the successful APA tag team. Following his retirement from the ring, Simmons still appeared on WWE television backstage uttering one humorous catchphrase to various wrestlers. What was this word?

Question 15

The Rock

Everyone in the mainstream world now knows just how charismatic The Rock is as a box office superstar actor, but wrestling fans have been aware of this since the late 90s. No one dropped more memorable one liners and catchphrases throughout their WWE career than The Rock did. His promos often went longer than the rest of the roster and it was for good reason. Rock always had the fans in the palm of his hand waiting for his next hilarious comment. What is the one catchphrase that has become most synonymous with it?

Question 16

Booker T

Booker T is one of the rare wrestlers to come from WCW to WWE and increase his name value. WWE loved the talent of Booker and allowed him to continue his ascension that started during the dying days of WCW. From the tag team era as half of Harlem Heat with Stevie Ray to his singles career, Booker always uttered one memorable catchphrase that fans loved. The term “sucka” was used as Booker consistently asked a question. What was it?

Question 17

Legion of Doom

Whether you know them as The Road Warriors or Legion of Doom, the tag team of Animal and Hawk were undeniable legends. Fans loved the intense style along with the cool gear and incredible entrance. Both men just worked to perfection as a unit. WWE and WCW each signed them and received positive results for the most part. Legion of Doom are usually the popular answer regarding who is the best wrestling tag team in history. What was the memorable catchphrase that fans associate with this team to this day?

Question 18


Goldberg was a man of very few words and that worked to his advantage in WCW. The undefeated streak of Goldberg made him an instant star before going along with the mystery behind him. Goldberg was new to wrestling following his NFL career but had very little backstory. We barely ever saw him speak more than a few words on the microphone. Goldberg did develop one catchphrase that he always asked regarding his next challenger. What was this popular question?

Question 19

Lance Storm

Lance Storm always had a reserved personality that made it difficult for him to stand out during promos. Luckily, he was so good in the ring that he was able to have a highly successful career without the charisma. Storm arguably possessed the greatest technical wrestling skills of the era allowing him to succeed in ECW, WCW and WWE. A catchphrase was developed for Storm that played into his lack of personality and ended up becoming a great part of his act. What was Storm’s catchphrase?

Question 20

John Cena

The legendary career of John Cena is still going strong with nothing but great moments being added to his resume. Cena has dominated WWE for over ten years since winning his first world title. No one has been able to surpass him as the most popular member of the WWE roster in that time frame and they are still struggling to do the same today. Cena has one line that has become his most popular quote to both casual and diehard fans. What is the official catchphrase of Cena?

Question 21

Scott Hall

Scott Hall may very well be the best wrestler to never win a world title. The career of Hall is most remembered for his tremendous runs in both WWE and WCW during the 90s. Hall’s credibility in jumping ship to WCW and starting the New World Order helped get the faction red hot instantly. During his WCW years in the nWo, Hall developed a simple catchphrase that he would say to begin all promos. It became hugely popular with fans anticipating it every week. What was Hall’s line?

Question 22

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan developed many great catchphrases throughout his career that helped him become an iconic figure in the industry. The wrestling skill of Hogan in the ring was not on the level of most of his peers, but he definitely proved that character work was more important. Hogan’s All-American hero act made him a huge crossover star for WWE that gave them mainstream attention. One specific catchphrase during Hogan’s peak was designed to show how great of role model he was. What was the line Hogan said to his younger fans?

Question 23


The wrestling career of Vader deserves a lot more praise today for all the work he put out during his prime. Vader became one of the first big men that could pull off aerial moves to impress the fans. WCW pushed Vader to the top as their #1 heel involved in memorable feuds with Sting and Ric Flair. Vader had a solid run with WWE as well and likely deserves to get inducted into the Hall of Fame sooner than later. What was the one catchphrase that became associated with his career?

Question 24

The Undertaker

The Undertaker’s career will always go down as one of the most special runs in WWE history. It is nearly impossible for someone to compete that many years without ever leaving the company or claiming retirement. Undertaker is a true WWE legend that went through just about every match stipulation and wrestling style change in the time frame of his 26+ year career. A simple phrase became associated with his name for almost the entirety of his career. What was the catchphrase of The Undertaker?

Question 25

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon may not be an actual “wrestler” but that didn’t prevent him from becoming a very important character on the show. The owner of WWE decided to use his perception as an evil boss as a character. McMahon’s heel work helped make Steve Austin an even bigger star as the two feuded to deliver all-time great success for WWE. One quote became synonymous with McMahon every time he cut a promo. What was the official catchphrase of Vince McMahon?

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