Build The Perfect Man And Find Out Which Famous Guy Is Your New BF!

Finding the perfect person to settle down with can be quite the chore, but today, we decided to make things easy! We are giving people a chance to build their perfect man. Finally, people won't have to settle for someone that meets only some of their criteria, they can take their time to make sure that their dream man is everything they want and more! This opportunity doesn't always come knocking, so be sure to make the most of it while taking this quiz. We ask everything from style to personality, so leave no box unchecked.

Once this quiz is submitted, we will reveal which famous hunk is the one for you! Little work is required and the results are sure to please even the pickiest people out there.

Question 1

Is He Romantic?

Question 2

Does He Have A Cool Hobby?

Question 3

Does He Love Football?

Question 4

Does He Appreciate The Finer Things?

Question 5

Choose An Eye Color

Question 6

Can He Tolerate Shopping?

Question 7

Does He Know His Way Around A Car?

Question 8

Does He Watch Hockey?

Question 9

Does He Listen To Rock Music?

Question 10

Is He A Gamer?

Question 11

Is He Popular?

Question 12

Does He Watch Baseball?

Question 13

Does He Watch Basketball?

Question 14

Choose A Hair Color

Question 15

Is He Good With Animals?

Question 16

Does He Still Watch Cartoons?

Question 17

Choose A Facial Hair Style

Question 18

Does He Give Good Gifts?

Question 19

Is He A Bad Boy?

Question 20

Does He Love The Beach?

Question 21

Does He Enjoy Hiking?

Question 22

Is He Intelligent?

Question 23

Does He Still Play With Toys?

Question 24

Does He Love Disney?

Question 25

Choose A Hairstyle

Question 26

Does He Love To Party?

Question 27

Is He Stylish?

Question 28

Is He A Lover or Fighter?

Question 29

Choose Some Lips

Question 30

Does He Watch The Office?

Question 31

Does He Share His Candy?

Question 32

Does He Eat Fast Food Regularly?

Question 33

Is He A Star Wars Nerd?

Question 34

Can He Be Sensitive?

Question 35

Is He Close With His Family?

Question 36

Choose A Height

Question 37

Does He Workout A Lot?

Question 38

Is He Loud or Quiet?

Question 39

Does He Have A Kid?

Question 40

Does He Love Junk Food?

Question 41

Does He Wear Cologne?

Question 42

Does He Have A Sweet Tooth?

Question 43

Does He Drink Energy Drinks or Coffee?

Question 44

Is He Tough?

Question 45

What's His Education Level?

Question 46

Is He Passionate?

Question 47

Is He A Well-Dressed Man?

Question 48

Is He Cultured?

Question 49

Can He Sing?

Question 50

Choose His Favorite Color

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