Will Your Love Last? Take The Break-Up Test!


Are you a match made in Heaven? Do you two have what it takes to conquer doubts, jealousy, stress, and all of the clutter in order to have the happy ending you've always dreamed of? Test your relationship against the pitfalls that determine the line between a happy marriage and a doomed relationship. Have you found the one? Is this the relationship that will put a smile on your face in the years to come? Are you Romeo and Juliet, Westley and Buttercup, maybe Monica and Chandler?

See which of the relationships among your friends is the strongest. Which will stand the tests of time? You can even try out this quiz with the different relationships you have had to find the best fit. It may be tough, but here is the challenge: answer each question with the absolute truth. Can your relationship beat the odds and be one of the ones to flourish?

Your quiz begins now. Show your friends that you and your SO have what it takes. Use this as proof that the two of you were meant to be, if you can get the result. If not, it may be time for a heartfelt talk for the one you are sharing your wishes with.

Question 1

Describe your SO in one word.

Sponge Bob and Patrick

Is there something special about your beau? What is it that has you hooked on this one fish in the sea? Which one word describes your love the best? Don't hold back, unless they're reading over your shoulder. If they are, be sure to go all the way with this one.

Question 2

Have you ever...

Be honest, which of these have you done? It's just you and the quiz right now. If one of these is on your to-do list for next week, it's okay to count. This is not the SATs, though we sometimes wish we were writing stuff like that. Have you checked these off your list?

Question 3

Are you on the same wavelength?

Vulcan mind meld

Do you get hungry for the same things, want to play the same games, maybe have the same stamina for socializing? No two people have identical likes and interests, but do the two of you feel up for the same activities most of the time? How much do you read each other's minds?

Question 4

Has your SO ever lied to you?

Have you ever caught your SO in a lie? Some lies are bigger than others, some reasons are more devious than others. No two lies are the same, but what happened when the words hit the floor? Is this a sign on relationship problems being massaged out or something more serious?

Question 5

Have you ever lied to your SO?

Pinocchio lie

Tell the truth, now, as ironic as it is to say. These things happen, especially in the particular circumstances that lead a person to lie to their significant other. Have you committed this relationship no-no? Is it something you have brought up to your beau after the fact, or have you kept it under lock and key?

Question 6

How do you two feel about pets?

crazy cat lady

Are you cat people or dog people? Maybe you're fish, hamster, turtle, parrot, and 7 dogs people. Do you two want the same amount of fuzzy friends, and maybe some scaly friends as well? Are you both determined not to have any pets? Are you caught in the awkward space between?

Question 7

Which of you is hotter?

Marge and Homer romantic

Though there can be a great many factors, one thing that plays into cheating is attractiveness. Someone in a committed relationship may feel begrudging over not being able to get with more attractive people, and go for the opportunity when it rises up. Are the two of you about as attractive?

Question 8

Are there things you don't tell your SO about?

Princess Bride cry

Some things are hard to talk about. It can be awkward to even bring up certain subjects. Sometimes we keep things from other people because we know they will not approve, or we think there may be some chance that it will alter our relationships in an awful way. Is there something you don't talk to your SO about?

Question 9

Would you let your SO have lunch with an ex?

This is not just a question about trust but also how a relationship works. Would you be shocked if your SO asked about such a thing, or is it okay in your relationship? Would you say no entirely or just want to be a part of the process and stick by your SO?

Question 10

Who wins your arguments?

Fry yelling in backwards megaphone

When the two of you have a disagreement, who is the one who comes out ahead? When it is an argument of whose fault something is, or what should be done, or anything else on Earth, whose perspective do the two of you generally go with when all is said and done?

Question 11

Do you buy each other little gifts?

It's so fluffy!

When you are out and about without your SO, do you ever see little gifts that you want to bring home? Does your SO do the same? Is the exchange of gifts just a holiday occasion for the two of you, or perhaps something that you don't engage in at all?

Question 12

Which of you is smarter?

Is there an odd dynamic in your relationship? Is one of you more accomplished, better educated, or a bigger reader? Does one of you throw $10 words casually into conversation while the other pretends to understand? Are the two of you able to debate with each other about something in the news, or does one leave the other in the dust?

Question 13

Do you have hobbies in common?

jellyfishing Sponge Bob and Patrick

Couples who have more in common than just each other are more than just dating, they're friends. A good first impression can be enough to bud love, but not enough to provide a foundation for companionship. Do you spend time together doing what you love?

Question 14

What would you leave your SO for?

break up klondike bar

You may be head over heels in love, but is there something you can't turn down? What can you absolutely not say no to, even if it means giving up your relationship? Is there something that can come between you, or is there absolutely nothing you would accept in return for your relationship?

Question 15

Are you more in love than when you started dating?

awkward dinner with Jerry and Beth from Rick and Morty

There is a term that gets thrown around called the "honeymoon phase," approximately the first three years of a relationship. After that time passes, the chemical attraction starts to fade away and all that is left is the genuine feelings. How do you feel about how you feel?

Question 16

Would you regret never dating anymore?

jealous girlfriend meme

There is a reason for the stereotype of nervous grooms panicking the night before the wedding. It is hard to permanently turn your back on the dating lifestyle. It's scary to commit to one person. Can you do something like this with a positive attitude? Would you end up regretting it?

Question 17

How much time do you spend together?

crazy girlfriend stare

Do you spend every waking moment together, or spend time to yourselves and with friends? When someone invites you to something, does your SO come as well? Sometimes opposing work schedules eat up the remaining time that the two of you get to spend together. Sometimes you just choose to budget time elsewhere.

Question 18

Would you buy your SO a $500 device?

gold iPhone

How far are you willing to go for your SO, at least so far as your wallet is concerned? Would you stretch out your paycheck to buy something exciting and fun but a total time burner, if it would make your SO happy? Perhaps you have already done something like this.

Question 19

Who pays for dinner?

Lady and the Tramp spaghetti dinner

Is dinner always the responsibility of one of the two of you? It may be that one has a much better-paying job, or perhaps the two of you divide up the budget to account for who buys dinner. Maybe, just maybe, one of you always covers the costs of the dates for an entirely different reason.

Question 20

Which do you disagree about the most?

Sometimes a couple will return to the same unresolved issue over and over. This issue may be something difficult to resolve such as money problems, or it may be something more personal like the way the two of you treat each other. What wears down on the relationship the most?

Question 21

What do your arguments look like?

Spongebob yelling

Are you able to articulate what is wrong or what needs to change, or are you upset that your SO does not understand and choose not to explain? Is it something in the middle? Are the two of you able to solve a problem just by talking about it, or does it just escalate?

Question 22

Pick a phrase.

red pandas cuddle

Which phrase resonates with you and your SO? Which phrase would you maybe work into your vows, or maybe even appeared in them? What speaks to you the most, and represents how your relationship has felt to you? All four may be true, but which is the most true out of them all?

Question 23

Would you lend your SO $200?

Money is tricky! Is your SO the responsible type who you can trust to pay money back? Would this loan actually better resemble money being taken out of your hands and never returned? Are you okay with that possiblity? Do you have the $200 to lend in the first place?

Question 24

How do you two feel about kids?

spagetti baby

Do you both share the same vision for the perfect future? Little ones are a big part of it. Do your plans cross paths, or do they follow each other all the way down the line? Is having kids something the two of you have talked about yet, or is it too early to mention?

Question 25

Do you think about your SO when you're away?


Does your SO eat up your every thought? When you are stuck at work and longing to go home, do you crave coming home to your SO, or to peace and quiet? Is it unbearable to spend a night away, or is it a refreshing change of pace? How much do you think about your SO when separated?

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