Calling All Car Buffs! Match The Movie With The Iconic Car

Whether one fancies themselves complete gear head or they barely know how to fill up a gas tank, a cool car has always been one of the most breathtaking sights since Karl Benz invented the modern automobile in 1885. Who doesn't like when such an amazing piece of machinery decked out just whizzes past on the highway? Besides air conditioning, the printing press, and sewage pipelines, the car is certainly the most important invention of the last millennium. Besides, when an artist like Prince sings about it, it's kind of a big deal.

As far as entertainment is concerned, the motion picture was also pretty important. When we combine the two, there's all kinds of amazing chase scenes, horror and sci-fi movies, cop flicks, and nostalgic comedies and dramas featuring now iconic cars. Not to mention, all of the great road trip movies! Whether they were specifically designed for the movie or a model that was a part of the movie, get the motor running, head out on the highway and take our quiz. See how many movies one can guess from its iconic car!

Question 1

What Movie Is This Car From?

While this entire quiz is dedicated to the most famous cars in film history, to the members of Generation X and beyond, is there any car more famous than Doc Emmett Brown’s gull-winged converted time machine? Along with his friend, Marty uses the eighties car to travel to and fro through time to try and save his father, then his son, and Doc Brown himself in the Old West of all places. What movie series made the DMC-12 car famous?

Question 2

What Is The Name Of This Iconic Car?

Admit it, the classic theme of the old Batman TV show just crept into your head at the mere thought of this picture. George Barris, a big name in Hollywood vehicle construction took a Lincoln Futura concept car and created probably the most popular bat-vehicle of all time. It shows up at just about every ComicCon and car show all throughout the country, as several models exist. It of course showed up in the 1966 bat-flick, but what is the name of this iconic car?

Question 3

Which Two Batflicks Did This Car Appear In?

There are a trilogy of batcars on this list and here is the middle chassis. Tim Burton nabbed the reigns of the series and brought it to prominence in 1989, thanks in no small part to the redesigned Chevrolet Impala. Low to the ground and retrofitted with grappling hooks for hairpin turns with a jet turbine engine, offensive weapons, defensive shields, and all kinds of other wonderful toys. Which two movies did this version of the Batmobile appear in?

Question 4

What Is The Name Of This Iconic Car?

In most bat-fans’ minds, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy stands atop the upper echelon of comic book movies as the measuring stick for what could be done with the genre. When he took over the reigns, beginning with Batman Begins, he took a “real world” approach to the Batman, and that's how this souped up monstrosity came to be. Uniquely built by the film’s production designer, the “Lambourgini meets tank” design wasn't even built from an existing car chassis and could actually drive. What was the name of this bat-ride?

Question 5

What Is The Name Of The Ghostbusters Car?

Only someone as sweet natured and naive as parapsychologist Raymond Stanz could be so gung-ho about a 1959 beat up Miller Meteor Cadillac ambulance. But after he, Egon, and Venkman repurposed the thing for their new Ghostbusting business, it became the most famous car in New York City. In fact, after the film’s initial release in 1984, one of the actors would drive it around Manhattan in full Ghostbuster regalia, which inadvertently caused a couple of accidents when fellow drivers couldn't believe their eyes. What is the name of the Ghostbusters car.

Question 6

What Was The Name Of This Stephen King Movie?

Who doesn't remember the thrill of having your first car? Arnie Cunningham certainly does. He decides to put an old Plymouth Fury back together again. But wouldn't you know it—the hunk of junk is actually a sentient car that has offed people and will strike again now that she's up and running. A boy’s personality could come out one behind the wheel and The car is making Arnie a jerk. What is the name of the Plymouth Fury in John Carpenter’s adaptation of Stephen Kings book?

Question 7

What Is The Name Of This Car That Had A Life Of Its Own?

In case you haven't figured it out, Quentin Tarantino’s a pretty twisted guy. Perhaps this movie is his most depraved creation, devoid of any conscience at all, a stunt driving madman and several pretty young things that turn the tables on him and take him for a wild ride. Paying homage to the Grindhouse Slasher flicks he grew up with, Tarantino cast Rosario Dawson, stunt woman Zoe Bell, and perennial favorite everyman Kurt Russell to play venerate Stuntman Mike in this movie. What movie is this?

Question 8

What Movie Did The DB5 First Appear In?

When you're the coolest super spy in cinema history, you better have a sweet ride to match how bad you are. British car manufacturers Aston Martin crafted a dynamic sports vehicle that Bond uses as his personal car, but of course, it had been retrofitted with all kinds of wonderful gadgets to help him fend off Spectre agents. The iconic piece of machinery has made several appearances over the years, most recently in Skyfall. But what movie did the DB5 first appear in?

Question 9

What Was The Name Of Herbie's First Adventure?

Disney got into the car movie game a long time ago in 1968 with good old number 53, Herbie. Similar to that horror–themed Plymouth Fury, Herbie wasn’t just any ol’ car. The Volkswagen Beetle also had a mind of its own. Since this is a Disney franchise though, Herbie doesn’t end anyone. Rumor has it that the pearl white car was picked because it was the only one that had the crew reach out to pet the car. Fun piece of Herbie trivia: Bruce Campbell was behind the wheel in a made for TV movie, directed by Peyton Reed, who has been directing the MCU’s bugs, Ant-Man and the Wasp for two films now. What was the name of Herbie’s first adventure?

Question 10

What Movie Is This Car From?

A Winnebago flying through the cosmos, with its charming rogue pilot and half man-half dog copilot hired to rescue a Druish princess from a dreaded Imperialistic, albeit dimwitted dark lord. Only from the mind of Mel Brooks could a parody of Star Wars exist, complete with a flying motor home to stand in for the Millennium Falcon. Brooks’ wonderfully comedic mind could crafted a movie so indelible that it became as memorable as the film it parodies. What movie is this?

Question 11

What Movie Is This Car From?

Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne are two guys living in Rhode Island. Lloyd’s a limo driver who has to drive Mary Swanson to the airport. He instantly falls for her and spots her leaving a briefcase at the airport which is full of ransom money. Lloyd thinks he’s going to win her heart by bringing the case back to her and grabs his buddy Harry to help him drive cross-country in a ridiculous looking dog-grooming car in this early Jim Carrey comedy.

Question 12

What Movie Is This Car From?

Take two genres that Hollywood loves—dysfunctional families and road trips, put them together as a third—“the dramedy,” and you get one of the most saccharine and bittersweet comedies of the early aughts. The Hoovers are a zany bickering family, but they all adore little girl Olive, and all she wants to do is compete in a beauty competition, even if she isn’t a conventional little cutiepie. That doesn’t stop the family from piling into a Volkswagen bus to get her to California for the pageant.

Question 13

What Movie Franchise Is This Car From?

Most teenagers tend to form a special bond with their first car. It's a rite of passage for plenty of us. Sam Witwicky’s first car was a rusted piece of junker that needed a slew of work done to fix it up. Unlike a lot of teenagers, Sam’s first car was secretly an intergalactic traveler loyal to the Autobots in their war against the Decepticons that spilled out over to our planet. What movie franchise is this car from?

Question 14

What Movie Are These Cars From?

While it might seem like a two-hour car commercial for the Mini Cooper, this Ocean’s Eleven meets the original British heist film garnered a decent following in 2003. A crew of thieves is betrayed when they steal 35 million dollars. A year later, Charlie Croker asks the crew to reunite to get revenge (and their money back), which leads them down a path to even more double crosses and one of the craziest games of cat and mouse to get the money back with daring chases involving the now iconic Mini Coopers.

Question 15

What Movie Franchise Is This Car From?

Dominic Toretto lives his life one-quarter mile at a time. As well he should, since he fronts a crew of truck hijackers, stealing plenty of electronics and selling them on the black market. Remember when this franchise was actually this simple, long before cars were driving via remote and hurtling through the air with the greatest of ease? When the series was just about a charismatic crook and the undercover cop who fell under his spell, the life, and Toretto’s sister. It was all coming down to a chase with Dom running in his rebuilt Dodge Charger. What Movie Franchise Is This Car From?

Question 16

What Kind of Car Is This Beast?

Hath no fury like a woman scorned, or a bride who survives her almost offing on her wedding day. Especially when she is a trained assassin assaulted by her former crew. She is left in a coma for four years. Once she wakes up, she vows vengeance, but first obliterates the orderly who has been assaulting her comatose self for the past four years, stealing his bright yellow car and inside of it teaches herself to wiggle her big toe, thus teaching herself how to walk again.

Question 17

What Movie Is This Car From?

It was the setting of probably the most famous musical interlude of a comedy ever. Several friends just driving around Aurora, Illinois, rocking out to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. The sequence instantly shot the then forgotten Queen classic to an iconic rock anthem, and within minutes of the film beginning, created a memorable sequence that hooked in the audience and started to catapult Mike Myers out of the basement set of SNL and into Hollywood big name status. What movie is this car from?

Question 18

What Movie Is This Car From?

What happens when a couple Southern Belles get fed up with how their men are treating them (which is very poorly)? They head for a vacation. Unfortunately, Thelma is attacked and the girls off the dude out of self-defense. Now they girls on the run-in Louise’s ‘66 Thunderbird in a cross-country manhunt to find them. One of the modern classics from director Ridley Scott, this movie is famous for the introduction of Brad Pitt, and one of the most well-known endings in movie history. What movie is this?

Question 19

What Movie Is This Car From?

When Kip Raines abandons a massive heist job of fifty cars, he is kidnapped by his boss Raymond Calitri. Kip’s brother, Memphis, a reformed car thief comes out of retirement to help his brother and agrees to get all the cars back. He assembles a team, which includes his old girlfriend, and decides to make Eleanor, a modified Ford GT, his last target since he believes the car is cursed. With the Fast franchise starting a year after this movie, it often gets lost in the shuffle. But what's the name of the remake?

Question 20

What Movie Is This Car From?

When a slacker wants to have the ultimate day off, you just have to start it with convincing your doormat of a best friend to snag the keys to his father’s most prized possession, one of the fanciest cars to ever grace the road. They have one of craziest adventures a kid could have, getting caught up in a parade, having a super fancy lunch, and taking in a Chicago Cubs game. But they unfortunately parked the Ferrari in a garage, and the attendants decided to take it for a joyride. What movie is this Ferrari from?

Question 21

What Is The Name Of This Car?

While all of these questions surround cars, and plenty of these automobiles are staples of their franchise or film, perhaps only one is centered solely on the car. Honestly, can anyone actually know Bo or Luke’s last names, or even first names having not read it here. Obviously, most male fans know who Daisy Duke is, but with those legs and Jessica Simpson in the role how could you not. What's the name of the car in the Dukes Of Hazzard?

Question 22

What Movie Is This Car From?

When this gang of teenagers searches out adventure, they usually find it. Mystery, Incorporated hasn't been heard of since they disbanded a few years ago. But when strange occurrences keep happening at the popular horror-themed, Spooky Island, the old group has to get over their past transgressions towards one another if they want to solve another mystery in this live-action adaptation of one of the most popular kids cartoons of all time. What movie can you see the Mystery Machine?

Question 23

What Movie Is This Car Scene From?

Pop quiz hot shot, there's a bomb on a bus. Once the bus hits fifty miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If the bus dips the below fifty, the bomb goes off. What do you? If you're hot shot LAPD SWAT office Jack Traven, you rush headlong into the danger drive through the crowded Los Angeles streets to find the bus, board it while its moving and do everything you can to outsmart the mad bomber in this early nineties classic action movie.

Question 24

What Movie Is This Car SceneFrom?

His most famous car might be the Aston Martin, but that's not the only sweet ride 007 has in the garage. Thanks to the folks at the Lotus, Bond also got to sport around on a prototype Lotus Espirit in Roger Moore’s third Bond adventure. As James and Amasova are being pursued by Stromberg’s henchmen, ever the tactician, Q gave Bond a distinct advantage: the Lotus turned into a submarine. Which movie shows Bond evade his certain end and find Stromberg’s underwater hideout?

Question 25

What Movie Is This Car From?

For kids born in the eighties, Nickelodeon became the jam. Nicktoons, Snick, Clarissa, Alex Mack, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, plenty of nostalgia there, and it all was made specifically for that demographic. Perhaps the cable network’s biggest gamble of the era was taking a skit from their version of SNL, All That, and adapting it for the big screen. The result was Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell driving around town in this outrageous-looking food cart. In what movie?

Question 26

What Movie Is This Car From?

Kowalski is a delivery driver for cars. He’s also a decorated detective and war hero, the anti-hero archetype of seventies-era movies. He has a new assignment: deliver a beautiful white Dodge Challenger from Colorado to San Francisco by Monday. But the guy makes a bet with the local Biker bar in Denver that it will be San Francisco by tomorrow. Wanting nothing more to experience freedom, Kowalski puts the peddle to the metal and guns it, other cars and police be darned in this old-school road movie.

Question 27

What Movie Is This Car From?

It's the last of the V8 Interceptors is an old-school GT Falcon muscle car, the Pursuit Special. Originally built to try and keep our hero on the police force, Rockatansky instead uses it to obliterate the gang behind his family’s end. He then traverses the barren wastelands fending off marauders, vagabonds, Lord Humongous, and god knows what else. The Interceptor became a staple of the entire franchise, making some sort of appearance in all four movies, and two video games. What Mel Gibson film franchise is this car from?

Question 28

What Movie Is This Car From?

A hot shot race car wants nothing more than to compete in the big race. It ended in a three-way tie and now there's another big race scheduled to take place in Los Angeles in one week. All he wants to be is the sponsored car for the Dinoco company. But after a mishap leaves him having to do community service, he has to help the town of Radiator Springs get back on its feet. Learning the value of friends and family in the process, what's the name of this Pixar flick, starring Lightning McQueen?

Question 29

What Movie Is This Car From?

With the benefits of good writing, this squad’s GMC Vandura pretty much had anything and everything it needed, from a sunroof to a printing press, surveillance kits, and plenty of disguises for Hannibal. The all-black van with red trim was such a staple of eighties pop culture that it reemerged for the 2010 movie starring Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson, where the group are now Iraq War veterans framed for a crime they didn't commit. What movie is this battle van from?

Question 30

What Movie Is This Car From?

It's time for the Griswold family trip, and the plan is head to Wally World, America’s Favorite Family Fun park. While Ellen wants to fly, her overzealous husband Clark wants to drive, in order to bond with their children. While plenty of fans of this movie get a kick out of the Griswold’s Truckster station wagon, that's not the car we're talking about here. The supermodel of the day, Christie Brinkley, drives alongside the family in her cherry red Ferrari. What movie is this?

Question 31

What Movie Is This Car From?

In 1996, alt-rock group, the Presidents Of The United States Of America released the song “Mach 5.” How many sweet rides have a song made about them? From out of Japan came an Anime that had also became one of the most popular cartoons both in the Rising Sun and on this side of the world too, a true global phenomenon. While it wasn’t very well received in theaters, the siblings behind the Matrix films, the Wachowski’s also brought a very colorful live action adaptation to the big screen. What’s the name of this movie?

Question 32

What Is The Name Of This Ship?

Ok it's not a car, per se. But it's a space car, and it's arguably the most noticeable vehicle in all of cinema. It's been piloted first by Lando Calrissian who lost it to Han Solo in a card game. When the Rebellion needed Lando to command the assault on the second Death Star, Han encouraged Lando to take his ship back. Now, the ship is driven by Rey in the new Star Wars saga. What is the name of the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?

Question 33

What Movie Is This Car From?

Somehow, the British luxury car, the Jaguar sports coupe hadn't made its way into too many movies, or at least too many memorable ones. That all changed when Mike Myers crafted his take on the swinging sixties-era super spy. A super spy needed a super sports car. When everything is covered in the Union Jack in this man out of time spy comedy, the car was also splashed with the flag of Great Britain. What is the name of this Mike Myer late '90s-early aughts franchise?

Question 34

What Movie Is This Car From?

The Dude abides by plenty of things, but when it comes to his rug and to a lesser extent, his car, he can't abide anymore. While trying to figure out where Jeffrey Lebowski’s wife is or who took her, El Duderino and his best buddy Walter wind up getting ransom money and The Dude’s Gran Torino stolen. Once the cops find it, the Dude finds it broken but still drivable, no ransom money inside, but at least his Creedence tape is intact.

Question 35

What TV Show Is This Car From?

Plenty of car fans and fans of speed love the Pontiac Trans Am. The Firebird is a sleek-looking sports car. Perhaps it's also loved thanks to the mega popularity of this early eighties show, featuring KITT, a Trans Am with a mind of its own and Michael Knight behind the wheel of the coupe. Voiced by “Mr. Feeny” William Daniels, and starring The Hoff, David Hasselhoff were a different dynamic duo, dedicated to fighting crime. Sure it hasn't been adapted for the silver screen (yet), but who doesn't love the theme and this car?! What show was this?

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