Baby Boomers Will Be Clutching Their Pearls Over This Millennial True Or False Quiz

Oh, millennials. We can't be as bad as people say we are, right? If life were a popularity contest, our generation would win hands-down with all the rumors, gossip, and research going on behind closed doors about our work habits, personal relationships, and technology use. Millennials have heard it all in the press. The good, the bad, and the extremely ugly. It's a good thing fake news is a thing, otherwise many of us would believe the headlines. But the truth is, none of these statements are correct without facts. We've all heard the complaints that we can never get off our phones or hold an in-person conversation. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Or, are we adapting to the times faster than previous generations because the world is at our fingertips? Every answer to every possible question is in our pockets. It's called a smartphone. Baby boomers have no idea what to think of us because we no longer have to rely on our parents for information or advice. Our independence has gone through the roof, which, in turn, makes us a -mysterious generation to study. And boy, have there been plenty of studies. That's how I was able to put this true or false quiz together. It's all based on quantitive data. Hold onto your pearls, Baby Boomers, because this test is going to take all of us on a wild ride. Do you know the ins and outs of being a millennial? We're about to find out.

Question 1

True or False: Millennials earn less money than their parents did?

The economy is a never-ending rollercoaster with ups and downs. Remember the days when men went to work and were able to provide for a family on one salary? Yeah, that's gone. But with all the technology and online resources at a millennial's fingertips, is it possible to still make the same amount of money as baby boomers? Using the same amount of effort? Back then, future employees couldn't apply for jobs using just the click of a button on Craigslist or LinkedIn.

Question 2

True or False: Millennials have difficulty unplugging from the tech world?

If there's one word that's immediately associated with millennials, it's technology. The entire universe is at our fingertips with cell phones, laptops, iPad, iPods, the app store, etc. Many millennials do most of their reading and research through a screen, as opposed to opening a book or hitting up the library. Podcasts are also taking over as a method of story-telling and sharing information. But does this mean millennials have trouble turning off their screens and interacting with the real world face-to-face?

Question 3

True or False: Millennials love attending loud and crazy concerts?

The moshpit can be a wild and dangerous place, but it's the only way to get a front-seat view of your favorite band or singer. So, maybe, it's worth the risk of getting hit in the head with a bottle or being trampled by a gaggle of groupies. Millennials love their live music( just look at all the sold-out festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, and Governor's Ball). The tickets sales are through the roof, but is it a millennial's favorite activity?

Question 4

True or False: Millennials are reluctant to have kids?

Research suggests modern day women are holding off on getting married and having kids until their mid-30s. That's a huge contrast compared to baby boomers who started families in their 20s or late teens. But just because reproduction is progressing at a slower rate, does that mean millennials are completely turned off when it comes to having kids? Or, are we waiting for all the right reasons, like finding the ideal partner and living situation first. And a well-paying job.

Question 5

True or False: Millennials are one of the most unhealthy generations?

Wait a minute, aren't millennials all about that vegan and hot yoga lifestyle? What about kale, quinoa, and acai berry bowls? Millennials do love their avocado toast (and are willing to pay over $15 for something they could easily make at home for free), but is that a direct correlation of our median weight? Are millennials sneaking in bags of Cheetos into their diet when no one's watching? Keep in mind, healthy eating isn't the only contributor to a healthy weight.

Question 6

True or False: Millennials value quality over quantity?

In such a fast-paced world, it's only natural to want everything, like, right now. As soon as an online transaction goes through, millennials typically stare at their Gmail inbox waiting for the tracking number to show up. And when it does, we monitor every stage of it until the product arrives at the front door. Does this make millennials greedy or simply impatient? Do millennials really want it all, even if it's of lower quality? This question is particularly true when it comes to the workplace.

Question 7

True or False: Millennials are street-smart and not easily tricked?

If millennials spend so much time online, we must have a concrete understanding of spam, clickbait, and fraudulent activity, right? These days, it's so easy for a shady telemarketer to reach us, either by phone or email. It's actually pretty disturbing to think about how many strangers could potentially have our phone number on file. Are millennials more capable of smelling a lie than baby boomers, even if it's through a screen? Are millennials less trustworthy, or more so?

Question 8

True or False: Millennials are picky job hunters?

In this rough economy, beggars can't be choosers. They say if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. That's certainly the dream, but how realistic is it? Surely, at some point in our lives, we've taken a job just because we desperately needed the money to pay rent. Not because we actually wanted the job. Are millennials being more selective over which job offers they accept? Or are we grasping for anything at this point?

Question 9

True or False: Millennials are perfectionists?

Remember a time when it was uncool to care? That mentality can be seen in practically every teen movie. For example, it's uncool to care about the environment, or making it to school on time, or giving back to charity. The cool kids in movies don't care about grades or impressing their teachers. Eventually, those kids had to grow up into millennial adults. Did we hold onto that go-with-the-flow mentality? Or are millennials more concerned with getting it right even if it takes more time?

Question 10

True or False: Millennials prefer to work alone or independently?

With freelancing and remote work taking over, it would make sense that more and more millennials are choosing to work at home on a team of one, versus collaborating at an office with a team. However, millennials are also one of most social generations, even if it is chatting through Instagram, Snapchat Stories, or Facebook Messenger. Millennials love connecting to others regardless if it's not in-person. So, do millennials really love solo work? Or, are we more likely to unite as a team in the workplace?

Question 11

True or False: Millennials care about the environment?

Despite mounting evidence that global warming is a thing, there are some who still turn a blind eye to the melting icebergs, dried up lakes, and elevated temperatures. Does that sound like something a millennial would do? There's a big difference between acknowledging the facts and actually caring about the facts. Some may believe in global warming but don't feel any strong emotions toward it, positive or negative. Meanwhile, others are passionate about finding a solution and saving the planet.

Question 12

True or False: Millennials are the most diverse generation?

Picture a millennial in your head. Does he or she have a beard? Possibly some skinny jeans on with Vans or Converse? What about circular glasses that resemble Harry Potter? Oh, and definitely a lot of tattoos. Society would likely label this individual a hipster likely living in a gentrified neighborhood in Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, Portland, Or Seattle. Hipsters definitely exist, but do all millennials fall into that category? Are all millennials obsessed with craft drinks and riding bikes?

Question 13

True or False: Millennials thrive on structure and routine?

There is some comfort in knowing exactly how your day is going to play out. Here's a pretty common schedule: wake up at 7, get to work by 8, take a lunch break at noon, drive home at 5, cook dinner, watch some TV, and then fall asleep and do the exact same thing tomorrow. Just because that appears to be the norm, does it mean millennials are buying it? Sometimes, society's most popular choice isn't always the right one.

Question 14

True or False: Millennials feel comfortable saying whatever's on their mind?

Ever heard the phrase TMI -- also known as Too Much Information? Word vomit can happen anywhere. At an office Christmas party, at the bar, at school, during commercials at the movie theater, etc. We all have that one friend who doesn't care who's listening. The one that can openly talk about what goes on in the bedroom or personal matters at home. Sometimes, silence is golden. Are millennials considered blabbermouths when it comes to touchy and controversial subjects?

Question 15

True or False: Millennials value financial responsibility?

Financial responsibility can mean a lot of things to different people. Budgeting, applying for a home loan, opening a first bank account, filing for bankruptcy, paying off debt, etc. It's a massive category with a lot of different duties attached. We already know millennials make less money than their parents did, but what happens what a paycheck does come in? How do millennials handle their money? Shopping is fun, but it's not always the most responsible decision. And a bad credit score can take its toll.

Question 16

True or False: Millennials are open to divorce?

Does marriage always mean forever? After all, the saying suggests that all good things come to an end. In certain parts of the world an in some religions, divorce is simply not an option no matter what happens -- cheating, domestic abuse, long-distance, etc. In some cases, people might feel trapped by that sort of arrangement. Divorce, in a way, could be a good thing for some couples. A sense of freedom and a fresh beginning. Do millennials think that way?

Question 17

True or False: Millennials support large corporations and brands?

The shop local movement is growing in more areas that one. Now more than ever, grocery stores are starting to display where their produce comes from. Is it locally-sourced or not? Transparency is huge in the shopping industry. We want to know if these eggs are cage-free, or if this salad in non-GMO, or this beef came from a grass-fed cow. Sometimes, however, big brands have trouble opening up like that because they fear it will make them less money. But do millennials care about that?

Question 18

True or False: Millennials lack ambition?

There are some people out there who believe technology has made us lazy. Why walk when there are Lyft and Uber? Why drive to the grocery store when there's Instacart? Why go to a restaurant when there's delivery? Why go to the movies when there's streaming? All valid questions, but does the ease and speed of technology have a direct effect on millennial's goals and ambitions? If the world is at our fingertips, it might be easier to dream bigger than ever before.

Question 19

True or False: Millennials have at least one tattoo?

The public's outlook on tattoos has drastically changed over the past 10 years. Back in the day, rumor has it that only criminals and gang members had tattoos... but it's hard to imagine it that way now. It's extremely common for police officers, firefighters, babysitters, chefs, baristas -- you name it -- to have tattoos. Let alone have them showing while they're on the clock. If the workplace is opening up to tattoos, does that mean every millennial has one?

Question 20

True or False: Millennials are only teenagers or people in their 20s?

The millennial age group is a surprising one. It's not as black and white as "young" versus "old." That being said, many perceive millennials as youngsters with loud techno music blaring from their headphones, or as a group looking for their first job right out of college. Often times, the word "adulting" is not immediately associated with millennials. But since when is adulthood defined by an age? There is no number in the rule book that determines adulthood. It's all relative.

Question 21

True or False: Millennials prefer the presence of people over animals?

A person's home says a lot about them. The pictures on the wall, the books on the shelf, the Blu-Ray disk in the Playstation slot. A person's home reflects their personality, interests, hobbies, and relationships. For example, it would be easy to tell if someone was single or married, male or female, based on home decor. So here's a question: are millennials more likely to hang up pictures of their friends and family... or their pets? Perhaps an exotic iguana or a cute bunny.

Question 22

True or False: Millennials have racked up a lot of debt?

Millennials and money are closely tied together. So far, we've learned that millennials are paid less than previous generations and don't see the point in getting a credit card if it's going to welcome the possibility of debt. It seems millennials will do whatever it takes to avoid debt, even if it means skipping out on a credit score altogether, which then could lead to difficulty buying a house or applying for a loan. If millennials greatly fear debt, is it possible we have any?

Question 23

True or False: Millennials are headstrong about personal values?

There are certain components in everyone's life that will never change. Not willingly, at least. Perhaps some families have a "no phones at the dinner table" rule, or "no ice cream before dinner." No matter what anybody says, these moments are an unwavering tradition. Call it stubborn. Call it headstrong. Call it self-assurance. When it comes to personal matters, are millennials willing to change? Or, are we set in our ways? Millennials give off the "go with the flow" vibe, but is it accurate?

Question 24

True or False: Millennials would rather have experiences than materialistic goods?

"Doing" is all about having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Like swimming with dolphins, or bungee jumping, or camping out for three days straight for Coachella. Sure, these things cost money, and none of them are exactly cheap, but it's not about possession. It's about creating a memory and looking back on it years later. "Having" is a little different. Having is about spending money on expensive jewelry, a new car, the latest Apple gadget. Are millennials materialistic? Or are we craving Insta-worthy moments?

Question 25

True or False: Millennials have greater confidence than previous generations?

There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Selfies border that line like no other, and it wasn't before the millennial era that selfies took off. Need proof? Have you ever seen your mom or dad take a picture of themselves? Likely not. And yet, it's become the norm to stop whatever we're doing just for a picture, even if it makes us miss the bus or late to work. The picture is worth it. So, are millennials really in love with themselves?

Question 26

True or False: Millennials are greedy with their money?

Yep, another money question. Millennials are complex beings in the financial industry. We're underpaid, yet extremely passionate about starting our own business, yet held back by student loan debt, yet reluctant to stop by the bank for help or for a credit card. It's a Catch-22 situation that ought to make our heads spin. Nonetheless, millennials are dreamers no matter how many obstacles stand in our way, including money. The question is, are we willing to give some of our money away to help others in need?

Question 27

True or False: Millennials prefer to do their own research?

Everywhere we look, people are trying to sell us something. TV commercials, billboards on the side of the freeway, even social media has ads in the sidebar and features bloggers and influencers with sponsored posts. It's never-ending. Back in the day, the best way to sell was by word of mouth and recommendations, but now, where everyone is a critic on Yelp and Amazon, there are other approaches to marketing. Do millennials prefer to do their own research before buying a product?

Question 28

True or False: Millennials act fast when there's a medical issue?

Going to the doctor is a polarizing experience. On the one hand, we get the help we need and usually feel better after taking medication. But on the other, it can take a whole day of waiting in the lobby waiting for our name to be called. No one has that kind of time or patience. Now, health insurance is a whole other ballgame. The quality of an insurance policy may dictate how often we go to the doctor... cause that stuff's expensive.

Question 29

True or False: Millennials are losing interest in sports?

Are millennials a sporty generation? Do millennials know are about the World Cup or the Olympics? They say baseball is America's favorite pastime, but we're not sure which generation that relates to. Sporting events can be a ton of fun, with hot dogs and rounds of drinks flowing during each inning. There's a reason why people can't shut up about Lebron James or Steph Curry or Conor McGregor. Sports news make frontpage headlines throughout the year, and the Super Bowl always draws in millions of viewers.

Question 30

Millennials are all about that big city life?

If money were no issue, would you choose to live downtown? In a skyrise apartment building with countless bars, restaurants, and shops right below our feet? Maybe not. The crime rates in most major downtown cities are higher than in the countryside, and it's a lot quieter to live on the outskirts of town. It takes a certain kind of person to live downtown, right in the center of it all. Are millennials more inclined to set up roots in the middle of the action?

Question 31

True or False: Millennials take things too personally?

Some say our society has become overly sensitive in recent years. Commenters on social media and Reddit-like platforms can't say anything these days without upsetting at least one person. Issues of race and gender are definite no-nos. Politics and religion are also highly controversial. It may feel like there's an unwritten rule book about what we can and cannot say in public. So, are millennials taking things too personally? Or, can we let certain comments and jokes roll off our backs?

Question 32

True or False: Millennials easily grow apart from friends and family?

With tools such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Skype, living across an ocean does feel so far. These days, it's easier than ever to stay up-to-date on what our friends and family are doing, even if we haven't seen or spoken to them in months. And so, are millennials more inclined to move far away after high school or college? Are millennials dependent on technology to keep their personal relationships strong? Or, would millennials rather stay close to home and the familiar?

Question 33

Millennials can't wait to be homeowners?

Owning a home is a major commitment and life decision. As much as some of us would love to stretch out on our own land, it's not that simple in today's economy. The longterm effects of the recession are still lingering in the homebuyers market and people are feeling it. Buying a home is not only time-consuming, it's also crazy expensive in certain cities. It's no wonder that renting or living with the parents is a popular option amongst younger generations.

Question 34

True or False: Millennial women are taking over the workplace?

Thank you, Jennifer Lawrence, for drawing attention to the pay gap in Hollywood. When the 'American Hustle' actress revealed she was severely underpaid compared to her male co-stars, she shined a spotlight of female equality in the workplace. It was a fact that women were paid less for doing the exact same job as a man. Have things improved over recent years? Are millennial women being treated fairly at work? Or millennial women being respected at work? Let's find out.

Question 35

True or False: Millennials are more willing to lie?

Regardless of age, surely we've all lied at least once in our lives. Even if it's just a small white lie about cleaning the bedroom when in fact, you just moved all your clothes under the bed instead. If honesty is truly the best policy, then why do people lie? It could be to save face, or avoid an argument, or make ourselves feel better. We've all done it, for whatever reason, but are millennials more willing to lie to someone's face?

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