Build Your Dream Wedding And We'll Match You Up With An A-List Hubby

Weddings are a magical event that most girls spend their infancy, adolescence and adult life envisioning. Fairytales have programmed us to dream about one day finding a Prince Charming, getting married and living happily ever after. The media obsesses over celebrity relationships, extravagant weddings and gifts and dream-worthy A-list husbands. No wonder most of us spend our days dreaming up the perfect wedding, the perfect husband and the perfect life. Dream weddings are everywhere - on television shows, reality TV, Youtube, social media and even the press.

This quiz will allow quizzers to plan out their dream wedding and select everything from the colour palette, dress, cake flavour, menu and of course, the honeymoon! This is the dream of anyone who's ever spent their days and nights watching wedding shows on TLC. Based on the selections made, we will be able to set you up with your very own Prince Charming. Here's the twist, these men are not from a fictional Disney film, instead they're super dreamy A-List celebrities. Does this sound interesting? We bet it does.

Who's ready to plan out their most perfect wedding ceremony? Quizzers are 35 questions away from uncovering their true love. Let's not waste any time. Quick, it's time to start planning!

Question 1

Pick the perfect proposal location:

Many girls dream of the ultimate romantic wedding proposal. Some imagine over the top flash mobs, complete with dancers that attract large audiences. While others envision something more low-key, like a proposal on a secluded beach, or a garden filled with roses and candles. Some dream of getting engaged in a foreign country, like Paris or Rome. Whichever it is, proposals are a big deal and nailing the proposal is a magical part of any engagement. Pick the perfect proposal.

Question 2

Will there be a wedding planner?

Wedding planners are there to guide each couple through the preparation for the big day. Most people only get married once, but wedding planners have been through the process endless amounts of times. They often know all the steps, how to prioritize and budget, and also have great connections in the industry. While wedding planners are an amazing tool, they are costly and don't fit into everyone's budgets. Some people would rather control the entire planning of their wedding themselves. It's time to decide whether or not to hire one!

Question 3

Pick an invitation style:

Invitations are a major part of every wedding. Setting up the guest list helps determine what kind of party it will be, how big and the average age range. The invitations often tease the theme or colour palette of the wedding, as well as reveal the date of the big day. Sending the invitations out is an exciting part of any wedding celebration. They are often highly personalized, however, some people prefer a more minimalist design, while others love elaborate styling. Pick the perfect invitation.

Question 4

Pick the venue:

Picking the venue for the wedding and reception is a huge deal. It's where the bride, groom and their guests will spend most of their time during the entire celebration. The venue also sets the theme for the big day; A beach often calls for a more laid-back event, while a reception hall is typically more formal and fancy. Some weddings are held outdoors in nature, if the weather permits, while others are inside a luxurious room. Pick the dream venue.

Question 5

Pick a season:

The season in which a couple gets married tells a lot about them. Winter weddings are often for the more unconventional couples, whereas most weddings happen in the heat of summer. Spring and fall weddings are often risky as the weather is extremely unpredictable, but can also be incredibly beautiful. The venue might also have a big impact on the wedding venue. Which season sounds perfect to get married in? Summer, fall, winter or spring? It's time to make a choice.

Question 6

Pick a cake flavour:

Everyone loves cake! Wedding cakes are a traditional part of any wedding. A tall tiered cake is beautifully decorated to fit the theme of the wedding. It's sliced by the bride and groom who sometimes stuff it another's face as a joke. Modern weddings often have less conventional cakes, and even cupcakes at times! What is the perfect flavour for this special wedding cake? Is it vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or a fruity flavour? It's time to make a choice!

Question 7

Pick a cake design:

The look of the cake reflects on the theme and vibe of the wedding. A traditional cake usually fits best with a highly traditional wedding, whereas a colourful or bold floral cake speaks to a more playful party! The dream cake design needs to fit perfectly with the theme as well. Depending on the dream wedding colour palette and venue, pick the dream-worthy cake design. Is it a more traditional style of dessert, cupcakes, a colourful cake or a fully floral treat?

Question 8

Pick a budget:

Let's get one thing straight: Weddings are really expensive, and it's highly likely that a dream-worthy wedding has an incredibly high price point. When planning a beautiful wedding, an important thing to consider is: How much is this all going to cost? How much can I afford? It's time for the least fun part of designing any wedding, setting a budget! Will your wedding have a firm budget or none at all? It's time to make a very serious decision.

Question 9

Pick a wedding dress:

It's time for one of the most exciting steps of any wedding…. Going shopping for that dream dress. There are endless amounts of famous designers that create unique wedding dress designs in endless amounts of colours and silhouettes. Back in the day, most brides were limited to basic white gowns in traditional silhouettes, but today all the options are open! It's time to pick the perfect dress for this wedding! Is it a voluminous ball gown, a figure-flaunting mermaid silhouette, a romantic lace gown or a traditional A-line?

Question 10

Choose a pair of wedding shoes:

Every bride needs the perfect pair of shoes to spend her special day in. Some floor-sweeping gowns totally hide the bride's feet, allowing them to wear much more comfortable styles like sneakers or flats. Other brides love the relaxed look of flats and gowns and sport them purposefully. Meanwhile, some brides love the full-glam look and choose to rock some skyscraping heels for their big day. It's time to choose the perfect shoes for the big wedding. What will it be?

Question 11

Pick a hairstyle:

It's time to get glam for this gorgeous wedding. Let's begin by picking a hairstyle. The bride's updo needs to match the style of their wedding and gown. Some brides love a feminine updo or top knot that leaves all the attention on the gown and their glowing faces. Meanwhile, loose beachy waves are perfect for an outdoor wedding and straight locks fit a more minimalist ceremony best. It's time to pick the perfect hairstyle. So, what will it be?

Question 12

Pick a makeup look:

It's time to get transformed for the big day. Makeup adds the finishing touch to the whole look. Most brides often get their makeup done by professionals, while others do it themselves or with friends. Wedding makeup is often a little more natural to fit the look of a clean white gown. Some brides even skip entirely on the makeup and let their natural glow shine for the big day. Which of these makeup looks will you wear for your dream wedding?

Question 13

How many people will be invited?

Creating a guest list sounds easy in theory, but often proves to be harder than expected. It starts off simple, the couple begins listing who they'd like at the wedding, but after a while, distant family and older friends somehow get included in the mix and it suddenly begins to be difficult to draw the line. Adding plus ones often make the wedding party exponentially larger as well. Select the size of this dream wedding. Will it be small, normal, big or extremely extensive?

Question 14

Pick some flowers for the bouquet:

The bouquet adds the finishing touch to any brides' look. It's made up of beautiful flowers that add the perfect pop of colour to your commonly white attire. Traditional bouquets have flowers of all the same colour, while others have flowers of varying colours for a more whimsical look. The commonly have roses, which are the ultimate romantic flower, meanwhile, others have some more seasonal flowers like tulips or daisies. Choose a flower to place in the bouquet, or select a mix of these pretty blooms!

Question 15

Pick a suit for the groom:

It's time to get the groom all dressed up for the big day. Men surely have less selection than women when it comes to their wedding day attire, however, there certainly are some options available. Some grooms prefer the classic tuxedo look, opting for a black tux and white shirt. Others prefer less traditional colours like grey or blue. Meanwhile, some grooms have a vibrant personality and instead, choose a bright pink suit to wear. Select the perfect tuxedo colour for the perfect groom!

Question 16

Pick a colour palette:

It's time to start decorating the venue! Weddings commonly have a theme, be it florals or twinkle lights, or a strict colour palette. Some couples choose to have a traditional wedding that's decorated with black and white to reflect their attire. Meanwhile, specifically, those who get married in spring or summer, opt for pretty pastel hues to decorate their venue. A neutral colour scheme fits a more minimalist wedding, and a neon colour scheme is perfect for a playful party. It's time to select the perfect colour scheme.

Question 17

Pick a maid of honour:

The maid of honour is selected by the bride and is usually someone very, very close to them. The maid of honour is responsible for helping organize important parts of every wedding, like the bachelorette, as well as helping make sure things go smoothly on the wedding day-- think of them as any bride's right hand (wo)man. Choosing the maid of honour is entirely up to the bride and who she feels is most helpful and responsible, as well as who she wants to share this happy day with. Pick this special person!

Question 18

Pick a best man:

The best man is the groom's right-hand man on the big day. The best man, similarly to the maid of honour, helps the groom ensure everything runs smoothly on his wedding day. The best man is in charge of planning an epic bachelor party, as well as making sure the groom gets to the wedding in one piece. The best man is, of course, someone very close or even related to the groom. It's time to appoint someone to be the best man at your wedding.

Question 19

Pick a colour for the bridesmaids' dresses:

Bridesmaids dresses are the second most important thing after selecting the bride's dress. The bridesmaids are a group of girls who are close to the bride, who help her prepare for as well as celebrate her transition into married life. The bridesmaids walk down the aisle before the bride and stand at the altar with her-- no wonder their dresses are super important! It's time to pick the perfect dresses that match well with the rest of the wedding plans.

Question 20

Will the bridesmaids wear the same dress?

Bridesmaids traditionally all wore the same dress, in the same colour for weddings. However, times are changing and there are endless options that help make each wedding special and unique. Some brides and bridesmaids often opt to have either different dresses in the same colour, different dresses in a variety of colour, or the same dress but in different colours. The options really are open and can be customized depending on the wedding style! Which of these best fits your personal aesthetic?

Question 21

How many bridesmaids?

The number of bridesmaids is entirely up to the bride. If she has lots of very close friends, or maybe several sisters or cousins with which she is very close, the bridal party may be a little bit bigger. However, some bridesmaids keep the ceremony simple and only choose one or two close connections to be a part of their special day. It all depends on the bride, what she wants, and how big the wedding actually is. Pick the perfect number!

Question 22

How many groomsmen?

Choosing the number of groomsmen is very similar to picking the bridesmaids. Sometimes couples try to coordinate their wedding parties so that they have actual couples. For example, if the grooms best friend has a girlfriend or wife, the bride may select her to be in her bridal party. This works out great if the couple has lots of couple friends! The groomsmen attend important events like the bachelor party and help support the groom with whatever he needs. Pick the perfect amount!

Question 23

Pick the wedding rings:

Wedding rings are a huge part of the big day! Wedding rings are placed on the ring fingers of the bride and groom as a symbol of their promise to one another. The folks' tale claims that it's worn on the left ring finger because this finger is directly linked to the heart. After saying their vows, the couple places the ring on their partner's finger. The ring is worn for every day after their wedding. It's often made from diamonds or gold. Pick the perfect wedding rings.

Question 24

Pick a ring bearer:

The ring bearer is the person who walks down the aisle holding the couple's wedding rings. At some weddings, the ring bearer is a younger boy that's related to the couple, either being their son or younger siblings or cousin. Some more quirky weddings choose to have a family pet as the ring bearer, like the family dog for example. Both are extremely cute and will definitely make guests smirk. It's time to pick the perfect ring bearer for this wedding.

Question 25

Pick a centrepiece:

The centrepieces at a wedding decorate each table where the guests sit for most of the evening and dine. The centrepieces often reflect the wedding's theme and colour palette and add the perfect amount of decoration. Some couples choose simple foliage, like a wreath or a plant to adorn the table, while others choose extravagant bouquets of flowers to decorate the room. Other couples choose more romantic and subtle decorations like classy candles. It's time to pick the perfect centrepiece.

Question 26

Pick the appetizers:

It's time to start eating… woohoo! While most couples often report being too nervous to eat or enjoy the food at their own wedding, it's still essential to have a knockout menu. Each meal starts off with some yummy appetizers that help keep people from getting too hungry while waiting for the main course. Some popular appetizers include a shrimp cocktail for seafood lovers, prosciutto and melon for meat eaters, garlic bread for carb lovers or olives for Mediterranean food lovers. Pick the most delectable appetizer.

Question 27

Pick the first course:

It's time to sit down at the table and start eating! The first course gives the guests a taste of what's to come and is usually a somewhat light dish. Depending on the style of cuisine served at this wedding, it can largely differ. Some popular first courses include a classic salad, traditional tomato soup, delicious bruschetta or a Caprese salad. These are all soups or variations of salads, making them not too filling and helping guests keep some place for the food to come. Pick the yummiest first course.

Question 28

Pick the second course:

It's time to eat… again! The second course is the last appetizer-style dish before the main course. It's usually a little bit bigger than the first course, but also significantly smaller than the main dish. Pasta, either classic or stuffed, is a common dish to serve as a second course as it gives guests their carbs before a heavier, often meat-focused main dish. Other second courses include delicious treats like samosas! Yum! It's time to pick some more food. What will it be?

Question 29

Pick the main meal:

It's time to finally enjoy the main dish. The main dish is usually the last thing served before the dessert and dancing. At this point, guests should be hungry and excited to eat! The main dish should, of course, be something that reflects the culture and preferences of the couple and their guests. Popular main dishes include meats like steak or chicken, served with whatever seasonings are popular amongst the guest. Popular vegetarian dish options include eggplant parmesan or gnocchi! Pick the yummiest main course!

Question 30

Pick the dessert:

While every wedding usually has a giant cake, it's usually not enough. There tends to be a separate desserts course that's served right before the cake cutting. This desserts course usually tastes better than the actual cake, as the traditional wedding cake is mostly just for show and for the sake of tradition. What kind of cake will be served for dessert? Will it be a lava cake, a cheesecake, a brownie or a fruit salad? It's time to make a choice.

Question 31

Will there be a sweets table?

The sweets table is usually opened much later, sometimes even after midnight. It's kind of like a second meal to feed anyone that got hungry after dancing the night away. While it's traditionally called a sweets table, it usually holds much more than just dessert. It has many savoury dishes like french fries, pizza and even burgers or chicken! It, of course, has dessert as well, like a chocolate fountain for example. Who else is getting hungry? It's time to decide whether you'd like to include a sweets table or not.

Question 32

Pick a type of entertainment:

Weddings are magical and they're also lots of fun! The right amount of entertainment helps make sure all the guests are ready to party and be goofy. Some couples prefer to have a DJ take care of the entertainment. Thye often encourages guests to dance, take music requests and start games and contests. Other prefer to have interactive modes of entertainment, like a photobooth with hysterical props or carnival games ready! Meanwhile, for some dance-loving couples, getting everyone on the dancefloor is more than enough.

Question 33

Will there are be a photographer?

A photographer helps capture every moment of the big day and preserve it forever. A team of photographers usually follow around the bride and groom as they get ready for the big day, then take photos during the ceremony and of course, throughout the reception. Some photographers even use advanced technology like drones to get the most breathtaking photos. Does having a photographer around sound essential or somewhat irritating? It's time to decide whether or not to hire a skilled photographer for this dream wedding.

Question 34

Pick a music style:

It's time to head off to the dance floor and bust a move! The music played at the wedding should reflect the couple's preferences, but also fit the interests of all the guests to make sure everyone is dancing and having fun. What kind of beats will be played on this special day? Will it be more electronic, dub-step style music? Some smooth R&B to set the romantic mood? Some classic rock to get people reminiscing? Or a mix of a bunch of different kinds of music genres?

Question 35

Pick a honeymoon destination:

The wedding is wrapping up, where is the lucky couple heading to for their honeymoon? The honeymoon happens right after the wedding, where the couple goes on a beautifully romantic vacation to celebrate their recent marriage. Some couples just want to go relax on a beach in Hawaii or Maldives and unwind after the stress of planning a wedding. Other couples want to see the word with their partner and head off on a major adventure to see some beautiful countries like Iceland or Italy. Pick a dream honeymoon destination.

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