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The Geek Corner

How Many Ice-Type Pokémon Can You Name?

Pokémon Red & Blue introduced the Ice-type Pokémon to the series. These are Pokémon that use cold based attacks on their enemies. Ice-type Pokémon actually had an important role in the early games...

The Geek Corner

Can You Name All These Normal-Type Pokémon?

Normal-type Pokémon are the garbage trash of the series. They are fit only to fill up the numbers in your Pokédex, before being banished to the PC box forever. How dare they profane your sight with their lame designs and sub par stats...


How Many Fire-Type Pokémon Can You Name?

Fire-type Pokémon have been prevalent since the first games in the series. At the start of every game (except for Pokémon Yellow) you are given the choice of three starter Pokémon. One of these is alw...