Only The Biggest Nerds Will Remember Season One Of The Big Bang Theory

This show, more than any other sitcom out there, has divided the world into two camps. While some people absolutely adore it, the rest of the people out there despise it to their core. This leads the people who love it to doubling down, spending their time showing how great the show really is, or basking in its glory with other fans so that they drown out the protests made by the other people out there. It's that sort of atmosphere which breeds some pretty ravenous fans, insane people who would do anything for more of their favorite thing, no matter they have to do to get it.

We wanted to see if we could create a quiz that would truly show us who the biggest Big Bang Theory nerds are, making them go all the way back to the first season to see if they could remember what went on throughout the beginning of their favorite show. If you think you're the biggest Big Bang Theory nerd out there, then we think that this quiz will really test you!

So, are you ready to prove that you're a bigger fan than anyone out there? Want to have your Big Bang Theory knowledge put to the test? Well then, let's get started!

1Name This Character

We feel like this woman could've been written better, been given more depth and bucked the stereotype of the beautiful blonde, but instead, the writers decided to keep it pretty simple. She also seems to be the character most attached to reality, and when it comes to street smart over book smart, this character is more your girl!

2Name This Character

Quite possibly one of the most annoying characters that has ever been on television, but yet, he still manages to be endearing and sometimes even a great friend. Even the other characters are constantly commenting on how annoying he is, yet they stick with him. This character is just particular, and he IS usually right. Also, we kind of like his disconnect with the real world and seeing how his brain works.

3Name This Character

This character started out to be introduced as a bit of a weird, slightly creepy, horndog. Let's be honest. But when he got with Bernadette (how??), he started to really come out of his shell as a caring boyfriend, then caring husband, and honestly, just a normal dude who had no idea how to speak and interact with women. We forgive all of his awkward advances and are just happy to see him doing well with his little family.

4In What Field Of Science Do Leonard And Sheldon Specialize?

When you choose to create a show like this, it's important that you hire somebody who can make sure all of the writing makes sense and lines up with what we know in the real world. Not only does this mean you get all of your pop culture references right, but it also allows you to write about science in a way that won't have people writing in to tell you that you're wrong. But also, they seem to get the level of comedy, just right so we don't need to always know what's going on.

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