Can You Guess This Celebrity's Ex?


After the 2015 scandal of rapper Tyga and reality star Kylie Jenner's relationship, the world started to take a closer look at some of Hollywood's celebrity romances. People were surprised to see that Hollywood is a revolving circle of relationships, partner swaps, and divorces-- and "Kyga" were only one example of such a scandal. Kylie, at the time the age of seventeen, dated twenty-six-year-old Tyga, who dated and had a child with star Blac Chyna. Chyna is Rob Kardashian's on-again-off-again girlfriend, who has also borne a child to him. Rob and Kylie are half-siblings. It is so complicated, convoluted, and strange that the tangled web of Kardashian relationships almost needs a diagram description (Chyna+ Tyga+ Baby > Tyga+ Kylie and Rob+Chyna+ Baby). Make sense? We honestly don't think it does.

Demonstrate your celebrity-ex and relationship scandal knowledge in this quiz by taking a peek at their couple photo and short description. Don't be surprised if some stars show up two or even three times! We all have exes we regret, but, unfortunately for celebrities, the world has their dating timeline well memorized. Cody Simpson: we see you! Follow us as we follow stars through their teenage romances and their most tragic breakups.

Question 1

Cody Simpson's "flavour of the week":

Cody Simpson, a young musician who made his name through Disney Channel music videos, is originally from Queensland, Australia. He was first signed on by a United States record label, however, he now owns his own record label. His model ex-girlfriend made her way onto the scene through her famous mother's connections and her signature pout. According to a DuJour interview, the couple, then around eighteen-years-old, broke up because the paparazzi pressure and publicity made them very uncomfortable. They have now been broken up for over two years.

Question 2

Joe Jonas got his cake and ate it too.

This singer from the now broken up band, Jonas Brothers, has recently made his way back onto the music scene with his group DNCE and their hit single "Cake by the Ocean". His ex is an actress from the popular vampire drama series, Twilight, and a model. A scandal ensued in 2016, following Jonas' admission that she had been the one to take his virginity. Jonas had waited until the ripe age of twenty to finally lose his virginity to his 2010-2011 girlfriend pictured here in this photo.

Question 3

Nick Cannon's Sugar Mama.

Nick Cannon, from the rap battle show "Wild N' Out", was a favourite host from the "America's Got Talent" reality TV series. Born in 1980, he dated and married a singer ten years his senior. The couple married in 2008 and had two children, but their divorce followed soon after in 2016. She is popular singer who has sold more than 200 million records throughout the world. Often, people recognize her from her amazing vocal range and soulful sound. Despite their scandalous divorce and partners during that time, rumours began to fly in April of this year citing reunion.

Question 4

The one that got away...

This Kardashian is known for her on-again-off-again relationship with her husband, Scott Disick. Kourtney stars in a reality show with her Kardashian family, where the chronicles of his drug use and partying resulted in their split. Many have forgotten another scandalous ex of Kourtney's, who later allegedly claimed to be the real father of her and Disick's son, Mason. Around the time of her pregnancy, Kourtney and Scott had not been together, and the man claimed he could be the child's father. This surfaced in 2013, however, the claims have never been substantiated to the press.

Question 5

50cent for a thought.

50 Cent, n rapper and actor, is famous for his songs "In Da Club" and "P.I.M.P", released in 2003. He is originally from Jamaica and has two children from two different mothers, Shaniqua Tompkins and Daphne Joy. These two exes of his are not nearly as famous as his who he briefly dated in 2010. She is a talk-show host and comedian with several specials on Netflix. The funny couple earned the public's attention through their hilarious and often nude social media posts.

Question 6


Kendall Jenner, another member of the Kardashian clan, is a young model and TV personality. Although Kendall and this ex never officially got together, she is known for her unofficial celebrity flings, including with stars like Harry Styles. The two, pictured here, both admitted they had crushed on each other, and even went on vacation together in 2016. Allegedly, this couple were the cause of his and other singer's dramatic breakup. Even after this singer's rumoured cheating and several arrests, he remains a teenage heartthrob.

Question 7

And Kylie Jenner

Also a "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star, Cody Simpson's ex is a popular name on Instagram, with nearly 100 million followers. The pair got together in 2011-2012 for a short-lived romance when they were around the age of fourteen. Cody, the king of using his relationship tell-alls for publicity, aired their story in 2014. The reality star now focuses on her modelling career and business, selling merchandise and her promoting her beauty line. She is currently allegedly dating rapper Travis Scott.

Question 8

Nicki's 2015 "Minaj"

Nicki Minaj, rapper and singer of hit songs "Anaconda" and "No Frauds" is known for her extravagant looks and honest lyrics. She is a BET Award Nominee from Trinidad, where she is known as Onika Maraj. She and her long-time partner recently split in January after a rocky romance. Her rapper ex, is almost better known for his twitter beefs with her friends than his music, although his last album DC4, released 2016, sold over 200 thousand copies. Apparently, the couple could not reconcile after a series of arguments (*hem* Drake), and mutually decided to split.

Question 9

Grand Sean

This rapper, professionally known as Big Sean, is originally a Detroit artist, named Sean Anderson. His album "I Decided" dropped in 2017 with hit song "Bounce Back". The eight-month relationship with his singer ex, ended around 2015. Apparently their breakup was no "big" deal, as her 2016 interview with Billboard was lesson on sexism and about being a successful woman. Currently, they are both seeing other equally famous people, Mac Miller and Jhene Aiko. Although his ex tends to be private now about her relationship, she gushes about them in her often sexual and provocative music.

Question 10

Tyga dates a baby mama before he dates the baby.

As already introduced, this couple would later become the scandal of 2015 when Tyga "unofficially officially" starts dating Kylie Jenner. His ex, Angela Renee White, known under another professional name, is a model and celebrity personality. They have a son together, King Cairo, and she has a daughter, Dream Renee with another man. Despite his scandalous relationships, arrest, and debt, the rapper is still in the studio, releasing songs on SoundCloud and ITunes, like "Act Ghetto" and "Playboy", featuring Vince Staples.

Question 11

Endless love for September

Coming in for his second feature on this quiz, Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer and wannabe rapper dated this celebrity for a short month in September of 2016. His now ex, a model and daughter of famous R&B singer, is four years younger. According to Bieber, their short-lived romance quickly ended when she revealed her feelings for him were more than just casual. Their breakup was followed by drama with his other ex, Selena Gomez, resulting in the deletion of his Instagram account with seventy-seven million followers.

Question 12

When bae's a Victoria's Secret model but that still ain't enough...

Model, Bella Hadid, has won several Model of the Year Awards and has been featured in Victoria's Secret runway modeling shows. Her difficult breakup in 2016 with the singer, is pictured here. According to interviews, it was one of her first and most heart-wrenching breakups, which she simply had to pull-through. Their breakup was quickly followed by his union with another singer in 2017. The couple split up after nearly two years together for many speculated reasons, such as a mis-match of schedules.

Question 13

Co-star Romance for Cole Sprouse

Our favourite character, Jughead from the 2017 TV series "Riverdale", has had few past relationships. Cole Sprouse, a twin, actor, and NYU alumni, first was seen with this "Suite Life" co-star in around 2011. Although they officially were "only friends", their on-screen chemistry, and real-world "friendship" told another story. She is both an actor and a singer, who starred in her own Disney show from 2011 to 2015, called Jessie. Some of her other work includes roles in "The Longshots" and "16 Wishes".

Question 14

Pretty Little Love

Actor in the famous never-ending TV series, "Pretty Little Liars", Lucy Hale is both an actor and a singer. She released a country album in 2014, "Road Between", in between filming the now-ending PLL series. She and her 2007 boyfriend, a Disney channel actor, dated for two years before their split. At the time, the child stars were surrounded as rumours flew of his cheating and Lucy's fling with a woman. In 2014, he claimed they were then good friends.

Question 15

Lily's awkward breakup

Star of the film "The Mortal Instruments", Lily Collins dated another actor from film, "That Awkward Moment" in 2012. Their six-month relationship was quick and private, but when they were seen together the next year rumours swirled about their reunion. Likely, Lily was checking in with er ex after he spent several months in rehab for cocaine use. Her thirty-year-old ex-boyfriend is now doing well and has recently starred in films like "Neighbours" and "Baywatch". She is the star of the upcoming Netflix show "To the Bone".

Question 16

Angie's Older Man

Angelina Jolie, who has been married and divorced three times, married her second husband in 2000 after meeting him on set of "Pushing Tin". Her ex, a director and musician, opened up about their relationship in a 2016 interview, saying she was "too good of a person". Angelina has several adopted children and regularly attends United Nations summits for women and human rights. Their relationship ended three years after they consecrated their marriage by carrying lockets of each other's blood around their necks... We couldn't have seen that coming.

Question 17

There was no future for Future and _____

Rapper Future and his ex-fiance, baby mama share a son and lots of drama. The two fought in court for custody of their three-year-old, while his "Dancing with the Stars" ex created other controversy with the press. She and new fiancé, Russell Wilson announced to the world their religious "chastity" pact during their engagement. While his ex was busy reclaiming her virginity, Future dropped an album per year won Black Entertainment Televisions' "Best Group" award with rapper, Drake, in 2016

Question 18

He made her top three!

In her recent interview, this past ex of John Mayer's ranked him as her number one lover... Awkward! Both are popular singer/ musicians that dated from 2012 to 2015 intermittently. According to Mayer, "he doesn't even remember having sex" with her. Ouch! At least she has the success from her new album "Witness", that reached the top of the Canada hit music charts, to squash any mixed feelings from Mayor's response. In addition to his success in the bedroom, his album "The Search for Everything" this 2017 had fantastic reviews.

Question 19

Mad in love

Sean Penn, a Hollywood actor and filmmaker, who made his debut on "Little House on raw Prairie" and starred in other classic films like "At Close Range". He and his ex were married four years from 1985. Both politically active, a scandal ensued when she handcuffed herself to Penn at a charity gala, stating she still loved him. The stunt was to help her charity at an auction night by having him bid 150 thousand dollars. She claimed if he bid, she would remarry him. He bid!

Question 20

The one before the one

Known professionally as John Legend, this singer/ songwriter was born in Ohio and attended the University of Pennsylvania. He and spouse Chrissy Teigen, have a dreamlike romance, and recently had a child together. They joke about his time as a womanizer before they met in 2007, when he dated this model, pictured here. She is a New York model and Weekend News editor on NBC stations now. Their 2006 relationship was short-lived, lasting about four months and kept fairly private.

Question 21

Calvin's girl

Calvin Harris is a song producer, singer, and DJ from the United Kingdom. His record label is called Fly Eye Records, where he has collaborated with several artists, such as Sia and Rihanna, who he even went on tour with. His singer ex has also collaborated with him musically around the time that they dated. Their year-long relationship ended in embarrassment when Harris released a statement to the press that they had broken up. Allegedly, she was unsure if they were going to release a statement or even that they had ended their relationship definitively.

Question 22

Mila's ex was too famous for her

Mila Kunis, child actor and star from "That 70s Show", dated this Christmas comedy favourite star back in 2002 for eight years. She interviewed attesting to her ex's strange fans and fame, and also to how she was unsure if her love for him could end in marriage. Obviously not, as she is now with old co-star Ashton Kutcher, married for two years and awaiting their second child. Information on their split was kept private and quiet in order to promote her film at the time.

Question 23

Lauren's less than rad ex

Born in California, Lauren Conrad made her debut as a television personality, as she documented her and her friends' lives on reality TV. She had much success after leaving another series, The Hills, to pursue fashion. Now she has two fashion lines and authors series like L.A. Candy. She dated this actor for about three years until 2011. Their tight-lipped breakup left reality show fans craving more information on what happened. Soon after their breakup Lauren got together with her now husband William Tell.

Question 24

Their breakup was a long time coming

Drew Barrymore is an actor and author who comes from a long line of Barrymore actors. She has been married and divorced three times, but her breakup with this actor she admits was amicable and at times confusing to others. They dated for two years after meeting on the set of "He's Just Not That Into You" and continued to work together and be friends. He now is still acting in films like Ghost Team (2016) and Frank & Lola (2016).

Question 25

Lohan's Lover

This ex of Lindsay's was plenty scandalous, dating her at age twenty-four when she was only seventeen (although unofficial). After their union in 2003, they quickly broke up, amidst Lohan's mental and physical exhaustion drama. Although they claimed to be friendly, Lohan's album released that year while they were still living together told that she was heartbroken. His interview a few years later with Howard Stern quickly turned embarrassing as he told intimate details about Lindsay and other stars he had allegedly bedded.

Question 26

These exes were sheer "Gould" together

After rumours flew that she and this friend were dating, Ellie Goulding bit into the press, saying that she and pal Taylor Swift disliked how the men they dated defined them. Artists of "Love Me Like You Do" and "Dear John" made these claims while shooting down rumours of this relationship. Meanwhile, she did not address the striking resemblances between her "non-ex's" song "Don't" and their friendship. He confirmed there was some sort of romance going on between them, but alas we believe this was a scenario of "friends with benefits" gone wrong.

Question 27

Their breakup was hard to "Swalla'"

Jason Derulo, singer and artist of hit song "Swalla" released in 2017, dated and was engaged to this artist for three years before calling it off. She became famous after winning an American Idol competition and then continuing to advance her career in the music industry. Supposedly things ended on bad terms with frustration of being apart and rumours of cheating. She claimed they didn't even have an official breakup talk-- that he had just kissed her goodbye after a fight and then ghosted on her. Awkward!

Question 28

A Bond Girl

Daniel Craig, the man we all know as James Bond, trained at English National Youth Theatre and Guildhall School of Drama before he made his way to fame. His ex was a Scottish actor, with whom he had one child, named Ella Craig. They were together only three short years, afterwards Craig would date a long list of "Bond Ladies". He was a real heart-breaker until he met current wife, Rachel Weisz, also an actor, and they married in 2011.

Question 29

He was JLO's superhero.

Jennifer Lopez met her co-star in 2002 and they quickly got engaged. They called off their relationship in 2004 when he met his current wife, Jennifer Garner, and Lopez reunited with the father of her children (born later). In later interviews, they admitted that the publicity and new pressure from tabloid magazines were difficult on their relationship. Although Jennifer says he was one of her big heartbreaks, they supposedly are still in touch, emailing and texting to congratulate each other on roles.

Question 30

Reese pictured here spooning her ex.

Reese, an actor who had previously been married and had two children, was going through a divorce around 2006 when she met her ex, pictured here. They finally ended their relationship in 2009, but are still friends. The breakup was kept private for the benefit of Witherspoon's children, however, it apparently ended amicably and helped her now-ex to feel "grown up as a result of it". The couple would cook, relax and hang out with the kids at their farmhouse.

Question 31

Those stars that try to date a friend...

Vanessa Hudgens was a child Disney star and singer before she started acting in larger films. It was on the set of one of these movies, "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" she met this co-star ex and started dating him. He was also a child star, but he would later have a more major part in a famous dystopian world movie trilogy. The two had first been paired after Vanessa's breakup with long-time boyfriend Zac Efron, when they attended several events together.

Question 32

Ryan Reynold's ex just wanted something more...

Ryan Reynolds is a comedy favourite and teenage heartthrob actor. Currently, he and wife, Blake Lively, have two children together, but what many people may not know is that their fairy-tale romance almost didn't happen. In 2002, Reynolds and his now-ex started dating after meeting at a party and were engaged two years later. Things ended suddenly with a joint statement released from their publicists. The little we know comes from Reynolds' quick marriage to Scarlett Johansson a mere seven months later and his artist ex's song, "Torch".

Question 33

Ruby was the old black

Ruby Rose Langenheim is an actor, model, DJ, and pretty much anything else you could think of in the world of entertainment. Upon the release of the second season of "Orange is the New Black" fans couldn't help but think back to simpler times when she was the show's sex appeal. Pictured here with her fashion designer and philanthropist ex, Rose has taken part in several scandalous marriage engagements. After a nearly two year long engagement, this pair split-- and this is not the first time Ruby has called off a wedding. She has allegedly been engaged three previous times!

Question 34

He shot, he scored!

Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently had twin babies with his partner, has had the stereotypical string of model exes that comes with being a professional soccer player. The stunning Russian model, depicted here, met Cristiano after they modeled together in 2010. Their relationship ended in scandal and heartbreak after she discovered evidence to substantiate rumours of his infidelity. Soon after, the model met actor, Bradley Cooper, and they had their first child together in March of this year. You go girl!

Question 35

This breakup had us feeling Klum

Heidi Klum, an American TV personality favorite, made her way to fame through her modeling in the early 2000's. She was born in Germany and was discovered through a national modeling contest that she won. Musician and songwriter, her ex-husband was born in England and was married to Heidi for ten years. The couple have four children together: Leni, Henry, Johan, and Lou from eldest to youngest. Their split was relatively civil, and although there was some drama about Heidi's new dating life, they still co-parent their children.

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