Not Even Michael Scott Can Get 100% On This The Office Quiz

The Office aired on NBC with 9 successful seasons. The writers managed to incorporate how frustrating, exciting, fun, and sad it can be to work in an environment with so many different types of people! The show focuses on a few key cast members more than others, but everyone has their own quirks. With fan favorites like Jim, and those who we just can't stand, we all have opinions on the characters that help us love the show. Some people came for the pranks and ended up staying for the excellent relationships established between the characters. By the end you were rooting for them all to win! And laughing your butt off as Jim tries his best to keep a straight face while somehow having time to set up elaborate pranks on Dwight. *looks directly at camera*

Throughout the series there are roller coasters of emotions that viewers are taken on with every episode. We cried, laughed, and re-binge the show as many times as we can.

Most fans of The Office remember the important things. Jim and Pam's wedding, Holly and Michael's relationship, the fact that Dwight is obsessed with Battlestar Galactica. Only a true super fan can pass this trivia quiz about the show and all of its characters.

Question 1

What type of farm does Dwight own?

Throughout the series, Dwight mentions his farm and the specific crop that he grows. He even brings Ryan to the farm, in order to mentor him in his abilities as a salesman. The farm is family owned and he runs it on the side of his job in the office, with his cousin Mose. Jim and Pam even stay on this farm in a later season at Dwight's new bed and breakfast he is trying to establish in the community.

Question 2

How long were Pam and Roy engaged?

Roy and Pam had a bumpy relationship from the start. She was clearly unhappy with the length of their engagement, but they were unable to collaboratively set an official date for the wedding. She even got Dundee awards from Michael for the ‘longest engagement,’ until Jim convinced him to change things up. The engagement ended when Roy found out about Jim and Pam's kiss during a special episode in season two, and he attacked Jim over it in the middle of the office.

Question 3

What name did Pam and Angela fight over for their babies?

During Pam’s second pregnancy, Jim and Pam had come up with a name for their baby boy. She wanted to name him after her grandfather, and she vowed to him during the Garden Party episode that she would do this. Upon hearing this, Angela insisted that she name her son that name, causing a rift between the two. They both end up using the name although they made it clear to the viewers they did not want to do that!

Question 4

Where does Jim tell Pam about his feelings?

During ‘Casino Night,’ and an extremely long first few episodes, Jim finally tells Pam how he feels about her. He spills everything out, and she pushes away. She tells him that he is her best friend, and he doesn’t want to hear it because he wants more. They eventually break away from each other, both looking extremely emotional and upset. Pam is confused finding out her best friend is in love with her, and Jim is hurt because she doesn't reciprocate the feelings.

Question 5

Where do Jim and Pam share their first REAL kiss?

Now, we aren't talking about Pam's drunken kiss to Jim during the Dundee awards at Chili's. After Jim tells Pam about his feelings, and she rejects him, she goes and calls her Mom. It is an emotional phone call, she is crying and confesses to her Mom “Yeah, I think I am.” Although we don’t know what her Mom said on the other end, we can speculate. Then, Jim comes back, and Pam gets off the phone and they finally do what we had all been waiting months for!

Question 6

Which of Angela's cats does Dwight freeze?

While Dwight is taking care of her cats, her most beloved cat was a diabetic. She needed to have her blood pressure monitored for her insulin injections. Dwight was apparently unaware of this, and thought she passed away. He ends up putting the cat in the freezer, while she was not dead, which subsequently killed her. When Angela finds out about her precious cat, she is completely devastated and furious at Dwight. This causes him to try to replace her cat, with one named 'Garbage.'

Question 7

What tattoo is Andy forced to get?

In a bet, Andy lost and was forced to get a tattoo that was drawn up and decided upon by the office crew. While he is the manager, he initiates a new point system that can be earned through sales and redeemed for prizes. He begins to offer different prizes for extreme amounts of points, and offers a tattoo on himself. Jim questions if points can be pooled, to which Andy gives the okay. It is agreed among the office that if they get 5000 points, Andy has to get a tattoo, on his butt.

Question 8

Which cast member was having an affair with Angela's fiancé, the senator?

Throughout the final three seasons, we see a specific cast member involved with the senator. We notice in interviews that this cast member begins talking about a new man in his life, but is keeping things on the down low because of his reputation. It becomes more of a nail-biting situation when it is revealed that Angela is involved with him. They even get married and have a baby together (although it is not his). Kevin is the first to find out about the affair, much to this cast member's distress.

Question 9

What was plan A for Jim's wedding?

Jim and Pam probably had one of the most romantic TV weddings we have ever seen. A boat tour around Niagara Falls? Beautiful. After Jim and Pam get married, officially and unofficially, he has an interview with the camera team about the backup plan. He says that getting married on the boat was plan C, after seeing the viral wedding dance video that he knew Michael would use during the ceremony. Plan B was the church, but what was plan A?

Question 10

Who ruined Pam's pregnancy secret during her wedding weekend?

he couple make it clear to everyone in the office, that Pam’s grandmother is extremely traditional and has no idea about her pregnancy. The pair spend time in the office conference room explaining to everyone that her grandmother has no idea about the baby. The two had no intentions of telling her about it until after they were already married. Pam is more than worried that someone will spill the beans, but it ends up being someone they never expected it to be.

Question 11

Which office employee did Michael hit with his car?

In the parking lot, Michael hit someone with his car because he was texting and driving. Jim mentions in an interview, that Michael complained about a speed bump on the highway once, questioning who he must have run over then. The person who was hit, ends up in the hospital, and finding out they are ill with rabies. This possesses Michael to start a fun run to find a cure for rabies, which already has a cure that is fully effective.

Question 12

Who started the fire?

During season 2, there is an emergency in the office. A fire breaks out in the kitchen, because of a cheese pita being left in the toaster for too long. The staff evacuates, and Dwight goes back in to recover Michael’s phone. The phone ends up being in his own pocket, which was more important to him than Dwight's safety. Dwight spends an excessive time in the building, and comes out with the burnt cheese pita, singing blaming someone for the fire.

Question 13

In the pilot episode, who started their first day?

The very first episode that began the series, was not only the start of an amazing show, but was also the first day of one of the cast members. The episode mostly consists of Michael talking to the new employee, and to the camera crew about the office itself and the people in it. This cast member seems unsure about this new opportunity, because of the roller coaster that Michael seems to go over throughout the course of the day.

Question 14

Who does Toby have a major crush on in the series?

Throughout the show, Toby is constantly being berated by Michael for being an HR representative. He begins to gravitate to a certain other employee, because she is consistently nice to him. Even though she has a boyfriend and is not interested in Toby, at all. He makes awkward moments happen regularly with her. Before he moved to Hawaii, he wanted a picture with her but didn't have a camera. Toby proceeded to go out and buy a camera, just to photograph this woman. He never gets the picture with her that he wants.

Question 15

Why did Brian, boom microphone crew member get fired during season 9?

During season 9, we meet Brian as the mic guy that has been helping film the documentary for the past 9 years. He develops a close relationship with the office members, but is unable to communicate with them because of the filming. He builds a strong relationship with Pam, consoling her when her and Jim were having marriage problems. During season 9, something occurs during the documentary filming that causes Brian to be fired from his job as the boom operator.

Question 16

What is Michael's username for the online dating website?

During season two, Michael is getting antsy waiting for the right woman to come into his life. During 'Daughter to work day,' Michael becomes depressed that he doesn't have a child or even a wife, while many other members of the office do. Though out the episode, Michael is conversing with Toby's daughter, Sasha, making him want to have his own kids. He decides to make an online dating profile. The username he chooses is specific so women know where his priorities are.

Question 17

What does Stanley give Phyllis at Dwight's wedding?

In his time of retirement, Stanley has moved to Florida and gotten away from work, the office, and everyone from his old life. He even divorced his wife. At Dwight's wedding, Stanley confesses to Phyllis that he misses seeing her and sitting across from her every day while they are dancing together at the reception. She tells him that she misses him too. While in Florida, he took up a new hobby in his free time, and he made something something just for Phyllis.

Question 18

What vegetable does Michael force feed Kevin?

During a meeting in the conference room, Michael forces Kevin to eat a vegetable. Michael is frustrated because he feels that he is the only one that is keeping up with his new years resolution, while the rest of the office has not even tried. Kevin’s resolution was to eat more vegetables. In his anger, he force feeds Kevin, who eats the vegetable in a way that is unexpected because it "Is a new food for him," and begs to put sauce on it.

Question 19

What is the name of the company that bought out Dunder Mifflin?

During the sixth season, Scranton was the only surviving Dunder Mifflin branch left. The other branches had been forced to close because of not meeting profit margins. This company, bought the last remaining office and took control over the corporation. A new CEO is brought into the show, Jo, as well as another HR employee, Gabe. With the new CEO, brought new products to be pushed by the office staff. These included printers, which underwent a scandal later in the show.

Question 20

What type of car does Dwight drive?

Dwight is seen driving an off red car throughout the show. During one of his fits of jealousy over Michael's relationship with Ryan, he gets into the car and blasts REM's 'Everybody Hurts,' while the cast is outside due to a fire in the office. He takes Ryan in this car to his farm, to help his sales performance. He later buys Andy's Xterra for a ridiculously low price, and sells it almost immediately for a profit (which infuriates Andy).

Question 21

What is Holly's boyfriends name?

Holly and Michael quickly fell for each other when she came to the Scranton branch to replace Toby. Unfortunately, David forces a transfer for Holly to go back to Nashua and leave Michael. The two are forced to end their relationship. Michael goes to Nashua later with Pam, to give a lecture about his branch's success. He hopes to find closure with Holly, but disappointingly, finds she is dating a salesman from the Nashua office. He finds closure with her though, and seems content with the fact that they may have a future.

Question 22

Which strain of marijuana does Creed identify?

During the episode 'Drug Testing,' Dwight finds a half a joint in the parking lot and is determined to find the user. He sets up a urine test for the office, and begins interviewing staff. He dresses up in his volunteer sheriff uniform, and calls each member into the conference room. When interviewing Jim, Jim uses a tactic to begin interrogating Dwight, just to mess with him. When creed comes into the room, Dwight shows him a photo of marijuana and asks what it is. Creed identifies the strain, to which Dwight responds that he is wrong, and that the photo is of marijuana.

Question 23

Who does Kelly run out on at Dwight and Angela's wedding?

After an extremely up and down relationship with Ryan through the entire series, Kelly finds herself dating through the office looking for the right man. She dates Darrell, and then falls for Charles the new boss in a later season. During season 9, she meets a new man and they get engaged. She quits her job to move with him to Ohio for his schooling. They go to Angela and Dwight's wedding, where she runs into Ryan and his baby. They dump the baby with Kelly's man, and run away together.

Question 24

Whose mother does Michael date?

During season six, Michael begins a romantic relationship with the mother of one of the women in the office. After a turbulent relationship with Holly, he is looking for something stable and finds some comfort in a maternal figure. Initially, he started to like her after asking if she had a snack in her purse, which she did (but he didn't like the flavor). Obviously, this relationship is extremely frustrating for Michael’s coworker, and she pleads with him to end it as soon as possible

Question 25

What is Scranton's nickname?

The Stanford branch merger happens, and select employees including Andy, Karen, and Jim, come to Scranton to connect the two branches. Michael, plans a welcoming party for the new staff members. This day turns out to be quite uncomfortable for most of the Stanford staff, a few actually quit almost immediately. Michael and Dwight create a music video about the history of Scranton and include its nickname as the chorus of the video. This video made everyone in the room uncomfortable, as Dwight danced along to it.

Question 26

Who said this:

"What is my perfect crime? I break into Tiffany's at midnight. Do I go for the vault? No, I go for the chandelier. It's priceless. As I'm taking it down, a woman catches me. She tells me to stop. It's her father's business. She's Tiffany. I say no. We make love all night. In the morning, the cops come and I escape in one of their uniforms. I tell her to meet me in Mexico, but I go to Canada. I don't trust her. Besides, I like the cold. Thirty years later, I get a postcard..." You should know the rest!

Question 27

Who won the bronze medal during the office Olympics?

On a day where neither Michael nor Dwight were present, Jim decides to have some fun with his coworkers. He plans and begins the Office Olympics, using supplies that they had around. One of the games was called Flonkerton, which was ‘box of paper snowshoe racing,’ Phyllis won this game against Kevin by only a nose. They held a closing ceremony, after Michael had returned, and incorporated him into it after having a bad day trying to close on his condo purchase.

Question 28

When did Ryan and Kelly hook up for the first time?

Kelly had been clearly crushing hard on Ryan while they were working together every day. She always finds a way to be next to him, or to talk to him. After the two hook up, Kelly is under the impression that they are now officially dating, and that Ryan is her new boyfriend. While he thinks he just scored with the girl from the office. This may be because of the day that he chose to hook up with her.

Question 29

Who described wine as having an “oaky afterbirth?”

During the dinner party episode, Jan and Michael have a group of couples from the office over to have a dinner party. The guests included Jim and Pam, and Andy and Angela. Dwight showed up with his old babysitter later. When they first arrived, they're are disappointed to find that dinner would not be ready for at least three hours. Meaning, they would have to endure an extensive amount of time with Jan and Michael. Throughout the party, the two bicker and argue, but it peaks with Jan throwing one of Michael’s dundies at his flat screen TV.

Question 30

What does Dwight tell Holly about Kevin, to haze her?

On Holly’s first day as the new HR representative, and Toby’s replacement, Michael and Dwight devise a plan to haze her. Michael already has a poor relationship with HR and does not care one bit about the rules and regulations of the office. They play small tricks on her, until Michael talks to her and realizes that she is great. Dwight keeps the antics up, eventually putting a racoon in her car for her to find. He tells her something about Kevin, which is a lie, causing an embarrassing moment for her later in the episode.

Question 31

What are the names of Stanley's: wife, first mistress, second mistress, respectively?

Stanley’s first affair is discovered when the office brings temps back for the first time since Ryan. The group of three went out to a club, and saw Stanley there making out with a girl that was not his wife. One temp, made the mistake of telling Michael about the gossip. Earlier in that episode, Michael was feeling left out because he was always the last to know everything. With some new juicy information, he begins telling everyone who will listen about Stanley, frustrating many other people.

Question 32

What vegetable did Toby bet the office could swap for Creed's apple, without him noticing?

Kevin was bored with March Madness ending and the office started betting on anything that they could. It started with a group betting on how many jelly beans Pam had in her candy jar, which Jim won! Another bet involved a conversation with Kelly and counting the number of times she mentions a romantic comedy and says the word awesome. Toby bet that they could take Creed’s apple and replace it with a vegetable, which he takes a bite of without noticing.

Question 33

What was Dwight's first mistake in almost getting fired?

During the two part episode, 'Stress Relief,' Dwight finds himself almost out of a job due to David's anger of his behavior that week. After his first activity that caused an office member to almost die, he plans a CPR instruction day. During this lesson, the staff gets distracted by the song 'Staying Alive,' and is unable to keep the CPR dummy alive. When the instructor claims the dummy is dead, Dwight asked if anyone knows what they do next. This leads him to "harvest the organs," and he cuts the face off of the expensive dummy.

Question 34

What forces Nellie to almost shut down her charity initiative?

During season 8, Nellie becomes in charge of special projects, as per Jo's hiring. She is constantly being shot down for each of her ideas, because of Andy's dislike for her. After she has to sit through Pam's conference, about a chore wheel for the office, she comes up with a charity initiative idea. Thinking Andy could never shut it down, she proposes it and he allows it. Some of the office members do not want to participate, but something specific causes her to almost give up.

Question 35

What does Kevin get fired for?

When Dwight finally becomes the new manager of the office after Andy disappears for three months on his sailing trip to the Caribbean, he makes several new changes. During this very last two part episode, he gets three cakes in order to celebrate the leaving of three different employees. One was just for Stanley's retirement. Another, to fire Toby (which he can't legally do, but it happens), and one to fire Kevin. What did Kevin do to lose his job?

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