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Movies and TV

Which TV Dog Would Be Your Best Friend?

Think back to your childhood. Even if you didn't watch a lot of television, you were probably familiar with some of the popular fictional canines that littered cartoons and merchandise. Their smiling ...

The Geek Corner

How Well Do You Remember Majora's Mask?

Back in 2000, Nintendo released a Legend of Zelda title like no other. This installment in the series had insanely big shoes to fill since Ocarina of Time had been released two years earlier (1998).  ...


Only 90's Kids Can Name All 35 Of These Toys

If you grew up in the 1990's and had access to a television, you probably remember seeing a slew of toy ads. Kids in the modern age have access to the internet and a world of information at their fing...

Movies and TV

How Well Do You Know Rick And Morty?

It's been almost four years since the world was introduced to Rick and Morty. What started out as just another show on Adult Swim has blown up into a global phenomenon. Chock full of pop culture, weir...