Only The Biggest Nerds Will Remember Season One Of The Big Bang Theory

This show, more than any other sitcom out there, has divided the world into two camps. While some people absolutely adore it, the rest of the people out there despise it to their core. This leads the people who love it to doubling down, spending their time showing how great the show really is, or basking in its glory with other fans so that they drown out the protests made by the other people out there. It's that sort of atmosphere which breeds some pretty ravenous fans, insane people who would do anything for more of their favorite thing, no matter they have to do to get it.

We wanted to see if we could create a quiz that would truly show us who the biggest Big Bang Theory nerds are, making them go all the way back to the first season to see if they could remember what went on throughout the beginning of their favorite show. If you think you're the biggest Big Bang Theory nerd out there, then we think that this quiz will really test you!

So, are you ready to prove that you're a bigger fan than anyone out there? Want to have your Big Bang Theory knowledge put to the test? Well then, let's get started!

Question 1

Name This Character

We feel like this woman could've been written better, been given more depth and bucked the stereotype of the beautiful blonde, but instead, the writers decided to keep it pretty simple. She also seems to be the character most attached to reality, and when it comes to street smart over book smart, this character is more your girl!

Question 2

Name This Character

Quite possibly one of the most annoying characters that has ever been on television, but yet, he still manages to be endearing and sometimes even a great friend. Even the other characters are constantly commenting on how annoying he is, yet they stick with him. This character is just particular, and he IS usually right. Also, we kind of like his disconnect with the real world and seeing how his brain works.

Question 3

Name This Character

This character started out to be introduced as a bit of a weird, slightly creepy, horndog. Let's be honest. But when he got with Bernadette (how??), he started to really come out of his shell as a caring boyfriend, then caring husband, and honestly, just a normal dude who had no idea how to speak and interact with women. We forgive all of his awkward advances and are just happy to see him doing well with his little family.

Question 4

In What Field Of Science Do Leonard And Sheldon Specialize?

When you choose to create a show like this, it's important that you hire somebody who can make sure all of the writing makes sense and lines up with what we know in the real world. Not only does this mean you get all of your pop culture references right, but it also allows you to write about science in a way that won't have people writing in to tell you that you're wrong. But also, they seem to get the level of comedy, just right so we don't need to always know what's going on.

Question 5

Where Does Penny Work?

Penny's difficulty in getting a creative job is one that arguably speaks to many people who watch the show, as there are few people out there who can actually get a career in the artistic field that they want. It is such a realistic struggle that it makes sense that so many people identify with Penny and her constant attempt to find a job that both suits her, and doesn't make her feel like she's settling for less because her acting career never picked up.

Question 6

Name This Character

Have you ever met a person in real life who struggles with women as much as this guy? We do feel for him because we've all been there at some point, but we grow up and we learn that women are just like everybody else. All you have to do is talk to them and show genuine interest in who they and what they choose to do with themselves. We actually get to see him go through these struggles and come out on top! Well at least he can talk to women now.

Question 7

Name This Character

It would seem that in the world of showbiz, people like to stick together and look after their friends. You might meet somebody when you're much younger and starting in the acting industry, only to find that you'll be working with them again as an adult. Is this because they got you the part or they saw something they liked in your work? Who can know, but we do know that people like to stick together when they're involved in this sort of stuff.

Question 8

Who Sings The Theme Tune?

The theme tune for The Big Bang Theory is actually pretty perfect when you think about it, as everyone seems to know most of the words, even if they've only watched a couple of episodes and decided they don't like it. It's that sort of catchy tune that gets stuck in people's heads that you want for a show, as it means your audience will be unable to forget the show for a long time after the episode finishes and they go to do something else.

Question 9

Name This Character

We think it's interesting that so many of the people who worked on Roseanne ended up spending their time on the set of The Big Bang Theory. We know that one of the main characters is from Roseanne as well, but why is that so many others followed him?! We're not saying they didn't get a good amount of money but they must have looked at the writing and thought that it probably wasn't up to scratch with the rest of the stuff they've worked on.

Question 10

Why Do The Characters Always Take The Stairs In Their Apartment Building?

This sort of thing is exactly what a lot of sitcoms go for, using a central conceit that can be reinforced every single episode so that the joke feels familiar to the audience every single time they return. It's a form of routine in writing that tricks the person watching into feeling comfortable. This way, the writers can get people to watch more regularly, or they can use that comfort to set up a joke out of nowhere to hit the audience hard.

Question 11

What Do Leonard And Sheldon Try To Get Back For Penny In The Pilot Episode?

We always thought, looking at the character Sheldon later became, it was out of character for him to follow Leonard to help him get Penny's stuff back from her ex-boyfriend. Sure, Leonard wanted to sleep with her so his motive is clear, but Sheldon is a slightly more selfish man who doesn't always see the benefits in helping someone just to be nice. Sometimes we do need to listen to Sheldon though, again, he's often right!

Question 12

What Favor Does Penny Ask Leonard For In Episode 2?

The sort of slow burn that you see between two characters who are building a romance plot in a sitcom is something that we really can't stand and think that writers should start looking for a better way around it. If you're sure you need some sort of romance in your comedy show, then this is the kind we want to see. We were all pretty much rooting for the two of them since she knocked on their door in the first episode. It's always good to see the nice guy get the girl!

Question 13

In What Episode Do Penny And Leonard Share Their First Kiss?

Ah, the first kiss of the leading romantic partners. Is there anything better? I mean sure, usually, its a bigger part for Romantic/tear jerker style shows, but in comedies they always make it much more relatable. We thought maybe Penny would just always be that girl that Leonard would simply pine for, we wondered if they would ever get to that point, admit it, you were rooting for them, it finally happened! But do you remember the exact episode that the big moment happened?

Question 14

What Is The Name Of Penny's Promiscuous Friend?

The inclusion of women who are willing to have sex with more than the socially allowed quantity often get the whole dynamic wrong, especially when they're included in a show that is about making people laugh, as they will often go for the cheap jokes that have the audience laughing at a woman who is merely making a choice to act how she wants to. This character was a little more loose with her morals, sure, but it didn't mean she was just fair game for the boys.

Question 15

Which Broadway Musical Does Penny Get A Part In?

Any actor who has watched Big Bang Theory will be able to tell that what Penny goes through is a pretty accurate representation. You will end up taking any job you can get your hands on at first, even if you don't think your particular skill set will allow you to bring perfection to the role you've been offered. You need as much money and as exposure as you can so you will roll the dice on anything that comes your way.

Question 16

Name This Character

Sure, he might have his problems. but this guy has pretty much always got the audience on his side. It sometimes feels like the guy doesn't realize what world he's in, that he has been forced to interact with the people around him in a specific way because of the things he loves and what he's passionate about. In a way, this is a pretty honest description of what it's like as an adult, thrown together with people based on your life choices.

Question 17

Which Movie Marathon Do The Guys Decide To Go To See When Sheldon Gets Sick?

There are a lot of shows out there that have characters as lets say, particular, as Sheldon and if we're honest we don't truly understand the concept, as we all know that people like that just wouldn't have friends. And that's why us viewers have looked deeper into his character and we can see that when it really counts Sheldon is always there for his friends. Again, we know he's particular, but he just takes a bit of getting used to.

Question 18

What Is The Name Of The Child Prodigy That Shows Up Sheldon?

To this day, we find it insane that this sort of thing actually happens, where a child is born that is able to pick things up and become more intelligent than any other normal human before they've even reached puberty. How is that possible? Where do these genes come from and where do they go? Can we somehow make it so that all human beings end up like this and create a system where everyone is this intelligent once they're older?

Question 19

What Does Sheldon Want To Call The Physics Bowl Team?

Yet another example in which people would simply walk away from Sheldon as he doesn't allow for any sort of democratic process to take place. But we know there is a reason that people tend to listen to Sheldon, and it's not just because he's more forthright with his opinion, okay no, it really is mostly that. His suggestion was pretty good, albeit misguided and very innocent. I mean, it is the Physics bowl though, right?

Question 20

What Does Howard Want To Call The Physics Bowl Team?

Howard had his own suggestion, that we actually thought was quite good. His opinion on women is something that gets played for laughs, but in the end he is just an above average smart man who is surrounded by other above average smart people. This sometimes makes him seem like he is less of a scientist (Sheldon's words, not ours), but at home, we all know that he's just as smart, and slightly cooler, since you know, he went to space and all.

Question 21

How Much Does Leonard Spend On A Prop Time Machine?

There are a lot of pop references in the show that do play on stereotypes that we already know. Smart people = nerds. We get it. But they also have other sides to them. How Leonard is a romantic, and how Howard cared so much about his mother, and we all cried with him when she past, or how Raj is just so incredibly clueless and sometimes even hopeless. And then there's the women of the show. Highly capable in their own right, confident, and all with their own set of quirks and strengths.

Question 22

Which Game Do The Guys Play To Decide Who Can Ask Out Sheldon's Twin Sister?

We can say, as total video game nerds, that these guys never really play games that are worth a look, instead taking part in the most famous video games out there so that the audience actually understands what it is that they're talking about. We're sure they probably get some money for advertizing these brands as well, but if these nerds had any sort of proper interest in video games they'd be playing the more weird and interesting stuff being released.

Question 23

Whose Birthday Is It In The Peanut Reaction?

Slightly off topic, but how terrifying must it be to have one of those sorts of allergies where even being in the same room can end up setting you off? You must feel like you're constantly at war with the world around you, never knowing if today is the day that you get unlucky and happen to walk into a room where a peanut also is. Seriously, we don't know if we could handle that sort of daily stress for too long.

Question 24

Finish The Episode Name: The Fuzzy Boots _____

Who knew that Sheldon could ever talk Leonard into asking Penny out on a date? You'd think that he'd only ever being negative things to his life, not end up making him feel bold enough to ask out a woman well out of his league! However, it seems that Penny might not be going on the same night out as Leonard, who clearly didn't make it very clear what the purpose of the night was when he asked her out...

Question 25

Finish The Episode Name: The Luminous Fish _____

We quite like the fact that the show decided to give us a look at where these characters came from, bringing in members of their family to show what it was like for these people to grow up. There are very few people out there who know what it's like to grow up as a genius, so it's cool for us to take a look at what the writers would see their lives as being if they had been. Plus, they've got to make it funny...

Question 26

Finish The Episode Name: The Hamburger _____

As we get older and start to wade into the world of relationships, it can often be a struggle to come to terms with the fact that what we want isn't always what the other person wants, which is something Leonard comes up against in this episode. However, can it really be that bad when he seems to only want Penny anyway? Now that he's been rejected, he's free to pursue the woman that he actually wants instead of wasting his time.

Question 27

Finish The Episode Name: The Grasshopper _____

One of the things that we always thought was weird was that Raj can't speak to women unless he's drunk, which is a choice that we don't think sends the right message to any children who might be watching. In this episode, Raj discovers this ability and decides to use it when he goes on a date that has been set up for him by his parents, who definitely need to start butting out of his life in our opinion.

Question 28

Finish The Episode Name: The Loobenfeld _____

It can be a struggle to tell people the truth if you know ahead of time that they're not going to like hearing it, but we think it's important that you keep the people you care about most in your life informed. However, Leonard decides it would be best to lie to Penny when she asks him to come watch her sing, something that Sheldon doesn't find easy to ignore. His uncomfortable nature leads to the events seen in this episode.

Question 29

Finish The Episode Name: The Pancake Batter _____

There's nothing worse than someone who makes your life a living hell when they get ill, pretending that they're physically incapable of doing anything by themselves and expecting you to do everything for them, which is why it's no surprise that Sheldon is one of these people. The guys all know this so they decide to get out as soon as possible, meaning that Penny is left to pick up the pieces that they leave behind, doing everything Sheldon asks.

Question 30

Finish The Episode Name: The Nerdvana _____

One thing that you start to learn as you get older is that somebody who expects you to change to have them around is not somebody that you want around at all, as it means they don't truly like you for who you are, but that doesn't stop Leonard from trying to get rid of everything nerdy in his life to impress Penny. Honestly, women will come and go, but your lifelong passions will stay with you until the day you die.

Question 31

Finish The Episode Name: The Tangerine _____

Look, Penny might be beautiful, but she has so much less going for her than Leonard does, which is why it still surprises us that he follows her around until this episode, where she finally agrees to go on a date with him. In real life, you'd advise Leonard to move on, to find somebody who he doesn't have to chase around in an attempt to get her to like him, but we imagine he probably wouldn't listen to us anyway.

Question 32

Finish The Episode Name: The Bat Jar _____

We know the guy is very smart, a genius even, but asking Sheldon Cooper to be on your team is something that you never want to do. You are really just asking for trouble, which is something that the rest of the guys realize when they have to throw him off their team for the Physics Bowl. Unsurprisingly, he attempts to take them all on in an attempt to show them that they should've never kicked him off the team.

Question 33

Finish The Episode Name: The Jerusalem _____

Even though we're expected to sit and accept Sheldon, it's nice that the writers have placed some episodes, such as this one, in the series so that we can laugh at how he's shown up. Yes, this is the episode where the child prodigy comes to the university the guys work at and shows Sheldon that he may not be the only genius in the world, something that he just cannot deal with. Being shown up by a child like that has got to be hard...

Question 34

Finish The Episode Name: The Cooper-Hofstadter _____

This is yet another episode where Sheldon shows off exactly why nobody in the real world would spend any time with him, even if they pitied him as much as some of the other characters clearly do. When he and Leonard are asked to present their work, Sheldon insists that Leonard has nothing to do with it, leading to them fighting over their own work, rather than coming together to celebrate what they've achieved. Sheldon makes that sort of thing impossible.

Question 35

Finish The Episode Name: The Dumpling _____

When Penny's friend comes to visit, she ends up being picked up by Howard, something that may seem surprising until you realize that Penny's friend would have picked up anyone that spend that much time obsessing over her. This episode doesn't make anyone look good, with Howard looking as slimy as usual and the poor woman that decides to sleep with him has a lot of jokes leveled at her. Penny spends her time at Leonard and Sheldon's place to get away from them.

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