Build A Dream Backyard And We’ll Reveal The Perfect One

Being a homeowner is a dream most people have as they progress throughout their life. The future homeowner goes through all of the phases of life with that white picket fence and images of adult life dancing around in their head while finishing their degree, landing the first job, moving into that first apartment, and taking on the challenges that life presents them. During this time, the future homeowner is also going through the process of forming and shaping their personality. Through these life experiences, they become interested in a number of hobbies and activities that shape who they are. For some, these hobbies turn out to be more than a passing phase. These hobbies tend to shape who they are and who they want to be in the future.

For some, when the day comes that they sign on that dotted line and settle into that dream home, that particular hobby might get implemented into the house. This happens to many future homeowners. However, for others, the thing that will define their home and give visitors a glimpse into their personality will be on display in their backyard.

This quiz will provide a glimpse into some of the possibilities one would have when planning their own dream backyard. Whether the goal is to score a lot of baskets, hold several backyard camping parties, plant lots of exotic flowers, or sunbathe in front of a luxurious pool, the future homeowner can learn a lot about the backyard amenities they truly desire!

Question 1

How big should the land be?

One of the first things a future homeowner might consider when dreaming about their backyard is how big of a space they need in order to accomplish their goal. Some may only need a modestly sized backyard while others may be looking to go all the way and turn their backyard into an extravaganza. Regardless of what the preference is, every future homeowner will probably see this differently.

Question 2

Should it have grass or concrete?

The debate of whether to have grass or concrete in the backyard is an interesting one for the future homeowner. Some may not want to deal with the upkeep that comes with having a lawn and garden. Others may simply want to enjoy the luxury of a swimming pool or outdoor gaming/social area. It all comes down to how they imagine spending their time.

Question 3

Will stepping stones make an appearance?

For some future homeowners, a series of stepping stones in the backyard could be taken for granted. Especially if they are used to having them. Whether a future homeowner is looking to create an extra bit of atmosphere in the backyard or just wants to give themselves and their guests and opportunity to step around the grass, stepping stones could be a great addition to the backyard of their dreams.

Question 4

What should be the look and feel of the backyard?

For some future homeowners, the joy of having passersby admire how their backyard looks may fill them with pride. Other may want to feel the envy of those who see them having the time of their life right outside their backdoor. Regardless of what their desire is, the future homeowner can see it and feel it just by closing their eye and dreaming about their future backyard.

Question 5

Will there be a lot of noise had here?

For some future homeowners, the idea of noise completely contradicts the dreams they have for a white picket fence kind of life while others feel like the party should never come to an end. Whether they visualize parties for every occasion or a quiet, serene existence, all future homeowners have some idea of what this part of their life looks like.

Question 6

Should there be a fire pit?

The future homeowner who thrives on quiet nights outside will enjoy nothing more than casual conversation in front of the fire pit. Perhaps the quiet serenity that comes with sitting alone in front of the pit is what they visualize as well? For others it might be too much of a hazard or unnecessary to place one of these in their backyard.

Question 7

Will flowers make an appearance?

Even if it's only a small area, a future homeowner may see a sanctuary where their favorite flowers are on display. A garden where they can showcase the prettiest flowers this world has ever seen. A place that brings serenity to their outdoor surroundings. Others may not want to risk putting in all of that work and maintenance only to watch their precious beauties get stomped on.

Question 8

What kind of statue will there be?

Some future homeowners may have visions of grandeur while others may simply want to say something about their personality or backyard. Either way, adding a statue can bring a lot of color and life to an already vibrant backyard. However, some may want to keep it simple and intimate. However, for a few, there is always room for a garden gnome or two just for fun.

Question 9

Will there be an outdoor theatre?

Gathering around with friends and family in order to watch the latest blockbuster or an old classic has been a favorite pastime for decades. The future homeowner may be able to see the projection screen in the backyard as they are enjoying a beautiful summer night outside. For others, movie night may simply be a way to decompress indoors after spending all of that time having fun outdoors.

Question 10

Will nights be spend gazing out a telescope?

There aren't too many activities that are more serene and relaxing than gazing up at the stars. Although hunting for constellations can be fun, there is nothing like the view you can get of the universe's wonders through a telescope. This might even be a great way to cap off a night of fun and bonding with friends and family.

Question 11

Does there have to be a pool?

There aren't too many people who haven't dreamed about having a pool in their backyard. Whether it's in ground or above ground, big or small, many future homeowners dream of the glorious day when they can look outside and see their very own personal pool in the backyard. Though this may not be a dream for some, for others, there may not be anything better than this.

Question 12

What about a hammock and a pillow?

There aren't many things that say comfort better than having a hammock in the backyard. For the future homeowner, this may very well be their idea of a dream backyard. A homeowner could easily go inside and relax, but nothing beats therapeutic nature of relaxing in the sun.

Question 13

Will there be any sand?

Sand could be implemented in a few different ways for the future homeowner. Some may want a volleyball court. Others may want sand just for appearances. Then you have those who enjoy the sensation of dipping their toes into the sand on a hot summers day. Although there are yay or nay preferences on this topic, it's the use of it that determines what kind of backyard a homeowner aspires to have.

Question 14

Will there be a gazebo?

When some people think of gazebos, they think of the elegant structures that are built mostly for show. However, a gazebo can become a pretty elaborate social gathering area if built correctly. The future homeowner might have elaborate plans for the gazebo or they may simply want it on display as if they were visiting a park.

Question 15

Will the place be full of greens?

The future homeowner might have a lot of interest in comfort and fun outside their backdoor, but they may be even more interested in maintaining a beautifully manicured backyard. Part of that interest might include having their very own greenhouse. Depending on how well they keep it up, their greenhouse and beautifully decorated garden could be the envy of onlookers all over the neighborhood.

Question 16

Will there be any planting of fruits, vegetables and plants?

The future homeowner may not only have an interest in having a beautiful garden, they may also have culinary interests in mind as well. The combination of the two interests could be a marriage made in heaven for the future homeowner. While some may not want to deal with the headaches that come with a garden, others might be up for the task.

Question 17

Will there be room for activities?

A recreational activity that is a favorite past time for many suburban homeowners is basketball. Whether it's a net that gets tacked onto the wall of the garage or the backyard itself gets transformed into an actual basketball court, there is often just enough room made for it at the house. This might be out of the question depending on what a future homeowner wants, but for some, this is the perfect outdoor activity.

Question 18

What about a backyard deck for everyone?

A deck in the backyard is another dream many future homeowners have. The idea of barbecue's, birthday parties, and family gatherings is a dream many have at some point in their lives. The only question is, can they find the room for it after the bigger ideas have been realized? Will lounge chairs, grills, and picnic tables fit in with the rest of the layout?

Question 19

Will nights be spent relaxing in a hot tub?

One thing that may seem out of reach to some future homeowners is the idea of having their own hot tub. The dream of taking a relaxing dip in the pool is one thing, but to have a hot tub to kick up your feet and relax all of the muscles is another. The upkeep might be worth it in order to have a few relaxing evenings after a long, hard day at work.

Question 20

What about the purpose of a backyard shed?

A backyard shed is no longer just a place to put tools and other yard accessories. Many current homeowners have gotten into the habit of converting their old, beaten up sheds into chic places to relax and house guests who stay overnight. The future homeowner may have a small corner of their backyard designated just for this purpose.

Question 21

Will there be a potting station?

Even the prettiest jobs require hard work sometimes. Maintaining a garden is one of those jobs. Whether the garden is big or small, the future homeowner must consider how they are going to display and create their own plants. A potting station might make sense for a truly diehard botanical fanatic.

Question 22

Will lights be added to cozy things up?

One small, but important feature a future homeowner may overlook is the addition of string lights. Sure, every house comes with a few backyard lights. Some people may even opt for the quiet serenity of a nice warm fire. However, a fire isn't always the most appropriate idea. In order to play games or clearly see who is being spoken to, one must shed a little light on the situation.

Question 23

What about patio furniture?

For those who plan to spend a lot of time outside, backyard furniture is a must. The comfort level of this furniture will probably say a lot about how the future homeowner wants to spend their time. From wicker sets to furniture that is soft and cushy, the future homeowner knows just how comfortable they want their guests and themselves to be.

Question 24

Will it basically have an outdoor kitchen?

In this case, the island isn't referring to sand or water. This is where the future homeowner takes entertaining guests and family to another level. It's not good enough to just have a fire pit or grill; they must have the equivalent of an outdoor kitchen. They want the awning, the grill, utensils, and everything else all built in like a machine. The future homeowner is truly thinking big with this idea.

Question 25

Will it be a play area for kids?

A future homeowner can't be too selfish. If kids are in the picture, then they may need to consider them too. In some cases, the backyard may already work as a good play spot for the kids. However, in other cases, a specific area may need to be blocked off for the treehouse and/or other important play area essentials.

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