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Being a superhero can be as emotionally difficult as it is physically taxing, which is why Buffy Summers, also known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, often needed the love and support of her loyal Scooby Gang while she saved the world (a lot). Buffy’s best friend and ally was always Willow Rosenberg, who to many fans was arguably the true star of the show. While Buffy was always ready for a fight, Willow was more apt to think things through with Giles, Xander, and the other Scoobies, hoping to use her vast intellect to solve some of Buffy’s problems in a less dangerous fashion. Later on, she gets into magic, and stopping the violence in mystical fashion just sounds fun.

More than anything Willow does in Buffy’s many fight scenes, fans connected to her personal growth as a character from a shy, bookish high school student to a self-assured woman possessing an inhuman power that rivals even the Slayer’s. All it takes for someone with the right mindset is one or two episodes to realize Willow is their favorite character, but only diehard fans of the Buffyverse know absolutely everything there is to know about Buffy’s BFF. If you think that describes you, take our quiz and find out how well you know Willow Rosenberg.

Question 1

Who has been Willow's best friend since childhood?

Willow Rosenberg and Buffy Summers meet on the Slayer’s first day at Sunnydale High, instantly sparking a friendship due to Willow’s helpful personality. While Willow is also somewhat shy, her upbeat demeanor obviously made her plenty of friends before she and Buffy ever crossed paths. Key amongst them was another member of the Scooby Gang, who had actually been extremely close with Willow since the two were very young. In fact, Willow might even have a crush on this person for the first few seasons of the show.

Question 2

What superpower does Willow discover she possesses?

With all due respect to Willow’s greatness, there are nonetheless a large number of Buffy episodes that basically center on her getting in some sort of trouble and needing rescue. Until, that is, she starts dabbling in the black arts a little and comes to find she has an innate power that may even match that of her superhero friend. The downside is that unlike Buffy’s Slayer abilities, there’s a serious downside to Willow’s power in that tapping into it easily unlocks a dark side she has trouble controlling.

Question 3

Which fellow Sunnydale High School student inspires Willow's interest in magic?

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer begins, the title character had already fully accepted her superpowers, yet her best friend Willow needed some time in figuring out the strength within her. Slayers are called the moment the previous one dies, but powerful witches need to figure it out on their own, and might not even notice the power they have if they never try. Luckily, Willow meets someone who gets her interested in magic from a young age, although this may later prove unlucky when the same person also teaches her how to abuse their skills.

Question 4

Aside from Giles, which of her teachers does Willow become especially close to?

In addition to her prowess as a witch, Willow regularly proves an invaluable ally to Buffy through her intellect and studying abilities, which sometimes beat even those of her Watcher Giles. These bookworm tendencies naturally also make Willow an incredible student in high school and later in college, often forming close relationships with her favorite teachers. One of them even asks Willow to assist and substitute a few classes, an opportunity she immediately jumps on with glee and comic over preparation. As a bonus, relationship also proves to have some benefits for other members of the Scooby Gang, too.

Question 5

What’s the true identity of Willow’s Internet boyfriend?

Plenty of Buffy fans would agree Willow Rosenberg is a knockout in every sense of the word, but boys at Sunnydale High School didn’t quite see her that way. For this reason, Willow fell hard and fast for a mysterious man on the Internet named “Malcolm,” who she meets in Season 1’s “I, Robot…You, Jane.” The two have a few nice conversations, but Willow quickly realizes there’s something fishy going on, and that “Malcolm” probably isn’t even a human at all.

Question 6

Who is Willow’s first real boyfriend?

Despite the trauma of her weird experience with Malcolm, Willow was fast to move on to real boys she met in person the moment one actually started taking interest in her. Actually, it took Willow a little while to realize this guy had feelings for her, though fans certainly got the picture as he mouthed “Who is that girl?” each time they slyly crossed paths. Soon enough the guy got his answer and over the course of a two year relationship ultimately learned Willow was even cooler, funnier, and all around better than he could have expected.

Question 7

What supernatural power does Willow help Oz keep under control?

Similar to most high school students, especially those on television, Oz and Willow fell in love and hard fast, spending all their time on screen together and becoming regular parts of one another’s lives. This included the good and the bad, like the unfortunate superpower Oz comes to realize he possesses. Unlike Buffy’s Slayage or Willow’s witchiness, Oz’s ability has more downsides than upsides, with his extreme strength rendered more dangerous than helpful due to the fact he occasionally has no control over his actions.

Question 8

What club do Willow and Xander form in respect to another Sunnydale student?

No matter how many times Buffy and the Scooby Gang saved the world, they were still just teenagers for much of the show’s run. Like any other high school students, the kids could be a little petty and vindictive at times, even bordering on cruel when tensions are particularly tough. This definitely applies to the organization founded by Willow and Xander about a certain fellow student who regularly got on their nerves. Much to Willow’s chagrin, Xander later starts dating the person in question, thus jeopardizing his role as the club’s treasurer.

Question 9

How does Willow try to stop Angelus from destroying the world?

For most of Buffy’s first two seasons, the Slayer in question rarely encounters much trouble in saving the world she can’t handle herself. That changes dramatically when the biggest threat against humanity is her ex-boyfriend, who she herself inadvertently made evil by experiencing a moment of true happiness with him. As luck would have it, Willow is confident enough in her magical abilities at this point she believes she can stop Angel without Buffy having to do anything drastic, hopefully saving the whole world in the process.

Question 10

What almost causes Oz to break up with Willow?

The characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer are rarely allowed to be in happy couples for long, and Willow’s relationship with Oz was no different from the others in this regard. The two had a pretty decent run throughout junior year of high school, but they already started having trouble by the time they were seniors. As is often the case with high schoolers, the problems had little to do with their feelings for one another and more to do with their changing environments. Throw in the dangerous situations the Scoobies get into and it’s a recipe for rash decisions that could ruin a relationship.

Question 11

What is Dark Willow’s catchphrase?

Although Willow is usually the cheeriest member of the Scooby Gang, as it would turn out, there are many alternate realities within Buffyverse, including one where our favorite witch is an evil vampire. Not only that, but Dark Willow is also dating Xander, covered in leather, and a high ranking official of The Master, wrecking havoc on the people of Sunnydale with glee in her eyes. Except, of course, when things get a little bit slow, and she busts out her emotionless motto, usually a sign its about to get terrifying for her enemies.

Question 12

What does Willow steal from The Mayor after Faith kidnaps her?

For all of Willow’s magic powers, she remained pretty helpless without the various ingredients needed to cast her spells. This made her easy pickings for any Big Bads looking to kidnap her, which is exactly what Faith does on The Mayor’s request. Though Faith is tempted to kill her outright, The Mayor needs Willow alive for the time being, which ultimately proves his downfall when she manages to wrangle a key element in defeating him during a daring escape attempt. Faith still wants to kill her, of course, but that part wasn’t going to change.

Question 13

What foreign college is Willow accepted to upon graduation?

This quiz has already covered Willow’s incredible intelligence a few times now, so it should be no surprise the gal got into a whole bunch of colleges after high school. In fact, she literally got into every college in America, plus an extremely noteworthy institution overseas. While Willow struggled over which school to attend for several weeks, she ultimately realized the answer was simple in that she wasn’t ready to leave Sunnydale. Part of it was that she wanted to keep helping Buffy and her friends, of course, but maybe Willow also wasn’t ready to explore the world on her own.

Question 14

Who is Willow's roommate at UC Sunnydale?

Despite her shy, humble days as a quiet high school student, Willow quickly finds herself perfectly at home in college. Attending the same college as her popular band member boyfriend didn’t hurt, although one thing nagging at her were unclear roommate issues. As luck would have it, one of her closest friends was experiencing a similar problem, and when they had their respective situations cleared up the two got to live together in the dorms in peace. At least unless any vampire came looking for them, of course.

Question 15

Who does Willow catch Oz cheating on her with?

Although Willow and Oz both understood the latter’s status as a werewolf would be bound to affect their relationship, they never thought it would be the reason it ended. Worse than wolf-Oz’s destructive tendencies was a raw animal attraction he felt for a female who happened to share his supernatural affliction, and it turned out his love for Willow was no match for their natural instincts. Rubbing salt in her wounds, Willow finds the two after a night of passion, yet it is ultimately still Oz who officially ends the relationship and decides they have to move on.

Question 16

Who offers to make Willow a demon?

In the wake of her break up with Oz, Willow finds herself in a state of depression, which was not a good thing for her powers. Emotional control is key to magic, and when Willow’s sadness puts her in an unstable state, strange things start happening around Sunnydale. Giles is blinded, Xander is a literal demon magnet, and weirdest of all, Spike and Buffy want to get married. Though Willow made these things happen on accident, a certain demonic presence is impressed at the chaos, and looks to share some of their powers with Willow should she choose to accept.

Question 17

Who is Willow’s first girlfriend?

More than just a place to learn about one’s future profession, college is often a time of self-growth and personal discovery for most students. Willow definitely learned a whole lot about herself while studying at UC Sunnydale, most significantly the fact she was a lesbian. Obviously, this sort of major life development isn’t something that happens overnight, and it takes the love and attention of a very special woman for Willow to understand the truth about herself. In part because this gal happens to be awesome, all of Willow’s friends react with love and understanding when she breaks the news.

Question 18

In what social club do Willow and Tara meet?

Especially considering Willow didn’t even realize she was a lesbian when she and her future girlfriend first met, it should go without saying they weren’t looking for a relationship from the start. However, the two did immediately start doing some mild couple activities, like joining the same clubs and spending time talking about their similar interests. The true spark that ignites their love is the fact Willow and Tara both acknowledge the other members in the club are totally fake, while the two of them are completely genuine about their interests and soon love for one another.

Question 19

Why does Willow seek revenge on Glory?

Everything about Buffy’s fifth season is all about the Scooby Gang taking on their biggest rival yet in Glory, a hell god looking to destroy the world, yet Willow is a little busy in her relationship with Tara to notice the worst of it. Being good friends, Buffy, Xander, Giles and the rest largely understand, wanting the two to be happy, but they nonetheless realized two powerful allies were distracted during a key fight against evil. It’s for this exact reason that Willow reaches her greatest power when fighting Glory, as the fashionable menace does something to invoke her true fury.

Question 20

Why does Willow travel to Los Angeles in “There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb?”

Despite the fact Willow interacts with Angel countless times throughout the first three seasons of Buffy, when the 300-year-old vampire got his own spinoff series, she was nowhere to be seen. This made sense, of course, as Willow was still busy helping out Buffy and the gang in Sunnydale while Angel moved his base of operations to Los Angeles. This doesn’t mean a gal can’t visit, though, and indeed Willow stops by Angel’s place a few times in the course of the series. Unfortunately, such is her role that it’s usually to deliver bad news.

Question 21

What do Willow and Tara name their pet cat?

The average character on Buffy is too young, not to mention busy saving the world, to stop and think about something like marriage or children. However, there are plenty of other ways for a couple to cement themselves as serious, and for Willow and Tara, that meant buying an adorable little kitten together. It was Tara’s idea to get a pet, initially hoping to keep it hidden in the dorms, and the plan gets even easier when they move into Buffy’s house, free of that pesky “no pets allowed” rule.

Question 22

Why do Willow and Tara start fighting?

Leave it to Joss Whedon to ensure there is absolutely always trouble in paradise. Willow and Tara were next to Buffy and Angel as the most popular coupling on the show, so naturally the writers couldn’t let them be entirely happy. Throughout season six especially, Willow and Tara quarrel more than they get together, and truth be told, it’s entirely Willow’s fault they’re having problems. Tara is probably correct in resenting her girlfriend for the transgression as well, knowing how it put their very lives at stake.

Question 23

Which evil sorcerer causes Willow’s magic addiction to spiral out of control?

Like many addicts, when poised with the choice between staying in a happy relationship with a wonderful woman and diving head first into her demons, Willow indirectly choose abusing her powers over life with Tara. Not that she could help it, as the allure of magic ultimately proved more powerful than any earthly desire regular viewers could possibly understand. Having made her choice, Willow is prepared to do some seriously dark things to keep her addiction going, like hang out with truly evil sorcerer’s who claim they can make her more powerful.

Question 24

Why does Willow go on a destructive rampage?

Typically, it’s Buffy who goes on ass kicking revenge streaks where no Big Bads are safe. That said, the few times Willow’s true power is tapped into create a world far more terrifying than the Slayer could even imagine. Again, magic is all about emotional control, and when Willow loses her cool, her incredible magical powers threaten to destroy the whole planet. Obviously, it takes a pretty serious incident to bring out her fury in this way, yet at the end of “Seeing Red,” all Buffy viewers were right there with her.

Question 25

How does Willow punish Warren for murdering Tara?

Everyone in Buffy has loved and lost, though none come anywhere near Willow’s rage in having trouble handling the ordeal. She had just recently gotten back together with Tara when Warren came along and murdered her for no reason, leaving Willow by herself with no choice but to seek unholy retribution on the jerk. Remember, Warren was just a human, so simply sending him to jail was still an option. Instead, Willow dragged him into the woods, and experienced what was definitely her darkest moment in attaining her revenge.

Question 26

Who stops Willow from causing further chaos and destroying the world?

After Dark Willow’s full power was called into play due to Tara’s murder, not even ripping Warren’s skin off his back was enough to calm her rage. Although her exact plan isn’t wholly clear, it’s evident the entire world is at stake, and not even the Slayer’s best efforts are anywhere near enough to calm her best friend’s rage. As it would turn out, the only force in the universe that can overpower Willow’s incredible hate is that of love, delivered by another person she holds near and dear.

Question 27

Where does Giles take Willow to meditate after her outburst?

Xander might have been the unlikely hero who saved the world from Willow, yet it was Giles who came along shortly after that to ensure her power would never again go unchecked. Easily shifting back into his role as a Watcher, Giles has little trouble teaching Willow how to maintain control of her emotions, though he realizes Sunnydale probably isn’t the best place for them to do so. In fact, Giles takes Willow on a faraway journey of self discovery, not letting her out of his sight until he’s sure the world is safe.

Question 28

Which future girlfriend helps Willow get over the loss of Tara?

It’s always difficult to get over a lost love, especially when that love is literally ripped from your arms due to a bullet wound, as was the case with Willow and Tara. Initially, Buffy writers floated the idea of somehow bringing Tara back, though it was ultimately decided a new woman was needed in Willow’s life to help her move on. Season seven’s introduction of several Potential Slayers definitely opened up the dating possibilities for a single gal on the scene, indirectly allowing Willow to find new love.

Question 29

The alleged ghost of which person visits Willow in “Conversations with Dead People?”

Ghosts have always been part of the larger Buffy lore, though they rarely come into play as directly as in the season seven episode “Conversations with Dead People.” Willow in particular has a long, personal discussion with a ghost claiming to have been sent by Tara, although things are a little suspicious in that this person and Tara definitely never met. Things get even fishier when the ghost starts suggesting Willow commit suicide, at which point she notices something more evil must be afoot than what she first assumed.

Question 30

How does Kennedy trick Buffy into letting her spend more time with Willow?

Quite frankly, Kennedy falls for Willow a heck of a lot faster than Willow falls for Kennedy. Sure, there are a few suggestive glances from the start, but Willow is still having trouble moving past Tara before starting a whole new relationship. Taking an aggressive role, Kennedy seeks out ways to avoid Buffy and the others in their Potential Slayer training to try and plead her case. Rather than going on some obscure mission, she stays at home and takes Willow to The Bronze for a date. How did they get out of the training, though?

Question 31

Who does Willow turn into after kissing Kennedy for the first time?

Turns out Kennedy’s plan for Willow to spend some time along with her paid off, as their first date ends the way all good first dates do: with a first kiss. Unfortunately, things take a dramatic turn almost instantly, when Willow finds her body transformed into that of a man the second their lips part. For two lesbians, that’s jarring in and of itself, and the specifics of who this man happens to be make the ordeal significantly worse for Willow in particular.

Question 32

Why does Willow need to visit Los Angeles in the middle of season seven?

What could possibly have gone through Willow’s mind during the infamous season seven phone call that takes her away from Buffy and back to Los Angeles where the Slayer’s ex-boyfriend needs her help? Not only does the poor witch have the whole First Evil thing to worry about; now there’s an entire second threat to the planet taking place only a few miles away. In this case, it turns out Willow is literally the only human alive who can save the day, so she wastes little time in telling Buffy there are more important things to do than stop The First.

Question 33

Who does Willow surprisingly bring back to Sunnydale with her after saving Angel?

When Willow leaves Sunnydale for Los Angeles to restore Angel’s soul, one of her parting words to Buffy is that she might be coming back with good news. In a manner of speaking, that turns out to be accurate, as Willow makes her return with an incredibly powerful ally who could serve invaluable in the fight against The First. There is a slight catch, however, in that half of the Scooby Gang happens to hate this person upon arrival due to their past actions, and there isn’t much time for them to get over it.

Question 34

How does Willow assist in the final battle against The First?

For as powerful and destructive as Willow’s true powers have revealed themselves to be, it’s ultimately decided actually using her in battle is too dangerous for the Scooby Gang to rely on. This doesn’t mean Willow can’t help out in other ways, as her spells can still be invaluable moments before or after the war breaks out in earnest. Willow’s final act of courage on Buffy is casting an all powerful spell, which serves an incredibly key role in fighting the Turok-Han and allowing the powers of good to reign supreme.

Question 35

What is Willow’s middle name?

An early congratulations is in order for anyone who got this far, especially those with passing grades on their score card. Clearly, anyone reading this loves them some Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and our girl Willow is probably one of their favorite characters. However, merely knowing all there is to know about the Buffy TV show alone a Willow super fan does not make. Sometimes, we can watch a whole 144 episodes of a person’s journey without actually learning key details about them. For example, who the heck knows Willow’s middle name?

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