Build Your Dream Guy And We'll Reveal Which A-List Actor Is Perfect For You

Attraction is a strange thing. Sometimes we come face to face with the most handsome of men and yet we feel nothing. We are not attracted to them in the slightest even though our friends might spend the entire evening gushing over how perfect they are. That kind of makes sense though.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (even though there are plenty of those that claim that beauty is universal). The men that our friends might be attracted to might not necessarily appeal to us at all. For example, our best friend might fall in love with every dark-haired man that crosses her path whereas we might prefer those who sport blonde locks instead.

When it comes down to it, we all have a type, whether we know it or not. There are certain physical attributes that we can't help but feel attracted to. For example, some of us might be into really fit guys with dimples whereas others might feel attracted to lanky guys with freckles.

Physical attributes catch our eye first, but personality matters too. It's important that our dream guy is not only good-looking but also a nice person. Build a dream guy below and we'll match everyone with the perfect A-list actor!

Question 1

How tall is he?

Most girls are into guys who are very, very tall. Indeed, the majority of us can't even imagine dating someone who is shorter than us (and some girls are even opposed to dating men who are their height because they then might have to forego wearing heels). Evolutionary speaking, it has been suggested that women prefer taller men because they believe them to be stronger and more capable of warding off physical threats. However, according to Psychology Today, most people prefer to partner with people of similar height due to something known as assortative mating.

Question 2

What color is his hair?

Women experiment with their hair on a yearly, if not monthly, basis. They cut it or grow it out, and they dye it whatever color takes their fancy at that moment. For example, one day a woman might be sporting blonde locks, whereas the next her hair color might be pink or blue. Men, on the other hand, tend to stick to their natural hair color (and to be honest, women prefer that!) When it comes to hair color, we all have a preference. What's yours?

Question 3

How long is his hair?

Most men keep their hair short. That kind of makes sense. After all, short hair is way easier to look after and style than longer hair. If a man's hair is very short, he might not even need to brush it in the morning. That saves a lot of time and hassle. On the other hand, some men prefer to keep their hair long. Long hair is a statement and can look amazing on some men. Unfortunately, long hair requires a lot of care.

Question 4

Choose an eye color.

One of the first few things that we notice when we meet someone new is their eyes, and to be even more specific their eye color. When it comes to eyes, we don't usually have a strong preference (we are not that picky, after all!) That being said, we do like certain eye colors more than others. Blue, green, brown, and gray are the most common eye colors out there. Unlike women, men rarely wear colored contacts which means that their eye color is more often than not natural!

Question 5

Choose a face shape.

Overall, women tend to prefer men with angular faces. There's a reason for that. According to Best Life Online, masculine facial features (i.e., angles) indicate a high level of testosterone. However, it has also been said that testosterone-heavy men are much less likely to commit in a relationship, which is why women tend to ignore them when choosing a long-term partner. Furthermore, men with round faces can look great too. In general, it all comes down to your personal preference.

Question 6

Choose a body type.

We all have different body types. For example, some of us are naturally skinny whereas others are naturally chubby. Then there are those who have average bodies and those who are incredibly fit. The latter are often praised and admired, but at times their hard work is attributed to genes. Indeed, according to Muscle for Life, while our genes determine things such as which muscle groups are our strong points as well as our rate of muscle growth and our natural hormone levels, anyone can become fit if they put their mind to it. But do you even want your man to be fit?

Question 7

How old is he?

Age doesn't necessarily determine how mature someone is. In general though, the younger the man, the less mature he'll be which is perhaps why most girls are attracted to men who are slightly older than them. That kind of makes sense though. Maturity comes with experience, and the older we are, the more things we have been through (in other words, experience equals growth). Nonetheless, sometimes girls click with someone who is their own age or indeed someone who is younger than them.

Question 8

What's his occupation?

Most of us don't really care what job our crush has, as long as he has ambition and drive to succeed. That being said, according to Fashion Beans, some jobs are more appealing than others (and can make the man look more attractive too!) Doctor usually tops the list of jobs that women find the most attractive. In general, doctors are seen as intelligent, educated, and successful. Furthermore, the educational process that they have to commit to is pretty lengthy which means that they're probably open to commitment in other areas of their life too. Lawyers and web developers are also rated favorably. Which one of the three occupations would you like your dream man to have? Or would you rather that his job was something else entirely?

Question 9

What's his style?

Clothes are one of the easiest ways to communicate our personality to those around us. We all have different styles that reflect who we are. For example, popular styles include classy, sporty, relaxed, and edgy. Which of the above four styles would you like your dream man to have? Of course, just because we dress in a particular way now does not mean that we won't ever change. Over time, our style evolves. Someone who favors relaxed clothing now could very well start wearing classy clothes in the future.

Question 10

What's his passion?

There are plenty of things in life that fail to excite us. But hopefully, there are also things that stir us and thrill us. It is common to refer to these things as our hobbies or our passions. Everyone knows that people who are passionate about one or two specific things in life are way more interesting than those who are not. Some things that men tend to be passionate about include building things, outdoor sports, going to the movies, and making videos.

Question 11

What's his signature dish?

There is something very attractive about a man who cooks. Perhaps it's because society to this day views the kitchen as a woman's domain. But not all women can cook. So when a man invites us over for a home cooked meal, we can't help but like him even more than we do already. So imagine that a guy invited you over to his house with the intention of cooking for you. Which of the above four dishes would he whip up?

Question 12

Introverted or extroverted?

Pretty much everyone knows the difference between someone who is introverted and someone who is extroverted. Introverts are usually way more shy than extroverts. They prefer to hang out on their own or with their best friend. You'll rarely find them at parties or huge gatherings. That being said, it's not like they're unsocial. In fact, they can be way friendlier and way more charming than extroverts when they put their mind to it. Extroverts on the other hand love people and will never turn down an invitation to a social gathering.

Question 13

Mysterious or friendly?

We're not going to lie, this question is somewhat tough. After all, in an ideal world you'd want a man who is both mysterious and friendly at the same time (or perhaps someone who is mysterious initially but who shows his friendlier side when you get to know him better). However, for the purpose of this quiz, you must choose just one quality. Mysterious men are more intriguing but friendly men are probably way more fun to hang out with.

Question 14

Tough or sensitive?

Would you rather that your dream man was tough or sensitive? Unfortunately, many men to this day feel like they can't be as open and as vulnerable as they'd like to be. Society expects them to be tough. They're not supposed to be perturbed by upsetting events. They must always take the lead in challenging situations. They must never, ever cry. Do you agree with these social norms? Or would you prefer to be with a guy who is not afraid to show you his weaknesses?

Question 15

Gentleman or feminist?

When we think of a man who is a gentleman, we picture someone who opens the door for us or helps us carry heavy suitcases. But as it turns out, not all women want men to be so considerate. According to The Conversation, some women (especially active feminists) view this type of behavior as an insult to their strength and competence. Yet despite this, most women are still attracted to this behavior because it shows a man's willingness to invest.

Question 16

What is the one thing he is really good at?

We all have different talents and different things that we are good at. Ideally, we'd want our dream man to be really good at several things. But if you had to choose just one from the four options available above - fixing things, debating, singing, or finding a solution to every situation - which one would it be? Fixing things is undoubtedly useful, but so is debating (because it means that a guy is a smooth talker). Singing could potentially mean a successful professional life on stage (and plenty of entertaining evenings at home). As for being able to find a solution to every tricky situation... we probably don't need to explain why that is handy, right?

Question 17

What music does he like?

When we first meet a person we are usually attracted to their physical attributes. It is only when we get to talk to them that we get a sense of who they are. Indeed, it is only after a brief conversation that we know whether we have anything in common. We usually discuss things such as work, hobbies, and music and we often realize that we like the same bands and musicians. Which one of the above four musical genres would your dream man like the most?

Question 18

Full beard or heavy stubble?

Whether men shave or grow a beard depends solely on their own personal preferences. Some men look amazing in beards whereas others look unkempt. Obviously, growing a beard is more work in the long run, even though shaving can be a hassle too. That's because beards require plenty of care and effort. If you're not big into beards, that doesn't necessarily mean that you like guys to be clean-shaven either. According to Science Alert, most women prefer guys with heavy stubble.

Question 19

Any piercings?

Most women have their ears pierced. Some end up piercing their eyebrows, lips, noses, and bellybuttons too. Male ear piercings are somewhat less common, but certainly not unusual. Piercings can make someone look much more interesting. They are, after all, an accessory. Would you like your dream man to sport any earrings? Or would you prefer it if he didn't have any? Go ahead and choose one of the four options - none, just one, several, or too many to count - available to you above.

Question 20

What about tattoos?

Most girls love guys with tattoos, even if they would never dream of getting inked themselves. According to Psychology Today, evolutionary psychologists have long theorized that tattoos are a way to signal to others how tough one is. Piercing the skin could lead to infection so only those with the strongest immune system come through the process with their health fully intact. Indeed, women tend to think that men with tattoos look healthier. That being said, they also think that they make for worse long-term partners, perhaps because tattoos also signal impulsiveness.

Question 21

Does he drive?

Being able to drive is pretty awesome. Driving is one of the most convenient ways to get from point A to point B. Forget taking numerous buses, waiting for that train that got delayed hours ago, or asking your family members or friends to give you a lift. Instead, you can hop inside your car and take off at a moment's notice. A driver's license provides us with the freedom to do whatever we want. Nonetheless, not being able to drive is usually not a deal breaker.

Question 22

What does he order at the bar?

Believe it or not, but you can tell a lot about a guy from the drink that he orders at a bar. So, what would your dream guy order on a night out with his friends? Would he go for a craft beer, a glass of wine, a glass of whisky, or a cup of tea? If he is into craft beer, he is probably progressive and interesting. On the other hand, if he likes to indulge in a glass of wine, he is probably a romantic. If he orders a glass of whisky he is probably best described as a "tough guy" whereas if he goes for a cup of tea he is probably the designated driver.

Question 23

He'd only cancel a date if...?

Going on dates is always very exciting, especially when you are first getting to know someone. We usually expect a lot from our dates (regardless whether it's with someone we have just met or someone with whom we have been out a couple of times already), which is why we spend hours getting ready for them. Consequently, it is always disappointing when our crush cancels on us (especially if he does it last minute when we already have our outfit picked out). Which of the above four reasons is the only good excuse to cancel a date?

Question 24

Is he a cat person or a dog person?

The world is split into two types of people: those who love cats and those who prefer dogs. Cat people are generally more independent and as such they want companions that won't bother them at all hours of the day. Dog people on the other hand tend to love company. They can think of no better use of their time than to go on a two hour walk with their furry pal. Interestingly enough, according to Thought Catalog, there are way more dog people than cat people in the world.

Question 25

Is he a reader?

If your idea of a good time involves spending hours upon hours browsing books in a bookshop or reading classic novels in the park, then you'll doubtlessly want to end up with someone who shares your passion for the written word. If, on the other hand, you're not really into books at all, you probably don't care whether your crush likes to read or not. So, which is it going to be? Is your dream guy a reader or not?

Question 26

What movies is he into?

There probably isn't a single person in the world who doesn't like going to the movies (or, alternatively, snuggling on the couch with a good film loaded on their laptop). Indeed, couples spend hours munching on popcorn and watching films. It's one of the best (i.e., most entertaining and relatively cheap) things that you can do together. Of course, sometimes disagreements arise over which movie you should be watching next. Consequently, it's always a relief when your partner enjoys the same films as you.

Question 27

Curly hair or straight hair?

Our hair is often a defining feature from a very early age. It's not just its color or its length that sets us apart. Whether its straight or curly matters too. According to Our Good Living Formula, whether our hair is straight or curly depends on two elements known as the shaft (part of the hair that is visible to the eye) and the follicle (part of the hair that is within the skin of the scalp). Would you rather that your dream guy had curly hair or straight hair?

Question 28

Is an only child or has siblings?

Whether your dream guy is an only child or has siblings matters hugely because the way that he was brought up (and the people that surrounded him when he was growing up) influenced his personality. For example, only children can sometimes be loners. However, they're usually also good speakers and listeners because they spent most of their formative years in the company of adults. If your dream guy has siblings, on the other hand, he is probably a bit more social and friendly.

Question 29

What haircut does he always get?

Most men view haircut appointments as a huge chore, but one that is unavoidable if they want to look good. Unlike women who spend hours at the hair salon, most men get heir hair cut in less than half an hour. For starters, their hair is usually short to begin with. They also don't need to get it colored. And more often than not, they know exactly what they want. Which one of the above four haircuts would your dream man always get at the barber's?

Question 30

Pale or tan?

Would you rather that your dream man was pale or tan? Pale men tend to spend most of their free time inside. They might play video games, read books, watch movies, or create videos. Tan men, on the other hand, spend the majority of their time outside. They might be into hiking, climbing, jogging, or water sports (such as surfing or swimming). That being said, some men might have tanner skin due to genetics and not because they lead an outdoorsy lifestyle.

Question 31

Does he have freckles?

As most people are probably well aware, freckles are a direct result of genes and the sun. They're usually seen on people who have fair or light skin. Men with freckles often wish that they didn't have them and try to do everything in their power to get rid of them for good. However, most women think that men who have freckles are very cute. Would your dream man have freckles? Or would you rather that his skin was spotless?

Question 32

Where does he take girls on a first date?

First dates are pretty important. It is during the first date that you either click with someone and make a conscious decision to see them again or else realize that you have nothing in common and thus call in quits before it gets any more serious (and before you waste any more of your precious time). The location of the first date varies from guy to guy. For example, some guys might bring you to their favorite cozy cafe whereas others might ask you out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Still others might take you to an art gallery or organize a picnic in the park.

Question 33

Does he have dimples?

Most people will probably agree that dimples are adorable. According to Bustle, scientists tend to agree that dimples are genetic. However, just because both your parents have dimples, does not necessarily mean that you'll have them too. Furthermore, there are two theories that aim to explain what causes dimples. The more popular theory assumes that dimples are a defect in a facial muscle. Some say that the evolutionary advantage of having dimples is that they remind us babies whereas others claim that they evolved as a way of helping us communicate with others through our facial expressions.

Question 34

Does he have a cleft chin?

Cleft chins can look really good on men but have you ever wondered why cleft chins are a thing? According to Bustle, cleft chins, also known as cleft dimples, are the result of an underlying cleft in the chin's bone. Currently, scientists think that cleft chins are caused by a problem in fetal development, where the right and left sides of the chin failed to fuse together properly in the womb. So, would your dream man have a cleft chin?

Question 35

Adventurous or party animal?

Would you rather that your dream man was adventurous or a party animal? If you opt for the former, you are guaranteed plenty of camping trips, hikes in the wilderness, cycling holidays, and the like. In other words, if you go for the first option, be prepared to spend plenty of time outdoors. If, on the other hand, you choose the latter, your man will spend the majority of his free time at nightclubs, bars, and pubs (which basically means spending weekends indoors!)

Question 36

Serious or funny?

This one is tricky. In an ideal world, you'd want a man who is equal parts serious and funny. In other words, a man who knows when to make a joke and when to remain serious. However, for the purpose of this quiz, you must choose one of the two options. A serious man will always listen to you and take your comments into consideration. He'll act and speak sincerely as opposed to in a half-hearted manner. On the other hand, a funny man is guaranteed to always make you laugh.

Question 37

Prefers tea or coffee?

Some people can't imagine going through the day without gulping down three or four cups of coffee. Coffee is the only reason they get out of bed. It's the beverage they order after lunch and the drink they indulge in after dinner. It keeps them awake and it keeps them sane. They can't ever imagine replacing coffee with tea. However, some people don't like the way that coffee tastes or else they don't like the effect that it has on them. So they stick to tea, and they're pretty happy with it.

Question 38

Into boxing or jogging?

Exercise is great. It makes us feel better, helps us fall asleep faster and deeper, improves our appearance, and even lowers the risk of some diseases. Consequently, most of us couldn't bear going out with someone who did not understand the importance of actively moving on a daily basis. Luckily, most men are into exercising. If you could choose his preferred form of exercise though, which one would you go for: boxing or jogging? Both are incredibly beneficial and both are bound to keep him fit.

Question 39

Prefers Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones?

Would the man of your dreams prefer Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones? Both are famous TV shows with plenty of fans. Breaking Bad, which was on air between 2008 and 2013, falls under the genre of neo-Western crime drama. It tells the story of a chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime after he finds out that he has cancer. Game of Thrones, on the other hand, was released in 2011 and concluded earlier this month. It falls under the genre of fantasy drama TV series and centers on numerous characters that inhabit the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos (Wikipedia).

Question 40

Super thick eyebrows or a monobrow?

It is easy to overlook eyebrows when talking about someone's physical appearance. But the fact of the matter is that eyebrows can really change the way that someone looks. Most men have rather thick eyebrows. However, some men have a monobrow, which is essentially nothing more than two eyebrows that meet above one's nose, creating the illusion of a single eyebrow. Monobrows are obviously super distinctive. They're also kind of rare, if only because those who have it pluck it (thus ending up with two thick eyebrows instead of a monobrow).

Question 41

Does he wear glasses?

Most people dislike the thought of having to get glasses. However, sometimes they have no choice, especially if their eyesight is truly poor (of course, they can always wear contact lenses but some people are not comfortable with the idea of touching their eyeballs). That being said, men who wear glasses can look very handsome (and very intelligent), especially if they take their time when choosing eyewear to ensure that the glasses suit their face shape. Would your dream man wear glasses?

Question 42

Wears perfume or cologne?

The way that our potential partner smells is incredibly important. Of course, few people have a naturally pleasant scent which is why pretty much everyone tries to improve the way that they smell with a number of products. For example, most men use either perfume or cologne. The difference between the two is the concentration of oils. According to Life Hacker, cologne contains around two to four percent of perfume oils and lasts about two hours whereas perfume contains close to 30 percent perfume oil and lasts for up to 24 hours. Of course, some men opt for regular deodorant (and then there are those who don't use anything).

Question 43

Does he have a mustache?

What are your thoughts of mustaches? Would your dream man have one? If you look at photos of your ancestors, you'll notice that they all sported mustaches. Indeed, mustaches were super popular back in the day. They are not that common nowadays, however. Indeed, they can look pretty funny. That's because not everyone is capable of pulling off a mustache. Besides, you have to know how to take care of it too. There is a big difference between a scrawny, unkempt mustache and a nice, thick one (that is styled properly).

Question 44

Does he care about his appearance?

Some men put in a lot of thought into their appearance. They don't mind shopping and they can spend hours in front of the mirror trying out different outfit ensembles. Indeed, at times these men might even take longer to get ready than their girlfriends. That being said, they do look amazing most of the time. You won't find them in creasy shirts and you won't see them wearing shoes that are falling apart. That being said, there's something about a man who can get ready in five minutes or less.

Question 45

Does he like to wear hats?

Once upon a time men would not leave their house without a hat. Back then hats were not only fashionable, they were also a symbol of respectability. A lot has changed since then. Most men no longer wear hats, which is a pity. Hats make for an amazing accessory. They can turn a boring outfit into one that is sure to turn heads. Furthermore, it's not like men are stuck with just one type of hat either. The options are limitless.

Question 46

Is he from the country or the city?

Would you rather that your dream man was a country boy or a city boy? If you go with the former option, you are pretty much guaranteed that he'd make for an amazing hiking companion. He would also more than likely know how to fix things around the house and he'd restrain from complaining if you asked him to cut the grass. If, on the other hand, you opt for the latter option, you're guaranteed that he'll know the best coffee spots in town and he'll probably be more than happy to teach you how to ride a skateboard.

Question 47

How often does he hit the gym?

Most girls are into guys who look after their appearance so you'll probably find that you're more attracted to guys who hit the gym on a regular basis. But how often exactly would you like your dream man to go to the gym? A few times a week or merely once a week? Or maybe even every day? Of course, if you're not big into exercise yourself you might be more than happy with a man who never works out either.

Question 48

What shoes does he wear?

Girls have countless pairs of shoes. After all, they need shoes for every occasion and outfit. Most men, on the other hand, have only several pairs of shoes. And they tend to wear the same pair over and over again, no matter their outfit and no matter the situation they find themselves in. Popular male shoe options include converse, flip flops (if they live in warmer climates), sneakers, and leather boots. What shoes would your dream man reach for on a daily basis?

Question 49

Does he like to watch sports?

While most women greatly dislike watching sports (unless the program in question features cute guys, of course), most men can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon. They'll get together, crack open a beer or two, and proceed to cheer on their favorite team. Would your dream guy be into watching sports? Or would you rather that he spent his time doing something else, like fixing things around the house, reading or even surfing? Go ahead and choose one of the two options above.

Question 50

Does he have an accent?

A nice accent can make someone way more attractive in our eyes. Indeed, most women can't resist guys with cute accents. That being said, at times an accent can also make someone incomprehensible. It is not at all fun to spend the entire evening straining your ears in an attempt to understand what it is that your date is trying to communicate to you. Would you like your dream man to have an accent? Or would you rather that his speech was very clear (but also accentless)?

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