Call Of Duty: Can You Match The Map To The Game?


Lock and load soldier, it's time to test your knowledge of Call of Duty. The famed World War II shooter first debuted in 2003 and has grown into one of the largest video game franchises in the world. It's precise shooting mechanics, stellar gunplay, stories, and production value have made each entry into the series worth taking notice of. In recent years, Call of Duty has transitioned into a modern setting, beginning with 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which introduced players to modern combat scenarios featuring weapons, tactics, and locations from the modern era. COD4 marked the beginning of a new era of Call of Duty by introducing game changing multiplayer with a ranked progression system, prestige levels, unlockable weapons, perks, and attachments, giving players a reason to keep coming back to the game for years to come.

The unique development cycle of Call of Duty switches for its annual release as a different studio brings their own spin on the franchise. Treyarch is known for the Black Ops series, Infinity Ward covers the Modern Warfare series, and Sledgehammer Games released Advanced Warfare as well as 2017's Call of Duty WWII, which is set to return the series to its original roots in the second World War. The reason for this return to form stems from the fact that recent games in the franchise have been set in the not too distant future with jet packs, wall running, and other absurd mechanics that have driven gamers and fans into a very divided space. Call of Duty WWII hopes to bring boots on the ground action back and pull old fans back in for a new COD experience. Think you know Call of Duty well? Let's see if you can answer our questions below as to which map belongs to which Call of Duty. Stay frosty soldier.

Question 1

"Nacht Der Untoten" is from which COD?

In a name that translates literally to "night of the undead," this zombie map was the first entry in the long series of zombies game modes to grace the screens of Call of Duty players around the world. This game mode was unlocked after completing the campaign mode and was a little side mode that quickly began to overshadow other modes entirely and become a bestseller and incentive to purchase DLC packs. Each new entry into the zombie game has this map to thank for its popularity

Question 2

Which COD had the map "Verdun"?

Verdun was a classic multiplayer map from one of the earlier Call of Duty games that was focused on the second World War. The map centered around a large stone structure that players could navigate and collide with other players in close quarters combat. By using the balcony sections of the building, players could take aim with sniper rifles to eliminate soldiers in the surrounding area with skill and ease. The dark night sky of the map made it hard for players to see very well.

Question 3

"Shipment" is from which COD?

Shipment is one of the most frantic maps from any Call of Duty thanks to its incredibly small size and excellent design. Team Deathmatch on this map pits twelve players against each other in such close quarters combat that it was common for someone to spawn and be killed immediately. The use of spawn camping meant players could wait for new players to spawn in and be killed immediately. This map was excellent for one on one sniper quick scope fights.

Question 4

"Crash" first appeared in which COD?

Crash is a classic Call of Duty map with three separate, distinct lanes. Taking the outside lanes will lead you down a narrow alley perfect for sniping or into a building with multiple levels and angles to attack enemies. Brave soldiers can take the center lane, bringing the action right to the dead center of the map which is denoted by the infamous helicopter crash that the map is named after. Remastered versions of this map receive makeovers for special events like Christmas themes streaming lights all over the map.

Question 5

"Der Riese" is a zombie map from which game?

Der Riese is the pinnacle of everything that the nazi zombie aspect of Call of Duty should be. A well designed map supports both cooperative and single player tactics and helped flesh out some of the more bizarre story elements to the zombie saga while raising new questions along the way. The introduction of the Pack-A-Punch machine and the teleportation pads allowed players to up the ante of their firepower or get out of a tight squeeze at the last second.

Question 6

"Zombies in Spaceland" is from which COD?

This zombies map was intended to replicate two solid ideas. It wanted to recreate a Disney style amusement park and give it a rockin' 1980's theme and I believe they were successful on both fronts. The bright purple and other neon lights really evoke the classic disco era mentality and DJ David Hasselhoff puts the icing on this map's cake by having a stellar soundtrack in the background to kill zombies with. The rideable roller coaster and boss zombies make for excellent co op action.

Question 7

"Array" appeared in which COD?

Array was a giant map by Call of Duty multiplayer standards. It's so large that you could spend an entire match looking for enemy players only to find a handful of them over the course of the whole game. This snow level was a haven for snipers and long range combatants who wanted to play the waiting game for their next target. The best game mode for this map was search and destroy so players could stake out their targets as they worked their way to the objectives.

Question 8

"Knee Deep" is from which COD?

Knee Deep was one of my least favorite maps in the game it appeared in. As the name implies, the jungle setting of the map bogs players down in the mud and forces them out into the open where they become target practice for any capable sniper to take aim and fire. The green and brown color palette of the map allow for any eagle eyed sniper to blend into their surroundings and play the waiting game for their next target.

Question 9

Which game features this yacht as a map?

This thin map was featured in one of the more modern call of duty games and was called Hijacked. It's open air concept made for some excellent combat tactics as players could travel along the outside of the ship or take to the inside of the cabins for some very close quarters combat. The beautiful vistas from the bow of the ship make for some incredibly beautiful views that can distract even the most hardcore of players from their objectives.

Question 10

What game did Nuketown first appear in?

Okay so Nuketown is easily one of, if not the best multiplayer maps that Call of Duty has ever crafted. Its small size means that combat is always only a few seconds away and the design of the map is unparalleled by any other map. The freaky setting of the map in the middle of nowhere desert setting is complemented by the nuke tower in the distance that always drops at the end of each match, destroying everything that is in a wide radius of the explosion.

Question 11

Highrise is a map from which COD?

This great map was notorious for spawn sniping, a tactic where players go from the start of the match to a specific spot and firing across the map for instant kills. Key points on this map include the crane that hangs over the edge of the app, where one wrong step can spell a player's demise during critical points of a game of search and destroy. I spent so many hours trying to time a cross map throwing knife perfectly to no avail.

Question 12

"Moon" appeared in which game?

Just when players thought the zombies mode for Call of Duty couldn't get any crazier, developers decided to shoot for the Moon, literally. Players were trapped on a desolate Moon base with limited oxygen and tasked to find space suits so they could survive and take on the hordes of the undead more effectively. Zero gravity combat meant that the zombies remains would float in the air following their dismemberment and introduced boss zombies with much more health and higher damage ratios to players.

Question 13

"Kino Der Toten" is from which COD?

This theatre of the damned was a large map for the Call of Duty zombie mode where players are trapped inside a large, old school movie theatre and tasked with one objective: survive. The grand scale of the theatre allowed for multiple different sections for players to make their stand against the undead hordes, from the main auditorium with its teleportation pad to the upstairs office sections where players can attempt to outrun their pursuers and survive until the next round.

Question 14

What game did Rust appear in?

Oh man, Rust. One of the all time best maps in any Call of Duty game. This was essentially the Final Destination of COD maps. Countless hours were spent on this map where rivals would go one on one with Intervention sniper rifles to go on a quick scope match. Spectators would come watch and cheer on their friends to see who the best player was. Depending on the caliber of the match, the final kill always had to be a 360 degree quick scope.

Question 15

Which COD zombies game features this giant robot?

In the zombies map "Origins" players explore the trenches of a battle zone while being chased by zombies. Sounds pretty run of the mill, right? Did we also mention that there is a GIANT ROBOT stomping around the map the entire game? This inclusion was one of the most out there expansions for any Call of Duty and really showed the creativity of the development team that worked on the zombies game mode. I could never get past round 15 on this one!

Question 16

"Favela" appeared in which COD?

This map recreated a small town in Rio de Janeiro that was perfect for close quarters combat as well as some long range encounters. The center of the map and its corresponding lanes were cluttered with buildings and alleyways that could allow players to make a quick escape and hide before ambushing their pursuer. I spent many hours with friends in private matches playing games of "Michael Myers" or doing quick scope sniper rifle battles to determine who the best player was.

Question 17

Which game did "Horizon" appear in?

The floating jet hovering in the middle of the map might give away the fact that this is one of the more futuristic Call of Duty games, but which one? This map features a military base that is surrounded by high mountains and heavy snow that cloaks the open air sections of the map in a white blanket. This makes it quite difficult to stay hidden in these areas and allow for snipers to pick off wandering soldiers with ease.

Question 18

"Estate" is from which COD?

Estate is a map based on one of the levels in the campaign where players infiltrate a mountainside cabin to download and extract crucial information about terrorists. The map is a large open area with the house being a main focal point for multiplayer action. The house's different levels allow for players to ambush one another or hide in small rooms. This map is riddled with easter eggs, from the "game station" on near the TV to the sex doll in the basement.

Question 19

"Riot" appeared in which COD?

As the title implies, Riot takes place at a maximum security prison that has been attacked, allowing all of the convicts to escape. The silver lining to this is that it makes for an excellent map for tactical warfare. The two levels inside of the main prison floor make for great choke points and the outer sections of the map allow for heavy vertical gunplay where players can take a tactical advantage over their enemies or surprise them from above

Question 20

"Castle" is a map from which COD?

This map was excellent in its design because of the way it had incredibly diverse areas for combat that each had their own strengths and weaknesses. My favorite thing to do with this map was start a private match with a group of friends and glitch out of the area by jumping repeatedly against a wall until the player clips through and is able to explore the underside of the map before eventually falling below the playable area into an invisible body of water.

Question 21

"Terminal" first appeared in which game?

Terminal is one of my all time favorite maps in the Call of Duty franchise thanks to its stellar design and fun level concept. Based on a level in the campaign featuring the same airport, this map allows players to fight around an airfield, inside the terminal itself, and in a connected airplane docked at the terminal. The best part of the map is the plane itself, where players can work their way through the cabin of the plane and make a quick escape down the emergency slide.

Question 22

"Die Rise" is from which COD?

Die Rise was a super fun but criminally underrated zombies map. The map featured vertical gameplay where players would travel between different levels in a collapsed skyscraper by elevators and using collapsed pillars to make it to different rooms. The rooftop of the map made for tight zombie combat and the map introduced a collectible mechanic where players could find objects scattered across the map and use them to make defensive weapons that would hold back the hordes of zombies for a limited time.

Question 23

"Wetwork" is from which COD?

This classic map is everything a Call of Duty map should be. It has tight, cohesive lanes that allow players to quickly rush into action or stay back patiently as they wait to make their next coordinated move. The dark, stormy sky rains down upon players constantly, forcing them to use their night vision goggles or to turn up the brightness on their television. Whenever I played on this map, I would always stay near the shipping containers instead of venturing inside the cabin of the ship itself.

Question 24

"Carnival" appeared in which COD?

The only thing in the world I hate more than video game lag is a clown. They're absolutely terrifying and this map quickly became on of my least favorite levels to play in multiplayer because of that sole fact. However, once I was able to get past the freaky carnival entrance, I had quite a bit of fun with the level. One of the best spots on the map is the rollercoaster towards the back of the map that allows players to get a tactical view over their targets.

Question 25

"Chinatown" is from which COD?

This classic map would make Kurt Russell proud. It recreates the night time alleyways of a fictional Chinatown district in an urban city. The dark corridors meant players always needed to be ready to equip their night vision goggles to aid their sight and take down their enemies. Buildings could be entered and could allow players to make a quick exit through windows to throw off their pursuer or attack someone from above. This map has been remastered for new games as well.

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