Build The Perfect Wife And We'll Reveal What She'll Look Like

Gather round fellas, it is time to build the perfect wife! What will her hair look like? What will her clothing look like? What will her eyes look like? Some people prefer their woman to have bright blonde hair, while others like a woman with darker hair instead. Some people prefer a woman who dresses up for any and all occasions, while others think it's perfectly okay for their woman to dress more comfortably and relaxed!

In today's quiz, we will be building our very own ideal bride. We will decide on things like what type of music she likes, what kind of social life she has, and of course, what she looks like. There is someone out there for everyone, but why don't we speed things up a bit?

Question 1


Question 2

Does she like to watch sports?

Question 3

Does she have dimples?

Question 4

Hair color?

Question 5

Does she have a good sense of humor?

Question 6

Does she care about formal education?

Question 7

Does she wear makeup?

Question 8


Question 9

Does she wear glasses?

Question 10

Lip size?

Question 11

Does she have piercings?

Question 12

Can she cook meals?

Question 13

Does she have tattoos?

Question 14


Question 15

Does she wear braces?

Question 16

Can she play an instrument?

Question 17

Hair texture?

Question 18

Does she have freckles?

Question 19

Does she wear acrylic nails?

Question 20

Does she wear hair extensions?

Question 21

Does she gossip often with her friends?

Question 22

Nose size?

Question 23

Does she like outdoorsy activities?

Question 24

Face shape?

Question 25

How high maintenance is she?

Question 26

Body type?

Question 27

Can she bake desserts?

Question 28

Does she play video games?

Question 29

Does she have a lot of followers on social media?

Question 30

Is she a party girl?

Question 31

Does she love watching action movies?

Question 32

Is she shy?

Question 33

Is she a good listener?

Question 34

How late does she sleep in on the weekends?

Question 35

Is she a good driver?

Question 36

Is she a flirt?

Question 37

Does she have hobbies of her own?

Question 38

What does she do for a living?

Question 39

Is she good at receiving compliments?

Question 40

Describe her social life!

Question 41

Does she care about current events?

Question 42

Does she like to play-fight?

Question 43

Does she spend time at the gym?

Question 44

Does she always express what's on her mind openly and honestly?

Question 45

How many kids does she want to have?

Question 46

How soon does she want kids?

Question 47

How serious is she?

Question 48

Describe her fashion sense!

Question 49

What kind of music does she listen to?

Question 50

How does she feel about traveling?

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