Build The Perfect Girl And We'll Reveal Which Hollywood Beauty You're Meant To Be With

The perfect girl doesn't come along often, and when she does, we need to make sure that we are on our game and can do anything in our power to get her number and start something with her. Sure, this is easier said than done, but there is nothing better than landing the right person that gets every single bit of our personality. Eventually, we are going to find someone to settle down with, and the hope is that this will be with the right person. Those of us lucky enough to have them, know just how great life can be.

For all the people looking for the perfect person out there, today is your lucky day. We are going to let people design the perfect girl and we will match them with a true Hollywood beauty!

Question 1

Is She Popular or Low Key?

Question 2

What Are Her Exes Like?

Question 3

Does She Travel or Does She Stay Home?

Question 4

What Show Does She Love To Watch?

Question 5

What Is Her Favorite Color?

Question 6

Is She Fancy or Chill?

Question 7

Which 80s Movie Is Her Favorite?

Question 8

Is She Healthy or Carefree?

Question 9

How Many Kids Does She Want?

Question 10

How Many Kids Does She Have?

Question 11

Can She Bake Well?

Question 12

Choose A Hair Color

Question 13

Which Rom-Com Does She Love?

Question 14

How Often Is She On Her Phone?

Question 15

Which Superhero Movie Is Her Favorite?

Question 16

Does She Cosplay?

Question 17

Does She Prefer Coffee or Energy Drinks?

Question 18

Does She Prefer Theme Parks or Museums?

Question 19

Does She Prefer Harry Potter or The Hunger Games?

Question 20

Choose A Set Of Lips

Question 21

Choose A Smile

Question 22

Is She Tan or Pale?

Question 23

How Often Does She Eat Fast Food?

Question 24

How Close Is She With Her Family?

Question 25

Is She Into Monogamy or Polygamy?

Question 26

How Often Does She Play Video Games?

Question 27

Is She Affectionate or Distant?

Question 28

How Does She Feel About Basketball?

Question 29

Is She A Kid At Heart?

Question 30

Good girl or bad girl?

Question 31

Does She Communicate or Is She Closed Off?

Question 32

What Snack Does She Love?

Question 33

Is She Older or Younger?

Question 34

How Does She Feel About Hockey?

Question 35

What Kind Of Guys Does She Normally Like?

Question 36

How Does She Feel About Country Music?

Question 37

Choose A Hairstyle

Question 38

How Often Does She Crank Up The Heat?

Question 39

How Is She At Work?

Question 40

Is She About That Gym Life or That Pizza Life?

Question 41

How Does She Feel About Rock Music?

Question 42

How Does She Feel About Rap Music?

Question 43

Does She Prefer The Beach or The Country?

Question 44

How Is She In A Tense Situation?

Question 45

Which Disney Princess Is Her Favorite?

Question 46

How Does She Feel About Football?

Question 47

Does She Like The Finer Things?

Question 48

Is She Romantic or Relaxed?

Question 49

What App Does She Use Most?

Question 50

How Often Does She Shop For Makeup?

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