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Mind Twisters

Can You Solve This Murder Mystery?

You're not sure when the package arrived at your door. It wasn't there this morning. You've been home all day. No knock. No noise. No return address. No clue. Inside is a letter that reads:

Movies and TV

Match The Victim To The Slasher

Slashers are a type of film that most people either love or hate. Blasted for their gratuitous violence and sexuality, slashers revel in the overuse of blood and gore. They also frequently use nudity ...

Movies and TV

Why Did These Friends Couples Breakup?

One of the most enjoyable bits of Friends was to watch their various relationships grow and then die. It was rare for any couple to breakup in a reasonable way. Rather, most of the partnerships ended ...

Movies and TV

Did Joey Date This Friends Guest Star?

On Friends, Joey was, is, and always will be everybody's favorite womanizer. He dated more women during the show's run than most people date in a lifetime. If you count all the women he talks about da...