Are You A Master of Karaoke?


Between shows like Lipsync Battle and the ever hilarious series Carpool Karaoke, it's safe to say that karaoke is totally cool now. It's no longer just a cliché way for every romantic comedy to get the main characters to fall in love with each other or a way to embarrass yourself on a night out with your friends. That's great news for anyone who loves to sing in the shower or in their car and really wants another chance to show off their karaoke skills in public and impress all their friends with how many songs they know every word to.

How many of these radio favorites do you know all the words to? Are you a karaoke master who never misses a chance to sing along to your favorites or do you mumble along until the chorus starts so you can belt out the lines you do know?

Test your knowledge of song lyrics by filling in the blanks in these 25 song lyrics from popular songs. Be warned, they might end up stuck in your head for the rest of the day once you're done. Try not to get too distracted to finish the quiz by singing along to all of them!

Question 1

"The club isn't the best place to find a lover, so the ____________ is where I go.

Plagiarism drama didn't stop Ed Sheeran's song Shape of You from being a total hit on the charts. People weren't quick to let him forget about the fact that he hadn't credited TLC's writers for using their melody, but they also weren't quick to turn this song off when it came on the radio.

Question 2

"But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time. Honey, I rose up from the dead, _______________"

No one is quite sure what someone did to make Taylor Swift put out such a catchy song, but everyone just hopes they do it again. Although the Internet has been buzzing with rumors of which of her frenemies this song is directed toward, does it really matter? It's a catchy comeback song for her and people are obsessed.

Question 3

"I threw a wish in the well, don't ask me, I'll never tell. I looked ________________, and now you're in my way."

In 2015, Carly Rae Jepsen released her third album, E•MO•TION, which was her second album to be released worldwide. It received good reviews as a totally solid pop album, but it's hard for many people to see her as anyone but the girl who sang Call Me Maybe. Not in a bad way, though. That song was a hit and it remains a classic for karaoke fans everywhere.

Question 4

"I'll take with me the Polaroids and the memories. But you know I'm gonna leave ___________________"

Taylor Swift may be known for her breakup songs about her eight exes, but her famous friends won't be left out! Selena Gomez recently released a song with Kygo called It Ain't Me which many people believe is supposed to be about her breakup with Justin Bieber. Whether it's about him or not, it's still a fun song to sing along to and one that's too easy to relate to for anyone who's ever been through a bad breakup.

Question 5

"Cause I know you got a bad reputation. Doesn't matter, 'cause __________________"

Ariana Grande has come a long way since she first rose to fame as Cat on Nickelodeon's teen sitcom Victorious. Since the show ended, Ariana has ditched the bright red hair she had for the show and has totally turned her image around. She went from playing the ditzy friend on the show to being the new princess of pop music with catchy hits like Side to Side.

Question 6

"It's electric how symmetric, we both get when you lay beside me. It's phonetic, ___________________"

Julia Michaels' debut album came out in the summer of 2017 and she took the charts by surprise with how good it was. With so many catchy songs that people love to sing along to, it's surprising that it was her first album. What's less surprising is the fact that it's not her first moment in the spotlight: Julia has been writing for other artists like Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, and Britney Spears since 2013.

Question 7

"So hard with my girls not around me, it's definitely not a Nashville party. 'Cause all I see are stilettos, I guess I never ________________"

Even though Taylor Swift is taking up the headlines with news of her return to music, she's not the only one who's back with a brand new image. Miley Cyrus recently announced that she was going back to her musical roots and released Malibu, her first song since 2013's Adore You. Even though she's putting out new music again, nothing will ever top Party in the USA as a karaoke hit. Sorry, Miley!

Question 8

"And we danced all night to the best song ever, we knew every line. Now _________________ how it goes but I know that I won't forget her."

Before the members of One Direction broke up to go to their separate ways, they sang the best song ever. Well, kind of. The sang a song called Best Song Ever and while the title for the single best song ever may be heavily debated, this one was pretty good! It's catchy, fun to sing, and a total pop hit.

Question 9

"Now I'm out here looking ___________, feelin' like a ten, the best I ever been"

Even though Demi Lovato's hit song Sorry Not Sorry may have the word sorry in the title, the song is anything but apologetic. Instead of putting out a breakup song about being sad and wishing she was still with her ex, she released this upbeat bop about being happy and feeling great about herself. Rock on, Demi!

Question 10

"Any other day, I would call, you would say, "Baby, how's your day?" But today, it ain't the same, every other word is _________, __________"

Back before Beyoncé was totally breaking the Internet with her pregnancy announcement and Destiny's Child still had four members, this song was everywhere. Even though the 90s kids watching clips of the music video on TRL had no idea what it was talking about, it didn't make it any less of a hit. And close to 20 years after its release, Say My Name is still one of Destiny's Child's best songs.

Question 11

"For all the times that you _______________, and all the clubs you get in using my name."

For people who are super into pop culture and following celebrity gossip, Justin Bieber's Love Yourself is a scathing breakup song about his famous ex, Selena Gomez. For people who just like to sing along to catchy music in their car, it's a song that's great to turn up loud with the windows down. Either way, it's safe to say that the Biebs found a smash hit with this one.

Question 12

"I'm turnin' off the light right now, I'm callin' it a night now. Wishin' you were 'round with me, but you're ________________"

Love can be pretty complicated. And no one knows that better than Halsey, born Ashley Frangipane, who has been singing complicated love songs since her debut album came out in 2015. Whether she's singing about a Strange Love or asking her lover if they're going to love her Now or Never, she's got some serious talent and her success on the charts is no accident.

Question 13

"Take a sip of my secret potion, I'll make you fall in love. For a spell that can't be broken, ______________________"

The ladies of Little Mix definitely don't need a magic potion to make their fans fall in love with them. Many people know this British girl group because One Direction's Zayn Malik dated one of their members, Perrie Edwards, but their dating lives aren't the only reason to love them.

Question 14

"Isn't she lucky, this Hollywood girl? She is so lucky, but why does she cry? If there's _________________, why do tears come at night?"

Considering Britney Spears' 2000 hit Lucky is such an upbeat song, it's almost shocking that the lyrics are so sad. Songs with a totally different message than the tone of the song are common now with songs like Pumped Up Kicks among others, but it wasn't exactly commonplace for someone like Britney Spears to sing about money and fame not buying happiness.

Question 15

"When I get like this I _____________, I'm too lit to dim down a notch"

Few songs were harder to avoid in 2017 than Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. Luckily, it wasn't a song that many people wanted to avoid that badly. With its catchy beat and Rihanna lending her vocals to the track, it was an instant hit on the charts.

Question 16

"We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me, trying to remember how it feels ________________"

Move over, Taylor Swift! You're not the only one who can write a song about your ex for the entire Internet to go crazy trying to decode. Since his departure from One Direction, Harry Styles has released a few songs, but none have gotten the scrutiny that Two Ghosts did. Considering all the parallels to some of his ex Taylor's songs including Style and ...Ready For It?, it's difficult to deny that the song is potentially about their 2012 breakup.

Question 17

"I've been reading books of old, the legends and the myths. _________ and his gold, ___________ and his gifts, __________'s control, and ________ with his fists."

Coldplay and The Chainsmokers teamed up for this unconventional love song and totally knocked it out of the park. The song starts out by listing different figures in mythology and pop culture who are known for their strength or supernatural abilities, but the narrator of the song says they're not like that. Luckily, the girl they're in love with doesn't want any of that.

Question 18

"I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth. She thinks you love the beach, _________________"

Four years after Lorde broke onto the music scene with her first album, Pure Heroin, and had people everywhere singing along to her hit Royals, she released her second album. Although fans had a long wait to hear new music from her, it was well worth it for fans who finally got to hear what she had been working on.

Question 19

And I get _____________, I can't make it on my own. And I need to call ya, 'Can you come to my chateau?'"

Known as one of the "weirdest channels on YouTube," That Poppy is more than meets the eye. Half-performance art project and half-popstar, That Poppy has put out a few hits in between creeping people out with her videos. The videos are supposed to be seen as a parody of celebrity culture and show a teen popstar who was brainwashed, but many people miss the joke and just find her creepy.

Question 20

"If it feels good, tastes good: it must be mine. Heroes always get remembered, but you know, _______________"

For many people, Panic! At The Disco is a band from middle school or high school that had catchy pop-rock songs and an over-the-top cast of band members. Several years and a few changes to the lineup later, Panic! is still going strong with one original member but still has a strong group of fans and is still putting out catchy music.

Question 21

"Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na. He took me back to _____________, na-na-na."

After leaving Fifth Harmony, Harmonizers were excited to see what kind of music the remaining four members would make without her. Not one to be left out of the spotlight, Camila Cabello went on to make music of her own, too. Her sultry dance hit Havana is an homage to her home country, Cuba.

Question 22

"A whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew. But now from way up here, it's crystal clear that _______________________"

A Disney song might not seem like a classic karaoke hit, but think about it. People grew up on Disney and songs from their movies, like Frozen's Let It Go, are still insanely popular even outside of the movie. There aren't many things that are more fun than belting out a classic Disney song, like this one from Aladdin.

Question 23

"She is always in my corner, right there when I want her. All these other girls are tempting, but _______________"

After it was released, Omi's Cheerleader was everywhere. And for good reason! With a catchy tune and a positive message about loving the person you're with, this song was destined to fly up to the top of the charts and be stuck in everyone's head. This song is hard not to dance and sing along to whenever it plays.

Question 24

"Dear future husband, make time for me, don't leave me lonely, and know we'll never see ______________"

In typical Meghan Trainor form, her song Dear Future Husband had some sassy and sarcastic advice for the future love of her life in order to ensure their time together was happy. Although the song got a lot of backlash for the lyrics and the message, it was still a catchy tune and two years later, it's still impossible not to sing at least a little when it comes on.

Question 25

"Well, you almost had me fooled, told me that I was nothing without you. Oh, and after everything you've done, I can thank you for ___________________"

Kesha's comeback to music was an incredibly powerful one. After a legal battle with Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald, she released her third studio album. After five years without any new music, fans were anxiously awaiting her return to music. Although Kesha's single Praying is a far departure from the dance hits she put out early on in her career, it's a powerful song and one that is fun to sing along to.

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