Build A Burger To Get Your Celebrity Wifey

What's for dinner tonight? It's a question we are faced with every day of lives unless we are super organized and have all our meals planned out (which not many people do).

But if we are in charge of feeding our families we need to make sure we've got something to put on the table and that can be easier said than done. We need to prepare something that everyone will want to eat and enjoy and we need to consider everyone's needs when it comes to food.

Coming up with dinner ideas night after night can be tough but there is one dish that we know almost everyone will always be happy with and that's burgers! Burgers offer so much variety and everyone can decide on their own toppings to make it unique.

Today we are building burgers and we get to choose everything from the bread for the bun, to the patty and all the fillings. And then we'll add the sides, sauces, the drinks, and the dessert!

All our readers need to do is decide what their perfect burger looks like and at the end, we'll give them a celeb wifey match. Let's get started on those burgers!

Question 1

Are we having a bun or no bun?

Now the very first thing we need to decide on for this epic burger is whether or not we want to have a bun. Those who are trying to limit their carb intake might want to skip the bun altogether and just go for the patty and the toppings but it's not quite the same is it? We could also opt for a bun substitute, perhaps some super-sized mushrooms or maybe even avocado. Choose whether or not to have a bun with this burger:

Question 2

What kind of bread for the bun?

For everyone who has decided to brave the carbs and go with a bun for their burger, we have another choice for them to make. They can now choose exactly what type of bread they would like for their bun because this burger joint has quite a variety. White or brown bread rolls are usually standard for burgers but we can also try out some ciabatta or sourdough if we like. Or we can just hold the bun. It's time to choose.

Question 3

Should the bun be toasted?

Some folks prefer the bread roll for their burger to be nice and soft. It does make eating the burger easy and it's a little less messy than if the bun is toasted (cleaning up crumbs is never fun). But have the bun lightly toasted does make the burger a lot more stable, especially if we are planning on adding a lot of toppings and sauces. Decisions, decisions, and we're only getting started! Should the bun for this burger be toasted or not?

Question 4

What kind of patty for the burger?

Right, now that we have sorted out the bun, it's time to move on to the main filling: the patty, one of the essential elements of a burger. Are we going to go for a traditional 100% beef patty or are we perhaps in the mood for a crumbed chicken patty instead? There are other options too, we could choose a juicy rib patty and there is even a veggie option for those who don't eat meat. Decide on a patty for this burger:

Question 5

Should we have a single, double or triple patty?

How hungry are we feeling this evening? If we are feeling just a little bit peckish we might just decide for on a single patty but if we really have a big gap to fill we might want to double it up. And if we are truly ravenous, maybe we'll opt for a triple patty. Is this burger going to be short and sweet or an epic tower? We need to decide whether or not we want one, two, or three patties on this burger.

Question 6

Should the burger be grilled or fried?

Now that we have decided on the bun, the type of patty, and how many patties we need for this burger, it's time to choose how we would like it to be cooked. This burger joint has two options - we can have it either grilled or fried. Their grilled burgers are said to be some of the best in town but fried sounds pretty good too. Go ahead and decide what is best for this epic burger creation - a grilled patty (or three!) or a fried one?

Question 7

Should the burger be spicy or not?

Who likes their burgers with a little bit of a kick? Well, this place offers us the option of spicing up our burger so for those who like it hot, the time to speak up is now. Are we going to make this a spicy burger, in which case we might need to order an extra drink or two, or would it be better just to go with plain? Choose whether or not to make this a spicy burger or not:

Question 8

Add sliced tomato?

We've chosen the bread for the bun, we've decided on the best patty and we've decided whether or not we want our burger spicy. Now it is time to get into the toppings! At this burger joint, we can build our own burgers and their list of toppings is quite extensive so we are spoilt for choice! First up on the list is delicious slices of tomato. This can easily go with any type of patty. Pick or pass on some tomato for this burger:

Question 9

Add pickles?

Can we have a burger without pickles? Of course, we can, we can choose whatever we please for this creation. But will it be quite the same without a little pickle crunch? Possibly not. Pickles really help to enhance the flavor of all the other toppings and the patty, which makes them a top choice on this menu. But maybe there are other toppings that we would rather try? It's time to pick or pass on sliced pickles for this burger:

Question 10

Add mushrooms?

Should we make a mushroom burger? Why not! Those who love mushrooms are going to be spoilt for choice tonight because not only does this burger joint offer the option of adding mushrooms to the burgers but they also have different mushrooms to choose from. Button mushrooms are the standard but hungry diners can also opt for portabello or shitake mushrooms as well! Now that's what we call impressive! Choose whether or not to add mushrooms to this epic burger creation:

Question 11

Add bacon?

Bacon is one of the most versatile meats and almost everyone who enjoys meat knows that adding a few slices of bacon to a dish can take it from mediocre to extraordinary in the blink of an eye. Bacon can be enjoyed any time of the day and, of course, it's perfect for adding to a burger. A bacon burger sounds really good right about now, doesn't it? Pick or pass on a few slices of crispy bacon for this burger:

Question 12

Add a cheese:

Cheese, cheese, glorious cheese! Cheese is a kitchen staple, perfect for adding to almost everything, from sandwiches to pasta and salads, pizzas and, of course, burgers! Whether or not we've decided to go with a beef, chicken or veggie patty, cheese is the perfect accompaniment. And this burger joint doesn't just offer a single type of cheese, oh no, they have a range for their customers to choose from. Go ahead and pick one of these delicious cheeses to add to the burger:

Question 13

Add another cheese:

Choosing just one cheese was a little bit tricky, wasn't it? With so many options on the menu (and this place does have plenty of options) it's almost impossible to just have one. And besides, can anyone ever have too much cheese? This is going to be one cheesy burger, that's for sure, and we can't wait to tuck into it! So let's throw one more type of cheese into the mix. Go ahead and pick another one of these yummy cheeses to add to this burger:

Question 14

Add a hashbrown?

Hashbrowns are made by combining shredded potato and flour and then frying (or deep frying) the mixture in oil. They can be eaten for breakfast (yum!) but they can also be added to burgers. They add a crunch and extra flavor and go well with beef, chicken, or even veggie burgers. They can even be used as a patty substitute for those who don't eat meat. Will this burger have a hashbrown? It's time to decide! Pick or pass on hashbrowns as a burger topping:

Question 15

Add some seafood for a surf and turf burger?

When we said that this place has a wide range of different burger toppings we were not exaggerating in the least! Besides all the regular toppings they have some unusual ones as well. They even have seafood on the menu, offering their clients a chance to create their very own surf and turf burger. For those wanting a taste of the ocean, this is an amazing choice. Will we be adding some shrimps or calamari rings to this burger? Pick or pass:

Question 16

Add an egg?

Eggs are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Not only are they a necessity for making most baked goods and dishes like quiche and omelets but they can also be served up in a number of different ways. They taste great on burgers and this burger joint has the option of either fried or poached eggs. Perhaps we'll add some bacon and make it into a breakfast burger! Pick or pass on an egg for this burger:

Question 17

Add pineapple?

Now there are not many fruits that can be added to burgers (although tomato, a standard burger topping in most places, is technically a fruit) but pineapple is one of them. Pineapple slices hold their shape well inside a burger and their sweet flavor helps to bring out the flavor of the patty. For those who are feeling like something with a little tropical flavor why not go with a slice of this fruit? Pick or pass on pineapple as a burger topping:

Question 18

Add mayo?

Does mayo have a place on burgers? Some folks would say yes, it can add a creamy flavor, especially for chicken burgers but others would argue that mayo should never come anywhere near a burger. At this burger joint, the choices are all left up to the client - even when it comes to sauces. They get to decide exactly what they want and isn't that the way it should always be? It's now time to make a choice and decide whether or not to add mayo to this burger.

Question 19

Add onions?

At this restaurant, we are building our very own burgers and their list of toppings is truly outstanding. While most other places would simply offer the option of onions or no onions, these guys take it one step further, offering their clients the choice between red or white onions and then the option of having them either fried or caramelized. Now that's what we call choice! Will onions enhance the flavor of our creation? Pick or pass on them as a burger topping:

Question 20

Add avocado?

For those who are looking for healthy toppings to add to their burgers, this place offers quite a few. They even have avocado on the menu and anyone who has ever tried this on a burger before will know exactly how yummy it is. Avo is not just for sandwiches and salads, it goes really well with meat too (and of course veggie patties for those who don't eat meat). Go ahead and pick or pass on avo slices for this burger:

Question 21

Add jalapeños?

Now for those who like their burgers with a little bit of a bite, we have just the thing: jalapeños! If we are feeling brave maybe we'll ask them to go crazy with this spicy topping but we can also just have a few (to add that spicy element to this creation). We just need to remember to order a big drink (or maybe even an extra drink) if we decide to have these. Pick or pass on jalapeños as a burger topping:

Question 22

Add bell peppers?

Bell peppers are great for adding to salads and sandwiches because they can be eaten raw. But they can also be grilled and added to a variety of cooked dishes. This burger place offers their customers the option of having bell peppers that are either raw or grilled to their burgers and we love the way they add color. Who thinks that adding bell peppers to their burgers is the way to go? Pick or pass on these as a burger topping:

Question 23

Add rocket?

When it comes to adding salad leaves to burgers most places only offer lettuce but this place has a few other options for their customers. For those wanting to add a little bit more taste they even offer rocket and its peppery taste goes really well with beef. Not everyone enjoys greenery on their burgers but for those who do this is definitely one topping to consider. Who is going to give it a try? Pick or pass on rocket for this burger:

Question 24

Add lettuce?

Okay, so maybe rocket is not for everyone but that's okay because, for those wanting lettuce on their burgers, this place has it on the "build a burger" menu. Lettuce is generally placed at the bottom of a burger to stop the bun from becoming soggy when the other toppings are added. But some folks might argue that lettuce should be kept for salads instead and never added to a burger. It's all about our own individual tastes. Pick or pass?

Question 25

Add spring onion?

Not only does this burger joint offer their customers the choice between red and white onions, but they also have the option of adding spring onions as a burger topping. Spring onions have a milder flavor than other onions and some folks prefer them. Although we could choose to have white or red onions and then add spring onion too, after all this is our own creation. And anything goes! Does spring onion make a good burger topping? Pick or pass:

Question 26

Add grated carrot?

Wow, this burger is really started to look good but there is still some space to add a few more toppings if we want to. How about some grated carrot? At least by adding this topping we know, we are getting our veggies in, right? They do add a nice crunch and also some color. Do carrots have a place on burgers or should they be kept for the side salads instead? We need to decide whether or not to add grated carrots to this burger.

Question 27

Add radish?

This burger joint offers quite a few toppings that we wouldn't usually find on the menu and we just love their variety! They even have the option for adding sliced radishes to their burgers and these are perfect for adding a little bit of a bite but without the burn. They also add crunch for those who want their burgers to make a noise when they eat them! Straight from the garden, fresh and delicious; pick or pass on radishes for this burger:

Question 28

Add beans?

We can hardly believe how many toppings this place has for their "build a burger" option but we've finally come to the end of the list. The very last topping that we can choose to pick or pass on is beans, so for anyone who is interested, now is the time to speak up. Beans on a burger can be a little messy but they are really yummy so it can be worth it. Go ahead and decide whether or not to add beans:

Question 29

Deep fry the burger?

Although we know that deep-fried food is not good for us, we can't deny that it is delicious. Chicken nuggets, fries, onion rings, hash browns - they all taste better straight out of the deep fryer. But deep frying a burger? It sounds a little over the top, doesn't it? Whether or not we think it's a good idea this place does offer their clients the option of deep frying their creation. Is this something that we should consider or not?

Question 30

Choose a burger sauce:

Wow, we've made a lot of decisions about this burger so far but don't worry, we're getting close to the end now and then we can sit back and enjoy our creation. Now that we have chosen the bun, the patty and all the fillings we need to choose a sauce to top it all off with. Are we going to go for a BBQ sauce or perhaps a creamy mushroom sauce? If we went with a chicken patty we might like to add some ranch sauce...

Question 31

Choose a salad:

Our burger is busy being prepared now so while we wait we can choose a salad to go along with our meal. At least if we have a salad we won't feel so guilty about having that greasy burger! There are quite a few different salads to choose from here - we can opt for a yummy Greek salad with plenty of olives and feta cheese or choose something else from the menu. Go ahead and choose a salad to go with this burger:

Question 32

Add fries?

A burger just isn't the same without fries, is it? But at this restaurant, it's not a must. They have other options for folks who would prefer not to add fries to their meal and we think that's just great. But for those who do enjoy a batch of deep fried fries this place has some of the best in town. Everyone gets to choose exactly what they want to have. It's time to decide whether or not to add fries:

Question 33

Choose some sauce for the fries:

Okay, so we just could not resist those fries so we've decided to order some to go with our burger. But now we have another decision to make - we need to choose which of these yummy sauces we want to have with them. Are we going to go for the standard tomato sauce or liven things up a little with some ranch or sweet and sour sauce? Choices, choices, choices! Decide which of these sauces will go best with fries:

Question 34

Choose a side:

If we are going to have a burger we might as well make a meal out of it so why don't we order another side dish as well? This place has plenty of options for us to choose from and it's going to be tough because they all look so good! How about a few onion rings on the side or maybe some melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella sticks? What will it be? Choose one of these sides to go with this burger meal:

Question 35

Add another side:

Yeah, yeah, we know, choosing just one side isn't going to be enough. Besides whatever we can't eat tonight we can always have for lunch tomorrow, right? So yes, let's choose another side dish. Maybe a few juicy chicken wings to munch along with our burger and chips or maybe some crumbed mushrooms. They even have tater tots! While our order is being prepared go ahead and choose one more side to go with this epic burger that we have built:

Question 36

Sit in or takeaway?

Now we can either choose to eat this burger (and all the side dishes) right here in the restaurant or we can choose to take it home with us. They have very comfortable seating here and we could start eating right away but then again the thought of being able to relax on our own couch (with Netflix in the background) is also very tempting... Should we ask them to pack up our order or are we just going to eat everything right here?

Question 37

Choose a drink:

We've ordered quite a bit of food here and we are going to need something to wash it all down with. And if we've ordered spicy food we might just need a little extra too. Luckily this place has fridges that are well stocked with all kinds of liquid refreshments so once again we are spoilt for choice. What is it going to be? A soft drink like Coke or Fanta or something a little healthier like iced tea or fruit juice?

Question 38

Choose a milkshake:

The word on the street is that this place has some of the most delicious milkshakes in the city so we've decided to order one and decide for ourselves. A milkshake goes really well with a burger and if we are having something spicy it might be just what we need to help with the burn. But the question is what flavor are we going to have? They have a few that we can choose from so let's decide on one:

Question 39

Choose a dessert:

Has anyone ever noticed that no matter how much we eat we always seem to have room for dessert? Well, let's hope that will be the case tonight as well because the sweet treats on this menu look way to good for us to skip. They seem to have something for everyone - from chocolate brownies to key lime pie. And it's all made here at the restaurant, fresh every single day! Choose one of these desserts to round off the meal:

Question 40

Eat it with a knife or fork or hands?

Now, the very last question: how are we going to eat this burger? Are we going to eat it with a knife and fork or are we going to eat with our hands? If we've decided to stay at the restaurant and eat we might want to try with a knife and fork but if we are at home in front of the TV we'll probably opt to just eat with our hands. How are we going to eat this burger?

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