Build Your Dream Guy And We'll Reveal What Your Future BF Will Look Like

True love is out there for everyone, but finding it can be a bit tricky sometimes. With billions of people on the planet, wading through the mud to get to the ultimate prize may grow tiresome, but once we find the right one, we realize that the journey to find them was worth it. Over time, many people will have several relationships that feel like the real thing, but they will fade out and send us back on the path to find our true love. Once we find them, we know that we will never be the same again.

Today, we are going to shorten the search for love by having people build their dream partner. In the end, we will reveal what their future boyfriend will look like!

Question 1

How does he feel about comic books?

Question 2

How many children does he want?

Question 3

How often does he play video games?

Question 4

Does he want to get married?

Question 5

How active is he?

Question 6

How often does he read?

Question 7

Does he like to spice things up or keep things tame?

Question 8

How is his relationship with his father?

Question 9

Choose A Hair Color

Question 10

How does he feel about rap music?

Question 11

Is he childish or is he mature?

Question 12

How do your friends feel about him?

Question 13

Choose a set of lips

Question 14

Does he prefer the city or the country?

Question 15

Which superhero is he most like?

Question 16

Is he confident or unsure of himself?

Question 17

Does he have lots of friends?

Question 18

How is he under pressure?

Question 19

Is he a bad boy or a good guy?

Question 20

How often does he hit the gym?

Question 21

How does he feel about basketball?

Question 22

Does he like to have fun or is he more casual?

Question 23

How does he feel about wrestling?

Question 24

Does he enjoy reality television?

Question 25

Describe his style

Question 26

How does he get around?

Question 27

Does he tell his friends everything?

Question 28

Does he prefer Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Question 29

Is he open with his feelings or closed off?

Question 30

Choose a facial hair style

Question 31

Choose a hairstyle

Question 32

Choose a height

Question 33

Choose an eye color

Question 34

Is he classy or is he trashy?

Question 35

Is he supportive or selfish?

Question 36

Is he successful or a work in progress?

Question 37

How do the parents feel about him?

Question 38

How good is he at baking?

Question 39

How does he feel about anime?

Question 40

What is his snack of choice?

Question 41

How good is he at cooking?

Question 42

Is he groomed?

Question 43

How does he feel about rock music?

Question 44

Is he older or younger?

Question 45

Which app does he use most?

Question 46

How is he with chores?

Question 47

How is he with the holidays?

Question 48

Is he polite or rude?

Question 49

Does he like cute dates or something more exciting?

Question 50

How does he feel about football?

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