Build The Perfect Husband And We'll Reveal What He'll Look Like

Getting married and starting a family is something that millions of people are looking to do, but it won't happen immediately for a lot of these people. We are bound to find a number of individuals that check a good amount of boxes, but finding the one that checks them all can be a bit tricky. Despite this, people stay on the hunt to find their dream man each day.

The perfect husband may be waiting out there for each person, but in order to speed things up, we decided to let people create their very own hubby! Finally, a person can choose all the little details about their future partner, and once every choice has been made, we will reveal what he will look like!

Question 1

How Is He With Spending Money?

Question 2

Choose A Height

Question 3

Choose A Body Type

Question 4

How Educated Is He?

Question 5

How Is His Sweet Tooth?

Question 6

Choose A Hair Color?

Question 7

How Often Does He Eat Fast Food?

Question 8

How Honest Is He?

Question 9

How Does He Feel About Hockey?

Question 10

Does He Eat A Lot Of Snacks?

Question 11

Choose A Hairstyle

Question 12

Which Anime Does He Like?

Question 13

Which Television Series Does He Like?

Question 14

How Is He At Work?

Question 15

Choose An Eye Color

Question 16

Is He A Morning Person?

Question 17

How Many Kids Does He Have?

Question 18

Which Rock Band Does He Like?

Question 19

Does He Have Expensive Taste?

Question 20

Which Comedy Film Does He Like?

Question 21

Which Rapper Does He Like?

Question 22

How Often Does He Eat Healthy Foods?

Question 23

How Is He With Communicating?

Question 24

How Is He With Spicing Things Up?

Question 25

How Is His Fashion Sense?

Question 26

Which Snack Does He Enjoy Most?

Question 27

How Many Kids Does He Want?

Question 28

How Is He With Expressing His Feelings?

Question 29

Is He Still A Kid At Heart?

Question 30

How Manly Is He?

Question 31

How Is He With Affection?

Question 32

How Does He Feel About Football?

Question 33

How Often Does He Play Video Games?

Question 34

How Often Does He Read Comics?

Question 35

Which Disney Movie Is His Favorite?

Question 36

Which Pet Would He Prefer?

Question 37

How Often Does He Read?

Question 38

Does He Prefer Star Wars or Star Trek?

Question 39

What Is The Size Of His Friend Group?

Question 40

Does He Prefer The City or The Country?

Question 41

How Does He Feel About PDA?

Question 42

Which Dessert Is His Favorite?

Question 43

How Often Does He Workout?

Question 44

How Is He With Cleaning?

Question 45

Is He The Romantic Type?

Question 46

Which Classic Movie Is His Favorite?

Question 47

How Often Does He Drink Coffee?

Question 48

How Does He Feel About Basketball?

Question 49

Which Biopic Is His Favorite?

Question 50

How Is He With Traveling?

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