Build A Team Of Dragon Ball Characters And We'll Reveal Your Super Saiyan Form!

The Z-fighter team consists of an assortment of Dragon Ball characters, and it's sad to say, but not all of them are needed. Characters such as Tien and Yamcha provide little aid but seem to stick around nevertheless. In this quiz, you will become a Z-fighter master and make decisions to save the universe.

Goku and his friends go through much hardship during the series. For better or worse, the Z-fighters stay close to combat evil forces such as Cell and Frieza. How these villains inevitably return to cause mayhem is difficult to fathom. Still, we can't help but wonder which hero will triumph or be sent to the Next Dimension, Netherworld, or Otherworld.

Finding episodes of Dragon Ball Super with an English dub can prove to be problematic for some. Purchasing it on Amazon and using online streaming are options. Hopefully, everyone takes some time to see Super's episodes. Creator Akira Toriyama wrote this series, unlike Dragon Ball GT.

The characters contained in this quiz are from various Dragon Ball series. Build a team of Dragon Ball characters, and we'll reveal everyone's Super Saiyan Form! We wish everyone luck on this Dragon Ball journey! Now let's find out which Super Saiyan we are!

Question 1

Do we recruit Dragon Ball's protagonist Goku?

Goku is the protagonist of Dragon Ball and for some, the most awe-inspiring character. Unlike most other Saiyans, Goku is compassionate and selfless. To protect the universe is his goal, even if Frieza tries to stop him. Do we recruit Goku?

Question 2

Do we recruit Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan?

Just about everyone is looking forward to the Broly sequel which was announced in 2017 and will be releasing at the end of 2018. The movie will mention Frieza and his army sometime in the film. Do we recruit Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan?

Question 3

Do we recruit Perfect Cell?

Perfect Cell was given an enormous power after consuming Android 17 and Android 18. This new transformation was seemingly unbeatable. Without Gohan's hidden power, the Z-fighters and Earth would have been terminated. Do we recruit Perfect Cell?

Question 4

Do we recruit teen Gohan?

Gohan is only a half-Saiyan due to having a Saiyan father and human mother. Still, Gohan has displayed enormous potential for power from a young age. Gohan's hidden power was discovered in the Raditz saga and continued to develop in the Namek and Cell sagas.

Question 5

Do we recruit Emperor Pilaf?

He is a character who appeared early in the Dragon Ball Super series and on different occasions throughout Dragon Ball. For someone with such a grand title, he seems to have little influence with his followers. Now, try to answer this question correctly. Do we recruit Emperor Pilaf?

Question 6

Do we recruit Innocent Majin Buu?

There are plenty of reasons to love Innocent Majin Buu. He is close friends with Hercule and seems to be a normal character other than the episodes when he is under the spell of Babidi. There is much development of Majin Buu's character and his alternate forms in Dragon Ball series.

Question 7

Do we recruit Hercule's daughter Videl?

We love the character of Videl, but it was kind of disappointing to hear that Gohan wanted to quit martial arts. At one time, it was possible Gohan would become the new protagonist of Dragon Ball. Videl is the daughter of Mr. Satan. Do we recruit Videl?

Question 8

Do we recruit Goku's brother Raditz?

The Saiyans are a race of violent and sometimes uncontrollable beings. Are they violent by nature or is it how they are raised? It is probably mostly how they were raised since Goten and Trunks do not act irrationally like most pure-blooded Saiyans.

Question 9

Do we recruit Goku's youngest son Goten?

Goku decided to have another son with Chi-Chi, and luckily he received the Saiyan genes necessary to become a Super Saiyan. Goten was the youngest character to attain Super Saiyan status. Goku has trained him vigorously. Do we recruit Goten?

Question 10

Do we recruit Future Trunks?

Having someone from the future on this Z-fighter team is probably not a bad idea. His insight has proved to be invaluable in the past, and he is the son of Vegeta. Does anyone want to recruit Future Trunks?

Question 11

Do we recruit Tien?

He is one of the least powerful Z-fighters, but a true friend and pure-hearted individual. Tien's best friend is Chiaotzu, and together they have both fought in battles that were probably not safe places for them to be. Do we recruit Tien?

Question 12

Do we recruit Kid Buu?

Kid Buu is the reincarnation of Uub and a malevolent villain of Dragon Ball Z. Appearing in later sagas, he gave Goku trouble even with his Super Saiyan 3 transformation. Kid Buu does not talk much, yet he could be a definite asset to this team. Do we recruit Kid Buu?

Question 13

Do we recruit Android 16?

Unlike the other Androids, Android 16 is friendly due to being reprogrammed by Dr. Brief, the head of Capsule Corporation and Bulma's father. Cell ultimately destroyed android 16, but he provided much help to the Androids before termination. Do we recruit Android 16?

Question 14

Do we recruit Mr. Satan?

He believes himself to be the strongest fighter on Earth, but that title probably belongs to Krillin or Yamcha. To be fair, Krillin has god-like powers that he would probably have never learned if it weren't for Goku. Do we recruit Mr. Satan?

Question 15

How about adding Gotenks?

Although Gotenks and Trunks are already contained on this quiz, we added Gotenks as well since he has a significant impact on the events of Dragon Ball. Now, answer this question for us. How about adding Gotenks?

Question 16

Do we recruit Android 17?

Android 18 fell in love with Krillin and decided to join the Z-fighters, but it wasn't really the case for Android 17. Android 17 gained an enormous Power Level during his mission to destroy Earth in the Future Trunks timeline. Do we recruit Android 17?

Question 17

Do we recruit the affable Master Roshi?

Putting aside Master Roshi's creepy nature, he is a world-class martial artist who has won countless battles. Master Roshi's sister is Fortune Teller Baba. He is also known as "Turtle Hermit." Do we recruit Master Roshi?

Question 18

Do we recruit Captain Ginyu?

As the leader of the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu is a formidable leader. Captain Ginyu may or may not be in his original form in this photo. Since Ginyu's special is a body changing move, he switches appearances frequently. Do we recruit Captain Ginyu?

Question 19

Do we recruit Super Namekian Piccolo?

Piccolo did not know his birthplace until Kame told him. Piccolo is a Super Namekian, who gained immense power after fusing with Nail and Kame. He is the universe's most powerful Namekian who has somehow managed to keep up with Z-fighters like Goku. Do we recruit Piccolo?

Question 20

Do we recruit "Eternal Dragon" Shenron?

Choosing to have a mythical dragon with the power to grant wishes on your Z-fighter team is a no-brainer. Shenron has also been referred to as the "Eternal Dragon" and "Dragon God." Putting aside his intimidating appearance, Sheron actually has a kind heart and an okay personality.

Question 21

Do we recruit Pikkon?

He is a fighter who looks like Piccolo, but he is not a Namekian. Pikkon is a top tier fighter who was a close match to Goku in the Other World Tournament. Their fight ended in a tie. Do we recruit Pikkon?

Question 22

Do we recruit Kibito Kai?

Kibito Kai is the fusion result of Shin and Kibito. Shin and Kibito were two important characters during the later sagas of Dragon Ball Z. Their fusion resulted in a being who was wiser and more powerful. Kibito Kai was able to please Lord Beerus during his visit.

Question 23

Do we recruit elite fighter Nappa?

Nappa, Vegeta and Raditz made up a group of space raiders who would destroy all life on planets to ready them for takeover. Working for Frieza, Nappa conquered many worlds. Did anyone ever figure out what Nappa would look like if he went Super Saiyan?

Question 24

Do we recruit the imposter Goku Black?

Goku Black is a Goku imposter who is actually the original present Zamasu. There is one character who becomes one of Goku Black's victims in an episode of Dragon Ball Super. It is an episode that begs to be seen. Do we recruit Goku Black?

Question 25

Do we recruit human Krillin?

We would have loved Krillin even if he was bald forever. After marrying Android 18, we found out that Krillin was only bald because he shaved his head. Android 18 convinced Krillin to grow his hair back. Certainly, this team needs Krillin!

Question 26

Do we recruit Yamcha?

Yamcha is one of the few earthling Z-fighters. Although he never surpassed Saiyans such as Vegeta or Goku in Power Level, he did keep up with characters like Piccolo and Tien. It would not have been surprising if Yamcha married Bulma instead of Vegeta.

Question 27

Do we recruit Imperfect Cell?

Imperfect Cell is the work of Dr. Gero and is a villain who is a strong representation of the Dragon Ball universe. Try to name this villain if it is possible. Cell is Future Trunks' least favorite character. Do we recruit Imperfect Cell?

Question 28

Do we recruit mad scientist Dr. Gero?

He is despised in the Dragon Ball world for creating the androids and for being a recurring villain. Dr. Gero studied the Z-fighters thoroughly before creating the likes of Cell and the Androids. Drop him or pick him up, what will you decide? Do we recruit Dr. Gero?

Question 29

Do we recruit Krillin's spouse Android 18?

Android 18 is only part android. Most of her body is human, and she was a human before Dr. Gero changed some of her body parts. It would be pretty weird if Krillin married and had a baby with a robot.

Question 30

Do we recruit martial arts trainer Whis?

Many Dragon Ball Super viewers assumed that Beerus the God of Destruction was far more powerful than Whis, who stood idly by while watching Beerus fight. We probably haven't witnessed the extent of Whis' power, and just how much more powerful he is than Beerus remains unknown.

Question 31

Do we recruit the intelligent Bulma?

Bulma is the show's most flamboyant character who is more involved in the plot then skilled fighters like Yamcha and Tien. As the mother of Trunks and the wife of Vegeta, Bulma is very outspoken, and she and her father have been an essential aid to the Z-fighters.

Question 32

Do we recruit Dende?

Born on the planet Namek, Dende is one of the Z-fighters closest allies. His invaluable healing abilities have saved them on the battlefield, and Earth would be in trouble if it didn't have his remarkable guardianship. Do we recruit Dende?

Question 33

Do we recruit Lord Beerus the God of Destruction?

Lord Beerus asserts his authority over all beings in the Dragon Ball universe. Unlike Whis who is more composed, Beerus will destroy a planet just because he didn't like their local cuisine. Still, Lord Vegeta would do whatever he says to prevent catastrophe.

Question 34

Do we recruit the heinous likes of Frieza?

He was the emperor of the universe until Goku bested him in a battle. Namek's clash between Goku and Frieza was too unforgettable and is a Dragon Ball moment that everyone needs to witness. He is one of television's most wicked villains. Do we recruit Frieza?

Question 35

Do we recruit the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta?

Creator Akira Toriyama once expressed his annoyance with Vegeta. At one time, it was possible Vegeta would be removed from the series, but he remained due to popular demand. Vegeta is probably the most determined warrior in Dragon Ball.

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