Arrow Or Gotham: In Which Show Did These DC Characters Appear?


With superheroes and comic book-based properties currently undergoing a huge surge in popularity right now, it's not just the big screen that's looking to take these tales and play them out in a live-action setting. Down in the land of TV, the list is near-endless. For Marvel fans, there's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel's Netflix-exclusive shows; for DC fans there's The CW's Arrowverse and FOX's Gotham, and then there's even more 'out there' stuff such as Preacher, Outcast, or even The Walking Dead.

Remember when all we really had was Smallville? Sure, that show was great, but when it's ten seasons concluded it left us with a void. Then came word that The CW were developing a show based around Green Arrow. Deciding against using Justin Hartley (who played the Emerald Archer in Smallville), the show was dubbed Arrow and brought in relative unknown Stephen Amell to headline in 2012. So well did that show do, networks again got confidence in comic book-driven shows, and 2014 would see the young Bruce Wayne-focussed Gotham premiere from FOX.

Both of these shows have featured so many DC comic book characters that it's sometimes hard to keep count of which hero or villain has turned up where. So, this quiz is simply a case of answering whether a character has appeared in Arrow, Gotham, neither show, or both shows.

Question 1

John Constantine

Ol' Hellblazer himself, John Constantine is never anything short of a mesmerizing presence in the world of DC Comics. Snarky, sarcastic, a chain-smoker, and never without a strong and potent alcoholic beverage nearby, the attitude and chip on the shoulder of Constantine has won the unwilling Liverpudlian hero a major cult fan base. Murmurs of big screen Constantine outings have come and gone over the decades - with Justice League Dark still supposedly on the way at some point - but has Hellblazer ever popped up in Arrow or Gotham?

Question 2

General Zod

"Kneel before Zod!!!" Yes, we all know how the famed line goes, but how well do you really know General Zod? Live-action appearances famously happened for this longtime Superman foe both on the big screen opposite Christopher Reeve and on the small screen opposite Tom Welling in Smallville. With Zod, though, he's one of those bad guys who often likes to target the very planet of Earth, in turn putting him in the crosshairs of far more superheroes than just the Man of Steel. However, has this iconic villain be seen in either Arrow or Gotham?

Question 3

Mad Hatter

Openly pulling inspiration from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, DC's Mad Hatter, aka Jervis Tetch, has seen quite the character development over the decades. Initially depicted as a slightly happy-go-lucky rogue who liked to ham it up and who wasn't any real serious menace, the years have seen Hatter morph into a far more psychotic and brutal villain who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. However, has this fantastical bad guy popped up in Arrow or Gotham yet?

Question 4

Ra's al Ghul

Affectionately known as The Demon's Head or simply just The Demon, Ra's al Ghul is a comic book character who was given a huge boost in popularity due to his appearances throughout Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy of movies. A master tactician who is essentially immortal due to his infamous Lazarus Pit, Ra's was mainly positioned as a straight-up Batman rogue upon his comic book debut. Over the decades, though, like any good villain, Ra's al Ghul has found himself tangling with a whole of DC heroes - but has he appeared in Arrow or Gotham?

Question 5

Victor Zsasz

He may not have any crazy superpowers to report, but Victor Zsasz is one of the most crazed villains out there in the DC comic book realm. Operating on a more visceral nature than some of DC's more notable and colorful rogues, Mr. Zsasz is simply an insane maniac who merely loves to kill people. Not content with that, he then carves a mark in to his body to remember each and every death. Has this twisted character turned up in Arrow or Gotham, though?

Question 6

Hugo Strange

The character of Dr. Hugo Strange (not to be confused with Marvel's Doctor Strange) has a unique place in comic book history, for he was one of the characters to be a recurring villain for Batman. To casual fans, he may not quite have the popularity or appeal of a Joker, Penguin or Riddler, but Hugo Strange is a fascinating character in his own right. An intense genius, Strange's main objective comes down to simply wanting to be better than Batman - but has he yet to appear in either Gotham or Arrow?

Question 7

Solomon Grundy

"Born on a Monday," Solomon Grundy is a near-unstoppable hulking zombie monster. Having battled some of DC's most notable names - including both the Green Arrow and Batman - the former Cyrus Gold has superhuman strength and is, for all intents and purposes, immortal. Quite the tough cookie, no? Of course, Grundy's toughness isn't in question here, for the bigger question is whether this invincible rogue has actually been seen to date in either The CW's Arrow or over in FOX's Gotham?

Question 8


In recent decades, Huntress has largely been depicted as an efficient and effective rough-around-the-edges hero who doesn't pull her punches, although she actually got her start as a supervillain back in the 1940s. Since then, there have been three notable people to take on the Huntress moniker - Paula Brooks, Helena Wayne, and most notably Helena Bertinelli. Has this confident and proficient ass-kicker yet to be seen in either The CW's Arrow or FOX's Gotham by this point in time, though?

Question 9


Over the years, the comic book Tatsu Yamashiro, aka Katana, has had her fair share of ups and downs as she's bounced from place to place and from team to team. At times a member of the Justice League, she would also, as seen in 2016's Suicide Squad, become a member of Task Force X, not to mention working with the Birds of Prey and Jason Todd's Outsiders. With her Soultaker sword, Katana is somebody not to be messed with, but has seen been in either Arrow or Gotham yet?

Question 10


Tarantula is a villainous moniker taken on by two people at various stages in time over in the DC comic book world - with the most notable of these being Catalina Marie Flores. Regardless of who is representing the villainous mantle, the Tarantula character is one who is excellent at hand-to-hand combat, is an amazing acrobat, and has several nifty gadgets, such as a web-gun. Has anyone in the Arrow or Gotham worlds ever stepped up to become Tarantula, however?

Question 11

Talia al Ghul

Not only is Talia the Daughter of the Demon (aka Ra's al Ghul), but she also happens to be a longtime on-off lover of Bruce Wayne's to the point the she has a child, Damian, with the World's Greatest Detective. Flitting between full-on villain and reluctant hero, the life of Talia is certainly never a dull one. The character famously appeared, as played by Marion Cotillard, in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, but has Talia al Ghul ever appeared in Arrow or Gotham?

Question 12

Black Canary

In the comic book world, Black Canary is one of the biggest female characters out there. From her solo adventures, to her longtime love for Oliver Queen, to her time working as part of the Justice League, to her time forming the Birds of Prey group, the importance of Canary in the DC world cannot be underestimated. While rumblings persist that this fan favourite character may well soon turn up in the big screen DCEU, has she appeared in either Arrow or Gotham yet?

Question 13


Much like her father Zatara, Zatanna is one of the strongest magical forces in the DC comic book world. With all kinds of spells and powers at her disposal, this heroine is far beyond your average ass-kicking female character. Decked out in her trademark hat and classic magician's attire, Zatanna is a spellbinding presence in every meaning of the word. As a big screen appearance seems imminent when Justice League Dark finally happens, has this beloved character turned up in Arrow or Gotham by this point in time?

Question 14


Firefly is a comic book villain who has battled many DC heroes since first being introduced back in 1952. Utilizing a battle suit, a top-end flamethrower, and a mastery of all things pyrotechnic, Firefly certainly turns up the temperature when it comes to tormenting DC's finest. In fact, when this rogue starts to roll, it's hard to put out their ever-expanding flame. In the small screen worlds of Arrow and Gotham, though, has anyone yet to don the Firefly moniker and set the city alight?

Question 15


These days, Deadshot has seen his popularity rise to a whole new level due to Will Smith portraying the character in 2016's Suicide Squad. Whilst that movie may have largely split opinion amongst fans, most found Smith's Floyd Lawton to be a constant highlight of David Ayer's villain-centric picture. In the comic realm, Deadshot has long been seen as a Batman rogue for the most part, but has this master marksman ever been seen in either FOX's Gotham or over in The CW's Arrow?

Question 16

Blue Beetle

Since the Blue Beetle character was created, there's been three main people to take on the mantle: Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and Jaime Reyes. With a history that goes back to way before Blue Beetle turned up in a DC title, this scarab-infused hero actually debuted way back in 1939. With recent talk of a possible Blue Beetle/Booster Gold big screen team-up movie, we may soon see a cinematic take on his much-loved hero, but has Blue Beetle turned up in Arrow or Gotham yet?

Question 17


Since the turn of the Millennium, it's fair to say that Onomatopoeia is hands-down one of the best new comic book creations, period. From Kevin Smith and Phil Hester, this clinical, cynical rogue debuted opposite the Green Arrow back in 2002. A serial killer with a penchant for targeting non-superpowered heroes, the mysterious Onomatopoeia has had several memorable comic book tussles with both the Emerald Archer and with the Caped Crusader, but has this totally badass bad guy appeared in either Arrow or Gotham?

Question 18

Amanda Waller

The Wall is a notoriously pushy and forceful part of the DC comic book world. To describe her as no-nonsense would be a tad underwhelming, with clinically ruthless a better description for a character who so often has the life of many a superhero and villain in her very hands. Despite having no powers of her own, Amanda Waller is somebody who wields a ridiculous amount of power in a world full of superpowers and magical beings. Has she been seen in either Arrow or Gotham, though?

Question 19

Captain Boomerang

Digger Harkness is a strange character to many longtime comic book fans. For decades seen as a true C-list (at best!) villain who mainly tangled with The Flash, Captain Boomerang is yet another character who has seen his stock rise thanks to David Ayer's Suicide Squad - in which Jai Courtney played the grouchy Australian in that outing. Has this boomerang-chucking rogue been seen in either the streets of Arrow's Star City or Gotham's, err, Gotham City so far, though?

Question 20

Captain Cold

Leonard Snart is certainly one cool, cold customer when it comes to DC characters. What makes the chilling Captain Cold standout from the pack of his fellow "Rogues", however, is that he isn't quite as vicious as some of his cohorts, for he actually has a twisted moral code that he tends to play by. You see, Cold is one of those who isn't out to kill just for killing's sake - he'll only do so if it gets in the way of him making money. Have Arrow or Gotham seen this ice-cold rogue turn up yet, though?

Question 21

The Question

Created for Charlton Comics back in 1967, Vic Sage, aka The Question, would be purchased by DC Comics in 1983. One of those guys who's just brilliant at whatever he does, Saga excels in everything from martial arts, to his detective skills, to his acrobatic and agile nature, to even being a shaman. Much like Batman in that way, The Question is at the peak of everything he could be do without having any excessive superpowers. Has this mysterious character made an appearance in Arrow or Gotham yet, though?

Question 22


Like several others featured on this quiz, there has been more than one person to take on the name of the nefarious Dollmaker. Regardless of whoever has called themselves by that name, though, they've all had a certain sick and twisted side to them - particularly when The Dollmaker's M.O. has changed over the years, from merely controlling dolls, to later deciding to turn people into actual eerie dolls. Has this bizarre and creepy rogue made their presence known in Arrow or Gotham yet, though?

Question 23

Clock King

Two people have taken on the comic book Clock King mantle up to now - William Tockman and the strange, mysterious Tem. For Tockman, his main opponent was more often than not the Green Arrow, whilst Tem was largely seen as a Teen Titans villain. With various clock-driven gadgets or even time-based skills, both Clock Kings have caused chaos for DC's heroes at times. Has anyone in Arrow or Gotham taken on this villainous moniker by this point in the game, though?

Question 24

Doctor Polaris

Both Neal Emerson and John Nichol have taken on the villainous Doctor Polaris moniker over the years, with this rogue having battled a whole host of DC heroes to date - including, most famously, Green Lantern and Blue Beetle. A genius with the ability to manipulate magnetism, Polaris is a major threat when presented in the right way, and it's at times even taken the entire Justice League to bring him down. Has this master of magnetism (sorry, Magneto) appeared in Arrow or Gotham, though?

Question 25

Lady Shiva

If you're looking for a badass martial artist of the highest order, Lady Shiva is your gal. An assassin for hire, this DC villain has a unique speciality: she likes to kill her targets with nothing more than her bare hands. And with her extensive background, that's something she's usually extremely successful with. Comic book-wise, this rogue often has ties to Batman and the Birds of Prey team, but has her high-kicking, face-punching ways yet to make it to either Arrow or Gotham?

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