Pick The Best 90s Men And We'll Guess Your Favorite Boy Band

When looking back, it's hard to argue that the 90s didn't bring us all kinds of amazing stuff. The fashion was on point, the movies were breaking all kind of records, and obviously, the dreamboats were very very real. What goes hand in hand with 90s dreamboats? Well, 90s boy bands of course!

In this quiz, we will be paying tribute to all of our beloved 90s men. We will look through photos of them one by one, and everyone here will get to pick which ones they'd date and which they'd dump. Once all of those tough choices have been made, we will try guessing everybody's favorite 90s boy band. If anyone has been looking for a little nostalgia, we have definitely got you covered!

Question 1


Question 2

Matthew Perry

Question 3

Brendan Fraser

Question 4

Seann William Scott

Question 5

Ryan Phillippe

Question 6

Jared Leto

Question 7

Breckin Meyer

Question 8

James Van Der Beek

Question 9

Brad Pitt

Question 10

Matthew Lawrence

Question 11

Puff Daddy

Question 12

Brian Littrell

Question 13

Tom Cruise

Question 14

Luke Perry

Question 15

Rider Strong

Question 16

Enrique Iglesias

Question 17

Alec Baldwin

Question 18

Keanu Reeves

Question 19

Matt LeBlanc

Question 20

Paul Rudd

Question 21


Question 22

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Question 23

LL Cool J

Question 24

John Stamos

Question 25

Nick Carter

Question 26

John Mayer

Question 27

Leonardo DiCaprio

Question 28

George Clooney

Question 29

Ricky Martin

Question 30

Kurt Cobain

Question 31

Robert Downey, Jr.

Question 32

John Cusack

Question 33

Harrison Ford

Question 34

Justin Timberlake

Question 35

David Boreanaz

Question 36

Rob Lowe

Question 37

Dave Coulier

Question 38

JC Chasez

Question 39

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Question 40

Matt Dillon

Question 41

Patrick Dempsey

Question 42


Question 43

Will Smith

Question 44

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Question 45

Johnny Depp

Question 46

Kevin Bacon

Question 47

Colin Farrell

Question 48

Mark Wahlberg

Question 49

Nick Lachey

Question 50

Seth Green

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