Are You Secretly In Love With Rachel, Monica, Or Phoebe?


Friends is a cultural phenomenon that’s never gone away. It’s never been off the air. The show itself finished airing new episodes over a decade ago, but it still gets aired in primetime slots and it still draws in more viewers than most new programming gets, even though they’ve all seen every single episode a million times. How many shows can you say that about? But despite its popularity today, it was at its height in the ‘90s, back when it was actually still going. It seems like decades ago that viewers were tuning in to watch new episodes of Friends and didn’t actually know what was going to happen to the characters or where they would end up. It seemed that every man in America had a crush on Rachel and every women was modeling their hair after her like she was Mary Tyler Moore. But if these people actually met Rachel, she might not be the one they fall in love with. Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica each have very different personalities, so they could each be anyone’s type, and everyone has their own unique type. So are you in love with one of these characters? Answer these 25 questions to find out!

Question 1

Which of these terms describes your ideal girl?

There’s all kinds of potential partners out there, whether they are high maintenance and difficult to deal with and controlling, or they are the ones who you are difficult for, the ones who are easy to control and agree with everything you say for the sake of it. But which of these terms best describes your perfect girl?

Question 2

Do you like a girl who can cook?

Some guys like to cook for their girlfriends, but others prefer to be cooked for. Society is more progressive these days, and the heteronormative idea of a guy going to work and a woman cleaning the house and cooking dinner is going out the window. But some people still like a girl who can cook. Do you?

Question 3

How kinky do you like a partner to be?

Being kinky isn’t as rare as one might suspect – the massive $500 million gross of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies can attest to that – but there are still some people who aren’t that kinky. It differs from person to person. So, what kind of level of kinkiness are you looking for in a partner?

Question 4

Which of these dating prospects turns you on the most?

In these days of social media and Tinder and Grindr and what have you, the days of IRL meet cutes are slowly dying a death. But they can still happen and they’re still the cutest how we met stories in all the land. So, which of these how we met dating prospects do you most like the sound of?

Question 5

Which of these industries would your ideal woman work in?

The occupation of your partner or your spouse is always a very important thing. It’s the thing they spend all day doing, and therefore their most prominent topic of conversation. So, this question really is about which of these industries you wouldn’t mind hearing stories about every single day. Which is it?

Question 6

Where would you rather live?

The question of where you live is obviously one of the most important aspects of any relationship, because it’s where you live. If you settle down and move in with someone, possibly marry them, then it’ll be an important part of your life to figure out where that is. Where you rather live?

Question 7

Do you want a fancy wedding ceremony?

Some people want a fairy tale wedding that they dream about for their entire life and they want to see those dreams realized in real life for their wedding. Some people are humbler and will just have a simple ceremony in the woods or on the streets of New York. For some people, it doesn’t really matter either way. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you want a fancy ceremony for your wedding?

Question 8

Are you interested in having kids?

When you’re in a relationship with someone that’s getting serious and it’s looking like you have a future together, this is perhaps the biggest conversation you have to have, alongside the question of moving in together or getting married – it’s make or break for any relationship. Do you want kids?

Question 9

Does it count as cheating if you’re on a break?

This is a debate that has plagued both the characters and the fans of Friends, on screen and off, for a great many years now. It’s kind of like the whole “Who shot first?” debate amongst Star Wars fans, except this one actually applies in real life, which makes it a degree more important. So, do you think it counts as cheating if you’re on a break?

Question 10

Are you superstitious?

You know, mystical things like voodoo and dead relatives communicating with you from beyond the grave, just stuff like that. A lot of people think it’s a bunch of hokum, but some people do believe in it and those people deserve to be with people who believe in it also. Some people are kind of sitting on the fence. Which are you? Are you a superstitious person?

Question 11

How do you like to meet people?

Yes, people do still meet people in real life. It’s not all social media and dating apps and stuff like that. The internet hasn’t completely killed the world of romance. You can still meet people through setups or mutual friends or simply going down to the bar and talking to girls. How do you like to meet people?

Question 12

How long do you wait before asking someone out?

This is a tricky question, and there’s no right answer. No amount of time is the perfect amount of time for every girl to wait before you ask her out. Some people hedge their bets straight away so they don’t waste any time. Others wait longer – sometimes too long. How long do you wait?

Question 13

Are your parents still together?

You need to find similarities in a relationship. A good way to relate with your partner is through a similar upbringing, whether that’s class or the way your parents raised you or whatever, and the best way to get to the root of that is through your parental situation. Are your parents still together?

Question 14

Which in-laws would you prefer?

When you’re in a romantic relationship with someone and it’s getting serious, it’s important who their siblings are. You have to get along with them, because with any luck, they could become your siblings too, in a way. So, it all depends on which gender you have a better relationship with. Which of these sets of in-laws would you prefer?

Question 15

What’s your favorite holiday?

Whatever your favorite holiday is, it’s important to share it with your partner. That way, you’ll get the most out of it. If they love a certain holiday as much as you do, then you’ll have more fun when it rolls around on the calendar. So, what is your favorite holiday?

Question 16

What relationship status would you rather have?

There’s all kinds of different relationships you can be in. Facebook has shown us that with the various relationship statuses they give you to pick and choose from. There’s a bunch of them at your disposal. Which of these relationship statuses would you prefer to have on your Facebook profile?

Question 17

Which of these special skills would you like in a woman?

Pretty much everyone has a hidden skill or talent that makes them unique. Sometimes this special skill is simply being obsessed with their appearance, which makes them look really good, but oftentimes it’s much more impressive than that. So, which of these special skills would you like in a woman?

Question 18

Which of these psychological disorders wouldn’t you mind?

Sometimes you’ll meet someone and really like them and hit it off with them, so you start dating them and eventually enter into a relationship with them, and then find out that they have a psychological disorder. You have to be caring and understanding about it, so which of these psychological disorders wouldn’t you mind?

Question 19

Which of these comedians do you like the most?

There were so many different actors and comedians who auditioned for roles in Friends who were either really famous then or went on to be really famous later. In some cases, the role was written in them, and in others, they were just trying out for it. Which of these is your favorite?

Question 20

Are you into twins?

Some men like the idea of a threesome – like, LOVE it – but for others, it’s kind of intimidating, or they simply aren’t all that turned on by it. For the ones who do like it, though, it seems that twins are the ultimate fantasy for a threesome. So, are you into twins?

Question 21

What class are you?

Class is a very important factor when it comes to relationships. If you’re going to have a romantic interest in someone, they have to be a little bit like you. This isn’t The Notebook or Titanic. That doesn’t happen in real life. You need to be with someone who’s a similar class to you. What’s your class?

Question 22

Which of these is the least off-putting background?

As soon as you become interested in someone romantically, you immediately want to find out everything about them. You’ve discovered this person who you’re quite smitten with, and you want to know what skeletons they have in their closet. Which of these would you find less off-putting if you found out it was the background of a new love interest?

Question 23

What’s your favorite song?

A taste in music is an important thing to share when you’re in a romantic relationship with somebody. This is because you need an ‘our song’ to share, first and foremost, and also just for listening to music around the house or going out to concerts. So, what’s your favorite song?

Question 24

What’s your favorite drink?

When you’re in a relationship with someone, a good majority of your dates with them will involve a bar, whether it’s stopping for drinks after dinner or maybe you even met them there. Either way, drinking will be involved in the relationship, and a great way to connect with your partner is shared love of a drink. So, what’s your poison?

Question 25

Which of these characters is your favorite?

The characters of Friends are each a unique and wholly different person. However, they’re not wholly different from some of the other characters you’ll find across TV and movies. Sometimes it’s a plus for a romantic interest to remind you of a character on TV. Which of these is your favorite?

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