Can You Beat This Breaking Bad Test?


There aren't many television series that can boast having a storyline that just seemed to get better and better. Typically, the quality of a plot can start to decline after a certain number of seasons. In fact, that has been the biggest complaint with TV fans, with some shows having their fans begging them to end it on a high note. Regardless of how popular a series starts out with fans, a declining storyline can make even the most loyal fan bow out. From Heroes to Friends, there are numerous examples of why some shows need to just come to an end.

Yet, that wasn't the case with Breaking Bad. When the series was first released in 2008, people became captivated by the idea of a chemistry teacher making methamphetamines. The pairing of this seemingly dull suburban family man with a loose cannon young kid was definitely strange but there was something about their relationship. The two started out together cooking meth in an RV and they had to endure so many situations that created a bond. Their life experiences were often traumatic, chilling, and downright crazy and that's exactly what captivated audiences for the entirety of the series. There were only five seasons of Breaking Bad but the series made every episode count. Audiences always felt like they were sitting on the edge of their seats in this gripping AMC crime drama. If you can call yourself a true Breaking Bad fan, check out our quiz and test your knowledge.

Question 1

What was the name of this main character that started to lead a double life?

When the television series, Breaking Bad, first released in 2008, the world became captivated by its lead character. While he seemed like a mild-mannered teacher with a great home life, it was soon apparent that there was a much bigger storyline that was waiting to appear. He soon became an ultra-complicated character that was dealing with life and death situations and it wasn't just because of his cancer diagnosis. He eventually had to start leading a double life, which ultimately caused everything to crash all around him. While he was called by a number of different names throughout the season, his actual name was used enough to be memorable to die-hard fans of the series. What was the name of this main character that started to lead a double life?

Question 2


When Walter White was first introduced into the Breaking Bad television series, it became clear that he wasn't exactly fully prepared in how to go about making money as a drug dealer. He needed someone to help show him the way, even if it ultimately turned out that he was better prepared than he thought. His sidekick in the drug dealing game wasn't exactly the Robin to his Batman but they became the unlikely pair that had to ride it out together. Audiences had mixed feelings about Walter White's former student, with some looking at him like the biggest obstacle in his path. Yet, others felt an intense sympathy for this character and rooted for him to succeed throughout the entire series. What is the name of Walter White's sidekick in Breaking Bad?

Question 3

What was Walter White's nickname?

When Walter White first started onto the journey of becoming a drug producer, he wasn't exactly going to advertise his real name. He adopted an alter ego that became extremely crucial later on in the series. Once his brother-in-law started to get on his trail, his alter ego really came in handy. The strange name and the distinct look was the best way to conceal his real identity as a suburban chemistry teacher. Yet, fans of the show couldn't get over the alter ego he chose. The nickname came from a real person that was a Nobel Prize winning scientist. However, he was best known for the Uncertainty Principle in quantum physics. He based his alter ego on a Theoretical Physicist, even though White's role was a true chemist. What was Walter White's nickname?

Question 4

What is the name of Walter White's wife from Breaking Bad?

When the Breaking Bad series first started, Walter White's character was actually quite likable. His cancer diagnosis was a burden that he was shouldering by himself and he truly did start out in the drug dealing game in order to help provide for his family. He was thinking about it as a sacrifice that he was making for his family. Yet, leading the double life didn't exactly work out for him in the end. Walter White's wife eventually found out and audiences didn't take too kindly to her reaction. Many people thought of her as another obstacle in his path and it was a big part of the storyline to see how tumultuous their relationship became. What is the name of Walter White's wife from Breaking Bad?

Question 5

What was the additive he was using in the beginning?

Prior to Jesse Pinkman collaborating with Walter White, he had his own method of cooking meth. While he definitely wasn't as skilled in the chemistry department as Mr. White, he did have the know how to cook his own sellable drug batch. He tried to put his own stamp on his signature style by adding something to the chemistry that would presumably make it more recognizable. He hoped that it would become a sought-after formula but when he told Mr. White, he wasn't impressed. In fact, no one really seemed to like the additive that he infused into his recipe for methamphetamine. It was a major advantage for him to team up with Mr. White because he learned a lot about what he was doing wrong in his method. What was the additive he was using in the beginning?

Question 6

What is the name of the lawyer in Breaking Bad that is the new lead in the spin-off?

When people think about drug dealers and producers, they don't immediately think about the need to have a lawyer. While someone would obviously need a lawyer if they were fighting a drug case in court, the Breaking Bad series showed just how crucial a lawyer can be in other ways. He wasn't exactly the utmost pillar of law and order but he did know how to get the job done. From sound advice to laundering money, the lawyer in the series was just as much part of the show as the other main characters. He was such a popular character that he also went on to get his own spin-off series. What is the name of the lawyer in Breaking Bad that is the new lead in the spin-off?

Question 7

Saul Craft

One of the most interesting parts of the storyline in Breaking Bad is the fact that one of Walter White's biggest adversaries was his own brother-in-law. While it was difficult enough for him to keep his side drug producing and dealing away from his wife, Skyler, things became even more complicated once he garnered the attention of his wife's sister's husband. Early on in the series, it seemed like he was constantly on the trail of the infamous methamphetamine cook, Heisenberg. He was just another ultra-complex character in the series since he had such a polarizing role. While some fans hoped that he would never catch on that it was his brother-in-law that was always just one step ahead of him, others felt truly sympathetic about his pursuit in his professional career. What was the name of the brother-in-law of Walter White?

Question 8

What was the name of the person that Jesse was trying to dispose of in the bathtub?

There was a distinct difference Jesse Pinkman and Walter White and it wasn't just because White was living a double life as a family man in the suburbs. With age comes maturity and Jesse was still not the expert chemist like Walter White. When Jesse needed help in disposing of a dead body, it was Walter White that gave up the method for dissolving the body in hydrofluoric acid. Yet, he didn't follow the instructions perfectly and wound up having the chemical eat its way through a bathtub, floors, and ceilings. Mythbusters tried to recreate this formula in order to see if it truly would eat through that much material. Even though they used a stronger formula, Mythbusters concluded that it couldn't actually happen the way the show depicted. What was the name of the person that Jesse was trying to dispose of in the bathtub?

Question 9

What is the name of this smart and deadly "muscle" man in Breaking Bad?

It shouldn't be surprising that there would be an assassin figure in a series about a drug operation like in Breaking Bad. In the intense world of methamphetamine production and distribution, there will inevitably be some rough characters that require more than just a stiff talking to. Yet, this wasn't exactly the typical kind of "muscle" man that you'd expect. While he was the right hand man for Gus, he almost seemed like he was a free agent of sorts. He worked with Saul Goodman and he also acted like somewhat of a mentor for Jesse Pinkman. Obviously, this character quickly became a favorite in the series and even made his way into the spin-off series, Better Call Saul. What is the name of this smart and deadly "muscle" man in Breaking Bad?

Question 10

What was the name of this guy's restaurant chain?

Gus Fring didn't exactly seem like the typical drug lord but that was part of his clever disguise to hide in plain sight. He was often a contributor to local police charities, he was the utmost picture of professionalism and to the general public, he was a pillar of society. Yet, it became pretty clear that Fring was one of the most ruthless characters in the show and definitely wasn't a man to be crossed. While he started off as a mysterious character that could have easily been either an ally or an enemy to White and Pinkman, it became clear where the real line was drawn. Although Gus Fring owned a number of different real estate properties, there was a main front for his organization. It was actually a huge chain of restaurants that spread throughout the southwest. What was the name of this restaurant chain?

Question 11

What type of cancer did Walter White get diagnosed with in Breaking Bad?

When Walter White is first introduced into the series, it seemed like his financial situation was very much like many other working-class families. As a teacher, he wasn't making the kind of money that would allow his family to be completely confident about their bills. He was already working a second job in order to make ends meet and that was before his wife found out that they were expecting another child. Yet, things really came to a head once he found out that he was diagnosed with cancer. While the cancer diagnosis ultimately gave him a whole new perception of how he should live the rest of his life, it also put an extra burden on him financially. What type of cancer did Walter White get diagnosed with in Breaking Bad?

Question 12

What was the name of this Mexican drug distributor that came after Krazy-8 in the series?

When Walter White and Jesse Pinkman started to get into the drug world, it was inevitable that they would have to encounter some shady characters. Just when it couldn't be any worse than Krazy-8 as their drug distributor, a new character was introduced that put a whole new craziness to their situation. This Mexican drug kingpin had more than just a power complex in the way he handled his business. Yet, this might have something to do with the fact that he was also using the methamphetamines that he was dealing. This caused him to act more than just a tad erratic but made for an incredible storyline for the series. What was the name of this Mexican drug distributor that came after Krazy-8 in the series?

Question 13

What is the name of Tuco's uncle?

One of the main characters in Breaking Bad was actually a senior citizen that couldn't communicate well. The Uncle of Tuco, this character was introduced into the series as if he were senile. When Tuco brought Jesse and Walter White to this secluded home, the pair were foolish enough to discount his elderly uncle. Yet, he was paying attention to everything that was happening around him and ultimately used his bell to let Tuco know about the plot to poison him. This led to a huge series of events that solidified him as one of the main favorites in the show. It also led to him being one of the main characters in the spin-off series, Better Call Saul. What is the name of Tuco's uncle?

Question 14

How did Tuco Salamanca finally get his due in Breaking Bad?

When Tuco Salamanca was first introduced into the Breaking Bad series, it became instantly apparent that he wasn't exactly going to be the most reasonable person to deal with. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman also knew that he wasn't going to be the best drug distributor (if there is such a thing). He repeatedly showed White and Pinkman that he had erratic behavior that was in the realm of psychotic. In one interaction, Tuco beat his own man and wasn't opposed to killing without provocation. This was not going to be the man that they wanted to deal with and after awhile, the two of them hatched a plan to kill him. In the end, how did Tuco Salamanca finally get his due in Breaking Bad?

Question 15

What was the nickname given to Leonel and Marco?

When Tuco Salamanca met his end at the hands of Hank Schrader, he wasn't just bringing Walter White and Jesse Pinkman out to have a chat. It was a much bigger operation than just Tuco and they quickly found that out after meeting Tuco's uncle, Hector. He may not have been able to communicate very well since he was reliant on the bell but he was still able to convey his orders with precision. Tuco wasn't the only family member in the Salamanca family that had psychotic tendencies since Leonel and Marco were Hector's nephews. They were featured on the series as assassins that seemed practically mute but fans got a little more insight during flashback scenes. What was the nickname given to Leonel and Marco?

Question 16

What was the name of Jesse's landlady that later turned into his girlfriend?

When Jesse Pinkman was starting to branch out on his own in regards to an actual living space, it wasn't going to be easy for him to get a stable residence. His main source of income was being a meth cook and it wasn't exactly a reliable and stable job. So, when he met with the dark-haired beauty played by Krysten Ritter, he was hoping that she would give him a chance as a tenant. The two wound up becoming romantically involved and there was a time when fans thought that they were really on their way to having something special. Yet, that situation was just another downward spiral in the plot and she ultimately died. What was the name of Jesse's landlady that later turned into his girlfriend?

Question 17

How did Jane die?

When Jesse Pinkman first met Jane Margolis, it actually looked like he was going to get a positive relationship out of it. She seemed like she was more responsible because she was able to act as a landlady for her father and she was also in recovery. It looked like she could become a positive influence in his life but that all changed once she started using again. Her influence became a huge hindrance to Walter White and started to get in the way of deals. White wound up confronting Jane and Jesse but was unable to have a full conversation. Instead, the interaction ultimately ended with Jane dying. While there were some fans of the show that didn't like to see Jane killed off the show, it seemed like a necessary death to keep Jesse more in line with White. How did Jane die?

Question 18

What is this friend's name?

There weren't many Breaking Bad characters that were able to make it through the entire series unscathed. From destroyed families to jail time to death, the series highlighted the terrible pitfalls of being involved in drugs. From the production level to the distribution level, it seemed like there wasn't a happy ending for any of the characters. The few that were able to make it through unscathed may not have been the lead characters but that doesn't make them any less part of the show. One of Jesse's friends was the one that connected Jesse to Tuco Salamanca in Season 1 and he played a continual part of the series. In the final season, this was one of the friends that helped Walter White in pretending to have snipers trained on Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz. What is this friend's name?

Question 19

What was the color that the meth turned into because of Walts method?

When Jesse Pinkman was introduced as a methamphetamine producer and distributor, he was trying to put his own stamp on his product by adding chili powder to the mixture. Yet, it didn't exactly take off as a huge hit with addicts since the main goal is to get it to its purest form. The simple mention of it having chili powder just advertises the fact that it has impurities. The true purest form of the drug would make it completely clear, without any color. Yet, Walter White figured out a way to create an ultra pure formula but the process created a particular hue. This method was brought about because they had to get around the dilemma of obtaining pseudoephedrine. What was the color that the meth turned into because of this new method?

Question 20

What was the name of the fumigation company?

When Walter White and Jesse Pinkman began cooking their own methamphetamine, they didn't exactly have the best luck in using a beat up RV as their laboratory. They had to think of a new way to set up a mobile laboratory without garnering so much attention and without compromising the same location every time. A fumigation company sounded like the perfect way to hide in plain sight and they wouldn't be stuck in one location for producing their drugs. Bouncing around from one house to the next was a great way to change up their predictability and the fumigation tents helped to mask what they were doing on the inside. The fumigation company was also a way to introduce new and extremely dangerous characters into the series. What was the name of the fumigation company?

Question 21

Best assistant

Gustavo Fring wasn't just a drug lord that relied on others finding talent for him, he was a forward-thinking mastermind that was playing the long game. Just as he would contribute to the police force, he also had a scholarship program at the University of New Mexico Chemistry department. One of his recipients went on to help him cook methamphetamine. With Walter White constantly having to deal with Jesse's unprofessionalism, it was a great substitute to work with someone that was a truly skilled chemist. Yet, Gus wasn't exactly giving him the dream partner in order to maintain a great relationship. There was an ulterior motive that involved the partner learning every step of the process and White eventually being killed off. Once they figured out the plan, they had to kill this man. What was his name?

Question 22

Who killed Gale?

There weren't a lot of characters in Breaking Bad that really didn't have ulterior motives or deadly intent. Living the lifestyle of a drug producer or distributor isn't exactly the most wholesome and being around ruthless killers doesn't have the best effect on people. Yet, Gale Boetticher seemed to be completely free of all those things. He was highly educated and a skilled chemist that truly just thought of making methamphetamine as just another job. When he realized that the ultimate goal would be for Gale to learn how to duplicate White's method so that White could be killed, it seemed like he wanted to help him. Yet, he didn't realize that cluing White into the scheme only put him on the list of people that needed to die. Who killed Gale?

Question 23

He turned Jesse into a meth cook slave and stunned audiences by his callous nature. What was his name?

While all of the characters in Breaking Bad had a huge character arc, there was one character that did more than just evolve. One of the workers for Vamonos Pest Control seemed like an eager young lad that only wanted to learn and progress. He had an ultimate respect for Walter White but he also had some psychotic tendencies and some seriously dangerous family members. There was one instance where it became instantly clear he had no remorse after killing. During a heist, a young kid happened to be there and he was killed without any sad feelings. Later on, he was at the head of a major takeover and even kidnapped Jesse Pinkman. He made him into a meth cook slave and stunned audiences by his callous nature. What was his name?

Question 24

Leonel's death ultimately came at the hospital. Who killed him?

Hank Schrader was an intensely complicated character, simply because he was trying to do his job. While the series had the audience rooting for the bad guys, it was hard not to feel sympathy for the DEA brother-in-law. He was made to look like a fool and he was pointed out by Gus as Tuco's killer. This put a huge target on his back and ultimately brought Marco and Leonel to assassinate him. If it weren't for the warning call, Hank would have undoubtedly been killed in the parking lot. Yet, that phone call gave him those few extra seconds to give him the heads up. Hank was able to kill Marco but Leonel didn't have the luck of having a quick death. Leonel's death ultimately came at the hospital. Who killed him?

Question 25

What was the food that could be turned into his age?

When the series first started, viewers got to see the kind of life Walter White was living prior to his downward spiral in the drug world. He definitely had financial problems and he had a son that had cerebral palsy but he had a meaningful home life filled with love. Audiences got to see him celebrating his birthday and there was a special birthday meal that his wife made sure to cook him every year. She was able to construct his food to read his age and it was a yearly celebratory meal that really meant a lot to him. It was so meaningful that he even did it for himself when he was forced to celebrate his birthday, alone in a diner. What was the food that could be turned into his age?

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