Are You Team Rocket's Jessie Or James?

Prepare for trouble...and make it double! 

To protect the world from devastation. To unite all peoples within our nation, to denounce the evils of truth and love. To extend our reach to the stars above.

Jessie! James! Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight! Meowth, that's right!

Every Pokémon fan has the Team Rocket motto memorized. Maybe you even recited it along with Jessie and James when they appeared on the original animated series.

Team Rocket is a criminal organization that steals other people's Pokémon. It is led by the evil Giovanni, who is also the Gym Leader of Viridian City.

Jessie and James, who get their names from the outlaw Jesse James, are just two of the organization's agents - and some of the most incompetent. In later versions of the animated series, we meet other representatives of Team Rocket that have better success stealing Pokémon: Butch and Cassidy. But even though Jessie and James repeatedly fail in their schemes, they have a special place in fan's hearts as the original Team Rocket.

Have you ever wondered if you are more like Jessie or more like James? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1

Choose one of the original starter Pokémon

First things first: which of the original starter Pokémon would you choose to begin your career as a trainer? There is the Grass/Poison-type Bulbasaur, Water-type Squirtle, and Fire-type Charmander. You also have the option to choose a Pikachu like Ash.

Question 2

Are you more of a leader or a follower?

There is no I in teamwork...but there is a me...nevertheless, teams function best when each member has a designated role. That means someone has to step up and be the leader while others must suck it up and follow orders. Which are you?

Question 3

What type of Pokémon is your favorite?

There are eighteen different types Pokémon, and many of them are dual types. Though it is good for a Pokémon trainer's team to be diverse, most trainers end up having a favorite type that they use as their specialty. Out of these, which is your favorite?

Question 4

Which of Ash's friends do you want to fight?

Ash is clearly the most annoying member of his group since he is the leader. But his little snot-nosed friends are pretty annoying too. Which of Ash's friends (in the original series) do you want to fight more? Misty or Brock?

Question 5

How do you take failure?

As a dedicated member of Team Rocket, you must be prepared to deal with failure. A lot of failure...endless failure. How do you think you handle failure? Do you think you take it pretty well and recover quickly? Or do you tend to wallow in sadness?

Question 6

What motivates your evil deeds?

What inspires you to join Team Rocket? And what is it that motivates you to stick with it, even though you constantly fail? What is it that you are chasing? What are you hoping to gain? Are you after the possibility of riches? Or of adventure?

Question 7

If you had a career in the fine arts, what would you be?

If you could have a successful career in the fine arts, what would you be? Would you be a beautiful fashion model? A talented actor or actress? Would you be a famous pop idol? Or would you be a painter?

Question 8

Do you get along with your family?

Even though we love them, our families can also drive us crazy. What is your situation? Do you generally get along with your folks? Or are you at odds with them? Maybe you feel like they do not understand you?

Question 9

What Pokémon skill are you best at?

It takes a variety of skills to be successful in the Pokémon universe. There are many different aspects of being a Pokémon trainer and battler. Which of these Pokémon training skills are you the best at? Raising and training them or fighting them?

Question 10

Which would you have as a pet?

Which of these animals would you want as a pet? Are you more of a dog person or more of a cat person? Or maybe you do not care for either and want something a little different, like a snake or a fish?

Question 11

Which of the original Eeveelutions is the best?

Eevee is a unique Pokémon that starts off normal and can evolve into all of the different types of Pokémon depending on its environment. The original Eevee evolutions, or eeveelutions, were the Water-type Vaproen, Electric-type Jolteon, and Fire-type Flareon. Which is best?

Question 12

What is your favorite movie genre?

You finally manage to get a day off from trying (and failing) to steal rare Pokémon. You want to watch a movie to unwind and relax. What kind of movie do you want to see? What movie genre do you enjoy the most?

Question 13

What is your weakness?

Nobody's perfect...everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days. Take a minute to self-reflect. What do you think your biggest weakness is? Are you gullible? Do you have a bad temper? Are you too easy to boss around? Or are you simply perfect?

Question 14

What's your best physical feature?

It might be hard to choose which one of your features is the best since you are so beautiful, but go ahead and try. Which of your physical features is best? Your amazing hair? Or perhaps it is your captivating eyes?

Question 15

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe that you can take one look at someone and just instantly know that they are the one you are meant to be with forever? Or do you think the idea of love at first sight is completely ridiculous?

Question 16

Which would you rather be?

Being part of a criminal organization is fun, but maybe you do not want to do it forever. Maybe you want a more high paying career. If you had to choose between being a doctor or being a politician, which would you rather be?

Question 17

What would you disguise yourself as?

Team Rocket is known for their many disguises. Some are definitely better than others, but Ash never seems to notice either way. What disguise do you think would work the best? A nurse, a news reporter, a pirate, or a police officer?

Question 18

What's your favorite flower?

Flowers are not only pretty to look at, they each have their own unique scents and many have special meanings or stories behind them. Out of these four choices, which flower do you like the most? Roses? The louts flower? Orchids? Or carnations?

Question 19

How do you spend your days off?

On the rare occasion you get to take a break from stealing Pokémon and following Ash and his friends, how do you spend your time? Do you like to go out and have an adventure on your days off or would you rather stay in?

Question 20

Which of the first four animated series is your favorite?

There have several different versions of the Pokémon animated series. Out of the first four versions of the anime, which is your favorite? Is the original series still the best? Or do you prefer the Advanced Generation, Diamond & Pearl, or Best Wishes series?

Question 21

Do you prefer Pokémon that are strong or cute?

Some Pokémon are powerful, but not too cute to look at. Whereas others are absolutely adorable, but may not be the most useful in battle (though they can be useful in many other ways). Do you prefer to have Pokémon that are strong or cute?

Question 22

What is your favorite color?

Out of these four choices, which color do you find the most aesthetically pleasing? Do you like the color green, like the color of tress or an emerald gem? Do you prefer fiery shades of red? Calming shades of blue? Or do you like purple?

Question 23

Which Gen 1 Legendary is best?

Legendary Pokémon are some of the strongest, rarest, and most recognizable in the entire franchise. Now there are dozens of legendaries throughout the different generations, but it all started with the original four. The Legendary Birds of Kanto and Mewtwo. Which is best?

Question 24

What is the best season?

Which of the four seasons do you prefer? Which time of year are you the most comfortable? Do you like the spring season, when the plants are blooming? The warm summer months? The chilly fall? Or the snowy winter season?

Question 25

What's your favorite line of the Team Rocket motto?

Jessie and James' version of the Team Rocket motto may not be entirely accurate to the organization's official one, but it is the one we all grew up knowing and reciting along with them. Which line of their motto is your favorite?

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