Only A Vampire Slayer Could Pass This Buffy Quiz

No matter how many episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel a person watches, ultimately, there can be only one true Slayer. Until Buffy’s series finale anyway, at which point there were a few dozen. In fact, there were two Slayers in the world time as early as season two, suggesting Giles may have misunderstood that prophecy about “one girl in all the world, a chosen one.”

Nonetheless, the reality remains that Vampire Slayers aren’t real in this world, but then again, that’s only because vamps aren’t real, either. If they were, maybe a strong education in Buffy studies actually could serve as valid training to stop them. Think about it—how does most of the Scooby Gang gradually learn to become competent fighters? By watching Buffy kick butt. On that same logic, anyone who has seen her slay veritable hundreds of vampires might be able to stake one or two themselves.

That said, it’s going to take more than just a single episode to suddenly learn all of Buffy’s secrets. In order to be a superhero like her, you’ll need to see the whole series, then watch the spin-off, and maybe read a few of her comic books, too. To test if you’ve already done all the research or you still have a long way to go, keep reading to take the Buffy quiz only a true Vampire Slayer can pass.

1Who is the first Scooby Gang member Buffy meets?

Slayer or not, being the new kid in town can be incredibly tough. Buffy Summers learned this the hard way after burning down a gym full of vampires…make that asbestos…at her school in LA. This lead to an expulsion, forcing her family to move to Sunnydale, where Buffy’s adventure truly began. Clumsy and overwhelmed, Buff doesn’t know her way around town at first, walking directly into a stranger on her first day. Luckily, the person doesn’t mind, soon becoming one of her best friends…even though she dropped her stake. Who was it?

2Who is the first boy in Sunnydale to ask Buffy out on a date?

Next to protecting the world against vampires, the most difficult task Buffy faces is juggling her sworn duties with a normal life. Being a 16-year-old girl when her show begins, Buffy is understandably as interested in dating boys as she is fighting bad guys, so the second a nice guy asks her out, she jumps on the opportunity. Unfortunately, this leads to an important lesson, which also serves as the episode’s title—“Never Kill a Boy on the First Date.” Buffy’s beau survives, but it’s such a close call she decides to call things off. Who was he?

3Who turned Angel into a vampire?

Ironically, though Buffy’s primary purpose as the Vampire Slayer is to destroy every bloodsucker she meets, the girl in question also finds her first love in a man whose technically a demon. Of course, Angel is unlike any other vamp around, in that he has a soul, which puts him firmly on the side of good rather than evil. Unfortunately, he didn’t start that way, as Angel was initially one of the most vicious bloodsuckers in history due to the influence of his sire. Who turned him into a demon?

4Which of the following characters is never seen wearing “vamp face?"

Such is the nature of Sunnydale that even people who aren’t really vampires can occasionally wear the “vamp face” until strange enough circumstance. In fact, even Buffy herself momentarily has the physical appearance of the monsters she’s sworn to destroy thanks to a demon making everyone’s worst nightmares come true. Similarly, a few of her best friends find themselves turned into vampires for various mystical influences over the course of an episode or two. Which of these key Scooby Gang members manages to spare themselves the misfortune?

5What character’s mother ends up trapped in a trophy case?

Long before Buffy enrolled at the school, Sunnydale High was already weird as a high school can possibly be. That’s what happens when the city builds a learning institution on a Hellmouth, and without a Slayer to fight the insanity, things were especially out of hand. There are still vestiges of this past Sunnydale by the time Buffy arrives, like the fact an a former high school cheerleader possessed her daughter’s body to reclaim her teenage glory. Once Buffy found out, the woman accidentally wound up stuck in a trophy case. Who’s mom was it?

6Who is the demon hunting puppet looking for the Brotherhood of Seven?

Buffy Summers is no dummy—when someone offers their help protecting the world against the forces of evil, she almost always takes it. Even if they in fact are a, uh, dummy. Okay, so this ventriloquist’s doll is actually more than meets the eye, having taken the soul of a centuries old demon hunter. Aside from the talent show were he’s poised to be the star, the main reason this dummy came to Sunnydale was to track down a group of demons that are about to cause Buffy trouble. Who is he?

7Which Sunnydale teacher tries to abduct and kill Xander?

When Xander and Buffy walk into one another in the halls of Sunnydale High, it’s love at first sight…well, for one of them, anyway. Despite Xander’s better efforts, Buffy never quite reciprocates his feelings, leaving the kid desperate and lonely for any attention he gets. Throw in the fact many high school boys fantasize about their most sultry teachers, and the second one of Xander’s professors comes on to him, there’s no surprise he leaps at the opportunity. As per usual, though, there’s a catch, in that she feeds on virgins and plans to kill him. Who is she?

8What animal does does Amy turn herself into?

Amy turning into a rat can actually be pretty easily traced back to Buffy, though it isn't her fault entirely. After getting over some major wiggins about Buffy's slayage, Joyce Summers turns into her regular mom self again. This leads to her bringing Buffy a mid-slayage treat, except that she also comes across some not-so-cute kids. They possess Joyce and the other parents and convince them to burn Buffy, Willow, and Amy at the stake for being bad girls. Amy escapes by making herself a little to small to be held.

9How does The Master kill Buffy?

No matter how hard the Scooby Gang tries to fight them, prophecies just don’t lie. One of the first things audiences learn about Buffy is that she was destined to die very young, killed by The Master before he rose to the surface and started his violent takeover of humanity. Luckily, her friends were close enough nearby that they could give her the medical attention necessary to bring her back in just a few minutes. Buffy dies, Xander brings her back, and she shares a little of the afterlife with The Master.

10What is Buffy dressed as when everyone turns into their Halloween costumes?

Believe it or not, Halloween is the one night of the year in Sunnydale when there’s virtually no threat of vampires or demons wrecking havoc. By and large, actual monsters find the idea of playing dress up gaudy and boring, using the holiday to blend in and act relatively normal. Of course, were opportunity to knock, they wouldn’t ignore it. Therefore, when a mysterious outsider casts a spell turning everyone in Sunnydale into their costumes, the vamps are out in full force. Best of all, Buffy’s costume completely neutralized her power. What was it?

11How many Slayers did Spike kill before meeting Buffy?

While he would ultimately turn into one of Buffy’s greatest allies, when audiences first meet Spike, he appears to be the scariest and most vicious monster she’s encountered yet. Every vampire in town dislikes the Slayer, and many of them are serial murderers of sorts, but only Spike has combined these two pastimes into one and made it his mission to kill as many chosen girls as possible. Spike’s hobby of doing this dates back over 100 years, though he seems to get distracted a whole lot, leaving his total Slayer kill count a little low. What is it?

12Who sends Cordelia to a world where Buffy never came to Sunnydale?

Despite initially hitting it off, Cordelia Chase and Buffy Summers very quickly become high school rivals many times over. Even as Buffy goes out of her way to repeatedly save Cordelia’s life, the popular cheerleader type just doesn’t care for geeks who spend all day in the library like the Slayer. Still, she somehow finds herself dating Xander and actually liking him, which is certifiable in her view. Even worse, he winds up cheating on her with Willow, leading her to wish Buffy had never come to town...for some reason.

13What demon do Spike and Drusilla revive right before Angel turns evil?

From the very beginning, Angel’s status as a vampire with a soul was a little confusing and unclear. How exactly did he achieve this uniquely virtuous position? Turns out a band of gypsies cast a curse on him, infusing him with a conscious until he reached a moment of pure happiness. Said experience finally happened when he consummated his relationship with Buffy, turning the kind-hearted Angel back into Angelus for the first time in centuries. Spike and Dru don’t believe it at first, but a demon they recently revived confirms “there is no humanity in him.” What demon is it?

14What’s the truth about Joyce’s short lived boyfriend Ted?

Played to perfection by legendary comic actor John Ritter, when Buffy first meets her mom’s new boyfriend Ted, he seems like a perfect picture of family tradition. The more she learned about him, though, the more it seemed Ted hung on to all the wrong traditions, namely misogynistic ones that deemed men heads of their household and all women subservient to them. Turns out that wasn’t even the worst of it, as there’s far more to Ted than what Buffy can initially see on the surface. What secret is he hiding?

15Which Sunnydale sports team does Xander briefly join?

Theoretically speaking, if Buffy had the spare time, any Sunnydale athletics she decided to join would suddenly have one heck of a ringer. Unfortunately, she’s far too busy Slaying vampires to even become a cheerleader, let alone get out there on the field. Turns out her friends aren’t so busy, though, and when an investigation calls for it, Xander actually manages to become a member of Sunnydale’s most popular team. It only lasts an episode, but Cordelia is proud to see him in uniform. What sport does he play?

16Who kills Kendra the Vampire Slayer?

Although Xander managed to revive Buffy mere minutes after The Master killed her, the world was still without a Slayer for long enough that the next one was immediately called. Enter Kendra the Vampire Slayer, a strong African teenager who unlike Buffy has dove headfirst into the job and couldn’t be more determined to rid the world of evil. Unfortunately, though, she’s not quite as skilled as Buffy is when it comes to actual fighting, and she winds up killed mere days after arriving in Sunnydale. Who slits Kendra’s throat?

17Which Sunnydale student asks Buffy out shortly after she kills Angel?

In a show filled with emotional moments, perhaps the most powerful of all was Buffy shoving a sword through the stomach of her true love in order to save the world. Of course, most of the people in Sunnydale have no idea whatsoever that she did this, having been busy living their own lives while the Slayer was fulfilling her duties. Nonetheless, being a beautiful and hilarious high school girl, Buffy can still attract positive attention in other ways, which is why a boy asks her out shortly after this happened, unaware of what she’s going through. Who was he?

18What does this mask do?

After running away, Buffy finds it difficult to readjust to Sunnydale society. She finds out that her mom made a helpful friend in her absence. Though nosey, Pat is very sensitive to Joyce's moods and passive aggressively lets Buffy know that what she did was absolutely wrong. During a welcome back party that isn't going as expected (though in Sunnydale, that's a loaded phrase), there's an attack. Pat winds up wearing this mask and trying to kill Buffy, who, unfortunately has to take her out.

19Which vampire put together SlayerFest ‘98?

In a manner of speaking, the entire premise of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is that the hunted has become the hunter. No longer are beautiful blonde young women the targets of things that go bump in the night; those like Buffy attach the problem headfirst and come out on top. Of course, this works both ways, and once a particularly vindictive vampire caught wind of the Slayer, he began plotting intricate plans to bring her down. One of the most elaborate was “SlayerFest ’98,” an event seeing Buffy and Cordelia get hunted while wearing their homecoming dresses. Who organized it?

20Who is the head of the Watcher’s Council?

For all his knowledge and poise (not to mention the tweed), believe it or not, Giles is not in charge of the Watcher’s Council. Because he’s the man guiding Buffy, history may prove Giles was the best mentor a Slayer could ever have, but the fact remains he wasn’t in charge of his organization. In fact, many people in the Council don’t like Giles all that much due to his unorthodox style and extremely close personal connection to his Slayer. Leading the charge against him is the Council’s leader, who goes so far as to fire Giles. Who is he?

21Who does Buffy hear planning to kill all the students at Sunnydale while she's telepathic?

Perhaps the most controversial episode in Buffy history was “Earshot,” entirely due to a storyline where the Slayer believes she’s preventing a school shooting. In 1997 and today, the idea is powerfully resonant and heart wrenching, reminding audiences of the real problems Buffy and friends need to deal with on top of all the supernatural ones. Ultimately, it turns out the kid with the gun was only trying to kill himself, though, and someone else in school was planning mass murder through more bizarre means. Either way, Buffy overheard their plot, and Xander saved the day. Who did they stop?

22What text outlines The Mayor’s plans to become a demon?

The second he’s introduced, audiences are well aware there’s something off about Sunnydale’s Mayor. In addition to his strange folksy attitude and strong sense of traditionalism, there’s a darkness brewing beneath the surface that Buffy and friends soon learn all about. Apparently, The Mayor has been around for over a century, waiting for the perfect moment to achieve his destiny and turn into a gigantic snake demon at Buffy’s graduation. Not only did he have to wait an extremely long time for the right moment, but he also followed a very strict plan until that point. What ancient text outlines this plan?

23What was Glory looking for when she came to Sunnydale?

Arguably the most powerful enemy Buffy faces throughout her journey (but aren’t they all?), the outrageously fashionable Glory is neither a demon, vampire, or other such evil entity—she’s a god. Naturally, she’s not the good sort of god, either, having been banished from a hell dimension for being too greedy and destructive. The only reason Glory ever comes to Sunnydale is so she can find a certain something that will help her get back to hell, where she can reign supreme. What is it that she seeks?

24What attacks the Sunnydale prom?

Doomed from the start, the love between Buffy and Angel is as poetic and beautiful as it was impossible. Even if Angel wasn’t bound to lose his soul every time they got too close, the mere idea of a Slayer dating a vampire was difficult to grasp from the start, making it unlikely they’d find eternal bliss together. That said, the couple did experience a few perfect, beautiful moments, like when they shared a slow, soft dance at Buffy’s prom. What did she face moments before this bliss?

25Which secret government organization is hunting down and studying demons?

Thanks to a massive government conspiracy, the vast majority of Sunnydale residents are officially in the dark about the existence of vampires. Sure, anyone paying attention knows the town is weird as hell, and it’s the high school has got to be the only one in the world with an obituary section. However, politicians like The Mayor and state employees like Principal Snyder can always come up with excuses to fool the press and anyone who wasn’t there. The plus side is that there’s also a government agency looking to solve the problem head-on. What’s it called?

26What old friend of Giles turns him into a demon?

Giles may be the only member of the core four never to wear vamp face for any reason or stretch of time, but that doesn’t mean he’s entirely free from physical transformation. During a particularly low point in his life, after getting fired from the Watcher’s Council and with Buffy away at college, Giles goes out for drinks with an friend/enemy. This person then gets Giles so drunk he can turn him into a Fyarl demon. Luckily, Spike can speak Fyarl and Buffy recognizes Giles’s eyes, so it all ends out okay. Still, who briefly turned him into a monster?

27Who kills Ben, and by extension Glory?

As just about every single minute of her TV show proves, Buffy Summers is a hero. She’s pure good, fighting evil wherever she sees it, regardless of what plans she made before sensing there was trouble. Buffy also has an incredibly powerful moral core, which tells her never to kill any humans, ever, under any circumstances. Of course, not all of her allies are so noble. Recognizing the only way to stop Glory is to kill her human counterpart Ben, who digs into their dark side and suffocates the innocent man for the greater good?

28What Sunnydale nerd casts a spell that turns them into a Superstar?

Pretty much everyone who has watched Buffy fanatically wishes they could be the Slayer or an equivalent superhero for a at least a few days. Naturally, the characters who interact with Buffy on a daily basis also feel this desire, and since they live in a world of magic and monsters, a few might even achieve it in one way or another. In an especially beloved example, one of the students who went to high school with Buffy later casts a spell turning themselves into an international media superstar, in every sense of the expression. Who was it?

29What kind of work does Buffy settle on to pay the bills?

As Buffy often points out, there’s absolutely nothing fair about being called as the Slayer. Suddenly, the fate of the world was placed in her hands despite the fact she never once asked for the responsibility, and quite possibly had better things to do. That’s not even the worst part, though, as the Slayer doesn’t even get paid for her services. This leaves Buffy in dire straights after her mom passes away, forcing her to take a menial job to pay her and Dawn’s bills. What sort of work does she find?

30How does Buffy change her appearance before becoming temporarily invisible?

Being on the air for seven seasons means that Buffy and the friends who stuck with her the longest look significantly different at the end than how they started. Aside from Willow’s stylistic evolution, though, this is mostly just due to the passage of time. That said, many people feel a need for major change now and then, and there are many ways to achieve this. The only thing that would stop a person from making one is suddenly becoming invisible and making it pointless, which is exactly what happens to Buffy. What did she do right beforehand?

31Which woman’s “love effulgent” does William the Bloody write poetry about?

Shortly before Spike became one of the most vicious vampires in written history, he was pretty much the exact opposite: a nerdy, nebbish, wannabe poet who couldn’t get a date to save his life. Not that the poor guy was going to stop trying, though, even as he was nicknamed William the Bloody after his “bloody awful” poetry that made people want to “drive a railroad spike” through their heads. No, Spike’s love was simply too effulgent to be silenced. Who was it directed towards?

32What friend of Buffy is the child of a woman killed by Spike?

Everyone who joins the Scooby Gang does so for their own personal reasons. Okay, so for the most part, it’s just self-preservation, and a strong connection to the Slayer or someone else in her crew. However, some of the older Scooby Gang members discovered the crime fighting kids through outside reasons, like in the case of a secret vampire hunter whose mother used to be a Slayer herself. Not only that, but she was one of the two Slayers killed by Spike during his more destructive days. What’s her child’s name?

33What demon makes everyone in Sunnydale sing and dance to the music?

Oh, Xander. Truth be told, we totally get it. When Buffy’s goofiest friend caught wind of a fun demon that would make everybody sing and dance all the time, he thought it would be a nice break from the chaos to summon him. Little did Xander realize, there were serious downsides to this level of happiness, as Sunnydale residents legitimately couldn’t control their own actions when it was time for a show stopping number. Also, the demon wanted a young bride as a reward for the chaos he caused. What was his name?

34Which of Xander’s body parts does Caleb permanently disfigure?

Unlike most of Buffy’s greatest enemies, disgraced priest Caleb is basically just a regular guy obsessed with pure evil. Of course, that obsession leads to a direct connection with the very First Evil itself, and such a powerful enmity inevitable granted Caleb with super strength. The ungodly preacher was singlehandedly able to stand toe to toe with Buffy, Faith, and a half dozen Potential Slayers, while also finding time to permanently disfigure Xander in a shockingly violent way. What body part does Xander lose in the battle?

35Who did Anya turn into a troll, earning her job as a vengeance demon?

Having turned into a vengeance demon a full millennium before coming to Sunnydale, it could be argued Anya has the widest and least explored backstory of anyone in the entire Buffyverse. All we really know about her is that she’s been punishing men who scorn their lovers pretty much forever, and it all started when she herself was a Viking woman named Aud, married to a beast of a man who inevitably did her wrong. To get her revenge, Anya turns him into a troll, catching the attention of her soon-to-be demonic bosses. What’s the troll’s name?

36What weapon does Buffy use to kill Caleb?

Turns out Buffy spent an entire seven years fighting evil without discovering her ultimate weapon. Around the same time the concept of the Slayer came to be, the Last Guardian who created it also forged an all powerful weapon she was supposed to use against darkness. Luckily, Buffy and Faith find the thing right before their final battle with the First Evil. Ironically, it’s Evil’s own conduit Caleb that leads the Slayers directly to the weapon, and Buffy then uses it to slice him in half. What is it?

37What is the name of Oz’s band?

In addition to all the Slaying, demon hunting, and quippy dialogue, one of Buffy’s greatest strongpoints as a series was incredible musical cues that brought fans into the action. Especially when the Scooby Gang was dancing around at The Bronze, it felt like a real high school/college age club experience, and the fact Willow’s boyfriend was in the band made perfect sense. Oz and his friends weren’t the best musicians in the world, but they always had fun, and their name was always good for a laugh. What was it?

38What is evil Willow’s catchphrase?

Simmering beneath the surface of sweet, innocent, old reliable Willow is an extremely dark power that only comes out when she’s at her worst. Or, when she’s in alternate dimensions, where The Master’s army turned her into an amazingly powerful vampire. Either way, Willow, immense abilities as a witch truly make her Buffy’s most powerful ally, and when her emotions get out of control after Tara’s death, her most powerful enemy. What phrase in particular means Dark Willow is about to strike in terrifying fashion?

39What does the first Slayer tell Buffy her “gift” is?

Given how much Buffy accomplishes in her lifetime, it feels reductive to claim the Slayer only had one “gift.” Each time she saved a life, Buffy was granting a lifetime of new opportunities, something that literally meant everything to the people she rescued. Unfortunately, the girl in question herself rarely felt so grateful of her abilities, at times treating it like as much of a blessing as a curse. This feeling was especially strong after she met Sineya, the legendary First Slayer, who told her what the Slayer’s true “gift” in life was. What is it?

40What does the Scooby Gang plan to do after closing the Hellmouth?

Each battle Buffy and her friends enter feels like it could determine the fate of the world when it begins. Never is this more true than in the series finale, when the Scooby Gang goes directly into the Hellmouth with plans of closing it for good. In the process, all of Sunnydale gets destroyed, and Buffy is finally free to do whatever she wants. Right before things started, the Slayer, Xander, and Willow had a brief chat about what they planned to do next. With the hint Giles believed it meant “the earth is definitely doomed,” what’s their plan?

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