Can Mommy Score Over 80% On This Parenting Test?

Do we have any moms in the house with us today? Whether we are well-experienced mothers with three children already at home, expecting our very first baby ever, or simply just interested in learning about parenting, this quiz is here to help us all out! If we are expecting mothers, it is great to make sure we are well prepared, but even if we aren't expecting a kid anytime soon, looking at adorable baby pictures can be an awesome way to spend 5 minutes.

So, who here thinks they are ready to take this ultimate mommy quiz? We will be asking questions about pregnancy, caring for newborns, and even a few about toddler care. We will ask everyone to identify a few classic cartoons and even a couple of baby brand logos. This quiz is really going to hit on every aspect of becoming a mom. Some of them may seem easy for experienced mothers, but we are willing to bet even old school mammas will struggle with a few of these. It may not be an easy quiz, but it is an important one all the same! Let's see who can pass this one without calling their own mom for the answers...

Question 1

When do kids start to lose their teeth?

Here is one every mamma has to prepare for! Not only do we need to be ready to prevent the kid from swallowing the teeth, but it is also always fun to make sure we have a dollar or two handy for when they start to drop! We have all seen the adorable pictures of children walking around with no front teeth, so naturally a lot of us can't wait to snap our own shots. To make sure the camera is ready, the tooth fairy money is available, and the children are prepared, around when can we expect the teeth to start falling out?

Question 2

When do babies normally start to roll over?

Once we bring our babies home with us, we can't really help but to stare at them all day long. Sure they don't really do to much at first, but they can be all kinds of cute just by laying there. All of the cuteness aside, we do need to keep an eye on them for safety reasons as well. At some point, our babies are going to start moving around. They are not just going to stand right up and start walking, but instead they will start to roll over. Does anyone here know when we can expect this to happen?

Question 3

Why do babies wiggle around so much?

Even when they are not necessarily rolling over or even crawling yet, babies tend to wiggle around a lot. In the car seat, the cribs, or even while hanging out in our arms, it seems like babies can never get enough wiggle. Why is it that they enjoy this movement so much? Are they actually trying to tell us something? Are they actively plotting an escape? Are they working on their muscle tone, or perhaps trying to keep themselves warm? Looking at the four possible answers that are listed, does anyone here know which one is actually the correct choice?

Question 4

What item must we have with us when we leave the hospital with a new baby?

Leaving the hospital with a newborn can be a very worrisome thing. Of course we have spent the greater part of 9 months ensuring we are prepared for this very moment, but when it comes time to leave the helpful doctors and nurses, naturally it can get a bit scary. Not to worry though! The hard part is over, the baby is here! Now we just need to take it step by step. First step ... we must make sure we have one item specifically before we leave the hospital. We have listed four items, which of them is correct?

Question 5

Name this kids movie

Here is a classic that most moms should get easily enough. This film has had plenty of exposure and sequels, so even moms who do not currently have young children should remember this one. The storyline revolves around a group of toys who all come to life once their human child leaves the room. While they go on all kinds of imaginary adventures with their human child, they are nothing compared to the adventures they take when they are left on their own. Looking at the four listed movies titles, can anyone here figure out which one is actually correct?

Question 6

When should we start taking away the pacifier?

Ah the pacifier, what a glorious invention! The babies love it, and honestly we kind of do too. It is a great way to distract the baby and it really does put them at ease. However, the pacifier is not a forever thing. As much as we may wish it were, we cannot be sending our children off to the first grade with a pacifier dependency. All we can do is enjoy the time we can use it, and try to snap as many cute pictures of our baby with it while it is still around. When should we lose the binky?

Question 7

Which of these items should babies NOT be eating?

After a strict diet of formula or breast milk, we do eventually need to start introducing the little ones to some real foods. However, it can be surprising how many seemingly harmless food items are actually not recommended for small babies. Even some of the softest food available is a no go, so it is always best to check with a doctor before introducing our children to any new foods. We do know of a couple items that doctors would certainly never back though. One of these items is listed here. Is anyone able to look at the options and pick out the correct answer?

Question 8

Name this baby brand

At one point in our lives, shopping is all about us. We know the logos to all of our favorite clothing brands, shoe lines, and even our go-to grocery store items. However, after we have a baby, our logo knowledge tends to shift a bit. Now we spend most of our time in the baby section of stores, whereas before we did not even realize these sections were there. Here is a rather popular logo most moms will likely recognize. It would be hard to walk through a baby aisle and not see this one appear. What baby brand is this logo for?

Question 9

True or false: All babies smile within their first week

What could possibly be more precious than a baby smiling up at us? It is one of the first big milestones we get to see as new parents, so when it finally happens, it can be a heart melting moment for a lot of us. How long do we usually need to wait until we see this happen for the first time? Will they only smile at us if we do something really funny, or are all babies on the same smile track? Is it a fair thing to say, that all babies should smile for the first time within their first week of life?

Question 10

Name this cartoon character

This animated pooch has all kinds of super cool powers. Not only is he a big-time television star, but he is also an expert in fighting crime. He is known for being the fastest dog in the entire world, and if that was not already cool enough, his bark is also so powerful that it can be heard from miles away. Yes, this dog is quite an impressive specimen. He is also best friends with his human owner, so really what more could one ask for in a pup? Can anyone here correctly pick out the name of this cartoon?

Question 11

How much exercise should babies get daily?

Making time for exercise as a new mom can be downright impossible. It is something we all think about, afterall who doesn't remember their "pre-baby belly"? However, there is already so much on our plate, that it really does become a secondary priority. What about for our babies though? Should we perhaps be exercising with them? How important is it that we make time for baby exercise? In between all of the naps and all of the feedings, about how many hours a day should we be reserving for a baby workout? Only one of the four listed options is correct!

Question 12

When should we start brushing our baby's teeth?

Healthy oral care is something that is important to all of us. We are going to have our teeth for the rest of our lives, so it is important that we start caring for them correctly at a young age. However, baby teeth are a bit different than adult teeth, aren't they? Since they are going to fall out anyways, should we avoid brushing the first batch? Or is it important that we get in there and start cleaning them right away? Maybe we should just leave it up to the dentists to decide after our child's first visit? Which answer is right?

Question 13

How many hours of sleep should newborns be getting daily?

While sleep may not be something all of us are getting enough of with newborns in the house, it is something we have to ensure our babies are getting their fill of. As important as sleep is for all ages, newborns specifically need to be getting enough. Their brains and bodies are constantly growing and developing, so a healthy rest really does go a long way for them. Not to mention, a baby who has not had enough sleep, may make our lives that much more difficult. On average, how many hours should our newborns be getting on a daily basis?

Question 14

True of false: Breast milk can be stored in the fridge for up to a week

Here is one for all of the breastfeeding mammas out there. Keeping things around in the fridge is something we all do. It is easier than cooking fresh meals every single night, isn't it? What about baby's dinner though? If we are munching on week old lasagna from the fridge ourselves, can we also pull out a bottle of week old breastmilk from the fridge for baby to dine on? Nothing is ever great from the fridge after a week, so is that the deadline we should have for breastmilk as well? Only one of these two options is correct, which is it?

Question 15

Can we give our baby cow's milk instead of breast milk?

It is no secret that newborns live off of a diet of breastmilk or formula. However, what happens if we accidently forget to stock up one evening? We have all done it, haven't we? Stepped into a store with one thing in mind, and left with everything except the actually item we went in for. If we are to forget the formula, or forget to pump a little extra, is it okay to use cow's milk as a substitute from time to time? Looking at these four options, can anyone here deduce which one is actually the correct response to this question?

Question 16

Why are newborns always spitting up?

Here is one of the less nice realities of having a newborn. The spit-up is simply unavoidable. They all do it, and sometimes it seems as though they specifically wait until we have a new shirt on to let it rip. As annoying as this may be for mom and dad, there may actually be a reason why it is happening. Does anyone know what it is? Are their tiny stomachs developing? Are they not happy with the food they are getting? Maybe they are triggered by smell, or do they really just enjoy creating large amounts of laundry for us to deal with?

Question 17

Can pregnant women exercise?

Almost as soon as we find out that we are pregnant, we are bombarded by people telling us what we can and cannot do. We have our sushi taken away, our coffee ripped from our hands, and some even try to deny us the deliciousness that is chocolate. What about our daily exercise routine though? Is this something that has to be completely cut out as well? While this is something that every pregnant women should talk to their doctor about, there is a general answer that will work for this question! Looking at the four possible options, does anyone know which is correct?

Question 18

Which of these is a surprisingly popular pregnancy craving?

While there may be tons of stuff we cannot eat while we are pregnant, there is also a boat load of stuff that we can. Sure some women try to keep a clean diet while pregnant, but we should all keep in mind that cravings can hit us from out of nowhere, so we should prepare for them anyway. Every woman experiences these cravings differently. While it is true that we all may have our own peculiar cravings, there are a few that a lot of women seem to have in common. Which of these is a surprisingly popular pregnancy craving?

Question 19

What is the best defense against diaper rash?

As parents, naturally we want to do everything within our power to ensure our babies are happy and comfortable. However, certain things are simply unavoidable. We cannot protect our babies from the pain caused by teething, but what about the pesky diaper rash? Is this something we can fight against? Would a baby oil help, or perhaps a gentle baby cream? Should we be putting on powder to help, or is there just simply no avoiding the diaper rash at all? We have listed four possible answers to this question, but only one of them is actually correct. Which is it?

Question 20

Name this kids show

Here is a fairly popular animated kids program. The show is about a young aardvark. Every character in the show is a different kind of animal, though they all tend to act more human like than anything else. Our young aardvark character attends school with his friends, makes it home for dinner with his family, and has to put up with his pesky younger sister. Each episode covers a different scenario that kids his age are likely to face in real life. It is an excellent series for young children to get into! Can anyone here pick out the correct name?

Question 21

Which of these things are babies born without?

As perfect as our little ones may seem in our eyes, none of them are actually born with everything they are eventually going to need. The first few years of any baby's life are super important. Not only are their brains developing, but so are their bodies. They are undergoing so many transformations within the first few years, that some of them may actually go completely unnoticed. One of these body parts no baby is born with, as it grows in later on in life. Looking at the listed options, is anyone here able to figure out which one it is?

Question 22

True or false: Women lose their baby bellies right after giving birth

As magical as pregnancy is, the changes our bodies undergo are not always as magical as the life we are creating. Watching as our bellies grow can sometimes be a little disheartening. We seem to gain extra poundage every day, and there is really nothing we can do about it at all. So after 9 long months of carrying a baby around, most women are fairly eager to get their bodies back. Can we expect out belly to return to its original form as soon as we give birth to our little angel? Pick out the right answer to this question!

Question 23

What is the most common eye color for caucasian babies?

Some may not be aware of this, but it is totally a common thing for a baby's eye color to change within their first year of life. Like we have previously discussed, our babies go through so many changes at the beginning of their lives, that they can sometimes be hard to keep up with. Their eye color however, is something most of us will notice immediately. There is actually one specific color that most caucasian babies tend to be born with, even though they do not always hold onto this color. Can anyone here figure out which of these colors is correct?

Question 24

How accurate is a doctor's gender reading?

Finding out the baby's gender is a super exciting time for some parents. Of course there are plenty of people out there who choose to keep it a secret, but some of us are just way too eager to wait that long. Gender reveal parties have also recently become a huge fad, so we definitely need to be aware of how accurate those readings are before we cut into a mysteriously colored cake in front of all of our family and friends. Looking at the four listed options, does anyone here know roughly how accurate a doctor's gender reading usually is?

Question 25

What is the most common first word for a baby?

Hearing those precious first words is something many of us look forward to. As hard as we may try to persuade them into doing it on our schedule, there is just simply no way of getting them to speak before they are ready. A lot of us also tend to try and drop hints about what we want their first words to be, but once again, this remains in the hands of the babies. There actually happens to be one word that is more common than any other for a baby's first one. Can anyone here guess what it may be?

Question 26

Name this kids show

Now here is a kids show that has reached such high levels of popularity, that moms everywhere should really be able to guess its title fairly quickly. The show is about a sponge who happens to live under the sea. His house is a hollowed out pineapple, and he lives there with his pet snail. His neighbour is a crabby squid, but his grumpy attitude never brings down the peppy personality of our main character. It isn't an overly educational program, but it is a fun and colorful watch for most kids. Can anyone here pick out the correct title?

Question 27

True or false: Breast milk can be kept in the freezer

Keeping things in the freezer is just one of the many ticks moms have in their arsenal. Especially when we are dealing with multiple children, having things tucked away in the freezer can really help make our lives so much easier. We can spend a entire day cooking, and be set for the next two weeks. While this trick is great for ourselves and for our older children, does it work for our babies as well? Can we be keeping our baby's breast milk in the freezer alongside of our million tubs of tomato sauce? Pick out the correct answer!

Question 28

What position should newborns sleep in?

While this one may not sound too important, the way we choose to lay our babies in bed is actually very important indeed. Like we have previously said, rest of a newborn is even more important than the rest we get as adults. Since their bodies and minds are going through so many changes, they really depend on a good night's rest to make sure everything is running smoothly. That being said, it is not up to our babies to find their perfect comfy position like it is for us. There is only one recommended way for newborns to sleep. Who knows what it is?

Question 29

Is there one parenting style that works for all children?

There are millions of different parenting books out there for moms and dads to ready. Each of them offers up a unique parenting style that we can try and use on our own children. However, not every child is the same, right? How can we decide which technique is going to work on which child? We already have enough to figure out, so is there one solid parenting method we can count on to work for every child? Only one of these answers is going to be correct. Does anyone here know which one it is going to be? Take a guess!

Question 30

Can expecting mothers take a hot bath to relax?

There is no denying the importance of making sure we are well relaxed during pregnancy. Every doctor will say that any stress we experience, our baby will experience too. Living a completely stressless life, is of course something that is much easier said than done. To help us stay as relaxed as possible, there are a few things we can do. Many of us enjoy hot baths before we are pregnant, so is this one of the things we can do to help keep our stress levels low while carrying? Only one of the four listed answers is actually correct!

Question 31

Name this cartoon character

Here we have a fairly classic cartoon character. This little guy has been around for so long that some may actually remember him from when they were a kid, and not from when their children were young. This cartoon is known for being clever. When all of his friends get carried away with things, this guy comes in to be the voice of reason. Somehow, this kid seems to know more about the world than most of the grown ups in his series. The blue blanket he is holding in this photo, is known for being his signature. Name this character!

Question 32

Which organ grows in the mother during pregnancy?

On the outside, we can see many things start to grow once we become pregnant. The belly is no doubt the most noticeable, but it is not the only thing that grows in size. We can expect our feet and ankles to swell in size, as well as our fingers and toes. Even our breasts can start to grow early on in the pregnancy. Apart from all of these noticable changes, there is one that happens that we may not notice at all. One of our interior organs grow while we carry a baby, does anyone know which one it is?

Question 33

True or false: Babies should sleep with soft hats on

We have all seen the adorable photographs of babies wearing long point sleeping hats to bed. Before we have babies of our own, we usually just think these are adorable pictures. However, could it be possible that these hats are actually serving an important purpose? Maybe it is common for babies to get cold while they sleep, so we put on soft hats to ensure they are not getting sick? Maybe we put them on to protect their tiny little ears? Or should these really only be used for photo purposes and not actually put on for bed time at all?

Question 34

Name this kids movie

Here is a newer kids movie, but it is one that has been praised by critics and parents alike. All of the characters in this animated film, are actually the emotions of one young girl. They are seen actively trying to help the girl figure things out. However, as the girl grows, new emotions tend to arise. Kids often do not know how to cope with new and mixing feelings, simply because they are a new experience for them. This movie highlights the challenges of growing emotions, and informs the watchers that it is totally normal to feel these things as we grow up.

Question 35

When can we expect to start feeling the baby kick?

The first kick is truly the first milestone after discovering about the pregnancy in the first place. For those who are carrying their first child, the feeling can come as quite a shock. Some mothers have even thought that something was going wrong inside, instead of realizing that the baby was actually just kicking for the first time. To avoid feeling stressed over this new sensation, it is a good idea to figure out when we can expect the first few kicks to happen. We have listed 4 possible answers, but only one of them is correct. Who can guess which one?

Question 36

How much water should newborns drink in a day?

How many times have we read in a health article that we are simply not drinking enough water? It seems like every year the new recommended amount increases, and it is always super important that we adjust our water drinking habits to fit the new suggestion. However, should we be following these rules for our newborns as well? Is it as important for them to be getting as much water as we are? They are so much smaller of course, so maybe they do not actually need too much? Who here knows the correct answer to this important baby question?

Question 37

What is an OB-GYN?

For new parents, baby termanology can get a bit overwhelming. The parenting books are all chock full of terms we are expected to know, even when the extent of our medical knowledge has come right out of Grey's Anatomy. Our best bet is to always ask a doctor what these words mean, or even utilize the glorious internet to help us figure things out. Although, today we are going to help everyone clarify at least one of these tricky terms. What is the actual meaning of a OB-GYN? We have listed the right answer, we just need everyone to pick it out!

Question 38

How often should a newborn be eating?

We have talked about how to properly lay them in bed, we have talked about their water intake, now let's look at their actual eating schedule. Newborns come along with some pretty strict rules. Honestly, sometimes it can feel like we are caring for gremlins and not newborns at all. However, we do not need to keep them away from water, nor do we need to avoid feeding them past midnight. One of the rules we do need to follow through is the amount in which we feed them daily. What is the most commonly recommended feeding schedule for newborn babies? Take a guess!

Question 39

Which of these solid foods is a good starter for babies?

Transitioning our little ones to solid food can be a very exciting time. For one thing, no more pumping. Yay! For another, we get to see them make a total mess with their food, which we all know is just too cute. As exciting as this time can be, we should also be aware of what foods we can and cannot start our babies on at the beginning. Some are definitely not recommended at all, while others may seem okay but are best left for later on in life. One of the listed food items is actually a great started option for most babies. Which is it?

Question 40

When should we start thinking about potty training?

The only thing more exciting that finally being done with the pumping, is finally being done with the diaper changes. Many parents eagerly look forward to the day when potty training becomes an option. However, we have to keep in mind that there is a specific time frame when this is actually going to be possible. As much as we would like our newborns to get the hang of it right away, this is simply just never going to happen. Looking at the four listed options, is anyone here able to pick out the correct time frame to start potty training?

Question 41

When can we expect our baby to start crawling?

This bit of information is super important to know about. Once our babies start crawling, they are never going to stop. Not only do we need to be aware of this in order to properly be able to keep an eye on them, but we also need to know about this so we can ensure our homes are correctly baby proofed. As soon as they figure out that they can move around on their own, they are going to be getting into everything, so baby proofing is a must! Does anyone here know when they usually start to crawl around?

Question 42

Name this kids show

Here is a real classic! This kids show focuses around a bunch of babies. While this show is geared more towards the younger ones, it could also be a great series for older kids to watch who are expecting the arrival of a new baby sibling. While these baby characters may look like traditional babies, they are actually quite advanced. In every episode, they break themselves out of their playpen, and head off on wild adventure. What kid would not be excited about getting an adventuring baby of their own to play with? Can anyone here correctly name this animated series?

Question 43

At what time of day does morning sickness usually end?

Morning sickness is one of those things that either happens or it doesn't. Not every mother goes through this phase, but those who do, know it is no joke. Simply smelling the wrong thing can send expecting mothers running to the bathroom. Clearly this can make planning a day rather difficult. How can we make sure no one in the office eats anything potentially upsetting throughout the day? Impossible! Is there instead a time of day we can count on being free from this symptom? It is called morning sickness, but at what time of day does it actually end?

Question 44

What can women lose after giving birth?

There are a few things mothers expect and plan to lose after giving birth. Naturally the larger than normal belly is at the top of the list, but they also expect to lose sleep, alone time, and of course any daily routine they were used to before baby arrived. However, there is another thing that new mothers sometimes lose after giving birth, that they are not always expecting. Do freckles sometimes fade after having a baby, or can our teeth actually start to fall out? Will our eyes start shedding lashes, or will our scalps start letting our hairs go?

Question 45

Which sense heightens during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a magical thing. It is kind of like a superpower us women have, that men could never hope to understand. We literally grow a human inside of us for 9 months. If that is not an awesome power, we don't know what is. Along with the human growing ability, pregnancy grants us another cool power. One of our senses heightened considerably during pregnancy, allowing us to experience things in a way we never could before. Does anyone here know which we are talking about? We have listed 4 possible answers, but only one of them is actually correct.

Question 46

Name this kids snack

Being a mom means learning all about the food we can and cannot get our kids to eat. It is no secret that many kids are very picky eaters. There is no real reason for this, except the fact that everything is new to a kid, so sometimes they are just simply not adventurous enough to try things. A clever trick many food companies have come up with, is disguising food and snacks to look like things kids would be drawn to naturally. This snack is prepared in the shape of fish, so getting kids to eat them really isn't difficult at all.

Question 47

How long is an average trimester?

Every pregnancy gets broken down into trimesters. It makes keeping track of things much easier. Each trimester comes with its own exciting new milestones, and as we move through them, we get to experience all kinds of changes in both ourselves and in our baby. By the time we hit our third trimester, things are real. The baby bump is in full swing, the kicks are happening, and sleeping comfortably is a thing of the past. However, there is an end in sight to every trimester. Does anyone here know exactly how many weeks or months go into every trimester?

Question 48

What is an epidural?

Here is another one of those baby terms, which we may not have ever encountered until we actually started planning on having kids. This one is sure to be mentioned in many baby books, television shows, and by our doctors themselves. However, to avoid looking silly during our check up, it is best to inform ourselves on the meaning of this word before we get there. It is true that this word could possibly be used in other medical fields, but it does serve a big purpose in the birthing process. Which of these definitions matches to the word "epidural"?

Question 49

Name this cartoon character

This Disney character is one most of us should be familiar with. Her story existed long before Disney took it over, and it has remained a classic for many of us ever since. This character exists in book form and in Disney movie form. This young girl was terribly bored one afternoon, and decided to do some exploring. She came across a curious looking rabbit hole, and before she knew it, she was falling through it. After finally landing, her surroundings were very different than they had been before she fell. Can anyone here correctly name this classic cartoon character?

Question 50

What sleeping position is not recommended for pregnant women?

So we have covered how best to let our newborns sleep, but what about before we have actually given birth to them? Sleeping while pregnant can be a difficult thing. Many women have stated that it is simply impossible to find a comfortable way of laying down. This can become particularly difficult during the final months of the pregnancy. Once our belly has reached a certain size, it becomes tricky to position it comfortably. However, there is one recommended position most doctors will tell their patients to sleep in. Can anyone here pick out the right answer from the listed options?

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