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Match The Picture To The Superhero Movie!

It’s time to get seriously personal. Have you ever wondered when’ll be the next time you get lucky? If you’re already sharing your sandwiches with someone it could be tonight, but who knows? Who the heck knows?


Do You Know What Women Want? Take The Test!

Let’s start with a disclaimer: This quiz is primarily for the gents. But it wouldn’t be too wrong for a “chiquita” to be sat next to her “chito” to crib his work. Maybe she’ll even take the quiz herself, to show him where he’s going wrong…

Movies and TV

Which Downton Abbey Character Are You?

The period drama Downton Abbey was a TV sensation. It was created by Julian Fellowes (English actor, novelist and member of the House of Lords) and is staged against a backdrop of a fictional Yorkshir...

Movies and TV

Which Legendary Rock Star Are You?

Did you know Rock music evolved from 1940s and 50s Rock and Roll? All that Shake, Rattle and Rollin’ wasn’t for nuthin’. Over the next 20 years the genre went in lots of different directions (mostly i...