Are You The 1% Who Has What It Takes To Win The Amazing Race?


Do you believe that you have what it takes to win a 35,000-mile race around the world? Like you, many have thought they could do it too, but there have only been 29 winning teams in 29 seasons. It takes a very special duo to bring home the one million dollar grand prize for winning The Amazing Race, and both teammates need to possess their share of skills, decision-making abilities, and physical strength to do so. And sometimes, not even that is enough if you get targeted by the other teams. Just look at Seth and Olive from Season 29; they were a cop and a firefighter, a match made in heaven. But between their physical fitness level, how well they worked together despite being strangers, and their performance in the first few legs of the race, the others U-Turned them the first chance they got, and they could not overcome it. Sometimes, no matter how great your chances look on paper, in the real world it will not pan out.

And that is why we have this quiz! It will help you determine just how far you could make it on The Amazing Race should you ever get the chance. The information you provide will shed light on your personality, physicality, emotional responses to situations, and your capability for getting things done under pressure. All of this and more will be able to tell us if you are Amazing Race material.

Now, on your mark, get set, go!

Question 1

How physically fit are you?

Being physically fit is one of the most important things on The Amazing Race. If you have ever watched even one episode, you know how much running and activity is required, even on a relatively "mild" leg of the race. Plus, you never know who you are going to have to beat to the mat in a foot race.

Question 2

Who would you choose to run the race with?

Perhaps the single most important decision you can make in The Amazing Race is a decision you make long before you ever get on an airplane: your partner. They are the other half of the team, so you need someone you can communicate with, who can keep up, and who is smart.

Question 3

Would you U-Turn anyone?

The U-Turn always spices up the race, forcing teams to turn against one another or decide not to screw over their fellow competitors. Teams always struggle with the decision because U-Turning another team could come back to bite them in the butt later. Plus it is not the nicest thing to do, even for a million dollars.

Question 4

What motivates you to keep going?

The race is a very difficult challenge mentally, physically, and emotionally. Racing around the world takes its toll and is exhausting, pushing some people to their literal breaking point. During the toughest times, teams often remember why they are there, and what it means to them to finish.

Question 5

Do you have a good enough memory for the final memory challenge?

The very last challenge on The Amazing Race, should you make it to the final three and the final leg, is always something that tests your memory of the entire race. It could be locations, people you saw, flags of the countries you visited, etc. But in order to complete this task quick enough to get to the final check-in, you need a great memory.

Question 6

Do you have a fear of heights?

Probably the most common fear among previous contestants on The Amazing Race has been the fear of heights. And these people were put to the test in every way imaginable from zip lining to bungee jumping to skydiving to jumping off buildings to cliff diving to hurtling down one of the world's tallest waterslides.

Question 7

How do you handle pressure?

If you want to go far on The Amazing Race, you better be able to handle a lot of pressure. Pressure to complete tasks, pressure to do it super fast, pressure to not get eliminated, etc. It takes a very mentally strong person capable of an exorbitant amount of stress to win The Amazing Race.

Question 8

Pick a racing partner.

There have been a few times in The Amazing Race history that individuals have shown up to start the race, and they had to pick complete strangers to race around the world with! But they surprised everyone by doing shockingly well. In Season 26, for example, the three final teams had all been strangers at the beginning of the race, while the couples who had known each other a long time all got eliminated.

Question 9

Are you easily distracted?

If ever there was a time that a person could be easily distracted, it would be on The Amazing Race. Between seeing new parts of the world, doing things you've only ever dreamed of like paragliding over the Alps, and meeting so many cool new people, no one could blame a person for losing focus. But in a race for one million dollars, it is best to stay on task.

Question 10

What is the most essential thing to pack?

It is always a mystery how the contestants on The Amazing Race manage to pack so much stuff into those backpacks. Sure, they look pretty well-stuffed and heavy, but if you think about it, they have to have clothing and shoes for any climate from the desert to the tundra, including coats which are bulky. What is the most important thing to remember to pack?

Question 11

Which place would you most look forward to seeing?

It is hard to pick just one place you would be most excited to visit, because if you are going on The Amazing Race, you are probably the kind of person who wants to see it all! Luckily, the world has so many vastly different places for adventurers and travelers to experience. Which would you be the most excited about seeing?

Question 12

Choose a mode of transportation

The Amazing Race is full of cool ways to get around. They obviously use airplanes to get across oceans and to different countries. But they have also used helicopters, boats, cars, trains, tuk-tuks, bicycles, subways, buses, and any other kind of transportation you could imagine to carry them from point A to point B. Which do you prefer?

Question 13

Which detour would you rather perform?

Choosing a detour is something contestants must do on every leg of the race, and no matter what they choose, it is a risk because until they begin, they have no idea if they chose the faster one. The only time teams do not choose a detour is if they are U-Turned, in which case they must perform both sides of the detour so there is no need to choose anything other than which task to do first.

Question 14

How is your pain tolerance?

This will definitely come into play in some aspect during the race. It could be a mild pain like discomfort or a cramp in your side from running. It could be severe exhaustion, or maybe you get hurt. Shamir from the most recent season, Season 29, had to receive medical help when his harness was too tight and his groin was injured.

Question 15

Why are you on The Amazing Race?

There are many reasons a person would like to be on The Amazing Race, but the most common ones are the one million dollar prize, bonding time with their teammate, to travel the world, and for the experience altogether. What would be your reasons for racing around the world, if you had to choose just one?

Question 16

You must perform the Argentian Feast roadblock from Season 7, and eat all sorts of cow guts. What do you do?

In one of the grossest food challenges in The Amazing Race history (and there have been some pretty bad ones), the Argentinian Feast in season 7 might have been the worst. Contestants were made to consume four pounds of assorted meat such as blood sausage, cow intestine, cow udder, and cow kidney. Very few contestants completed this task, taking the four-hour penalty instead.

Question 17

You will spend a lot of time waiting around in airports and on flights. How do you deal with boredom?

Waiting around is something most fans of The Amazing Race never see the racers doing. Every episode is jam-packed with action from start to finish. Of course, we do not see them in between legs, or while they are doing nothing waiting for flights. But when you fly 35,000 miles around the planet, there is bound to be some down time.

Question 18

Are you willing to be technology-free for one whole month?

Regardless of if you are eliminated on the very first leg or somewhere down the line, all contestants are not allowed to talk to their families for the entire month of the race. Even contestants who have children cannot speak to them during that time. Producers make sure at each pit stop that no one has their phones or internet.

Question 19

How would you react if your partner made a mistake that could cost you the race?

Everyone makes mistakes, and in a high-intensity situation like The Amazing Race, mistakes are bound to happen more than usual. There is so much pressure and so much on the line that it is almost impossible for everything to go according to plan. But how you react to a mess-up could be potentially telling in how you would do on the race.

Question 20

Could you win a foot race?

You probably know deep down whether or not you are capable of winning a foot race, which happens when multiple teams get close to finishing one leg of the race at the same time and try to beat each other to the mat. It often comes down to navigational errors, slow taxi drivers, and literally running side by side to meet Phil at the mat. Sometimes the physically stronger teammate will carry both of their heavy backpacks so the other teammate can run faster.

Question 21

What would be your go-to navigational tool?

Proper navigation (or lack thereof) has been the downfall of many teams over the years. It is imperative for racers to figure out where they are going and then get there quickly to secure their place in the next leg. But being in new places and not knowing the language can make that very difficult.

Question 22

What is your biggest personal flaw?

No one is without flaws, but which flaws you have may affect your chances of winning The Amazing Race. For example, couples that bicker and fight a lot do not tend to get very far in the race. If you had to name one thing about yourself that is flawed, what would it be?

Question 23

Would you rather...

The Amazing Race thinks up some pretty cool challenges for its contestants, and many of them throughout the years have involved animals. Some memorable animal challenges include racing camels, swimming with sharks, herding sheep, and carrying snakes and donkeys around.

Question 24

Which show would you do the best on?

There are so many different kinds of reality competition shows that a person could win, such as Survivor, Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars, and of course, The Amazing Race! All require a few of the same things like perseverance and patience. But they also have different skill sets that are useful in winning.

Question 25

What skill set do you possess that would bring you through the race?

Winning The Amazing Race takes a lot of skills, and that is why there are teams of two. Most of the time, where one teammate lacks, the other makes up for it and they balance each other out. Considering yourself personally, what skills do you bring to the table?

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