Think You Can Score Over 50% On This Simple Baby Quiz?

Alright parents, time to prove who's actually got all the answers! As children, we tend to assume that our parents were born knowing all of the important stuff, but as it turns out, that is not really the case at all. It's only once we have our own kids, that we realise nobody has any clue what they are doing! That being said, when it comes down to it, all that really matters is that we love our little ones.

Today we will be going over some simple baby questions. We will cover everything from pregnancy, to toddler care. Anyone who manages to score higher than a 50%, is a true baby expert! Are all the mommies and daddies ready to put their baby knowledge to the test?

Question 1

Which of these is NOT a good starter food?

Question 2

True or false: Babies CAN recognize us by our voices

Question 3

Name this baby brand

Question 4

What baby item can help prevent diaper rash?

Question 5

When can we expect to see the first tooth appear?

Question 6

Name this kids movie

Question 7

What do moms sometimes lose after giving birth?

Question 8

Which of these activities should be avoided during pregnancy?

Question 9

When do babies typically say their first words?

Question 10

How accurate is a doctor's gender prediction?

Question 11

What does the term "epidural" mean

Question 12

At what age can we start thinking about potty training?

Question 13

Name this kids show

Question 14

How often does a newborn need to be fed?

Question 15

True or false: Breastmilk CAN be stored in the freezer

Question 16

When should a baby's teeth start getting brushed?

Question 17

How long is the average pregnancy?

Question 18

What is the recommended sleeping position for babies?

Question 19

After how many weeks of pregnancy can we find out the gender?

Question 20

Name this kids movie

Question 21

Which of these foods should pregnant women avoid?

Question 22

What is an OB-GYN?

Question 23

How long should nursing mothers wait before introducing solid foods?

Question 24

True or false: Pregnant women should avoid all forms of exercise

Question 25

Name this baby brand

Question 26

At what age do babies normally take their first steps?

Question 27

What is the best way to avoid stretch marks?

Question 28

Name this kids show

Question 29

Why do babies spit up so much?

Question 30

What is it called when a baby is surgically delivered?

Question 31

Name this kids movie

Question 32

True or false: A baby's eyes can change color after birth

Question 33

What does the term "trimester" mean?

Question 34

What is the recommended sleeping position for pregnant women?

Question 35

Name this kids movie

Question 36

True or false: Newborns should always sleep with a hat on

Question 37

How much exercise is recommended for babies?

Question 38

Can babies be born with teeth already grown in?

Question 39

Name this kids movie

Question 40

Can breastmilk and formula be replaced with cow's milk occasionally?

Question 41

How often should baby bottles be washed?

Question 42

What is a baby born before their due date called?

Question 43

Name this kids show

Question 44

What kind of doctor exclusively treats children?

Question 45

True or false: The baby bump disappears right after delivery

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