Pick The Most Adorable Baby Girl Outfits And We'll Give Her The Perfect Name

When it comes to adorable baby girls, they really don't need too much help in the cute department. However, picking out charming outfits for these little angels, is almost too fun to resist. Today we will be playing an enchanting game of dressup, and narrowing down our list of potential baby names as well!

Here is the game: We are going to show different baby girl outfits, and everyone here will get to "pick" or "pass" on each one. We will say that the selected ensembles are almost too cute for this world, so we totally understand if someone wants to pick them all. Once everybody has made their choices, we will reveal the perfect baby name for everyone's future princess. Get ready for a whole lot of bows!

Question 1

Fairy princess

Question 2

Country girl

Question 3

Denim baby

Question 4

Polka-dot princess

Question 5

Ice cream goes with everything

Question 6

Totally avant-garde

Question 7

Pumpkin pie

Question 8

Snow bunny

Question 9

Classic cardigan

Question 10

Too cute for this toque

Question 11

Little red dress

Question 12

Lovely in yellow

Question 13

Unicorn ballerina

Question 14

Little Red Riding Hood

Question 15

Cuddly Café

Question 16

Soft & beige

Question 17

Butterfly wings

Question 18

Resort wear

Question 19

Floral frenzy

Question 20

Poodle perfection

Question 21

Bohemian chic

Question 22

Business casual

Question 23

Strawberry Shortcake

Question 24

Stylish comfort

Question 25

Beach baby

Question 26


Question 27

Effortlessly adorable

Question 28


Question 29

First day of school

Question 30

Simple elegance

Question 31

Burlap babe

Question 32

Little lioness

Question 33

Sitting in the sun

Question 34


Question 35

Fashion fiend

Question 36

Denim on denim

Question 37

Minnie Mouse

Question 38

Power Puff Girl

Question 39

Red, white & blue

Question 40

Totally tartan

Question 41

Designer dreams

Question 42

Pink & black

Question 43

Silly sandals

Question 44

Yoga girl

Question 45

Hip huggers

Question 46

Cute critter

Question 47

Tiny mouse

Question 48

Cool kid

Question 49

Animal lover

Question 50


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