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Justin Timberlake is regarded as one of the greatest entertainers in history. Referred to as “The Prince of Pop” and “The President of Pop,” Justin has come a long way since his days of synchronized boy band choreography. As a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, designer, businessman and philanthropist, there seems to be nothing that the Tennessean can’t do.

Besides being considered the “Sexiest Man Alive” on multiple occasions, he was named “International Man of the Year” and the “Most Stylish Man in America” by GQ; JT has been recognized by every and any organization that presents prestigious awards. He has received almost 400 award nominations, including Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, Golden Globes and Brit Awards.

It is said that Justin’s work has influenced many newer artists like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes. Nick Jonas told Rolling Stone that JT is one of his role models for “not only transitioning from where he started, but also balancing acting and singing.” You might remember “Cry Me a River” receiving the number one spot on TRL, but do you know when the oldest Camden daughter from 7th Heaven became Mrs. Timberlake? Or, when they had their first child? Rock your suit and tie, and prepare to get Justified by taking this quiz on the legendary performer.

Question 1

What is Justin Timberlake's middle name?

Justin Timberlake is the son of Lynn Bomar Harless, his former manager, and Charles Timberlake, a Baptist church choir director. His parents divorced when he was in kindergarten and both remarried shortly after. Him and his father share the same middle name. Actually, his father is usually referred to by his middle name. Apparently the name is a Timberlake family name, because JT and Jessica Biel's first child also shares the same middle name as the pop star and his poppa.

Question 2

Where was he born?

Justin never lets people forget where he comes from. His backup band is literally called The Tennessee Kids. Justin loves his home state, and they love him. Tennessee loves JT almost as much as they love Elvis. In October 2015, he became the youngest member to be inducted to the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. And he even moved back to his home state recently, to a little town outside of Nashville called Lieper's Fork because he likes the feeling of "community."

Question 3

Which of the following women has Justin NOT been romantically linked to?

Before his now wife, and mother of his child, Jessica Biel, and in between the pop princess, Britney Spears, Justin has had many different romantic relationships with many different female celebrities. JT has also had to deal with his fair share of paparazzi stalking and breakup rumors. It’s unsure if JT actually hooked up with Olivia Wilde or Scarlett Johansson. However, from his former co-star, Cameron Diaz, to the scandalous Lindsay Lohan, and even Fergie, JT had made his way through the beautiful women of Hollywood before settling down with the 7th Heaven star.

Question 4

What year did *NSYNC form?

*NSYNC, formerly N'Sync, was formed in Orlando, Florida. The boy band started touring in Europe, launching with the German record label BMG Ariola Munich. Justin Timberlake was the youngest of the group, which consisted of four other members: JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick. Bass confirmed that *NSYNC officially broke up in 2007, but the band had not put out any new music since 2002. *NSYNC is still the seventh best-selling boy band of all time, selling over 70 million albums worldwide.

Question 5

Where did he meet Britney Spears?

The future teen idols met when they were just little kids getting started in show business. They kept in touch over the years and began dating in 1999, after Britney opened for *NSYNC on their national tour. Justin and Britney became the most popular celebrity teen couple, appearing everywhere together. One of their most iconic moments was their matching denim get-ups at the American Music Awards in 2001. During their relationship, Justin called Britney, “Pinky” and she called him “Stinky.” However, Pinky and Stinky broke up in 2002 and JT wrote a pretty famous song about it.

Question 6

Which sports team is he part owner of?

In 2012, after leaving his teeny bopper days behind him and establishing himself as a serious performer and philanthropist, the Tennessee native decided to become a limited partner in the purchase of one of their sports team franchises. JT took a lot of heat for the business deal, as Tennesseans called him a "fair weather fan," knowing that he is a huge supporter of other teams, like in Los Angeles Lakers, the Dodgers, and even the North Carolina college basketball team the Tar Heels.

Question 7

What was Justin's first film role?

Justin starred in a made for television movie that was also sold on VHS and DVD. It was his first taste of being on screen, other than in choreographed music videos. This film was actually the first thing JT really did on his own, long before his actual solo career from *NSYNC. Of course, later on he took a break from making music for a number of years in order to focus on his acting career. However, Justin has proved he can do both, and do it well.

Question 8

Which movie did Justin NOT appear in?

Justin Timberlake took a hiatus from music for a couple of years to concentrate on an acting career. In that time he starred in quite a few movies. He had a brief cameo at the end of Lance Bass’ 2001 rom-com “On The Line.” JT was in the 2006 drama “Black Snake Moan,” alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci. Then in 2008 he had a starring role in Mike Myer’s rom-com “The Love Guru,” together with Myers and Jessica Alba. Pick the movie JT wasn't in.

Question 9

What year did Justin go solo?

As one of the two lead vocalists of *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake was clearly the most prominent member of the band. It was inevitable that he'd have a solo career, especially since the appeal of boy bands began to die down. JT debuted his solo career with the album Justified. The hit album had an R&B focus, provided by producers Timbaland and The Neptune’s, and the premiere single, "Like I Love You," hit number eleven on the Billboard Top 100. The success of the singles "Cry Me a River" and "Rock Your Body" earned him his first two Grammy Awards.

Question 10

Who was the actor who helped "Punk" Justin?

Ashton Kutcher is known for a lot of different things throughout his career, but Kutcher’s notorious prank on Justin has gone down in history as one of the best things to ever appear on MTV. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but it was hysterical. In 2003, on the very first episode of Kutcher’s show “Punk’d,” JT was told by fake IRS agents that he owed $900,000 in back taxes and they began seizing Justin’s valuables. When one of the “agents” brings up his dogs, JT begins to cry a river. Literally.

Question 11

How many weeks did "SexyBack" spend as number one on Billboard's charts?

Clearly, the "Prince of Pop" knew what he was doing by bringing sexy back, and fans knew exactly how to act. Beginning September 9, 2006, "SexyBack" spent a few weeks as the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 list. It was his first song to reach number one, both here and abroad, reaching the top of the United Kingdom's charts as well. The Recording Industry Association of America certified "SexyBack" a three-times platinum single, making it not only JT's most successful single thus far, but it's also one of the best selling singles of all time.

Question 12

What year did he marry Jessica Biel?

Justin and Jessica Biel began dating in January 2007, after meeting at a Golden Globes after party. The couple had their ups and downs and had a brief four month split, but they reconciled and were more in love than ever. A few years later, JT proposed to Jessica while celebrating the holidays with family and friends in Montana. Breaking the hearts of millions of young (and a few old) fans everywhere, J and J were married in Fasano, Italy at the beautiful luxury resort, Borgo Egnazia.

Question 13

What is the name of their first child?

Jessica and Justin brought their first child into the world on April 8, 2015. Their son inherited the Timberlake family middle name and ear for music. According to JT, he gets "choked up" every time his son recognizes his voice on the radio. His 2016 Oscar nominated hit, "Can't Stop The Feeling," was written with his child in mind. Having a son "influenced me and I felt like I wanted to make something that I could share with him," JT explained to Entertainment Tonight. "I guess if I’d die from anything, it may be from pride after having a child."

Question 14

What kind of song did Justin sing when he performed on "Star Search" in 1992?

Going by the name "Justin Randall," the future pop star was only eleven-years-old in 1992 when he performed on “Star Search.” JT is one of the many celebrities who didn’t win their “Star Search” appearances. Ed McMahon and judges apparently weren't that impressed and he came in second place. He lost to Anna Nardona, who didn’t even realize the Justin she beat all those years ago was the Justin Timberlake until VH1 contacted her for a “Star Search” flashback special.

Question 15

What year did Justin start WILLIAM RAST?

Justin Timberlake founded a clothing company with his longtime best friend, Trace Ayala, in Los Angeles, California. Following the tradition of combining names, WILLIAM RAST is a combination of JT and Ayala’s grandfather’s names. The brand focuses on “delivering an edgy yet tailored collection of ready-to-wear premium denim,” and other clothing and accessories for the men and women of the “new America.” WILLIAM RAST is available in premium retailers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, including Macy’s, Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor.

Question 16

Who is the inspiration behind "Mirrors"?

When JT posted an audio clip of “Mirrors” on his website in March 2013, he explained how special the song is to him. JT admitted to Daily Mail that “one of the most valuable things in a relationship is being able to constantly change…but look to the other side to the person that you're with and know that they're changing as well, but somehow you two can mirror each other and be the other half of that world that you both create."

Question 17

During the MMC days, which country did Ryan Gosling's mom live?

While on The Mickey Mouse Club, he shared a stage with Academy Award nominee Ryan Gosling. Since Gosling's mom had to stay in another country, Justin's mother took on the responsibility of becoming Gosling's guardian for a year. This meant that he could stay on the show. However, depending on which handsome star you ask, you'll receive a different story. According to Gosling, he stayed on the Timberlake's couch for a year, but JT told Fallon that's simply not true. Ms. Timberlake did provide Gosling with his own bed and he was taken care of enough that years later he was able to attend the Oscars.

Question 18

Where is Justin's cross tattoo?

Like a lot of others in the South, Justin Timberlake is a proud Christian and even got his start performing in his local church choir run by his father. His cross tattoo symbolizes his faith in Jesus Christ. The beveled black and white cross design was made to look realistic. The tattoo was on full display during *NSYNC's "Gone" video, because it was still pretty new at the time. JT has since gotten more tattoos, both religious and symbolic, throughout the years.

Question 19

Where is Justin’s "*NSYNC" tattoo?

To commemorate his time with the boy band, Justin has an *NSYNC related tat. The tattoo is a band of flames underscored with a red rope and a marionette with his initials JRT in the center. *NSYNC’s logo on their first album was a flame, and JT added the red rope to symbolize the resulting Celebrity, which was also the name of their third album. As most fans know, the bands second album, "No Strings Attached," had a puppet theme because they broke away from their shady manager, Lou Pearlman.

Question 20

How many years was JC Chasez on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club?

Joshua Scott Chasez was a shy kid growing up in a small Maryland town when his mother saw an ad in the newspaper announcing auditions for The All-New Mickey Mouse Club and encouraged him to try out. He sang "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx and was quickly chosen as a cast member. Since there was already another Mouseketeer named Joshua, he was called "JC." It didn't take long for JT and JC to become friends, and after Lou Perlman, asked if he knew another male vocalist, JT was quick to name his Disney pal.

Question 21

How many Grammys has he been nominated for?

Justin has ten Grammy’s, but has been nominated for many more. In 2004, Justified won Best Pop Vocal Album and "Cry Me a River" won Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. In 2007, both "My Love" and "SexyBack" won in their respective categories. Then in 2008, "Love Stoned/I Think She Knows" and "What Goes Around Comes Around" won. After his musical hiatus, 2014 was a big year for JT, he won three out of the seven Grammy nominations, including Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Best Music Video for his work on "Holy Grail" and "Suit and Tie" with Jay-Z. Then this past year, "Can't Stop The Feeling" won 2017's Best Song Written for Visual Media.

Question 22

What hair style has Justin NOT done?

The handsome crooner has had his fair share of hair issues. When he was a kid, he even tried to take a clothing iron to his head, in order to straighten his naturally very curly hair. Since JT has been in the public eye for most of his life, we’ve got to see his evolving hairstyles over the years. From his sleek gelled look, to his afro, to his shaved head, Justin has gone through a lot of different phases throughout his career, some more interesting than others.

Question 23

How many songs of his has Timbaland produced?

Timbaland has produced a lot of JT's songs. This even includes his collaborations with other artists, like Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Bubba Sparxxx, Drake, and of course Jay-Z. Timbaland even produced the song JT did for the animated film Shark Tale called “Good Foot” and the songs he did with Anna Kendrick and Earth, Wind & Fire for the Trolls film. Recently, Justin has been posting photos of himself in the studio with Timbaland, so fans are eagerly anticipating more hits from the duo.

Question 24

What year did JT collaborate with Madonna for “4 Minutes”?

Justin Timberlake collaborated with Madonna for a song entitled “4 Minutes” from her eleventh studio album, Hard Candy. “4 Minutes” was released as the first single from the album and the song received positive critical acclaim. But fans seem to believe JT was more than just a “featured artist” on the track. Madonna claims that the song is about “saving the environment and having a good time while doing it.” The single peaked at the number three spot on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Madonna’s thirty-seventh top-ten single, breaking Elvis Presley’s record. “4 Minutes” topped the charts in twenty-one countries around the world.

Question 25

When did Michael Jackson reach out to Justin?

With the nickname "the Prince of Pop," it's only logical he was influenced by "the King of Pop." Justin says he was inspired to start a solo career after Michael Jackson asked him to collaborate on a song. Jackson got the idea after hearing *NSYNC's "Gone," where JT was the lead vocalist. Originally, JT wrote "Gone" with the intention that Jackson would perform it, however the King turned it down. Later Jackson called JT and was adamant about doing a duet with him. Apparently, it was the first time JT ever thought about doing something on his own.

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