Take This Future Mommy Quiz To See If You're Ready For Baby

So, who here thinks they are ready to have a baby? While we totally understand why anyone would want one of these adorable little additions to the family, there are some big questions that have to be answered before actually taking the plunge. Today we have built a quiz specifically to get to the bottom of who is ready, and who has some homework still to do!

Today's test is all about mommy readiness. We will be asking all kinds of questions revolving around pregnancy and baby raising. Everybody has their own parenting style, so answer these questions as honestly as possible. Once everyone has finished, we will be able to let everybody know who is ready, and who should maybe wait a little longer.

Question 1

The kids are throwing a tantrum at the store, what to do?

Question 2

Pick a name for a girl

Question 3

The kids get lice, what to do?

Question 4

Will the kids get to eat Halloween candy?

Question 5

Pick a family vacation

Question 6

Singing lullabies or reading bedtime stories?

Question 7

Pick a name for a boy

Question 8

Breastmilk or formula?

Question 9

Rate this kids movie

Question 10

Is a car a good gift for a 16 year old?

Question 11

The kids need help with their homework, what to do?

Question 12

Name this kids show

Question 13

What baby item must we have before leaving the hospital with a newborn?

Question 14

Pick an after-school activity

Question 15

The kids play an April Fools' prank, what to do?

Question 16

Name this kids movie

Question 17

At what age should a kid get their first cell phone?

Question 18

Will the kids get a weekly allowance?

Question 19

How much screen time will the kids get?

Question 20

Pick a pet for the kids

Question 21

Pick a must-have item for a mom's purse

Question 22

The kids stay out past curfew, what to do?

Question 23

Rate this kids snack

Question 24

What to bring to a school bake sale?

Question 25

Name this baby brand

Question 26

What's a good age for kids to start dating?

Question 27

Rate this kids show

Question 28

A television in the kids' room?

Question 29

True or false: Breastmilk CAN be kept in the freezer

Question 30

Pick a color for the nursery

Question 31

Pick a kid-friendly weekend activity

Question 32

At what age should the pacifier be taken away?

Question 33

Pick a name for a girl

Question 34

When can the potty training process begin?

Question 35

The kids start a snowball fight, what to do?

Question 36

Pick a name for a boy

Question 37

Attending a lamaze class?

Question 38

Pick a gender reveal

Question 39

The kids are picky eaters, what to do?

Question 40

True or false: Babies CAN recognize us by our voices

Question 41

Rate this kids snack

Question 42

The kids want to go camping, what to do?

Question 43

Disposable or cloth diapers?

Question 44

What kind of school will the kids attend?

Question 45

Pick a game for family game night

Question 46

What kind of birthday parties will the kids get?

Question 47

Will college be mandatory?

Question 48

Which of these is NOT a good starter food for babies?

Question 49

What does the term "swaddling" mean?

Question 50

Exercising while pregnant?

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