Can We Guess If You Were Adopted? Take Our 60-Second Quiz!

Adoption is truly a beautiful gift that affects so many involved. Being able to bring a child into a loving, happy and safe home is a gift of love to the excited parents. The security of a stable home, caring and supportive parents and lifelong connections is a wonderful and generous gift to the child. And of course, there's the biological parents who get the gift of knowing that their child is being well cared for and loved.

For people who were adopted, it is a personal decision if they choose to be open and upfront about their adoption stories with people they meet. Of course, no one has to disclose this! Frankly, it's no one's business though it's nothing to be ashamed of, of course. But maybe we can guess if you were adopted or not without you saying anything to us at all. Just answer these 25 questions and by the end, we'll have tried our absolute best to guess if you are a biological member of your family or otherwise. If you fall into the otherwise category, you still know that you're 100% a part of your family. They say that blood is thicker than water and while that may be true, there is one thing that is thicker than blood and that's love.

1What would you rather do when waiting in a long line?

Ah, the DMV. Or theme park rides. Grocery store check-outs on Sunday. Whatever the case, you’re bound to wait in a line at some point. What to do… well, there’s the go-to; your phone. Of course, you can browse social media, play Angry Birds and check emails. But even that gets boring after a while. You can twiddle your thumbs, inspect your hands for hangnails or you can always partake in one of humankind’s favorite pastime: people watching.

2Pick a Disney movie to re-watch.

The beauty of Disney movies is that it doesn’t matter if you are an actual kid or an 86-year-old kid at heart. They are always in style and always acceptable to watch no matter what the occasion. Not only do they transport you to a carefree time of childlike wonder but you get the added bonus of an uplifting, happy feeling for a good time afterward. Don’t be surprised if you get a hankering for a kid-friendly snack like apple slices and peanut butter while you watch that movie.

3Choose a favorite holiday.

Holidays are usually synonymous with family, except for Halloween if you’re an adult. And New Year’s Eve. Also Valentine’s Day and for that matter, Saint Patrick’s Day. Okay, so maybe there are a few holidays out there that do not require a mandatory visit with members of your immediate family.


4What's for dinner tonight?

Dinner is a funny thing when you think about it. It’s the final meal of the day. Nothing between dinner and your next meal but a good six plus hours of slumber time. Some people make a big “to do” of dinner, a whole sit down affair at an actual dining table while others just grab whatever’s easiest before settling down in front of the TV or computer. Which type are you?

5How do you feel about awkward family photos?

What a genius idea. Find a whole collection of funny-looking family photos and - boom! What emerged was an empire. A website, books, calendars and even a game! And all from exploiting the tender humiliation of families’ pasts. That might be sad but after reading a couple of AFP captions, we’re sure we’ll get over it.


6Choose a bouquet for Mother's Day.

Ah, Mom. A three letter word that means so much. Biggest fan. Best friend. Loyal and true and always there for you. Flowers and Mother's Day just seem to go hand in hand. It's a simple gift but fills the home with a lovely scent and they brighten up any room, just like Mom does.

7Which description best fits how you feel about your hair?

Whether it's spiral-curly or pin straight, hair is pretty cool. We can use it to help express ourselves and the options are practically limitless. You can curl it, straighten in, gel it, mousse it, cut it, shape it, perm it, spike it... whatever floats your boat.


8Pick a superhero.

With all of the amazing superhero movies that are out today, it can be a hard thing to narrow the selection down to just one being who possesses superhuman powers, a heart of gold and a knack for saving the world.

9Congratulations! You've won a free car! Which one?

For some people, cars are just modes of transportation. A way of getting from Point A to Point B. But for others, cars are a way of life. If you have a deep passion for wheels, you wouldn't be able to understand how some people can look at cars as "just a car."


10What was your biggest childhood fear?

When you're small and lack a lot of life experience, the world can be a very scary place. Think back to your childhood. What were you the most afraid of? Answer this question and don't forget your nightlight tonight.

11What kind of sprinkles accompany your frozen yogurt creation?

We assume that these little edible decorations were invented for children but sprinkles can add so much pizzazz and fun to any delectable treat and this can be appreciated at any age. Who couldn't use extra fun in life? Bring on the sprinkles!


12Yay! You have an extra day off. What's on the schedule?

Days off are a rare and precious commodity. They must be savored and protected at all costs. The only thing worse than not having a day off is having a day off that is wasted. So start planning for your next free day even if your plans just include a whole lot of sleeping.

13Choose a group of animals that fascinates you.

Animals are amazing, aren't they? So smart. So cute. And they lack the general complexities that make humans not so much fun to be around some of the time. They don't engage in petty banter, sarcasm or general jerkiness. Plus they're always loving and loyal - the perfect someone!


14Choose your dream wedding style (or vow renewal ceremony if you're already married).

Weddings are what little girls dream of and mentally plan out for years. But today more than ever, it seems as though grooms are taking an interest in planning out the big day, too. And why not? It's his day, too! Whether you're planning to get hitched at the courthouse or want every friend since kindergarten in attendance, it's bound to be a lovely day.

15How do the holidays make you feel?

The holidays are supposed to be times where loved ones can come together, leave differences behind, make treasured memories and just enjoy each other's company. But sometimes, the holidays bring about stress, fighting and the resurrection of long-buried issues instead.


16When you were a kid, what would you do with a free afternoon?

Free afternoons for kids are like manna from heaven. Sweet, sweet freedom. In a world dictated by adults, this is a rare treat for children. No chores to do, no homework, just endless possibilities that made kid-you feel a little bit grown up and sophisticated to have this kind of power.

17Your family invites you to brunch. You respond with...

Have you ever wondered why it's not called lreakfast? Sure, "brunch" is much easier to pronounce but la-rek-fast has kind of a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Just us? Ah, well, it's a nice concept anyway. Brunches are so relaxed and carefree especially if mimosas are being served.


18Do you remember throwing tantrums as a child?

Tantrums are a child's way of communicating... horribly. The only thing worse than a child throwing a tantrum is a child throwing a tantrum in public. Have you ever seen a child throw a tantrum in a grocery store or worse yet, an airplane? Awkward... and annoyingly ear-piercing.

19Quick! You need a baby photo for a guessing game at work.

Baby photos are precious commodities for parents, grandparents and the like but not so much for the actual baby even when that baby is all grown up. Think about it. Do you have your baby photos on display at home? Could you even find a baby photo of yourself if you had only a few minutes to do so?


20Pick a TV sitcom from back in the day.

They just don't make them the way they used to these days. Not that the TV sitcoms that are out today are terrible by any means but where are the intros with a full song that we can memorize and sing along to? Where are the quirky catchphrases that last for years? We're just saying... TGIF, we miss you! Come back!

21Have any funny family traditions that you'll pass down to your own family?

Family traditions are either met with enthusiasm and excitement or with disdain and eye-rolling but you'll be a good son or daughter and humor mom and dad, won't you? One day, you might be mom or dad and wanting to instil the fun of a family tradition on your own little brood!


22What do you think of the chaotic opening scene of "Home Alone"?

1990's "Home Alone" has left us with many gifts including fantastic one-liners that have managed to last longer that Macaulay Culkin's acting career (regrettably). "Look what you did, you little jerk!" "Keep the change, you filthy animal." We're also pretty sure that slapping your face and screaming, "Aahhh!" is the universal symbol for "I love Home Alone."

23Is there sibling rivalry amongst you and your siblings?

The grass is always greener when it comes to siblings. If you're the oldest then your parents are usually stricter with you and more relaxed with the rules by the time the younger ones come along. If you're the baby, you get nothing but hand-me-downs and if you're the middle child well then, welcome to Middle Child Syndrome. You just can't win!


24Which horror movie do you hate the most?

Horror movies: you either love them or hate them. And if you love them, you REALLY love them and try to drag as many people as you can to the theater with you. If you hate them, you lock your door when horror movie lovers come around. Pick your poison: psychological, slasher, urban legend, ghost, zombie, haunted house... the list goes on and on.

25How do you feel when you hear the phrase, "We/I have something to tell you"?

This is usually never a good sign. It doesn't matter who the news is coming from. Partner/spouse? No good. The boss? No good. Landlord? No good. Parents? Definitely not good. What could it be, what could it be?! We're already biting out nails over here! Tell us already!

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