Pick Or Pass On These Engagement Rings And We'll Guess Your Age

The only thing worse than waiting around for a ring, is knowing that we can't be there when the things gets picked out in the first place. We know our boys mean well, but honestly, what do they know about our dream rings? Hopefully, this quiz will help everyone paint a clearer picture of what they're thinking when it comes this important piece of jewelry.

In today's quiz, we will be picking and passing on all kinds of different engagement rings. We will look at some classics, as well as some out of the box pieces. Everyone here is free to vote on each one however they please, and by the end of it, we will try to guess everybody's age. Who's ready to get engaged?

Question 1

Aquamarine dreams

Question 2

How about this beauty?

Question 3

Effortlessly elegant

Question 4

Heart-shaped diamond

Question 5

How about this one?

Question 6

Very vintage

Question 7

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Question 8

All that glitters is gold

Question 9

What about this ring?

Question 10

Feeling blue?

Question 11

Pink lady

Question 12

How about a pearl?

Question 13

Diamonds & sapphires

Question 14


Question 15

Under the sea

Question 16

What do we think?

Question 17

Thoughts on this unique ring?

Question 18

Diamonds for days

Question 19

What about this classic?

Question 20

Simple & classy

Question 21

The bigger the better

Question 22

Would you say yes to this ring?

Question 23

Black stones

Question 24

Is this one a keeper?

Question 25

Diamonds on diamonds

Question 26

Red heart

Question 27

Totally square

Question 28

What do we think?

Question 29

Yellow oval

Question 30

Garnet rose

Question 31

Black & white

Question 32

Eyes on the emerald

Question 33

One of a kind

Question 34

All about the amethyst

Question 35

Who thinks this is the one?

Question 36

Emerald teardrop

Question 37

Fabulously floral

Question 38

Any takers?

Question 39

Fit for a queen

Question 40

Undeniably unique

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