Build The Perfect Woman And We'll Guess Your Age

Finding true love is about as easy as becoming a nuclear physicist, but people find and fall in love each and every day. Of course, when we are on the hunt, can't help but be a bit envious of those that have already found the real thing. We may have to do a ton of searching and waiting, but finding the right one is a magical feeling that nothing can take away. Most people, however, want to speed up the process, and we have just the thing.

Building the perfect woman would be a dream come true for most people, and today, we are giving everyone the chance to dream up their true love! There are plenty of options, and in the end, we will take the taste of each participant and guess their age!

Question 1

What type of shows does she like?

Question 2

What book series does she like?

Question 3

Choose a hair color

Question 4

What type of phone does she have?

Question 5

Choose an eye color

Question 6

How is she in the morning?

Question 7

How many kids does she want?

Question 8

Does she love Disney movies?

Question 9

What type of berry is her favorite?

Question 10

How is she with baking?

Question 11

What is her style like?

Question 12

Does she like older music?

Question 13

What nerdy movie franchise does she like?

Question 14

What romantic movies does she like?

Question 15

Choose some lips

Question 16

How's her smile?

Question 17

What is her sweet fix?

Question 18

How is she with her family?

Question 19

How is she with the boys?

Question 20

What types of video games does she like?

Question 21

Does she have long or short nails?

Question 22

Which rapper does she listen to?

Question 23

How is she with going to the doctor?

Question 24

What hair length does she have?

Question 25

How's her sense of humor?

Question 26

Does she wear glasses or contacts?

Question 27

Can she turn up the heat?

Question 28

Does she spend more time focusing on herself or others?

Question 29

How often does she doll herself up?

Question 30

How does she express herself?

Question 31

How does she feel about the beach?

Question 32

How tall is she?

Question 33

Is she a dreamer or a realist?

Question 34

How confident is she?

Question 35

What type of vehicle does she have?

Question 36

Does she take a lot of selfies?

Question 37

How is she with attention?

Question 38

How is she with dressing up?

Question 39

How does she feel about hiking?

Question 40

Does she have a good job?

Question 41

How often does she use social media?

Question 42

What's her idea of something comfortable?

Question 43

Does she prefer a night out or a night in?

Question 44

How is she with having a drink?

Question 45

Which season is her favorite?

Question 46

How is she with junk food?

Question 47

What kind of pet would she like?

Question 48

Does she have a lot of male friends?

Question 49

How is she with jewelry?

Question 50

What's the makeup situation like?

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