Do You Crumble In Interviews Or Can You Get The Job? Take The Test!


Job interviews can be seriously stressful. It's hard enough to find a job that sounds like you would enjoy it and that would fit your skills, but the interview just adds that much more pressure. But, if you're confident and try to think professionally, you can totally ace the interview and get the job without a problem! Unfortunately, for some people, that's easier said than done. And even after getting the job, it's no guarantee that it's going to be a perfect fit after you start. The stress seriously never ends, right?

Do you think you could ace this job interview and get the job of your dreams? Take this quiz to find out if you would pass it and get a job offer, if you would never hear back from the hiring department, or if you would get something even better than a job offer. Remember to choose your answers carefully so you can impress the person doing your interview! And don't show up looking sloppy - first impressions are almost as important as your answers in the interview and you definitely want to impress your potential boss with your outfit.

Good luck! Stay calm and be cool and hopefully, you'll land the job of your dreams.

Question 1

Your interview is at 9 am - what time are you going to wake up?

After searching forever for a job, you scored an interview! Finally. You set your alarm to make sure you woke up on time for your interview, which is scheduled for 9 AM. What time are you going to wake up to make sure you get there one time and don't miss it?

Question 2

Time to get ready! What's in your morning routine?

Now that you're awake, it's time to get ready for your day. It's a pretty important interview for you, so you don't want to go in looking too sloppy! The clothes you pick out and how you choose to get ready is pretty important. So, what are you going to do to make sure you look your best?

Question 3

You made it! What's your first impression of the interviewer?

You finally made it to the interview! Don't be too nervous, it's time to make your first impression. The person doing your interview introduced themselves to you and told you to come into their office to get started. But wait, what do you think of the interviewer? Do they seem cool or not?

Question 4

How nervous are you?

Some people get really nervous in situations like interviews or giving a public speech. That's totally normal! Especially in a big interview like this one because it's so important to your future to do a good job. So, are you nervous? Or are you the calm and casual type that doesn't get bothered by this kind of thing?

Question 5

What's something about your interviewer's office that catches your eye?

When you look around the interviewer's office, what's something that catches your eye? Do they seem like someone you would like to work for? And does it seem like somewhere you would like to be working? Do the decorations seem inviting and give you a sense of what this person is like at all?

Question 6

Was your last job at all related to this one?

What is your interviewer going to see when they look at your resume? Was the job that you left before you applied for this one similar? Was it completely different? Or is it somewhere in between, so that you have some experience but you're also trying something new on for size?

Question 7

What are three things that describe you?

Alright, here come the questions. Your interviewer has you sit down and immediately starts the interview. Their first question is, "What are three phrases that you would use to describe yourself?" Time to make a good second impression! You really need to sell yourself here. What do you say back?

Question 8

Why did you leave your previous job?

Your previous job experience is really important. Having jobs before this one that are in a related field can show that you have experience and really know what you're doing! It's also important to know why you left them because that can say a lot about what you're like in the work environment. So, what do you say when they ask why you left your last job?

Question 9

How do you deal with conflict?

Dealing with other people is a super important part of having any job. Being able to work with a team to get things done is important because you're going to have to be working with other people at least a little bit of the time. And sometimes, you might not get along with your coworkers! How do you deal with conflict?

Question 10

Whoops! In the middle of the interview your phone rings. What do you do?

Well, this is awkward. During the interview, your phone started ringing in your pocket! Oh no. You definitely thought it was turned off before you came in, but you were just so nervous that you forgot to double check it. This is really embarrassing! What do you do about it?

Question 11

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Think about the future. Where do you see yourself in five years? The interviewer left the question pretty open, so you can answer about your professional life or your personal life. However you choose to answer, you definitely want to say something that will make you seem dependable and like they should hire you! What do you say?

Question 12

Do you have any special talents?

Aside from the professional skills you listed on your resume, do you have any special skills or talents? Maybe you can say the alphabet backwards or you can fold your tongue up into a whole bunch of wild shapes. Tell the interviewer something that will make you stand out but also show that you'd be an asset to the company.

Question 13

What are your hobbies?

Although your hobbies outside of work aren't really that relevant to this interview, they can say a lot about you as a person! Like, if your hobbies involve breaking alarm clocks and never being on time for anything, it says that you probably won't be very reliable as an employee. What do you tell the interviewer your hobbies are?

Question 14

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Some people love to stay up late while others like to wake up with the sun. Which one describes you and your sleep schedule? Do you like to get up early and get started on the day or do you like to stay up late and sleep in late? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle?

Question 15

Why should you get this job?

Ugh, this dreaded question. Seriously, no one likes to be asked this question because thinking of a good, non-sarcastic answer to it is not easy. And yet, interviewers love to ask it! Maybe because it really makes the person think about their answer. So, what do you tell your interviewer when they ask you this whammy?

Question 16

What's your expected salary?

And now, for the whole reason you're interviewing for this job: money! It doesn't grow on trees, after all. So, you probably thought about how much money you'd like to be making if you got this job, right? If nothing else, you probably know how much you need to be making in order to pay your bills. So, how do you react when your interviewer asks this?

Question 17

What's something you learned at your last job?

Even though you're clearly not working there anymore, if you ever worked somewhere before this at all, your last job can be pretty important to this one! It may not seem like it, but it's true. So, when your interviewer asks what you learned at your last job, you definitely need to give a good answer. What do you say?

Question 18

Which of these 90s hits is your karaoke go-to?

Picking a good song for karaoke is so important. Whether you're actually doing real karaoke out in public or you're giving a private performance for your ears only in your car or shower, you have to pick the right song! Which of these four catchy hits from the 1990s is your go-to song when it's your turn to pump up the volume and get to singing?

Question 19

If you woke up to 3,000 emails and could only answer 200, how would you choose which to answer?

Imagine you wake up to 3,000 new emails in your inbox. Talk about a nightmare, right! Yikes! But then things get worse when you find out that you have to choose only 200 of them to reply to. Um, this sounds awful. So, how do you pick which ones are worthy of a reply?

Question 20

If you had to teach someone a skill in five minutes, how would you do it?

Pretend for a moment that you have to teach someone a skill, one that you're already good at, and you only have five minutes to teach them. Then, they'll be tested on their knowledge of it and you'll be graded on how well you taught them. How do you teach them this skill?

Question 21

What pushes you to want to succeed?

What pushes you to want to succeed in the things you do in life? Everyone has something that makes them push themselves to finish projects and meet deadlines. Is it because you're a perfectionist who wants everything done just right? Is it because you want the approval of others? Or is it simply because you're looking to keep your job and keep getting paid?

Question 22

Which of these ridiculous products do you wish you had invented?

Everyone has seen those ridiculous "as seen on TV" products, right? Some of them are pretty cool, but a lot of them are just bizarre and nonsensical. How do people come up with some of them?! If you had to pick one of these absurd products to be the proud inventor of, which one would you pick?

Question 23

What would you do about a coworker that smelled horrible?

Your interviewer tells you to pretend for a second that you got the job and it's great, but one of your coworkers who you're near a lot smells horrible. No, they're not trying to tell you that you could've done better in the shower this morning! It's just a hypothetical question. What would you do about this stinky situation?

Question 24

What do you think will be your least favorite part of this job?

Even though you think this job will be a great fit for you and that's why you applied to begin with, there's probably something that you think you won't be so excited about once you start, right? So, what is it? What do you think will be the worst part about coming in to work each day?

Question 25

Do you think you got the job?

Now that the interview is over, how do you think you did? Confidence is definitely the key, just like being confident during the interview was important so you didn't come across as too nervous or anything. Do you think you aced those questions and are going to get a call back offering you the job? Or do you think they're going to find someone better?

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